30 thoughts on “Jaron Lanier On Why You Should Delete Your Social Media | The View”

  • Christopher Scoville says:

    I went without social media for my whole life up until my 31st year on this Earth… Then I tried out FB & Insta… The moment I got the accounts my brain developed a fog. I stopped living in the moment. I would go to the beach, and the first thing I would do is take some pics/vids to post. I was on social media for 5ish months, and I deleted the accounts recently. My mind has cleared up, and I don’t live my life in a way where it would be a good story/post on Insta. My anxiety has lowered, and I feel lighter. We don’t NEED social media accounts! Everyone is just looking for validation on these accounts and I get it, but it’s not healthy. Getting a like is like winning on a slot machine, you keep wanting more. Take a break, and try life without it. It will have pros/cons, but I guarantee you the pros will vastly outweighs the cons. I can focus on things more, and miss out on less moments with my family. We legit love life differently on social media, and I didn’t like the person I was on it. Unplug y’all!

  • The reason social media is so harmful to humanity is because it is so fake and such a false representation. You only see what people want you to see, it seems like everyone but you has a perfect life and it's bs.

  • It is becoming increasingly addictive with dopamine. Most of us use it to connect and unite however the manipulators want us to buy buy buy which means feed our insecurities and dumb us down. It's just not worth it when we're now at risk of selling our mind without even knowing it or seeing it. The fact that ads are popping up based on what were saying and searching just shows how deep this is. It's our phones itself too. Its become our invisible prison chains.

  • Deb Jones loyal says:

    I think young people think they cease to exist if not being seen on some type of playform. If you are over 40 you've had a long time without social media so were able to build a personality.

  • This is all a distraction. Trump is just a front. The election is a false choice. You had the kool aid and Trump is the least of your concerns. The Mueller report is another front. You spends years asking the wrong questions and are so manipulated. It is like Coke and Pepsi. Either way; you are buying and drinking toxic corporate America. Sure it is sweet and you can argue over everything for years….but don't you all just want a nation who prospers? Is truly free? Social media and this nation has good people…just need to lead with love. #LoveAmerica

  • "Six months is a long time," she says, not realizing that, before say 2009, people spent their whole lives without social media. The biggest con is convincing us that being off social media is abnormal, that buying in to it is just expected and 'normal,' the way something like puberty is normal.

  • Danton Babeuf says:

    Social media and self-awareness are not mutually exclusive.

    I'd rather get my news from the internet than these idiots for plutocracy.

  • The only apps I use is youtube for videos and pinterest for recipes/ideas, plus obviously the internet for other various reasons. Never used instagram and been off facebook for at least 5 months and feel fantastic and yes have more time on my hands it's the feeling of freedom at least a piece of it.

  • This swamp creature is trying to help improve out quality of life and these old sea hags have to ruin it with their delusions lol…

  • Matthew Moselle says:

    So here is the truth i happen to see. Society loves tyranny and loves to be manipulated. Ignorance is bliss. Much pain is needed to go through for people to change this dilemma. I don’t believe social media can be positive. Reason being is monetization. Where there is money, especially large amounts, there’s manipulation. Plain and simple. Everything becomes corrupted. Video games are extremely MANIPULATIVE! In app purchasing breeds manipulation, scamming and corruption. Its not hard to figure out why. Did you notice that he said that the parents who create these apps dont let their children use it? Hmmmmm

    Masses of people controlled except for elitist children.

    Hence ^^^ 304 + losers in denial

    I have to laugh in the most Sinister way. This only proves to me that things that Elon Musk talk about, are that much more validated. Its happening.

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