Jared Kushner Defends Donald Trump At Every Turn: Axios Reporter | Morning Joe | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Jared Kushner Defends Donald Trump At Every Turn: Axios Reporter | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  • Seriously, who from Trump’s team decided to let this moron talk?? Who thought this was going to be a good idea??

  • Caring Family says:

    0:09. Look at Jared's hard-gulp closely. Big time tell. He knows Trump is racist, BIGLY!

    Boy Wonder's stammering doesn't help either.

  • Funny how the "birthers" NEVER talk about his (white OMG) mother … so what if he was born in Kenya … mother is a U.S. citizen making him an U.S. citizen.

  • When Jared says (My father-in-daddy)…is not a racist. What he means is, he hasn't actually seen Trump at a lynching. All he has seen is Trump glibly going along with ripping babies from their mothers arms at the border and "losing" track of them.

  • It would be best to just say Trump and other birthers were wrong on the birtherism thing.

    You can question Obama's birth without being a racist. Alan Keyes questioned Obama's birth and he's Black.

  • Soulless creature, Jared Kushner. Blank eyes, wax skin, twisted mouth – he's dead inside from a life of endless greed.

  • Elle Krimowa says:

    Shame on Kushner..he has no idea of peoples suffering. Nor does he have the maturity of understanding..This whole trump presidency is a world laughing stock shame on all those silent enablers of this presidency, they are helping destroy democracy, the rule of law, and the world's respect for the nation!!!

  • Brenda Heeligan says:

    The Palestinians have been governing themselves for decades, especially on the West Bank, the problem has been the Israelis who have stymied every thing they have tried to do to help their people. Something’s can’t bought, dignity and love of their homeland.

  • Sailorgrl Mori says:

    Wimpy Jared, who has blood on his hands for WaPo Journalist khashoggi could not stand up to a flea much less for what right & wrong. Can't imagine him or Ivanka teaching their kids right from wrong either!

  • Jared Kushner is a lying feckless weasel. He wouldn't be even close to the White House if it wasn't for family connections. Just like his Father-In-Law wouldn't be where he is were it not for his dad. The whole family is just corrupt. He also has an incredibly punch-able face!

  • Barack Obama will go down as the worst president EVER. DOWN WITH MICHAEL TOO. NO LIBRARY FOR HIM.

  • Mohan Sivasankaran says:

    This son-in-law Jared is a practicing Jew. His father-in-law is an advocate for the white nationalists like Nazis. I don't know how the silly Jared can even look at trump's face, leave alone working for him. Either that he is greedy for money and power OR he is as dumb as trump himself. All these greedy , dumb opportunists should be kicked out of the peoples' house called White House . The sooner the better it is for the future of our beloved nation.

  • Really, did anyone expect Jarod to all of sudden speak ill of his father in law and the president he works for?

  • Pathological dishonesty and narcissism are the foundations for the trampy drumpf presidency. There is no point for an interview when the interviewee tells nonstop lies to glamorize himself, promote the executive branch's con-artist, to downgrade the White House into a profiteering scheme, and commit other immoral and/or illegal operations; and then the interviewee gets away with everything. Jared Kushner (the Zionist Jew Chabad supremacist who tries to justify apartheid Israel) is only in the White House due to nepotism. The honoered unpresidented inherited bankrupted toadstool attracts the best, knows the best, and hires the best by means of nepotism and cronyism.

    The orangutan's family are all guilty of nonstop epic scams at both professional and personal levels, yet, they accuse everyone else of being fake, immoral, lawbreakers, dumb, liars, and other hypocritical slander. MAGA Trumpanzees think their cult is excellent, but, in truth, they are MAGATs. Trump is another declining step for the so-called shiny city on the hill, America, after Curious George (the half-brained prince) and Obummer (the liberal-guilt idol).

  • Of course the Middle East peace plan is a secret … Trump torpedoed it when he announced support for ceding the Golan Heights to Israel … and there is no Plan B.

  • Ddddddd….Bbbbb…Uhhhh..I was not involved in that….lol….Pease Arrest this CROOKED CLOWN BOY.He is an Embarrassment & needs his Power Stripped…asap

  • M. Rodrigo Lemus says:

    Donald Trump refused to rent his properties to black people… later sued by New York city for discrimination… Trump advocated dead penalty for five Black young men in a Central Park case… who were later found Not Guilty of assaulting a young woman… Trump advocated the BIRTHER MOVEMENT for eight years and without proof for first Black U.S. President Barack Obama… Obviously Donald Trump is a RACIST.


  • Waggish Sagacity says:

    If Ivanka does not yet have a T-shirt with an arrow to one side and a caption that reads "I'm with stupid," she should really get one. Of course, I'm quite sure that Jared already has such a T-shirt….

  • First lesson for this khazar zionist agent that you can’t buy Palestinian with your satanic money and Palestine 🇵🇸 is not your property to give it to any one .

  • Are you honesty? No I wasn't involved in that .
    Do you have a spine? Like I said I wasn't involved in that
    Do you give to Trump's university? I wasn't involved

  • There is a security consul 181 call for 2 states
    Israel and Palestine 🇵🇸
    There is no Palestine any where
    And Palestine 🇵🇸 is not real estate for kushner to give it away

  • Jared, say it, say yes, come on you know you like. Say it, " yes he's racists" everybody knows it. Donald is a equal opportunity racists, (poor,black,immigrant) even white people. A man with no shame, or honor. He's a small minded person, and it doesn't matter.

  • Ali Sarsour صرصور says:

    I really dont like Kushner. Hillary Clinton started the birther movement. Questioning ones birth certificate is not racist. Kushner is a weak little man and Ivanka is his mommy and he seems to have daddy issues and sucks up to Trump as a daddy replacement. Kushner was really stupid for doing this interview. His surrogate parents the Trumps must be very disappointed with this interview. If he had a brain he would've went on FOX for softball questions. I can't figure out what he was trying to get out of doing this interview.

  • So birthism isn't racism. Jared that wasn't long ago when that Orange Turd Father in law of yours was backing that racist BS💩!!!

  • Everyone in the comment section are spouting off the same old recycled talking points to a bunch of people who agree with them already. Intelligence at its peak here in the comment section. 😂

  • Philip Merewood says:

    Obviously Kushner has so many jobs is so he can network so when he leaves office he has soo many contacts

  • Ok, so clearly Kushner doesn't have good answers to Swan's questions. But couldn't he at least dodge them better?

  • Avant Garde Imam says:

    Amazing to see how much objectivity is lacking in this interview. Trump seems to be right that certain press like this one is biased.

  • He literally just admitted Trump is racist. Didn't need to say the words. Anyone with 2 brain cells can see he admitted it.

  • Brandon Landa says:

    Ahhh all sheep watching this are doing exactly what BSNBC wants you to do. To think how they direct you to think and you are too stupid and naive to have a clue that these are not your thoughts or your words you are writing in this comment section. Instead to focus on the important real news like trying to fix the Mideast so things like the Twin Towers attack doesn't happen again and other things like possibly saving Trillions of dollars on wars and I don't know maybe acting like who we think we are and supporting other humane people and democracies BSNBC focuses on Trump's character as if it's more important than bettering people's lives. Lets say for example Jared falls for his trap and answers the question and then they edit it and bomb shell comes saying Trump's son in law says he is a racist. How is this going to help you or anyone for that matter? He's still going to be president and his voter base will still vote for him because they like his policies and the direction he is taking the country. But yeah keep wasting your time talking bad about other people because that's how everyone in the world should be and do. Only then will there be world peace, right? Such BS. Think for yourselves!

  • Stewart Professional Services says:

    Hope Hicks is cooperating with the House And turning over documents today. The cover up was denied and she is not in contempt as others a= may be at this date. https://www.alternet.org/2019/06/hope-hicks-defies-white-house-demand-to-ignore-congressional-subpoenas-turns-documents-over-to-house-judiciary-committee/ und der https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-admin-tells-hope-hicks-to-ignore-congressional-subpoena-2019-6 wow she flipped and ratted out the big cheese Paris in the spring

  • Master Shake says:

    I likely shared this already but one of the greatest interviews EVER was that great guy Jonathan Swan interviewing jared 'foot in his mouth' kushner!

  • Merry Gangemi says:

    Nothing worse than a rich boy whose daddy paid Harvard to admit him. My six-year-old grandson has mastered more vocabulary & syntax than this poor excuse for an American male.

  • Jared Kushner is ready to do anything to keep his elite position. He looks so false, fake, cold and narcissistic. He also use Botox.

  • Feds are ready to announce it. Jared will be in jail soon. Very soon. Money laundering. I sorta feel sorry for his heard of kids, NOT.

  • Am I the only one you never learn anything from MSNBC They should go back to journalism school to learn how to conduct a real interview

  • quick chicken says:

    there is alot of misinformed people,checking obamas birth certificate does not make a person racist.and msnbc wonders why it's losing viewers

  • This guy looks like he wouldn't be out of place in a mental asylum, it is easy to observe how out of touch he is, is his father out of jail yet?, will DT be joining him in the slammer, hopefully real soon.

  • david walsh the peoples champ says:

    Anyone who dosent like jared is racist against jews and will be slaves at best in the future when we read you bad comments on youtube

  • They’re faking creepy af living in a real live Orwellian freak show with these Bolsheviks….. Joooooooooozzzzze.

    How many gotta be shot in the face telling you this is all fake and everyone is under Totalitarian rule. Israel Owns everything and is genociding everyone

  • In this video: https://www.worldslastchance.com/view-video/2286/the-jews-seed-of-the-serpent.html   The wickedness of Deceit: Exposing the "Jewish" Agenda!

  • Is Donald Trump racist? It doesn't seem so. More Jews, black and Hispanics are supporting him than ever before. If you want to find racists look at Whoopi Goldberg, and Joyce Behar ( who blacked up twice and still denies it!)

  • Can anybody explain how asking where a president was born has to do with racism? Or is racism a word used for anyone you don't agree with.

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