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  • So interesting!!!! I made up my own slang accidentally once too like Rachel haha! I was hiking with my Japanese boyfriend and he pretended to push me off the edge of a cliff and I was so surprised i shouted "yabunai" like abunai 危ない and yabai ヤバイ mixed together haha XD now we use that new word all the time lol some of our friends use it too around us 😂

  • A long time ago, in the 1980's, actually before the Internet, there was a Japanese tv-drama, given at our national broadcasting channel. The series was called "Oshin", wellknown and world famous today. It was the first Japanese tv drama we ever got to see and we all loooooved it, both kids and adults. My colleagues at the office would discuss last night's episode over coffee break: "Did you see Oshin last night? Oh, it was so beautiful! I cried sooo hard!" (and I swear it wasn't just the women…)
    Mothers who hadn't watched it because the dishes and the laundry at that hour were surprised…
    Kid: "Okaasan!"
    Mom (suspicious): what are you calling me?"
    Kid: "Okaasan, that's what Oshin calls her mom"
    Ever since, there are a few Japanese things we keep saying in Flanders, like "okaasan" and "shikatanaiwanè!", because that's how Oshin said it. There weren't any manga to read or anime to watch (unless Candy, Candy, dubbed in French, so no Japanese to be learned there), so the words from Oshin were what people of today do when they go "NANI????"

  • From now on when my friend asks me to make food right before I sit down, I shall present it to her with “Meshi YAGARE”. Thank you for this blessed translation. Also we have way too much slang in English. I don’t even know half of it because every day people seem to make up a new shortcut.

  • Wait

    Oh wow

    There's a vocaloid song called ggrks that I always play and sing along to.

    Well- glad to know what I was singing (I thought it just meant "Google it")

  • Zoë loves Kpop says:

    3:24 I know that one!

    Bc I’m an ARMY and Otsukare my favourite Sope song 😂. I feel so annoying for saying that…

  • So me and my friends are Japanese speakers.
    We use some of slang words + puns from japanese like :
    – Arigathanks (ありがとう+Thank you)
    – おっす(おはようございます)
    – Arigathanks gozaimuch (ありがとうございます+Thank you so much)
    – Ohayou gozaimba (おはようございます+ Indonesian 'mbak') XD
    – にっさん (お兄さん/Nissan, a car)
    and another puns + slangs XD
    FYI, I'm indonesian, in case you want to google the "mbak" word.

  • I only know "otsukaresamadeshita" because of the time Hobi and Yoongi sang it together at one of their live performances

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