James and Alyssa’s Love Story | The End of the F***ing World | Netflix

James and Alyssa’s Love Story | The End of the F***ing World | Netflix

A lot of the time you don’t
register the important moments in your life as they happen. You only see that they were
important when you look back. Fuck off. And that was, that was the
beginning of something. Something massive. (gentle music) Who is he? That’s James. Oh wow. Sometimes James feel
like a boy I could love. Like really love. What happened to your hand? Shut up. Alyssa was new. She’d started that term. I feel comfortable with him. Sort of safe. Let’s get out of here. I’m serious, let’s leave
this shithole town now. I’m going whether
you come with me or not. You in? Please say yes. Yeah, alright. (gentle music)
(yelling) We’re proper bandits, James! For the first time in
ages, I’m really happy. I think he is properly beautiful. Sometimes everything is
suddenly really simple. It’s like everything shifts in a moment. It’s like we’re at the edge of the world. Like we’re safe. Only, we’re not. We should go away. Somewhere else completely
new and start again. – Yeah.
– Do you wanna do that too? Yes. I really did want that. I love him so much. If you loved her you’d let her go. It’s like that song. I didn’t know the song
that she was talking about but I had a feeling she might be right. I thought I’d already had
the shitest day of my life. But this is actually worse. I don’t really feel anything anymore. It’s good not feeling. Alyssa was different. It was like someone had
taken her batteries out. – Alyssa?
– Yeah. I’m sorry. (engine revving)
(gentle music) (tires squealing)
(music swells) It’s strange, when
someone’s very important, and you haven’t seen
them for a long time, as soon as you do
it’s easier to breathe. For a moment it was like old times. But that feeling didn’t last. Oh my god. Hey. Alyssa was my only person left. My heart’s beating in my face. I was waiting for the
right moment to tell Alyssa I loved her. (whispering) I love you. What? I said it’s time, let’s go. (gentle music) Do you want me? What? Do you want me or do you
just go along with things? I want you. Why is it the more you
have to say the harder it is to speak? I just had to say it. There would never be a right time. What? I love you. I don’t wanna be here. I love you. I don’t wanna be anywhere. I love you. (music rises) I’m sorry I left you. (tires squealing) I’ve never been so happy
and so sad to see someone. I’m really sorry. I tried to see you, I did,
but no one would let me. I think I wanna kiss you. (gentle music) The problem with a person
having a lack of love is that they don’t know
what it looks like, so it’s easy for them to get tricked. To see things that aren’t there. But then I guess we all lie
to ourselves all the time. Are you okay? Yeah I’m fine. (music swells) I heard what you said
at the car pound. I feel the same. I love you too. Yeah, don’t go on about it.


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