33 thoughts on “Jalen, Skip, and Stephen A. debate media criticism Pt.3 of 5”

  • Andre Vanegas says:

    Jalen Rose is typical of some people who think that they are intelligent when they are not. Why ESPN has him on tv is beyond me🤦🏽‍♂️

  • mike santini says:

    Skip Bayless talking about not getting the facts right then talking about Nate Diaz using sumo style to beat Connor McGregor

  • BrownsFan4751 BrownsFan4751 says:

    I give them credit for taking this head on but if you look in the dictionary for awkward this will be there

  • I wish I was a sports writer. I'll write the truth about a player because I don't need to be your friend. Be objective not subjective and in your feelings! I'll speak about the game and your game, but I'm not pushing some false narrative to boost your ego!

  • I know that this is a late comment. But, (at at mark 5:59) did Jalen Rose just turn into the person he was speaking against. Did he assonate someone's character by calling them "idiots"? ijs.

  • William Buckman says:

    Jay Crawford was the best mediator any debate show has ever had wish he had titts to give us something to look at!

  • Jimmie Lee Patterson says:

    Stephen A. had no reason to be on this program. This whole argument was about Jalen questioning Skip's credibility to criticize ballplayers. It should have only been about those 2. Stephen A. wasn't going to give a 3rd perspective cuz he was a scrub turn journalists, just like Skip. So this became a 2 on 1 debate in which the 2 are more seasoned journalists.

  • It’s their job to speculate and motivate. The world has never been nice, so get over what is said and do something about it. That’s how you improve! Your on the worlds stadium!! Think about it!!

  • I’m not quite even close to understanding Jalens position on this. He popped off about things concerning Skip. He didn’t pop off with the facts. How can he criticize someone while he’s guilty of the same thing. He also called some people in his past dealings IDIOTS. POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK. OH WAIT IM SORRY NO PUN INTENDED. Just a little arrogant for my taste. Student of Trash Talker. He screwed up and he knows it. Look at his face.

  • lol skip out here callin every big nba pro a pussy if they dont get 35 rebounds a game. and then he gets offended if you ask him about his stupid high school basketball career as a equipment manager or whatever he did. he still thinks he could have been jordan but the coach did him wrong lmao now hes holding all these grudges. what an asswipe

  • Marc Amerine says:

    The thing is Both sides are Right Jalen Saying “U Called him lousy.” (Or what ever.) But compared to Who… He’s lousy Compared to U or to Shaq or MJ.. But He’d crush U 1 on 1..There Saying we should be able to say what we want.. I Missed this I Never Knew it happened…

  • Marc Amerine says:

    People Need too Relax, U take things Way to Personal Specially when their Are A Lot More Serious Problems..Stephan A. Just tell US stories about AI an get it over with.. Lol.. How Many times are U Going 2Bring Him Up..

  • myfatcousin1 says:

    If you play pro sports you’re a professional entertainer. You’re abilities, performances, routines and everything else involved should be allowed to be critiqued and reported on by anyone.

    Slander shouldn’t be allowed in any way including some of skips joke name calling. But most of those joke names aren’t that bad and in a way, are a type of reporting because it shows his opinions on the player.

  • Emanuel Tavares says:

    Jalen CANNOT debate on anything……he completely misses the point on any type of topic or conversation…..

  • Ebenezer Aduobi says:

    Jalen Rose has no right to be saying this cuz ur talking about player earning millions of dollars playing basketball. Doesn't mean ur good at ur job Dwight Howard at Houston he defo deserved that money right for the way he played

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