‘It’s Time For President Donald Trump To Throw Rudy From The Train’ | All In | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “‘It’s Time For President Donald Trump To Throw Rudy From The Train’ | All In | MSNBC”

  • In the US it’s clear that those with power and money aren’t held to the same standards as regular citizens. Imagine trying to opt out of a court ordered subpoena as a citizen. 🤔

  • Michiganders rc,trains and construction says:

    Fake news Don't forget the Ukrainian president said there is no pressure to investigate the Bidens and the Ukrainian president is the one that brought up The corruption

  • Kimberly Mountjoy says:

    Fake News from liberal, political hack propaganda media Msnbc!
    Trump Forever
    Save America from Socialist Democrats and lying Media

  • Rudy is Trumps boy, and Trump is in office by the actions of Vladimir Putin. The headline for this video indicates that Rudi is doing something that Trump disagrees with. I can't watch it. Maybe it's something else, I hope so. Donald Trump is a traitor, doing his many treasons, he won't stop, so he won't "throw Rudi off the train". If you mean it's time for Trump to turn on Rudi, then yeah, I agree. If there really were a deep state, Trump would be soylent green.

  • Messiah Mission says:

    Gilliani is a part of 9 11 he had the dump trucks and loaders standing by to clean up the evidence of imploded buildings. I can't understand why TRUMP picked him ? 💝🆘🔠👿😈💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🚫🚫🚫🚫


  • Email your Senators and encourage them to support the congressional oversight of the executive branch and stop this obstruction of the inquiry by white house staff ignoring congressional subpoenas.Obstruction of justice alone is an impeachable offense for the president.

  • It’s time for dems to move on already they have been making up all these scandals since they lost the election spend all of our tax money to fund these investigation until they can’t prove anything then they make something else up come on people I understand that you hate the republicans but can’t you see when your being played the dems know you will believe what ever they tell you but enough is enough you lost move on the election is right around the corner they know they have done nothing for the people to run on they are panicking and I am not a republican I was a dem but now am a independent who will not vote dem until they get people who actually care about America and not just winning at all cost

  • Hey Buddy Guy Friend Pal says:

    They are all criminals…
    We're undergoing the greatest economic transformation in our history, thanks to automation and artificial intelligence. We’ve already lost 4 million manufacturing jobs in the last decade due to robots. 30% of stores and malls are closing because of Amazon. The next jobs to be automated away are cashiers, office clerks, and truck drivers. The Freedom Dividend is a mechanism to capture the gains from automation, and distribute a slice of it back to the people who are being hurt by it. Yang2020.com/policies

  • TRUMP 2020 # MAGA. TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER IN MY LIFE TIME…….. TRUMP 2020. No one is getting thrown off the train. The Dim witted Democrats are STILL BUTT.HURT THEY L O S T IN 2016. Their Nefarious plan is about to EXPLODE in their faces. Landslide 2020 Trump ,,,,”,,🇺🇸👍🏼❤️💥

  • Your "News" acumen, your hatred for Trump, your derisive attitudes towards ME and/or any republican, and the fact that you have been absolutely WRONG for 3+ years now, tells me that Rudy should stay where he is, and he is close to ending you at MSLSD.
    Have fun.

  • #@msnbc it's time to apologize to the American people for showing the video of shooting fake missiles in America instead of Siria and then….. I might believe what comes out your rothen fake mouths.

  • Archie Willoughby says:

    MSNBC …Never have I seen such a Smear on President like the msm done on this one .,.. Obama's Foreign policy turned out to be a disaster … He did not care only to be a walking wax statue at the Hall of Presidents at Disney World. Clinton still wants to be President be to only put a Country in Peril… She needs to be in a psyco ward… The way she treats people … Rude and Smug. . always blaming others… You need to report the News as it is … Let the People decide .

  • lol msnbc wishes all the evidence Rudy has gather to go away…LOL….. Lets see how the dots are well connected among Ukraine – dnc – bide – obama – ciaramello – zaid …lol

  • Msnbc is a hack media company now. Why isn't Epstein being covered, why isn't the emails from Burista to the state dept being covered. All we get is TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP….IMPEACHMENT IMPEACHMENT IMPEACHMENT…there are tons of other stories out right now…horrible coverage and the ratings are reflecting it

  • Manufactured news it’s like watching a soap opera hope no one takes them seriously. Barr’s not gonna do anything he does not have to do because this is all a farce. To actually participate Perpetuate the delusion.

  • Jason Firewalker says:

    It's like watching a bread mold. Just stop it. Blablabla STFU. Don't you get it? We the people know who Trump is. We clearly don't GAF. All your manufactured outrage wiil not save us from the destruction of the biome. We. Are. Already. Dead.

  • Galactic Warlock says:

    Trump for whatever reason keeps Guliani. All Guliani doesnis back stab Trump with every interview. He is a total moron!

  • Guilani did very good job for Trump and he has every document to back up his investigation with sworn affidavits,the democrats and media are trying to put shadow on all this but truth shall prevail and they will be shamed as thus in the past in Russia collusion.

  • Hears what we know, in 2016 the DNC server went to a Ukrainian company to find who "hacked" it. Hillary also sent her server to Ukraine. The DNC refused to allow the FBI to verify the alleged results (Russia). Why? Why not let the FBI (an American institution designed to do that very job) do their job? Cover up? What are they hiding? Did they lie all along & Russia had nothing to do with it, but this is a ploy to frame Trump? Download speeds indicate it was an inside job (thumbdrive not hack) Wikileaks says it didn't receive info from Russia. Julian Assange says he has proof. Trump & Rudy contacts Ukraine to find out what happened in 2016. Democrates freakout & instantly begin impeachment investigation over contact with Ukraine. MSNBC, CNN, ABC & others begin the distraction campain on impeachment (again) just in time for upcoming elections. This isn't just a smear campaine, this is a coverup & the overthrough of the United States Goverment by a party gone rogue. Look at their actions to promote Socialism which goes agains't everything the Constitution stands for. They have gone mad & the MSM are aiding them with their lies & coverups. But ya, Turmp who has never been a politician nor ever held public office is somehow corrupt while those who have been in office for over 20 years are not. Give me a break.

  • You guys hold on to Clinton supporters after the impeachment and after being close friends with epstein how about you stfu about who to throw from the train. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!

  • Orlando Tourist Traps says:

    Its time to arrest the Clintons and start investigating Biden and son. Geeze. MSNBC is laughable. I understand bias but for it to just be bias it should be hidden and subtle. You guys are malicious and sleazy.

  • Amazing, the Liberal Media wants Barr to talk, however it is perfectly fine to make up the rules and attempt to remove President Trump in secret. As for Rudy of course the Left would like him to disappear, he will uncover the corruption on the left

  • Living Translation
    Inside, the leading priests and the entire high council were trying to find witnesses who would lie about Jesus, so they could put him to death

  • CNN ABC NBC CBS NEW YORK TIMES WASHINGTON POST all the same globalist leaning corporations that hate america and the one true GOD, JESUS CHRIST

  • Drumpfs promise to cut unemployment rate is so true. Every lawyer in the country is engaged in defending Drumpf and his minions from justice .

  • I come to your site just to say, FAKE NEWS, and give you a thumbs down. There is never real news here, you have not let me down yet.

  • Hey msnbc, time to be thrown under the train. Absolutely no loss. Fake news, silly readers doing what they are told, a puppet if you will.

  • Barr has already been found in contempt of Congress. He better not go out again and lie to the public for trump. We already know he wants to be trump's personal attorney and not the Attorney General of the United States that works for the people. Republicans have no concept of being public servants. They only serve their party for power grabs to enrich themselves and they wealthy donors. Greed and power is their agenda and they would never win elections if they didn't lie and cheat, use social wedge issues to manipulate the gullible.

  • Wait a minute, corrupt abuse of power but how many investigation threw this presidency. How many impeachment threats smh. Just a reminder God don't like ugly.

  • Rudy has no expectation of protection in any arena. He is a rouge actor.
    The point at which a pardon would be given, will certainly be too late to save his crazy soul.

  • Ghouliani was working on behalf of Agolf Twittler's campaign if he was there digging up dirt to help save the idiot's presidency.

  • It's time to realize you don't tell the President what he should and shouldn't do. That's why you are a failure as a news source…

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