It’s Over: Shep Smith Quits Fox News

It’s Over: Shep Smith Quits Fox News

Fox news is a completely toxic extremist,
right wing echo chamber, mostly sympathetic to president Donald Trump, but occasionally
not. But every once in a while one of their anchors,
Shepard Smith would tell the truth. He would say what Donald Trump says in this
video, what Donald Trump said in this press conference is not true. He would say, what the Trump administration
is telling you is without evidence, and we knew that Shep was out of place this entire
time, but we also recognized it might’ve been useful to Fox news to have him there, to provide
ideological cover to allow themselves to say marginally more credibly. We are fair and balanced. There is diversity of opinion on our network. And recently it started getting very publicly
ugly. For example, Shep Smith, a week or two ago,
interviewed Fox legal analyst, Andrew Nepal, Caetano, a former judge and Nepal Caetano
said, listen, Trump’s actions with Ukraine are both impeachable and potentially criminal. Fellow Fox news host, Tucker Carlson came
in and attacked the judge and then Shep and Tucker got into a public argument that had
to be mediated by Fox news. Higher ups telling Shep Smith, you’ve got
to it out. That was a big signal that things were not
looking good for Shep Smith and Shep Smith has now quit Fox news. Here’s a little bit of him signing off on
his last broadcast. I’ve worked with the most talented, dedicated
and focused professionals I’ve ever known. They sacrifice endlessly and tirelessly to
get the news exactly right and I am so proud of them and I’m honored to have anchored their
work each day. I’ll miss them and our time together greatly
and deeply. So recently I asked the company to allow me
to leave Fox news after requesting that I stay, they obliged under our agreement. I won’t be reporting elsewhere, at least in
the near future, but I will be able to see more of geo and Luchea and our friends and
family. Then we’ll see what comes along. This is my last newscast here. Thank you for watching today and over the
decades as I traveled to many of your communities and anchored this program, studio B and Fox
report plus endless marathon hours of breaking news. It’s been an honor. So as Shep says, they’re contractually, he’s
not allowed to pop up on CNN or MSNBC or ABC news for some time. Who knows what he’ll be doing financially? He’s just fine. He doesn’t have to work probably ever again
if he doesn’t want to. But let’s go through this sequentially. First of all, Shep says it was voluntary. I believe that strictly speaking, it was voluntary,
but it was voluntary in a context where his boss has had recently come to him and said,
do not go after Tucker Carlson. Again, it was happening as president Trump
was increasingly attacking Shepard Smith. It was coming in this context of increased
tension with the broader network because of his criticisms of Donald Trump and it’s pretty
clear that other Fox hosts, we’re not expecting this. Based on what they said on air, there was
speculation that Shep was pushed out by Trump’s attorney general William Barr. Now you might say William Barr. What on earth is William Barr have to do with
this? Well, it turns out that the day before Shep’s
resignation, William Barr met with a Fox news, a owner, a news corporation owner, a Rupert
Murdoch. It is sketchy, but there is no evidence right
now that the meeting was directly related to Shep Smith. So then we get to, is this good or bad? Because all along I’ve been saying on the
one hand, Shep telling the truth every once in awhile might Pierce the echo chamber filter
bubble of the Fox audience and that’s a good thing. But on the other hand, having at Fox news,
as I mentioned already, gives them some plausible deniability about being anything other than
tools of the American right wing. I think in the net, the benefits of shepherd
Fox did not outweigh the ideological cover that he was providing to them. And especially after becoming a target of
Donald Trump. Uh, I, I, I understand his decision to do
this whenever he is allowed contractually to get back on the air somewhere else, he
is going to be in a great position to advance his career. Not that that’s my primary concern. I’m guessing he’s not going to make as boneheaded
decisions as the ones that Megan Kelly made when she left Fox news, which basically imploded
her career. That remains to be seen. But there are still lots of Fox viewers who
see this as an unabashed victory. They hated Shep. They would, anytime he told the truth, start
making homophobic comments about Shep as if his sexual orientation has anything to do
with whether he’s telling us the truth or not. They see him leaving as a victory. And in a sense for them it may be because
the Fox viewers that are beyond reach, the ones that are beyond the hope of being pulled
back into considering the reality of the facts on the ground, they saw Shap as a threat quite
frankly. And for them Shep leaving is indeed a victory. So not surprising probably in the net. Uh, something that is not going to have any
kind of real impact on the 2020 election or on Donald Trump, but not a surprising thing. As we’ve been following for a couple of years
now and we will see where Shep lands and we will see. Interestingly also, will there be any, you
know, Trump has also been going after Chris Wallace who less frequently than Shep, but
every once in awhile we’ll insert some truth into his broadcasts or his challenging questions
to Trump officials. Is Chris Wallace the next target? If you look at Trump’s Twitter over the last
couple of days, you see that the answer is probably yes. Chris Wallace is the next target.


100 thoughts on “It’s Over: Shep Smith Quits Fox News”

  • We really need Smith back. I just heard both Hannity and FOX news again talking about Biden corruption and how lucky it is that the Trump kids are not using their fathers positions for their own gains- and with completely straight faces. Then racist Ingraham interviews Eric Trump who looked into the camera and said they the Trumps gave up all work in foreign countries when trump was elected. Not only a barefaced lie but an easily disproven one. They have steered hundreds of millions of dollars to Trump businesses selling their fathers name. They are all enough to make you puke.

  • Ah, the obligatory, "I have a strange new respect" for the odd Fox News anchor who agrees with you. I'm glad you have such concern for diversity of viewpoint. Tell me, who are the conservative anchors on CNN or MSNBC? There are none and there hasn't been for a very long time. They're even bigger toxic echo chambers than Fox is. Shit on Tucker all you want, but he also criticizes Trump on occassion when it sounds like Trump's been listening to his neo-con advisors.

  • Linden Stromberg says:

    Chris Wallace has the most pedigree on the network, I can't see him going anywhere. He's one of the Fox News hosts I've actually liked for a very long time. Wallace asks the questions the audiences have, he gets good interviews out of people, perhaps the BEST interview of Bill Clinton's post-US-Presidential career. He got bashed for the interview for asking "a stupid question" but it was a question that was all over the place at the time, and a great one to ask because it got a great answer out of Bill Clinton. I notice people from the US always assume reporter questions always come from the reporter's POV, this is often true in the US, but not always (and it certainly wasn't like that in the past), and that's how Chris Wallace rolls.

  • Daniel Latreille says:

    It will greatly help Shep in maintaining his sanity. Great move on his part whether he retired or was retired by Fox News.

  • Eduard Hernandez says:

    Hacked my Step Dads Hulu and made it stop recommending Tucker Carlson on the top of his watch list.

    Doing my part. Lmfao.

  • Don't overlook the fact that some Fox viewers are actually Democrats stuck in an area where Fox is the only thing available. It would be bad if those folks never got even an hour of honest news.

  • I love how he did it by dropping a bomb right at the end of his show and leaving the bldg immediately. Neil Cavuto was shell shocked. Good!

  • Thank you Thank you for covering this. You know he was pressured to leave. We may never know how he was treated behind the scenes. Hopefully, some truth may come from those that leave. I hope FOX news becomes a "news" station of the past. It is an area where policies needs to change. If you are going to be a fake news channel you are held accountable. Long shot, i know.

  • After 20 years? Mr. Smith had a good thing going until he vomited 20 million dollars a year. The Hillary child sex ring out of a pizza parlouor… or the the 24 million dollar pay out when Bill or Reilly grabbed a woman by the pussy. Or now it’s gonna be fair and balanced now.
    You should be reporting on real news.
    Mr Smith ain’t leaving poor. What a piece of coward shit he is

  • In the UK that would be called constructive dismal, ie, where the work environment has become so hostile and uncomfortable for the employee to work that they end up resigning, we can take the matter further by going to the employment tribunal.

  • I dont get why people arent alarmed by this. Trump cucking Murdoch is a big warning sign of how Trump is too powerful.

    Never have I seen a politician dominate Murdoch like this. Shep Smith was out because of Barr's meeting. Nothing else. Trump wanted him gone and Murdoch obliged by telling Lachlan to get rid of him.

  • Nothing will change, the Hitlerite idiocrasies are already converted to TrumpFauxNews24/7 and the liberal intelligentsia don't watch that propaganda News outlet anyway, it doesn't matter who they get rid of it won't change a damn thing.

  • The fact he was not in a prime time slot tells me they were trying to keep as many people from hearing him as they could, while still keeping him on for their credibility. So as nice as it was to have a voice of reason in there, clearly they had it pretty contained.

  • Penboy as 'god' says:

    As Shep is leaving the Fox building on his way out, cue the camera on a lone DJ picking up his turntable stylus and setting it down carefully on his recently purchased album, Tommy, The Rock Opera as Shep is almost sliding along the floor of the building's Lobby [cue the camera to a medium shot of Shep's face with a big smile]:
    "I'm free
    I'm free
    And freedom tastes of reality
    I'm free
    I'm free
    An' I'm waiting for you to follow me"
    [Cue the camera for a medium-to-wide shot of Shep pushing open the revolving door exiting the Lobby to the outside with a Limo waiting with passenger door open.]

  • Bulletproofzest says:

    Anyone see the daily wire’s so called “article?” Of course the headline called him “left wing.” Only in the right wing echo chamber, where we’re supposed to believe they have a diversity of thought, would Shep Smith be considered left wing. Ugh.

  • He can join the mooch. Did you see this?

  • Disagree. Most laypeople don't give a thought to the echo chamber aspect of news stations. Having his varied perspective on such a station was more valuable.

  • One of the few good persons in the world I'm sorry to say. Gave up the biweekly in liew of toeing the ludicrous Fox party line. Wish him well.

  • Yeah, all that other stuff may have been the trigger but I think Shep was ready for a change. Especially after calling out Hannity and Carlson for their, apparently, integral ability to lie, and conspiratize. (I may have made up a new word there. Take that tRump!) The guy was was swimming in a Olympic size swimming pool of crap and I think he was ready to be out of it. You can only preach to the intellectually blind for so long before you're ready to say "F*ck it and F*ck you, I'm leaving. I'm ready for Shep to show up on a legitimate news network whenever he's ready and available to return. (CNN could always buy out his contract from Fox, he'd be an instant hit.)

  • I hope Smith is able to keep working in broadcast news eventually, but Meghan Kelly couldn't work anywhere else. Faux "news" the channel for white, cis males who grab the backsides of all their female coworkers.

  • The President Inept (and worse) is a worthless, lying piece of dirt. I don't blame the guy for calling time on this stupidity.

  • Letty Lunasical says:

    Those celebrating can believe they've won. Who cares? They're always pretending to have 'won' something anyway. Overall this is good. Like you say, it removes the cover for Fox claiming they're not biased and it means that eventually a different news network will get a decent anchor.

  • Dragoner Productions says:

    He "quit"….. more like he was fired after talking back to Tucker Carlson and had to much clashing ideals with their propaganda.

  • I have to wonder if the powers that be at Fox have or will realize that if they continue to defend Trump and the extreme right wing they will fade into the obscurity of irrelevant tabloid news along with the die hard evangelical religious wing and other Trump supporters. I have to think that Murdock is smart enough to realize that he has milked this as much as he can and, in order to continue to line his pockets, he will have to throw Trump under the bus.

  • FOXNEWS has been out of control ever since Murdoch croacked…he might have been sexually harassing people but at least there was some control of the propaganda.

  • Trump's (or anyone else's) inability to pull words out of his head is called: Anomic aphasia (also known as dysnomia, nominal aphasia, and amnesic aphasia) is a mild, fluent type of aphasia where individuals have word retrieval failures and cannot express the words they want to say (particularly nouns and verbs). Anomia is a deficit of expressive language.

  • Luckily for us here in the UK, Fox news has been banned in the UK since 2017. Ofcom said the US-made show was largely pro-Trump and did not sufficiently reflect alternative viewpoints.
    The ban was mainly because of Sean hannity and Tucker Carlson due to their terrible reporting technique's.
    Fox news is an awful news network and I only get to see them if I really have too. They are a shit show.

  • Mexiball Nation says:

    Stop showing sympathy for shep he's a faux news boi, don't make the same mistake like McCain when he died just because he challenged the propaganda machine don't mean shit. He's rich now regardless of how he thinks.

  • In a couple of weeks there will be 99% clear evidence that the meeting was about him (as if we do not already know now, but whatever), trumpers will cling onto the 1%, the whole story will go under. Same shit every time.

  • TruthAndMoreTruth says:

    Commentator lies every day.
    Actual journalist that's been with the network since the beginning has to counter the lies with facts.
    Network pushes out the honest journalist.
    fox news.

  • We know we can always count on the David Pakman show to deliver the headlines from four days ago that we all already watched on other channels.

  • Not to defend fox as it is hilariously biased but it isn't really extremist. That would be like a right winger describing this progressive show as extremist. Noone noticed how the use of that adjective has increased exponentially?

  • He is a libtard. The other networks have no conservatives. Your a hypocrite. Tell the truth napolitano didn’t get the Supreme Court job so he turned on trump. Tell the whole story dork.

  • Thebe Bashaleebee says:

    trump is now focusing his fox attacks at Chris Wallace. Let's see what happens there. Edited: Looks like I got that comment in too soon. Yes, Chris Wallace is the next target.

  • I don't buy for a second that Shep Smith lended ANY credibility to the channel. To WHOM exactly? Any person having seen Fox as a fair and balanced network because of Shep Smith is WAY lost to the cause, probably forever.
    The only effect I foresee is the move further right of Fox's Overton window…

  • Shep wasn't getting any cock at FOX News, so he's going to CNN with Up-the-Pooper Anderson Cooper & Lemon Donnie Dirt-shoot.

  • Maritza Piccarillo says:

    I thought he was like one of bosses there and I always felt like he can do whatever he likes.
    I love SHEP.

  • Yeah, he still worked for FOX news for waaay longer than he should have. No matter how you slice the pie, he provided cover and legitimacy to a literal faciest propaganda machine. The fact that he told the truth is not and should not be high praise for anyone in news media. It's a sad commentary on how incredibly low the bar has fallen.

  • Laughing my Republican ass off at this hopelessly worthless moron. Shepherd Smith was a mediocre (at his best) so-called reporter. FOX is the ONLY network that does not have their heads up the democrats/liberals asses. We all expected Smith to tuck his tail between his legs and bow down to the liberal owned mainstream media. Now FOX can find someone who actually has the balls to report something Smith and the other networks will never know the meaning of…..the truth

  • Shep and about 2 other reporters were the only ones who reported the news fairly. But why did he hitch up with a lying organisation like Fox in the first place? So, he's spending more time with his kids? He must have the money. He'll pop up somewhere else in the next few months, helping to protect the status quo.


  • I like ur show but the show can't just be about seeing ur face and words u have to show content ….cause to be honest its boring…..bro u gotta adapt or die…no one wants to see just the anchor

  • 1337rofflecopters says:

    The people that had him canned are the same people constantly telling us that cancel culture is a leftist phenomenon causing the left to eat itself.

  • Good for him! He should have enough money to live until his no compete clause expires. He can enjoy his life & then get a REAL job.

  • Faux News doesn't want him reporting anywhere else out of fear that he'll expose just how deeply corrupt their "news" program really is.

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