It’s never awkward being Jeremy Corbyn – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

It’s never awkward being Jeremy Corbyn – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

Alright, lads. Selfies all-round, is it? Yeah,
yeah. All right. Here we are. I’m going to pop the hat on. Stay on brand. You might want
to put that on social media, promote the gig. What gig? What gig? Oh, you’ve been out of
the country. We’re doing a massive rally at White Hart Lane… ..Recreation Ground. Labour
Live. You might want to come along, if you can still get tickets. You CAN still get tickets. Oh, selfies all-round,
is it? Ah… I’m very angry with you, Mr Corbyn. You need to do more about the anti-Semites
in your party. I hear you. I am all over it like cream cheese on a bagel.
It’s all right to say that, is it? Some of the guys you hang around with are very bad
people. Yeah, well, it’s very good talking to you. Right. Bit awkward. But I want you to know
that I’m completely on top of all this Jewish stuff, lads. I’ve spoken to every single anti-Semite
in the Labour Party and I’ve told them, in no uncertain terms, tone it down a bit. Actually, I’ve always been very careful about
the company that I keep. Jeremy? Gerry Adams. Oh, God. How the hell are you, you old devil? Well, I’m fine, actually. What are you doing
here? Well, I always promised myself when I retired from Sinn Fein I’d come to London
and do all the touristy stuff – Madame Tussauds, the London Eye… I got a few funny looks at Buckingham Palace,
but, sure, what can you do? Friends of yours? Admirers. Quite right too. He’s my kind of
guy, this fella. In the real rabble-rouser back in the day. Some of the stuff you used to say, at those
old Bobby Sands commemorations. Lads, will you take a selfie of us? Oh, oh, well, is
this really necessary? Everybody’s just obsessed with photographs nowadays. I’ll tell you one thing, Jeremy was always
a great supporter of the Republican armed struggle. I’m going to have to correct you
there, Gerry. All I ever tried to do in Northern Ireland was bring about peace. I never supported the military campaign. No.
And I was never a member of the IRA. Is that the time? Is that the time? Yeah, the environment
and all that. I’ll see you around, Gerry. Slan! You can drop me anywhere. Bit awkward.
I barely know the bloke. Jeremy Corbyn? Yeah, that’s right. It’s me, Ismail from Hamas.
Oh, bloody hell! How are you, my friend? I haven’t seen you since you invited me to the
House of Commons. It was you, me… those guys from Hezbollah.


100 thoughts on “It’s never awkward being Jeremy Corbyn – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC”

  • Fate Destiny says:

    Israeli snipers murdered Razan Najjar the other day. She was 21 years old, a mother and a nurse, shot in the back. A Semite murdered. Criticising Israel for genocide and crimes against humanity isn't antisemitic.

  • Robert Hudson says:

    Corbyn doesn't have a Cockney accent, so why is she doing one?

    I admit he is impossible to imitate, but that's more Ken Livingstone than Corbyn. In fact, shave off the beard and that could be Livingstone.

  • melancholics_ says:

    Going through the comment section, all I can see is people talking about corbynites whining, and I've yet to see a single corbynite whining.

  • Jerry Crossman says:

    the only thing embarrassing is that pedofilia is being exposed worldwide and dip $hits are concerned about spelling

  • Lazy, punching down horse shit. This woman knows fuck all about british politics on acount of fukin off to america first chance she got.

  • The Illuminati, the shape-shifting lizards, the Rothschilds and the Bilderberg Group are clearly behind this. And the Jews.

  • Both left and right wing are controlled oppositions, nothing ever changes, they're all in it for money, Zionist Jews control everything. 100 years from now "left" wing and right wing would still be hurling insults and the 1 % will still remain in power.

  • Have a go at the leader of the opposition by all means, but:

    1. do so without smearing him with lies and filth like this.
    2. feel free to have a go at the leader of the government once in a while…

  • Tracey you are more fun than he ever was or ever will be. The miserable old fart has never had a good belly laugh in his life.

  • Liam Fitzgerald says:

    I haven't actually seen any of my fellow Corbyn fans screeching about this, but I don't doubt there have been some. People need to be able to laugh at themselves and their own side, and it's not like this is any less of a caricature than say the Nicola Sturgeon or Angela Merkel ones.

  • All i see are liberals complaining about corbyn fans being snow flakes but i cannot see any corbynistas in the comments

  • Ki-Sean Excell says:

    Tracy is a God sent. Anyone who attacks her on being Corbyn is ridiculous, she makes fun of EVERYBODY has no political bias and just makes ya laugh. Keep doing what your doing.

  • jewish tories just used the card as a partisan tool to try and force labour to change policy on isreal, the entire scandal is fabricated based on some random painting

    Labour has over half a million membres, of course there will be some anti semites

  • Headline act for Corbyn’s ‘FAILING’ Labour festival makes FOUL comment about ROYAL family
    JEREMY Corbyn’s Labour Live festival has taken yet another blow after it was revealed the headline act made obscene comments about the Royal Family including one unprintable one about Prince Harry, Prince William and their mother Princess Diana.

  • Understand it's satire but if Gerry Adams did approach Jezza it wouldn't be as awkward, they have met before and got on great ?. Ticofaidh ár lá

  • Salfordric UK says:

    This sketch is typical anti corbyn tory propaganda from the BBC apparently.

    I think the furious comments are much funnier than the sketch itself though lol

  • Lyall Treacy Bagshaw says:

    I hope these dislikes are for the bad impression, and not hyperventilating over the glorious leader being made fun of.

  • If comedy wants to be topical and political, this is the best way to do it. Take the piss out of everyone equally.

  • Heads Full Of Eyeballs says:

    I just went through the top 100 comments on this sketch. At the time of posting, my tally is as follows:

    26 people praising the sketch without citing political reasons
    46 people gloating about the "triggered libtards" supposedly flooding the comments, calling Corbyn a terrorist/traitor/antisemite, complaining about leftist media bias, etc.
    7 people complaining that the sketch is unfair to Corbyn/anti-Corbyn propaganda etc.
    10 people criticising the sketch without citing political reasons
    11 other/unclear.

  • maybe this would be funny if it wasnt based on a lie made up by the daily mail and the sun. congratulations bbc on doing the the bidding of the gutter press

  • Everyone is telling Corbyn supporters to stop getting upset over this, but I can't see any Corbyn supporters who are upset about this. Im a Corbyn supporter and I think this is funny, I just don't necessarily think its true. I can always appreciate the comedic execution of Tracy Ullman, and this is very funny. I've looked through the entire comment section, and out of 641 comments, about 3 were criticizing the sketch, and 648 were criticizing the non-existent corbyn supporters… perhaps the left have a better sense of humor than the right think?

  • Too funny. Didn't know the BBC would permit airing anything that poke fun of Corbyn's Jew-hatred. H/T Tracey Ullman

  • The impression is just excruciatingly bad! Such a long way off from being anything near as good as Dead Ringers was

  • I thought this was a time-team special .As you probably know Sir tony robinson dug him up years ago along with 3 tablets of stone with his complete speeches written there on. He has had him corbyndated and it would appear that it could be as old as 70 years but because of the obvious decomposition of the body it is difficult to be sure but definitely Neo-li-thick time.

  • The Amazing Spatterman says:

    Altho the actress was *great*, as a Corbyn fan I was hoping for more.. Corporate shills write the most predictable crap. Actually makes the great acting kinda useless.

  • I can't believe edgy non PC political satire is back ???? I'm dreaming. Must be a psyop. Spitting image attacked all sides.

  • English Grammar says:

    The Tories have recently surged in the polls thanks to Boris Johnson's quip about the burka and it has absolutely nothing to do with a supposed problem of anti-semitism in the Labour party. Corbyn is as naively PC as you can get, he wouldn't hurt a fly, and the public know that, all too well. Any comments you see beneath articles criticising Corbyn for his stance on Israel, in the Daily Mail or Express, are almost exclusively upvoted by paid for bots. You can buy Hotmail/Yahoo accounts by the thousand, and through these fake accounts you own thousands of votes to use to promote your weird political agenda. The British public, outside the Jewish and Muslim communities, hardly care about the politics of Israel at all, and certainly aren't bothered by Corbyn's stance on that foreign country.

  • Everybody keeps talking about all the triggered leftards but the like/dislike ratio remains at 80/20. I must be missing something here… either not a lot of people were triggered, or leftards don't make a big part of the BBC's audience. But I thought the BBC was socialist propaganda for leftards? How confusing. Almost like people are blowing this out of proportion in favour of basic tribal shit-slinging and petty point-scoring. Youtube commenters wouldn't do that, surely…

  • Tracey could have made this better if CFK had been included as well. The UK public are very unaware of Jezza's attitude with regards to the little Falkland's huge imperialist neighbour

  • The Jew in the video refuses to shake his hand because the Jews are so ethical and honest. Right? So the Jews hate Jeremy Corbyn now even though he embraces all the leftist positions? Jews used to be into that and till are here in the USA. What happened?

  • I voted for Corbyn. The content of this sketch is pretty good but the voice is just crap – wrong accent, wrong type of voice.

  • This upset all the right people so you know it touched a nerve. Truth can hurt, especially when you suddenly realise that people are laughing at you and not with you!

  • Cringe comedy, unfunny moronic and pandering to the right wing. It would be satire if Corbyn was mildly racist. It's not satire to portray someone as anti semetic when they are not. It's slander. The BBC continues with this crap

  • Cosmic Creepers says:

    Yes, Jeremy the I.R.A Islamic state terrorist sympathiser, this is as accurate as it gets.

    I dont reply to comments, so feel free to take it personally right up yer feckin arse. ?

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