100 thoughts on “Israel and Hamas fight with social media”

  • ibrahim ayobi says:

    if the palestinians are using the true images of what the israeli airstricks does to their civillians in the social media would rise more terrorists , what will happen if a bunch of typical brainwashed american people listen to the CNN ? 

  • The whole world knows that the Palestinians are brave people BUT Hamas is not good for the Palestinians! What you have achieved in 50-60 years? NOTHING! You have achieved your children die needlessly! Whole world knows what is going on for 60 years, did anything change?NOTHING! Israel has 4,000 tanks Palestinians-zero = 0-Israel has hundreds of F-16 jets Palestinians-zero = 0!? This firing of Hamas rockets ''is shooting at Palestinians'', ''shooting at his people, children''! HAMAS IS EVIL for the Palestinian people, it has nothing to do with courage, it is killing its own people! They know WELL if you kill three Israeli teenagers that will be reprisals  by Israel, know well, if you turn out the rocket on  some a meadow in Israel, that Israel does not have the grace, they will DESTROY the entire neighborhood!!Hamas is stupid, Palestinians should not have Hamas-Palestinians must to preserve their children's- THIS ''fight ''does not make sense-What is the solution for the Palestinians? To develop economically, billions of dollars  the whole world  give to the Palestinians , buying weapons will not achieve anything! ISRAEL is not a concern for you, if you put the children depicted is exact stones to them they will shoot at them, if stupid Hamas fired a rocket they will destroy the whole city!The Palestinians are a proud people, but also have to be smart, think of your children!!

  • Israel also needs to change its policy [paranoid politics] that the world wants to they disappear!?NO, the world wants to check regularly as a military force excessive use of force, the world wants to draw a line between those who are firing AND from the civilian population, you also need to think of Jews around the world, such as the life of one ordinary Jews in any other country when it comes out of the synagogue, companies, office, at the wedding, celebrations…when you walk down the main street, in restaurants, schools, colleges … what is the life of an ordinary Jews when they always look right and left in fear that someone would shoot at him? Israel must change their policies to 180 degrees.

  • Muslims be like Zionist this and Zionist that. Well yeah that is the party… the difference between a Zionist and Hamas is that Zionism is just for the protection of Israel. Hamas is a terrorist organisation for the spread of Islamic extremism…

  • What will ever stop their conflict? It seems like neither side will be happy until the other side is either completely wiped out, or migrates to another country.

  • Surprising to see people call Hamas terrorist while Israel kills thrice as many innocent civilians. Logic is dead.

  • Hamas states  their version of iron dome needs more tweaking its failed to stop any Israel rockets destroying everything….

  • bballercheetahfan3 says:

    So much propaganda from mainstream media. They try to make this sound like an equal war. This is not war…palestine does not even have an army.The Palestinian systematic genocide, sponsored by the trillions in taxes from USA continues. Now, mission false flag operation "kidnapping" accomplished. Until now the palestinians civilian and childrens death toll is 135 and more than 720 wounded. On the side of colonizers, 1 wounded. Israel is the real terrorist

  • Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to U.S. said, "Looking at Israel, can you imagine what America would do if it was facing a similar threat?" That is a very good questions Ron! Ask the Americans how they would feel when people barge into their land and occupy their home! Wouldn't America fight back! Hell yeah they would! But then no, they would be considered TERRORISTS if they fought back for their land! People wake up! Palestine has no government, no military, no matching weapons to Israel! All what Palestinians have are rocks, old Russian AK47s and a couple homemade Rockets that are UNGUIDED! It's like America vs the City of Detroit! Gaza is literally the size of Detroit…

  • The king of Jordan Hussain, with fire and a sword, threw out from his country, all of this garbage, so-called Palestinian. Having arranged to them, a bloody bath in September, 1970. For the same crimes, which they make now, against Israelis. The seized territory of the Middle East – Jordan,Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, the Roman invaders called Palestine. As that, country of Palestine, in the history never existed.There were a Judaic, separate kingdoms. And in those far times, any Arabs and Muslims, even in mention wasn't. If there was such country, it would leave a trace in the history. There are even no bank notes,as paper or metal coins and other subjects, confirming existence of such country. The usual Islamic promotion aimed at restoration of the Islamic caliphate and enslavement of all kaffirs – Jews, Christians, Buddhists and others. In Afghanistan, the same Islamic savages, destroyed a unique Buddhist fresco, to erase traces of history of the other Eras, and the Civilization. As a mirror reflection, all of those crime, created by Islamic savages in Mideast. Violently converting people to Islam, kidnapping, rapist, robberies, oppression and murders the innocent people – kaffirs (non-muslim). The leaders of new re-established Caliphate ISIL, already declared, that all kaffirs, have to pay a special tax. Here is all wisdom, of Islamic cunning.

  • Just imagine if we took over 3/4s of Mexico, illegally, by force of arms and the Mexicans were shooting rockets at us what would we do? Answer: grab more Mexican land and blame our illegal actions on the Mexicans!

  • Boycott apartheid. Boycott suppression. Boycott occupation. Boycott murder of children.
    Boycott Israel barcode starting 7 29

  • by killing the children and women, they called it "protect themselve" 
    western media are totally bias
    israel is the real terrorist in this century

    israel started attacking gaza without conduct any investigation on the death of their citizen. real crime from israel

  • Salsabil Minou says:

    Don't worry palestin you will be free while arabs will be shamed israel dead and that time no one can say i didn't do that because god will juge … remember what is islam who is mohamad and jessus and joseph . remember who's god

  • humza samiuddin says:

    when Palestine kills people Its  called  terrorism but when Israel kills people they call it collateral damage.Honestly i am neither for nor against  any one.And i refuse to see this conflict from one side only.But there is no need to be a dick about it in the comments.And every one please before you form your own opinion your willing to defended look at it through the other point of view . 

  • אסף שוחט says:

    you can paste that on google translate and Just listen to it

    It's so easy to attack Israel, right? We're bad, we hurt the Gaza people…Of course. You're all right. We need to sit quietly, do nothing and wait until they kill our children as well as ourselves. 

    You don't live here, you don't know anything about our conflict with the Arabs. It's so easy to judge us from the outside and from the false feed of the media. 

    If you support Gaza so much, take them to your territory (I must warn you that it's just a matter of time until the terror will spread in your country, but hey, you wanted them, right?). We would like to know that we can live in peace in OUR own country since tomorrow. 

    Israel wants a country for the Jewish people only, so they could live there with no fear since most of the world is Anti-Semitic. Fine. We don't have a problem with that. We just need our own place, our own territory, our own silence and normal life after everything that we've been through…

    One day. Live in the south of Israel for one day and then you'll see that Palestinians in Gaza aren't that innocent. They attack our people, our children, we won't sit and let them destroy us. Syria, Lebanon, Egypt- all of which are Arab countries. But none of them wants Gaza- they're trying to disengage from any responsibility to the Gaza strip situation while they blame Israel. Hypocrisy, someone?

    Did you know that Israel provides electricity and gas to the Gaza strip? We keep on doing so even when our lives are threatened. A Humanitarian act…

    You, all of you who support Gaza, is more than invited to adopt them. Israel would love to know that since tomorrow there are no rockets, attacks and terror.

    All of you forgot the recent kidnapping of 3 innocent children who simply wanted to go back home to their parents. But the terror surrounding us. The terrorists here want to tease us, to examine our limits, to lead us to war/attack and then to expose themselves as poor and innocence. You forget who started it. Israel just protect itself. But no Palestinians didn't do anything, right? They don't tease our soldiers at the barriers or trying to attack us by sending women (Pathetic, someone?) to impersonate a pregnant women while, guess what, it's not a baby, it's a bomb! What about all the times when women "cried" and asked to see a doctor at the hospital, just so they can blow themselves at a hospital and kill as many as they can? What about some "recent news"? An Arab student who studied at a university IN ISRAEL and after the kidnapping of our three boys, he said that it was like three goals for the Palestinians even without participating at the FIFA World Cup! Shame! Jaffa (an Israeli city near Tel -Aviv) celebrated the murder and the death of these innocents. I'm ashamed that this ungrateful Palestinian has even the CHANCE to be a doctor in Israel. Does he really want to save lives? I'm not sure. I think that if he could, he would probably blow the hospital himself. 

    If the Gaza people were so helpless, they would NOT give their houses for terrorists so they could send off their rockets to Israel. The people there cooperate with the terrorists even that IDF is still humanitarian and announces before it attacks some targets. IDF also asks them not to cooperate with the terrorists but the Gaza people want a fight exactly like the terrorists. Most of them ask for blood by letting the terrorists in to their houses and help them hurt us. Some of the Gaza people are used by the terrorists. You are used by the selective media. The Hamas, which is a terrorist organization was legally and "democratically" chosen by the Palestinians.

    Adults push (physically) children to tease our soldiers who all they do is just standing there and make sure everything is OK and silent. Mothers sacrifice their children for the bombing of innocent people to be regarded as "holly" in the afterlife (they believe that these murders will bring about 72 virgins in heaven). 

    People who bless the death and mothers who send their children to blow themselves to death can't be people who want peace. Suicide in intention to hurt isn't peace. The way they raise and educate their OWN children to die (and we're talking about the age of 4+), can't be a way of people who want peace. If they have no value to human lives, to their own children's life, they can't love anyone else, they can't have peace with anyone else. Don't believe me? Search for their "educational programs" for children. Cartoons with a passion to kill. Sick and twisted.

    And What about the pictures that you decide not to show? Israeli soldiers give from their OWN food to Palestinians children, and those children hug them. What about the pictures where you see how Israeli soldiers help the old people? What about the pictures where you can see how they play with the kids and show them tricks and magics? No, of course not. It ruins your image about Israel. You don't want to get any information that might oppose or contradict the scheme you have about us. It's pathetic, you know why? Because you can't even see the bigger picture because you don't live here! You watch BBC or NCN , but then they announce that some of the pictures Gaza published were fake in order to arouse fake mercy to them. And you, so naive that you believe every lie because you want to support your Self-Esteem ("I'm a good person, I'm empathic") but guess what? You don't choose the right side. But there is still a chance to change for the better…

    Being a hypocrite is the easiest. Talking against Israel while you can't even see our children so terrified and anxious because of the rockets that fall every 10 minutes (Would you be able to live like this?), tell their parents that they are afraid to live here and want to move to another place. But we ask you – Where should we move to? No place at the world wants us as citizens, some-not even as tourists, but we do need a place to live in, we do need our own country that is OURS. Israel is the country of the Jewish people. Palestinians have too many countries they can move to, but guess what? None of the Arab countries wants to get them! But Israel? Well, Israel must accept them to its territory and also to absorb their rockets because they are so poor. Have you ever heard about people who fast (Ramadan) and during this time can attack with rockets? Interesting. ! Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot – Israel send them food. Food that will give them energy to attack us. The world is blind. Because even Israel was their country and there was no reason for the conflict, they could find another reason why they want to destroy us. Arabs don't like Jewish. It's beyond the land and the territory – It's about Anti-Semitism, like it's all over the world, like it was in the holocaust. 

    Stop with the excuses. Let's face it – You don't like us. Most of the world doesn't like us without even one good reason. Only hate without any reason. We won't give up this time, we won't shut our mouths. We won't shut up like we used to do before we became so strong with a fighter army. When we used to shut up, they burned us alive. Now it's time to show all our enemies that if they want, we can show them exactly how it's done.

    Remember- several Prime Ministers offered the Arabs their own country within their own territory and they refused. They don't want peace…they want war- it fuels them. 

    And you? You need to choose your opinion and side much more wisely. Look for "evidence" before you eat it like junk food. There is a whole world of different media that some sides don't want you to see. 

    I won't ask for peace because peace is utopia. I'll ask for justice. I'll ask for truth.

    Hope you do the same.

  • Muslims can live in many countries and not be a religous minority 
    Christians can live in many countries and not be a religous minority
    Jews only have one country where they are not a religous minority
    Peace to the haters

  • Israel is really good at bullshitting using the media to train people how to think. Making themselves look like innocent good guys. Just because someone fights back doesn't make them a terrorist. If anything israel is the real terrorist

  • one of the rockets fired by Hamas at israel just hit an israeli power line supplying electricity to gaza , 75000 people lost power


  • We're a tribal species. When the bullets start to fly, you've got to pick a tribe to support or get out of the way. If you're actually on the ground in the action, it's a simple night vs day decision. Fortunately I'm not in the Middle East but nevertheless, I'll support any non-Islamist tribes. The Muslims shooting ultimately want to eliminate all the non-believers. People like me. The infidels, apostates, Jews, Christians, Hindu's, Buddhists, agnostics, atheists, and many others. They see the world in very black and white terms. They're attacking and fighting a war. No need to accept my comment, simply ask the leaders of Hamas, ISIS, Taliban, Mujaheddin of Chechnya and Dagestan, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, and other like-minded militants too numerous to list here.

    Sunni rebel attacks upon Iranian Shiite supported Alawites in Assad's Syria and the associated millions displaced and hundreds of thousand dead in this sectarian warfare make Gaza look like amateur hour. The creation of a Sunni dominated Caliphate in Iraq and Syria against the Shiite dominated Iraqi government and associated mayhem, death and destruction makes Gaza an afterthought.

    Israel, defend yourselves well, as you exist on the leading edge of an onslaught.

  • MidnightVisions says:

    Palestinian diplomat admits to Hamas doing war crimes, not Israel.  Read it here;,7340,L-4542765,00.html

  • Fuck them screaming MFS I dont trust them.If I had to chose Hamaz or Israel it will be Israel.They cant even fight Israeli but they do it anyway knowing that there will be dead ppl on street.Holy warriors got FUCKED in Israel that what history books will say in future i hope.

  • You CNN and your zoinist baker are the biggest terrorists on the face of this earth . You broad cast nothing but lies . May you all burn in hell !

  • If Hamas was located in Mexico, and was firing an average of 100 rockets per month, over a 2 yr period (based on figures given) at the USA; was constantly threatening to wipe them off the map, coming in and doing equivalent of the Boston Marathon bombing on a regular basis, what do you think the USA's actions would be? More importantly, what do you think all the American guys with guns, and oaths of allegiance; who regularly quote their stuff on You tube would do? They would be crossing borders and seeking out Hamas and making them pay. That's what I hear on You Tube. 
    When you think of THAT scenario, then I think Israel has been remarkably restrained. 

  • wedmark villariza says:

    If somebody of your house don't want to get harm please don't let somebody inter your house. so nobody will get harm. so nobody get involve. 

  • Noa Girmonsky says:

    lol are people surprised? of course they're both using media. I doesn't seem to be working though because obviously almost no one knows the truth.

  • Smedley Butler says:

    Zionist control of social media and government is no secret… Israel who is a welfare state pays it's youth to post comments using tax moneys from other countries, instead of supporting itself.

  • Not all Jews are bad.
    So sad but some of them never learn from their long history.
    So many times this race, their people has been exiled and then persecuted.
    And that were during the time they think they are strong and unconquerable.
    The Babylonian, the Roman teaches them otherwise.

    Oh well…every dog has its day.

  • Not taking sides here but Hamas' tactics and strategy seem to have been drawn up by disorganized idiots. They seem to take a massive, losing ratio in this conflict. 
    What would Sun Tzu, Napoleon, Machiavelli, Alexander, Cesar make of their operations. Angrily throwing stones against tanks. That'll work. 
    If they had brains they would feign peace, de-escalate, get their shit together and plan mid term. They're on the back foot, swinging wildly.  

    Go for the southern Gaza border, make it untenable. Incredibly thats actually winnable. Thereafter they're still failing hard but at least they wouldn't be in a giant prison. 

  • The powerful countries around the world are the most corrupt, mass murdering mafias of this world its sad how no one can live in peace with out paying taxes and they (gov.) use the money to finance there agenda of genocide let's all stand as one race and remember what freedom is all about don't let money, greed and false propaganda turn your heart cool remember what it was like when you were a child when nothing matter except being with friends family and your love one I pray one day there will be peace!!! Stay strong may GOD be with us all

  • They calling Hamas terrorist ?? Mothafuckas Israel been killing them for more than 60 years !!!! What the fuck do u want the palatines to do ? Sit back and watch ? FUCK YOU ISRAEL !

  • Khalid bin Walid menulis surat kepada Panglima Romawi, “Masuklah kedalam Islam dgn damai kl tdk jd kafir dzimmy (bayar Pajak kpd Kaum Muslimin) Kl tdk mk Kami punya 1 Pasukan Mereka lebih cinta Mati Syahid Sebagaimana Kalian (Org Kafir) cinta Arak & Wanita , Ucapan Khali bin Walid Menggetarkan & Menghancurkan jantung dan Hati Pasukan Romawi dan memang Akhirnya Pasukan & Tentara Romawi Hancur”
    Sama dgn  Tentara Penjajah & Teroris Israel  Telah Hancur dan Mati Ketakutan. Pasukan Elite Dunia (Tentara Penjajah & Teroris Israel) Rela Pakai Pampers Bayi Berak dan Kencing Di dalam Pampers di dalam Tank KARENA TAKUT KELUAR TANK (SUNGGUH MEMALUKAN DAN SANGAT HINA….!!!!!

    Tentara Penjajah & Teroris Israel Jantung Dan Hati dan setiap Buluh2 Roma Mereka Telah Menjadi Hancur Dan Ketakutan ( Takut akan Mati Oleh Pejuang Hamas dan Fatah yg tidak Takut Mati .!!! 

  • For all USA supportes and Zionist supportes: did any Israel or USA general ever go to tribunal for war crimes ?!?
    For those which will answer me with a question: Hamas isnt a regular army and it is a terrosist org.
    I only wish that every citizen of any country has the same rights and ability to succeed. Israel could stop to spend so much moeny on weapons from USA weapon corporation and invest in Jobs for jews and arabs alike.

  • hamas is not terorist, we are muslim want back my land  and al`aqsa, terorist is usa  and israel your blood is halal for me

  • Yes..God give them the land..of Palestinian to make good in the worlds n to obey God rule.but they Israeli ppls is so stubborn ppls in the worlds..they don't believed in Jesus that God have send to them.For their stubbornness God punishing them to the ground..Like the Holocaust.. day,to let them a wake up call.The time will come to the Israelis ppls that the land of Palestine will be demolished by the true jihad's strong Muslim brothers.. Mark my words..Jihad to Israeli..

  • Fuck Israel mother fucker shame on u to kill kids and women if u have guts try to stop attack on missile.attack by gun fire hisbullah will show u dump.assholr fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you Zionist.fuck u assholr nethanyhoo.Obama ur helper of Zionist u r just labour of israel

  • Raul Domingues Porto Júnior says:

    If you think your life is bad, know that it could be much worse, remember of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Holocaust and stop being radical in their positions … we all want peace and happiness among people planet! Now is the time, check out their thoughts and ideas, destroy their weapons and arm yourselves with love, do not let your pain be perpetuated and the pain of the world! God is one and he loves everyone! Stop Hamas now!

  • Anyone who takes Hamas side is fucking stupid and is one side minded … They rejected any agreements for a seas fire

  • There basicly asking for it Hamas picked on Israel for waaayyyyy. To long now that they fight back there crying like pussys and sad part is there tricking the small minded people to take there side and act like there in the right

    GO DOWN ZIONIST OF ISRAEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • People saying Israel is performing geonocide on the Palestines are TOTALLY wrong. Only 1500 civilians have died (i wish it could be less) but let's not lie here! Stop defending Hamas and use your body as human shield to put the IDF in danger and there would not be any civilians deaths.

  • they admit if they are totally right but actually not #freepalestine we will never stop to againts zionist if they don't stop to attack our beloved country and kill people in palestine

  • That was some more bullshit showing explosions in Gaza whilst talking as if the explosions were in Isreal.
    I am sure Americans understand this type of media propoganda.

  • كلنا مسلمين says:

    According to what I see from the destruction of the Zionist aggressors for the people of Palestine wish of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to crush Israel from the face of the earth. Woe to Israel

  • I find it shocking how many people think Israel is wrong and needs to be stopped. I've never heard of any Israel-based terrorist group. America is fighting terror, so should Israel.

  • Braus Sttauffenberg says:

    when israel strikes with missiles and unmanned aircraft on civilian are not terrorists, and when the Muslims defend their country are terrorists as Afghanistan and Iraq, Palestin

  • Israel is not a country,they are invaders who colonized Palestines state….so TERORISTS  is ISRAEL #ThisIsPalestine#SupportGaza #HAMAS

  • Israel ur pathetic , u complain about hamas shooting rockets at u and threating civilians and u kill the palestinians civilians in gaza and u commited alot of war crimes so stfu

  • Haret Banimania says:

    Look all of you here I'm Palestinian I've been in USA ?? for 13 years I have lots of American friends some of them agree with Hamas some not you can't judge other people

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