4 thoughts on “Is TV Bad for Babies? How to Limit Kids’ Television | CloudMom”

  • I found you from The Moms View & I've been watching some of your vids. Not a mommy yet, but starting to think about it alot lol. Anyway, my question is, would audio books and similar things be good for baby since they have language?

  • Jacqueline Musser says:

    So hard! TV is in play area and it is on while he plays. Probably about 2 hours in the evening. My husband and I find it lets us unwind. But I know it distracts my son. He would prefer it stays on. We are not on the same page about this!

  • Hi. We have a 9 month old son and we just purchased a 65 inch TV.. I am gonna limit his TV viewing time to the max after I have watched your and other videos related to the harmful effects of TV on infants.. What do you think of the eyes/vision of the baby if he watches it from a distance? Is it gonna affect his eyes?

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