Is The Media The Enemy Of The People? • Real Or Fake

Is The Media The Enemy Of The People? • Real Or Fake

– What’s the biggest thing
I should maybe be concerned about as an American citizen? – Going back to Trump’s twitter, (horn sounding) he tweeted on February
17, ‘The fake news media, failing New York Times,
NBC News, ABC, CBS, CNN, is not my enemy, it is the
enemy of the American people.’ – Is he not an American person? – I mean this is concerning because it kinda seems like
it’s maybe contradicting the first Amendment of the Constitution. A little bit. – That’s the first one. – It’s the number one. – It’s the best Amendment. – It’s the number one top Amendment. So but basically that one is protecting like freedom of speech, freedom of press, you know, and he’s not taking away any of their freedoms, but he’s kind of like placing this distrust and sort of discrediting them a little bit. – Here’s my biggest concern right now, and this might be selfish. I’m a media person, and he
certainly didn’t call out BuzzFeed in this instance, as before. Is Trump potentially
telling the American people that I’m their enemy? – I don’t know. – Because if I’m their
enemy, I want more stuff. I want a lair, I want a badass car. I want space weapons, I want
expensive wine all the time that I could be like
constantly doing this. I want better stuff if
I’m going to be an enemy. Enemies have cool stuff. – It’s true. – Can we call Hayes? – I think we should
check back in with Hayes, and see what he thinks. – Hey guys, I missed you. – Hey. – We’re talking about
the tweet that Trump sent saying that all the news
outlets were an enemy of the American people. I want to know, since I
technically work for a media company that has a news outlet, a, if I am then an enemy to the people, and b, if you are an even
bigger enemy to the people, and c, what does this mean? – Well, first of all,
as far as I can tell, being an enemy of the state
is a transitive property so it’s like a six degrees
of separation thing. If you know someone who’s an
enemy of the American people and are like relatively
close ties with them, it passes on to you like a cold. – Oh. – That’s just my working theory. – So you are a bigger enemy than me, but I am still an enemy. – Yes, correct, because you work for this failing pile of garbage as well. – I aspire to your position sir. – In all seriousness, it’s
really terrible and scary. – Yeah. – So today in CPAC, Trump
had a speech where he tried to say no, no, no, I
was just talking about the fake news and journalists
who make up sources, which happens to be everyone in my mind. The fact that he’s
trying to say that anyone who disagrees with him is
automatically a liar and fake, is a way to sort of burrow away
at the idea of a free press in a way which you would
expect to see in a less free country than the United States of America. Trump today again at CPAC said
something along the lines of I don’t mind bad stories
when I’ve earned them, except he seems to never believe that he’s truly earned them. And it goes back to our
good friend, Vladimir Putin, in similarities when you
see how the Russian state controls most of the media. And you have very few
independent outlets left. – Who else in history,
you can name all of them, has made an enemy of the press
to the people they represent? – Oh, you know, some dudes
named Benito, Adolph, Uncle Joe, just some friendly characters, Bobby Mugabe down in Zimbabwe. – As a person who technically
according to Trump is an enemy, would you
ever go on record saying something like Trump
is kind of like Hitler? – Mmm, no, bit soon, bit soon for that. – Yeah. – Okay, I said… – So basically what he would
say, this is a potential first step in the wrong direction. – Wrong direction, will agree with that. I’ve been reading a
lovely Hitler biography, and there are some things
where I’m like, I see. I see, but we’re not quite there yet. – Well I appreciate your time, and since I aspire to be a bigger villain, I’m not really a reporter,
so I do think Trump is probably very Hitler-like, but you don’t have to say that, and I’m not technically news so… – Bye, signing off, bye. – Like I don’t know if
Trump is actually Hitler, I don’t know if Trump is actually Putin. You know, he’s going to be
his own kind of person, right. No one can be Hitler, Hitler is Hitler. No one can be Keith Habersberger,
I’m Keith Habersberger. That’s just the facts, right. – Those are both facts,
you are not Hitler, Trump is not Hitler. – Trump is not Keith. – Trump is not Keith. You are not Trump. These are true things. – I’m making everybody who’s
like an authority of facts, very worried right now. – Those of us who like facts and truth were really concerned. We don’t want to make
too many crazy claims. We’re really nervous right now. – It’s scary to make crazy
claims, but right now Trump has made it scary
to make factual claims. – Or it seems like he’s
trying to make people not believe like accurate reporting. – He’s turning us against ourselves. It’s kinda like, kinda like… – [Man] Hunger Games? – Hunger Games, yeah,
kinda like Hunger Games. I was going to go for Hitler, but actually it’s way more like Hunger Games. – No, it’s pretty Hunger Gamesy. I’m safe with Hunger Games. – Nah, it’s fiction. Why can’t I just say that he’s Hitler? Why can’t I just say it? Like I just want to know why I can’t just make crazy claims? – It’s too much right now. – Well I’m an enemy, no one’s
going to believe me anyway.


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