Is the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado the Best Silverado Ever? | First Drive | Edmunds

Is the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado the Best Silverado Ever? | First Drive | Edmunds

Welcome to Wyoming. I’m Travis Langness
for, and this is the all-new
2019 Chevrolet Silverado. Basically, it’s redesigned from
the ground up, from the frame, to the body, to the powertrains. It’s bigger. It’s longer. It’s wider. But we want to know if it’s
the best Silverado Chevy’s ever made, so we’re going to
take it out for a drive. So we’re in the
mountains in Wyoming and we’re driving around
in the new Silverado 1500. And really, this feels
like an updated Silverado. It doesn’t feel
completely redesigned. It feels really familiar. So what’s changed
about the Silverado? The frame is built using
different materials. It’s a longer wheelbase. It’s longer from nose to
tail by almost two inches. Pretty much all of the towing
improvements across the board for the Silverado
come from the fact that the truck is
450 pounds lighter than the previous generation. Now, that’s coming
from differences in steel, the aluminum hood,
aluminum tailgate, aluminum doors, differences in
the strength of steel in the chassis. They took 80 pounds out
of the frame, another 80 pounds out of the
bed of the truck, so instead of one
stamping, they’ve used three different
pieces, which also makes the bed of the truck
as much as seven inches wider in the bed. And also, you’re looking
at the first up and down power tailgate in
any full-size truck. Kind of a no-brainer
on trucks these days. Everybody’s using a
power lift gate in SUVs. Why haven’t we
done it on a truck? Under the hood is
the 5.3 liter V8. Now, people from the last
generation Silverado, if you own one of those, you’ll
think, oh, so same engine. Well, yes and no. There is a 5.3 available with
the old six-speed automatic transmission, but
the one we’re driving has the new
eight-speed automatic. And it’s the updated version
of that 5.3 liter V8. So basically, what you get is
a different fuel management system that Chevy says
will increase fuel economy. And it– for my
butt [? dyno– ?] hasn’t changed the way the truck
drives much, which is good. Gives you good power uphill,
gives you a good burst as you’re going
to pass somebody. But what has changed
with the eight-speed is it’s quiet in here. There’s several
other power trains. So you can get a diesel. You can get the base V6. You can get this V8 or
the six-speed transmission with the older version of the
V8, different fuel management. And you can get the 6.2 liter,
as well as that turbo four cylinder. If you don’t need as much
towing or hauling capability, that turbo four cylinder,
that may be the motor for you. For me, I’d probably go
with the 5.3 or the 6.2. They feel a little bit better,
have a little bit more thrust. We don’t have the
optional 22-inch wheels on this truck, which
is absolutely something I would avoid, because with
the standard wheel and tire package, ride comfort’s
great in this. These seats are not the
high-end leather seats. They’re cloth, and
they feel great. Going up a mountain road,
they feel just fine. The split heating
function works great. And really, if you’re going to
go on a 1600 mile road trip, tow a trailer, and take
your family on vacation, this is an easy place to do it. Also, this center
console comes up. Take it up real quick, so
you can have a third person up front sitting here. Chevy did say that
the drag has changed. As their dynamics
have gotten better, drag has decreased with
the front end redesign. And that’s a small marginal
increase in fuel economy, along with what will probably
be marginal increases from the eight-speed automatic. This one is, I believe,
19 MPG combined with the 5.3 and
the eight-speed. Along these roads– they’re
not perfect, obviously, these aren’t highly maintained
city roads– the Silverado feels really good. It’s not a bouncy ride quality. Big sharp impacts aren’t
really making their way into the cabin. Everything feels pretty
well-insulated from underneath, especially when you’ve
got a good amount of tire sidewall, which this truck has. There’s not a lot of body roll. If you’re worried about ride
quality on a pickup truck, this one is doing just fine. So this is the interior
of the new Silverado. It’s not so much a redesign
as much as it is an evolution. For starters, we’ll go with
this big monolith of a center console. This is just one giant piece. It’s not as high-content
as it could be. We’re in kind of a mid
trim level, something that’s a little bit
more typical for buyers. And basically, you’ve got
auto stop start function. You can put the
tailgate down here. Traction control. A nice little button that
puts all four windows down at the same time. There’s a couple
of buttons missing. There are some things that we
could have on this interior. There’s no plug here, but
on the higher trim levels you do get that full
three-prong plug. We’ve got one
USBC, one USB port. It’s got Apple
CarPlay, Android Auto. And it’s got a really
crisp look to it. This one is the same size
as the previous generation, but it’s a little
bit nicer looking. It’s a little bit crisper. Graphics, it’s
really easy to read. You’ve got the swipe from
one side, swipe to the other. You can control most of
the stuff happening here. The steering wheel
is much the same. The TFT, the center
driver display here, is a little bit better,
and everything is easier to see at a moment’s
glance when you’re looking down from the road. Super helpful when
you’re towing or hauling and you just want to
spot your temperature or spot your oil pressure. It’s definitely a good display. And then Chevy has moved
over here some of the stuff that you use for towing,
to the left of the driver. There’s a little
toggle here that you can change between
sport mode or they’ve got a little dynamic
racecar flag, and tow mode– changes the shift
schedules, things like that. Then you’ve got the
selector between two-wheel and four-wheel drive. You’ve got the terrain
selector to tell the truck if you want hill descent control
if you’re on rock or sand. Then you’ve got the
controls for the lights, and most of the
stuff over there. And pretty much,
this is what you get inside the interior
of all the Silverados, and it’s a really
intuitive layout. It’s not fancy. It’s a lot of new stuff, but not
a completely different design that you have to get
used to something new. Now, with that said,
this mid-level content does have some plastic
materials that aren’t awesome, but really the touch points,
those things are good. They feel sturdy. One of the nice things
that GM has, Chevy as well, is these split
level seat heating. So you can heat just your back,
or your back and your butt. Heating just your back is
perfect for long road trips. Anybody with back pain
should demand this feature be put in every car. It makes the seating so
much more comfortable. It’s fantastic. Overall, this interior
is a likeable place, and definitely somewhere
I can see myself sitting for a long time on a road trip. So now we’re in the
backseat of the Silverado and it’s huge back here. There is an additional three
inches of rear leg room. The truck itself is only 1.7
inches longer, nose to tail, but they put a lot of that,
and then some, into the rear. So four adults can sit totally
comfortably, probably a fifth, maybe even a sixth when
you get that third seat up in the front. But if you’ve got
four six-footers, there’s tons of space
back here for everybody. And it’s pretty simple,
pretty standard back here. A couple of USB ports, couple
of vents, which is nice. Keeps the air flowing back here. These seats are similarly firm
to the center seat up front. But it’s a 60/40
split back here. And it’s really easy
to fold these up. So this one just
quick up, quick down. There’s no straps to pull on. No handles. And then also, there’s some
pretty cool features back here. This is typical, the center
console with the cup holders, not new in any way. But then this side seat
opens up and you have access to behind the seat. And the seat materials are
similarly nice to the front, that same checkerboard pattern. Pretty flat across the
bottom and the back. There’s not a lot of
bolstering back here, but the cushioning is good. This angle’s not too bad. It’d be nice if it were a
little bit further slanted back, but it’s decent for a road trip. So we’ve spent all day driving
the new 2019 Silverado. And basically, what
we’ve discovered is that Chevy has taken a good
product and made it better. This new truck is more capable. It’s more quiet on the inside. There’s more space
in the back seat. You can tow more. And there’s that
wide array of engines that we talked about,
which will make it more economical and better
towing in the long run. It generally feels
like a good refresh, but they’ve added some
good updates to it. But if you’re
asking the question is it the best Silverado that
Chevy has ever made, well sure, but only by a small margin. For more videos like
this, go to and be sure to subscribe
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100 thoughts on “Is the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado the Best Silverado Ever? | First Drive | Edmunds”

  • John Brian Neary says:

    I honestly prefer my 2017 Z71 front end. Looks mean and unique. The new one is too much Colorado soft. But what I can’t get is the marginal fuel economy improvement. The V8 has the 1-8 cyl deactivation, and it weighs up to 450 lbs less! Don’t get it…

  • Ugly comments?? No……. what was ugly was those gigantic headlights on the 14 thru 18. Now those are stupid. These headlights are much more streamlined!!! Alot better!!

  • Maybe see if you can not follow the sheep and lose the tattoos. The 1965 biker look is not appealing at all. Didnt look good then and dosent look good now. The second I see tattoos I see a weak person that has to conform to the masses.

  • My eyes are on getting my Ram.. Chevy got rid of those ugly square fenders and put round fenders it took decades just like the interior which will never change.. cheap Chevy .. still would never go to Chevy… Ram is the best!!

  • chevy will sell be fore any brand , they always did and also will today !! nice truck chevy !! like all new machine made ,it takes awhile to get use to the new style. isn't that the idea of new style vehicles. to keep us buying them????

  • Randall Denison says:

    GM better make changes quickly or they will lose alot of market share. The storage in the seats are silly, big enough for a sheet of paper?

  • Wait, a button was relabeled on the 4WD controls. Hill/descent instead of 4WD-Low. Is the two-speed transfer case no longer the standard 4WD transfer case? One-speed and then pay extra for the high trim for two speed? Or has the button just been relabeled, and two-speed is standard. The Chevy web site makes if seem like the former is the case.

  • I thought the 2019s looked so bad that I bought a 2018 that's all white like the one in this video. I have to say the white 2019 doesn't look absolutely hideous like the other 2019s but that's still an ugly ass truck.

  • iTz_Bruce_Banner says:

    "It's a different car from the ground up!" 5 seconds later "It feels like a refresh not a new truck"EDIT: 5 minutes later "Not so much a redesign but an evolution"

  • My biggest problem with this truck has to be the tailgate. Not only is there no more latch, just a stupid little button, but the one in this video has no bed-liner, which clearly shows the ugly black plastic that the tailgate is made from. Unacceptable.

  • I purchased a new black 2019 Silverado 1500 LT Trail Boss 2 weeks ago. I love this sporty and muscle truck. But i can't figure out how the DFM works on this new truck because it doesn't show anywhere in the dash. On the previous model (2018 or 2017), it shows V4 and V8 in the dash when drive on highway. If anyone know, please help!

  • Does anyone else think this looks very much like the tundra? body lines and style are very similar.. oh yeah I drive a 2012 tundra that looks similar to this and i actually confused it for a tundra when i seen it on the road.

  • I really want to like this truck with seems like GM just does nothing but insult people's intelligence. They spent no effort whatsoever on making this interior better everything in it just looks completely phoned-in

  • Bought a 18 High Country 6.2L just because I can't past what they did with the next generation. Come on GM you can do better hoping they'll do an update in a few years. There's more negative comments than there is positive that speaks volumes again hope they'll listen the customers.

  • Unlike a lot of the comments, I honestly like the 2019 Silverado, it looks good interior wise and exterior wise. Plus, it looks simple to use.

    And honestly, people that say Ram is better… why are you people even watching this video, if it’s something you dislike, don’t bother wasting your time with it. Glad you like Ram, but we don’t need people discriminating other car brands just to brag how good another car brand is. It’s unnecessary and like I said earlier, it’s a waste of time…

  • Ugliest Silverado ever made! Really you own a truck you should be able to close the tale gate on your own! that’s just for pussies! I feel like this truck comes with a shot of estrogen right in my ball sack as an incentive for purchasing this fag wagon 😕

  • It looks ugly in most trims and beyond that, this thing looks like a piece of work to modify. Just take a look at the headlights and try figure out how you would replace them. Same goes for the front bumper. I laugh every time I see that cab spoiler, and the rear end on these things is weird. From the side these trucks look feminine. Saw one today following an f-150 and the ford looked more like a truck with its aggressive and purposeful lines while the Chevy looked like the engineers wanted body lines everywhere just for the sake of having them.

  • Hyde Van Brutton says:

    Love Chevy and silverados. Have seen many numerous Silverados & suburbans in my family for generations.

    The newest silverado not impressed with the interior compared to a Dodge Ram and a Ford f150. Disappointed in that. Im seeing guys switch more to rams and f150s more these days.

    Also the grill and the front just looks off. Not sure if im a fan of it. This current and previous generation i feel like the GMC Sierra, ford and dodge have all looked meaner, aggressiver, nicer and more aesthetically appealing than the silverado. when these trucks drive by i'm like wow nice, for the first time ( being a die-hard chevy loyalist)

    Lately if feels like the entire chevy trucks and full-size suvs have become more "soccer mom's". less aggressive, less masculine, and more minivan-ish. i find myslef holding off on buying my 3rd suburban and my 4th silverado due to this and not sure if i will buy the chevy tbh.

  • christhefistful says:

    With the unrest GM has created at the plants in Canada and the US I'd be staying clear of any GM product. Plus the Silverado is just not a good looking truck inside or out.

  • Lawhorn David says:

    Extremely ugly.

    You think those aluminum doors and tailgate will hold up over 15 to 20 years? These things are all going into the junkyard within 5 years along with the aluminum F150.

    What an absolute joke.

  • Ever? What, are they going to stop making the Siverado after this year or something? Otherwise, we have not been to "ever."

  • J.D. Matthias says:

    So I was a salesman at a dealership that sold both the Ram and Silverado.
    The Ram drove and looks better hands down.

    The Silverado has a few features that are really cool and certainly drives better than the 2018 and previous year models.

    Drive them both before you decide.

  • My 2000 GMC Sierra get 17.5mpg on average, not worth the upgrade. This truck should be getting 23 on average, but they make the truck bigger and hurts gas mileage. Nice that its bigger but hardly any better fuel economy. My truck brand new is around 24k this truck around 50k. At least it come with a v8

  • Oluwaboriogun Afolabi says:

    I’ll stick with my old faithful 09 Silverado. 320 000 km, and counting. Never had any issue. Just basic maintenance and it’s been dependable as a rock. If or when it ever dies, I’ll just buy the next best used one for 15k or less cash I can find. I’ll let others spend their money while I gain the benefits. I’ll never finance a depreciating asset. I’m also not crazy about all the automated features. Way too much that will eventually break and cost a fortune to fix. Touch screens, keyless push start, powered tailgate etc, all fluff and future headaches when they stop working. But I’m still a Chevy guy.

  • My first car ever was 1999 f150 which I drove for 15 years. When I decided to get another truck, I checked out Tacoma, tundra, f150 and 2019 Silverado. F150 had a leg up since I loved my old f150 and wasn't even sure if I was even going to check out Silverado. Chevy won me over and I ended up buying 2019 Silverado. This guy is spot on everything that I love about this truck. I got the impression that Chevy paid a lot of attention to small details that adds up such as keyless entry, keyless start, extra storage spaces, to even having a cushion on the edge of the center console so that your right arms lays comfortably while driving. Interior feels nice, drives smooth. Everything feels perfect right now.

  • Diego Martinez says:

    This is the reason why I bought a 2015…..the 2016 and up looks so fucking ugly….Chevy has been know to be some what square they look all round every edge is rounded off to look all smooth and curvy….fuck that

  • Matthew Higgins says:

    Just look at the title it already lets you know where Chevy stands, its being compared models it supposed to be perfecting instead of the competition! 😂😂

  • eugene bennett says:

    Lots of complaints about how the Silverado interior is dated and it looks a lot like the previous gens interior. I will say the same thing about Ram exterior. It’s boring, they changed the grill and moved the 1500 badge. Big deal. Looks like the same boring body style it’s been for years.

  • brooks kelley says:

    The Gm trucks now are the worst ever made. Overcomplicated pieces of sodacan sheetmetal and plastic. All they can brag about is the fancy tailgate and dynamic fuel management. It is a ticking timebomb that GM will not be able to fix. They cant make the 2018 engines and transmissions run and shift smooth.

  • asphalt cowboy says:

    Nope its not. That s a disgrace to the GM name and any one who would put the Chevrolet name on it needs their head examined. That is the ugliest thing GM has ever made. It has a new name now. Its not Silverado anymore to me. Its the TURD. 😒💩💩💩

  • Would definetly buy this over any other offer in the segment. Sure, the interior is a bit old but I honestly dont mind it.

  • Why do they talk about all the increases in fuel economy yet the year model before got 20 mpg combined vs 19 mpg combined on the 2019? Also the year model before this looked way better this is basically the same interior with an ugly new body

  • Alexis Osorno Ortega says:

    Wanted a 2019 Silverado, then I saw the new design. It is the ugliest Silverado exterior design I have ever seen.

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