Fun fact, Tv was first displayed in 1927. That’s like what? Almost 90 years? So TV has been around for a pretty freaking
long time dude. Back then everyone was like, omg the technology
is on cloud 9 this is the best thing ever I’ve never seen anything like this oh my gaaaaud. Jump ahead about 90 years later and now it’s
almost like people take it for granted. Now do I watch TV?, well, sometimes,
not at all as much as I used to, but I don’t hate television. However, you know that saying nothing lasts
forever? I honestly think that there is a high possibility
that TV is dying, it’s been proven that tv is dying and when I say TV is dying I’m not
really talking about everything you do on it like watching Netflix or playing video
games, more specifically I’m just talking about cable because I know there will be that
one guy in the comments that’s like: You know what Made, you know what? You weren’t specific enough. Do you mean cable TV is dying or do you mean
something more because I find your opinion to be straight bs I still use my tv to play
my Shadow the Hedgehog yeah suck on that why don’t ya. So before any of you Albert Einstein’s start
throwing a tantrum, be aware that whenever I say the word TV I’m, for the most part,
only talking, about cable. Jesus Christ. And I think the same can be said with when anybody else says that. We-well why not just say cable- And also I’m not saying TV is gonna die next year or anything like that. I’m not retarded guys, I get it. Millions of people still own cable. But even if it’s just a small decline every
year, it’s still worth talking about, and many people on the internet have made their
voices be heard about the problems with television today. If you still watch TV and love it well then
good, keep loving it, but for funzies lets talk about why many people are starting to
hate it. I remember a while back this whole, oh look
you have hundreds and hundreds of channels this is the future of television witness the
next generation of power and technology uh that trend yeah that trend was as popular as you can get. Everyone was making a big deal about this
like the more the merrier right? But I mean, Unless you’re like a complete
TV nerd or lover you’re really only gonna watch like 5 to 10 channels max, maybe you
go up to let’s say 20, it really depends on the person honestly. But I really, really have a hard time believing
most people actually do watch the hundreds of channels cable gives you. Plus the fact that channels may go to crap
at specific times, or aren’t always at their best, umm not calling out any specific names,
adds to it all. A ton of people are actually starting to stream
their shows from now on. Let’s say my favorite show on TV was family
guy, it-it’s not, like at all, and never will be, but you know let’s pretend it is. Let’s say that show came on only twice a day,
and I couldn’t watch it because I’m at work or something, well then I’m pretty much screwed,
bu-bu-but, that’s what recordings for, dummy! Are you just, Are-are you stupid? It’s literally a button right there on your
remote you can’t miss it, it just you just press record and there you go you idiot. Yeah, umm, I get it, I know what recording
is. Well I know for myself, at least, that’s it’s
much more convenient to just watch the episodes you missed on the Internet. Is it the right thing to do? Well that honestly depends on where you’re
watching it. If you’re watching an episode you missed on
YouTube or something the creators of that show are going to lose money, but I’m not
gonna sit here and be hypocritical and act like I’ve never watched anything I wasn’t
supposed to be watching on YouTube. And I mean that in like, you know a copyrighted
way, not in a, you know, a weird, uh, perverted kind of way. Then again, I think we’ve have all been
to the dark side of YouTube at this point. And with technology now, there are so many
other ways to watch your favorite shows. So many devices now. And, uh, speaking of devices. 10 years ago, I would say, I don’t really have that great of a memory, I was watching
TV like no tomorrow. Today however, I really only watch it for
sports honestly and sometimes you know, when I’m bored I’ll watch those common popular
family oriented channels like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, but as you can tell by
my recent videos, I kinda think they both, those specific ones have both gone to crap. It’s probably just me aging but honestly,
watching TV isn’t as fun as it used to be. They cancelled a lot of the shows I used to
watch on various networks. Uh-uh-uh-uh well boo hoo. Sucks for you, you just haven’t found the
true meaning of television yet made! I am about to dislike this video and leave
an entire paragraph on why your opinion and and your experience with television is invalid,
and also, guess what, I’m a new subscriber but I only subscribed just so I could have
the power to unsub so suck on that haha, and and I know and I need and I feel the need to tell you this because I know if I don’t nobody will care. listen, there are a ton of reasons
why people don’t watch TV anymore. I find video games, you know, YouTube, the
website you’re literally on right now, to be much more entertaining. If I missed something that you would like
to add feel free to let me know in the comments section. You can also add me on Facebook Twitter and
Instagram for updates on future uploads and you can subscribe as well to my YouTube channel. Guys I’ve been barely hitting the one video
a week schedule, but I have winter break coming up soon so videos should be pumpin out like
crazy in a couple of weeks. But till next time, later Later.


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