Is Super Bowl Advertising Underpriced?

Is Super Bowl Advertising Underpriced?

marius asks hey Gary can you explain in more detail your Stephen from market makers that Super Bowl ads are under priced I sure can't Marius I appreciate the question just moments after I got off the set you know I care about attention just like the questions we just answered and so I think almost everybody in America when the Super Bowl at a Super Bowl party they're watching it and then when the commercials comes on you hear at parties like the event is to consume the commercial at the highest scale couple years ago so I did not watch both Super Bowls that include or no that's what row the last Super Bowl that the Patriots and Giants played in I didn't watch it I just laid in my bed they're like silently and it was surreal because like I knew that all of America was doing one thing and me and AJ were doing another thing which was sitting in silence and so I remember that really drills home the fact for me that all of America watches this game and then watches those commercials and the attention put on those commercials is overwhelming and just the bottom line is in that arbitrage of the ROI I truly think that when you compare a Super Bowl ad 4 or 5 million compared to other ads hundreds of thousands that this return is so much greater than hundreds of thousands of dollars millions of dollars that people spend on television during the regular year when everybody's DVR a when a commercial comes on everybody's in here and so I think it's under priced by today's market I just really do I think a Super Bowl ad is if it's four or five million or what they're charging these days I think it's worth 10 to 20 I really do just the way it is


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