Is Social Media Making Us Vain? | Teensplain

Is Social Media Making Us Vain? | Teensplain

There’s a bigger danger for boys
of getting catfished than girls because girls enhance the shape
and size… It’s angles. ..of their breasts, their bum
and even their face, they filter their face so much,
then, when you see them in real life, you’re like,
“Is that the same person?” “Should you delete a picture
if it doesn’t get over 100 likes?” I’ve never got over 100 likes.
I’m lucky if I get 10! I would definitely delete a picture
if it didn’t get over, like, 100 likes, just purely
because I put the picture out there to see if people like it,
so I hope that people will like it and if they don’t like it,
then why have I kept it out there? So unless I get above
a minimum threshold, the photo’s being deleted, I don’t
want anyone to see that, cos the only reason I post is to try and
improve people’s perception of me. I had a friend who put
something on Instagram and if it didn’t get enough likes,
she’d take it down… She would take it down, yeah.
..and then post the same photo… Again, yeah.
..later or on a different day. “Does social media make you vain?” It really depends on what your
intention is when you’re posting. If you’re posting a few selfies
or you’re posting a few pictures of yourself,
it’s more about showing, “Look, I’m better than
you thought I was.” It doesn’t make you vain,
but it can. I take a fair amount of selfies,
but I don’t post them all the time. If I was to post them, I’d probably
get roasted by everyone cos selfies, for a guy,
it’s always deemed as vain. If you’re putting
something on the internet, ultimately you are seeking
something. Yeah, yeah. With these big Instagram models
or whatever you want to call them, ultimately when they look
at their Instagram and they’re feeling themselves, they get that
self-confidence, that is vanity. I take selfies literally because I just really have
turned into a camera lover, really. You rate yourself. Yes, 100%. For my best friends, I would
like everything, even it’s just a random picture that they’re going
to take down in about five minutes. No. Just didn’t click on it,
it’s not that deep. It doesn’t mean
you don’t like them any more. Before, not,
but now I’m pretty cool with it. Yeah, I like it. Yes, and in the past I have! Posting it in your underwear
is just a bit too sexual. I mean, it’s basically saying,
“Look at my body,” you know, “I’m ready for some…
some action in bed.” I don’t necessarily think that
vanity is completely a bad thing. No. Because you kind need
a sense of vanity in order for you to get somewhere
in terms of the social… To get up in the morning. Yeah. People being vain has a really
bad name and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being
vain. Especially in our generation. But that’s just me, I think…
I kind of agree with you. I think… Hmm. No, being vain and being
confident are different things. It’s not hurting anyone,
like, vanity… Yeah. Like, if I love the way I look,
who does that hurt? Yeah. Yeah.


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