45 thoughts on “Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health? | Bailey Parnell | TEDxRyersonU”

  • JoAnne Velasco says:

    did you know steve jobs invented the iphone and never let his kids have one. did you also know mark suckerberg bought his home in california and purchased the 5 houses around it so no one could invade his privacy. paranoia? hmmm..

  • skinnywizard103 says:

    I rarely post, look or like. I don’t even take my phone with me all the time when I go out. I honestly prefer to savour the moment then to post every single second of my personal life.

  • I'm careful what I post cause I got blocked on Twitter by a real actor page(blue circle with white check mark) I commented that all his characters in movies are bad and he's a bad actor. Presently, if I want to diss on an actor/celeb in a post I do not hashtag them or do not reply/leave comment to their post. If someone else does, I just like it or retweet.

  • I've been off Facebook for almost 2 years. It was really getting to my head. Such as no response, no likes, why wasn't I invited to the event, I thought that was my friend, ignorance, he/she has a lovely family, why he didn't marry me, etc. I wasn't friends with most of the people, especially exes. But I'd peak at their profiles. It caused me to have jealousy, etc. And WORST of all I got SCAMMED on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woop! Never thinks that I should pay attention to the social media diet until this moment. thank you, Bailey.

  • Iqra Choudhary says:

    I strongly agree that Social Media can completely destroy our lives based on what we are doing isn't meaningful. Social Media can play a negative role as we are a target so that we can hurt others to make it painful. In this case, it is true on what it causes mainly as "Anxiety, Depression and Stress". We can tell these days Teenagers and people can be suffering with disturbance of health issue on trying to commit suicide. I would highly recommend that always be safe and prevent yourself from bad things happening on social media that you're posting on. However, Social media is gathering our attention as bothersome.

  • I developed a social media addiction. After failing my second year coursework, I've finally decided to permanently delete my instsgram

  • Hellstormangel says:

    Here I am thinking that social medias main purpose was promote your brand: That is all I ever used for it, posting updates, contributing to conversations that affected my area, etc. I never felt this need of external self validation from anonymous users.

  • Unfortunately, 10 minutes of this presentation was a complete waste of time.
    You can't say "using social media is the problem" and then at the end completely change the argument and say "people using social media are the problem", they're two entirely contradictory sentences.

    There is no scientifically valid correlation between social media and mental health. It doesn't exist, so her second sentence is correct. It's the way you interpret social media. I wish more of the talk was about that and changing perceptions rather than focusing on the "harmful" ways of social media.

  • I don’t know if I should stop because I don’t go anywhere in real life and stay at home because parents can’t afford but a phone like different reality

  • Iwantmuffins21 # says:

    I haven't been using social as much and I've been feeling much better better about myself, and my self-esteem has been going up, and it's amazing

  • love this channel says:

    I just joined Facebook to help reach to other people to help with my son's medical condition. I did get help but lord so much negative. I only get on for specific things now and disappear again.

  • Jaqen H'ghar says:

    Oh my god.
    YES, IT IS

    There is rarely anything really social about social media. What seems like something harmless and innocent has actually led to the misleading manipulation of people's emotions as they have problems they won't face because they have so many distractions. You know what? This calls for me to stop. I'm gonna put down my phone and stop using social media. Promise. ✌

  • Jose Linares says:

    7:53 seems like biased leftist propaganda because Christians and other groups also get harassed. Other than that, good points

  • around a year ago I took a month long break from all social media other than WhatsApp, only because my job and family communicate using it.. deffo the BEST month of my life! I felt so much better about myself and I even got motivated to work out more and eat healthier 🙂 Unfortunately my career is very 'social media based' so I sort of have to use it haha. But I really advise taking a break sometimes!

  • Nathan Wigle says:

    this really changed my perspective on social media. i always never had one because i always looked at the negatives on it, but now is that yes it can be something that can be enjoyed by many people without the negative aspects.

  • mynameisliana says:

    Instagram messes with me way too much, so I took the app off my phone. Now I only check it on desktop maybe once every couple weeks. It’s been much better.

  • Had a discussion with one of my friends that use's social media, went something like this: Me "i think social media is causing a lot of depression and people unhappy because they compare themselves to others". Friend says "i don't think social media is a bad thing, it most likely will make you better because it would motivate you to be better and work on yourself. Also most people look better in person than in photos, so all the beautiful people you see are actually more beautiful" What do you guys think of his defense for social media? i guess all situation is different.

  • Brother Michael says:

    Thank you for this Talk. I recently came upon it while preparing for a high school guidance class on social media/mental health. Was clear, concise, humorous, and it sparked conversation. Well done!

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