Is Social Media Bad?

Is Social Media Bad?

what’s up welcome to another
episode of the weekly wrapup like we’re so glad you’re here
we really are and today we’re gonna talk about something a little different
something that’s Andreea and I know all too well we’re
gonna talk about social media Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube which you’re
on right now I’m excited because I really do love social media but we’re
gonna have a good discussion about it but first we want to hear your thoughts
drop a comment down below whether or not you think social media is good we’re
nothing in between and you just should forget about it forever
fickle winner so we’re gonna give you a moment okay cool thanks for coming all
right Andrea let’s jump in tell me what you think about social media okay you
know how much I’m a little skinny let’s jump in tell me your thoughts social
media good bad well you know me like kind of like you I like to pick a little
fight but I’ll be honest I don’t think that solution of media is good or evil I
think it’s neutral it is what you make of it there’s this first in the Bible
it’s first Corinthians 6:12 and I learned to like this tonight was cool
and I’ve shared it before because I love it everything is permissible for me but
not everything is beneficial everything is permissible for me but I will not be
mastered or consumed by anything different version say it in a different
ways and so that’s what I believe it it can be good and everything that God has
created is good right but because we have sin nature we can pervert it and
anything that is here that we have today can be good use for good or for evil so
it is what you make of it sure I think those are good points I err
on the side of social medias good but I’m only speaking from bias because I
really like it a lot of my time is spent on social media that’s what I do for a
living and recreationally I just enjoy jumping on social media sites and seeing
what my friends and family are doing and on the other side of that I like to
engage in conversations with strangers about different news stories and
different topics that I feel like I have an opinion on and I can express that
opinion because I’m in a forum where I can talk about it and know once ok I’m
people are gonna get mad get mad but I have the freedom to talk about whatever
I want to and from my side of things yeah I really do like it as with
anything too much can be a bad thing so social media is needed in moderation and
you shouldn’t go too crazy but I really do appreciate that it connects people
all over the world everything in moderation
unless it’s watching the weekly wrapup so just yeah binge on this yes playlist
will link to link to it and you’ll watch it no well I definitely agree hona
totally agree with you but however different opinions are out there and
super famous actor Denzel Washington says that we should stay off of social
media that we should diminish our time like we should like not be on especially
young people while I love social media I’m on social I’m pretty much on every
platform that is good luck up and at it right now am I still in my space I guess
you’ll have to find out he says that we should get off and I I kind of agree so
I think that you should check out that interview right over here and on the
flip side Bethel Church is preparing for digital missionaries what is that you
ask you’ll have to click here find out but I do think it’s so important so
important for churches to figure out how to speak to their congregations and new
people in new and modern ways and not just stick to a traditional way social
media as we know can be for a good content or bad content like it it
what is it lends itself when I can be on all of these platforms and doing all
these things I can write a super encouraging message to a friend uplift
them or the opposite bring somebody down watch something that I’m not supposed to
be watching or just be wasting my time even our hosts on the Superbook show
asked this question do I post too much on social media
now they go in a video talking with us about what’s good for Facebook Instagram
Twitter YouTube what’s appropriate what’s not appropriate so you’re gonna
want to watch that right over here and Andre I know you and I talked to the
other day about all that mo weirdness that was happening a couple months ago
and even a few years ago the Charlie Charlie challenge people are trying to
summon demons online I’m not okay that is definitely way on the other side
opposite of good things on social media that social media is being used for bad
things so we need to counteract that be vigilant pay attention be intentional
about your presence online with all that in mind we have this great duty that you
need to keep right here to take away is that we need to protect ourselves from
nonsense using common sense and biblical principle find a balance that works for
you if you’re feeling bogged down by social media slow down take a break and
if you’re feeling encouraged by it keep using it since you’re here we’re gonna
ask you to do a very social media thing yes we are we’re gonna ask you to like
comment subscribe yeah all the above hmm and if you can think of anything else
that’s awesome and uplifting do it it was a good comment let us know how
social media is working for you and how you are gonna make it a better place
we’ll catch you next time you


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