Is President Donald Trump Open To Making Medicare Cuts? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Is President Donald Trump Open To Making Medicare Cuts? | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  • 88Gibson LesPaul says:

    No, he's not….unless he can grab some of the money. Trump lives for dirty money. He'll do anything, he'll hurt anybody, he'll tel any lie to get his hands on money.

  • Of course he is. Trump is open to doing anything that helps the rich and screws everyone else.
    He has the blind support of voters who are too dumb to know when he's screwing them over. Like with the tariffs, the invisible wall, hurricanes, toilets, etc – Trump knows his followers will never question him no matter what he does.

  • The Bankers who’ve been financing the Mango Menace
    have been drooling over these
    programs since our corrupt electoral college system swept him into the White House.
    I’m just surprised they weren’t talking about it much sooner

  • He also needs to pay American taxpayers money that he has packed with additional of been thrown out of the white house..

  • chente Pacololo says:

    Trump throws it out their for pathetic fucksticks like the toolbags on Mslsd. U guys r stupid to grapple on it. It keeps u busy

    So laughable

  • chente Pacololo says:

    Here's one more every pole that comes from the MEDIA has not been Tru for the past 2 elections.
    Ok so your saying that right now everybody on the campaign trail right now r beating Trump by wait how much!! 10 to 15 points . U guys r propagandist. It so not true

  • Absque Religione says:

    Trump: “I don’t want Bolton to reveal what I think about other leaders” Really? That’s what you’re worried about?
    – Does this man even understand that this is an impeachment trial?

  • "He" (Donald Trump) is not open to anything except extra cheese on a filet o' fish sandwich. It's the people pulling the puppet's strings that are telling him what THEY want done and Donald has no idea of how to push them away.

  • William Tantillo says:


  • Medicare and social security cuts. He has said he is going to look at entitlements. Insanity in a country that is so rich. What are they doing with our money ??Impeach him now before it is to late.

  • Any politician who degrades Medicare, should be forced to be on it… Instead of their special deal that they get instead.

  • If Drumpf wants to raise funds, repeal the tax cut for billionaires passed last year. Drumpf lies consistently, constantly, pathologically.

    Vote Blue, rid this country of the parasite in the WH.

  • Slashes corporate and income taxes, discusses cutting Social Security and Medicare, both in a time when our economy is doing well and income and wealth inequality hasn't been to this degree since the 1920's. Anyone still believe this guy is for "The People"?

  • Trump has no moral compass to filter his words/deeds. Trump's a con artist, like they say: "You can fool some of the people some of the time…not".

  • Dominick Palella says:

    These polls have a profound impact on the American public. They serve to remind us that when we elect other adults to make all of our political decisions for us, we end up whining and having temper tantrums like children when they don’t pay attention to us.

  • Joe you're a moron or as ill-informed as Trump. Bernie is not a self avowed socialist, don't lie about this to assist the 1% (or 10% for that matter). He's a democratic socialist, do your homework. Free enterprise resumes under Bernie. Regular folk flourish. If we can't get big money out of politics the playing field tilts more and more toward the wealthy. Most democrats are no different from the republicans in taking corporate money while ignoring collapse. When the general population collapses, so does the country. Trickle down really only trickles up, we have decades of evidence on this.

  • Some Random Anon says:

    I just wanted to thank all Democrats for securing President Trump's 2020 election. None of this would be possible if not for your TDS and nonsensical impeachment trial. So enjoy President Trump living rent-free inside your hollowed out skulls for the next 4 years.

  • My autistic son has said of Trump: "This guy has no filters! He'll say nonsense off-the-wall stuff just to hear his own voice!" Wait until my son hears that Trump claimed in an International TV interview that 'the wheel' was created in the US. I was strongly advised as a teenager, "Put your brain in gear before operating your mouth". Trump behaves as though the brain shouldn't be part of the basic operation manual for a human being . . . let alone The US President. What an International disgrace this guy is!

  • Oh, those poor people in the Red State Midwest and the South (who use the majority of assistance programs)…what will they do? Id love to see the look on those Trump supporters faces when they hear this one.

  • JoAnna S. Diamonds and Pearls says:

    To cut money that’s entitled to you after working 50 years!!! He plans to skim that money for his own benefit.. what else…… he’s a thief a crook a cheater a liar .. did you really trust that a$$ hole!!!!

  • The Republicans and the rich can start paying their fair share of taxes if they’re so worried about the deficit. Instead they want others to keep paying it while stripping programs from people whom actually rely on them. It’s the top reason why the status quo, corporate America, and the elitists fear Bernie Sanders. Bernie wants the rich to pay higher taxes for once as well as protections on programs which people depend on. MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, alike would choose Trump over Bernie just bc they’re run by corporate America. Don’t let these biased outlets fool ya. They love Biden bc he’s not as bad as Trump but serves their needs, Wall Street Corps, Fossil Fuels, etc…. we need drastic environmental changes ASAP
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  • Let's keep speaking up for truth and justice! Call your senators at 202-224-3121 – tell them we must have witnesses, John Bolton must be allowed to testify, and Donald Trump must be removed from office for violating the U.S. Constitution, obstructing justice, and multiple actions of abuse of power.

  • CEO’s say “what are we gonna do about this deficit? Better cut Medicare. But oh, give us tax cuts, and go ahead and pump an extra $140b per year into the military.”

  • They voted for him: 53%-45% over Clinton.

  • GO DONNY! Mention cutting Medicare and Social Security and see if that flies with retired workers when the coming election leaves you with only the votes of the traitorous mating ball of pit vipers, Republicans in Congress. BTW, Social Security is NOT an entitlement. It is insurance.

  • Camille Regisford says:

    Have mercy on us,if they take away ss and medicare,people will be dying like flies,it's the only thing some people have.

  • Alegria Atencio says:

    The GREATEST THREAT to our democracy are the sycophant supporters/enablers of tRumputin besides the CRAZY LOONEY in the White House!!!!!

  • TheMobileHomestead says:

    It's a bribe …. Trump is telling everyone on the Republican and Democrat sides if you want to turn on me .. I'll just take away peoples social safety nets ..and that will hurt you all at the polls ….

  • I've been looking for a video on fox news where the talk about this issue but it looks like they are not talking about it. Why?

  • Town _Biznessman says:

    Mnunchin already said, they are considering it, since the tax break didn't yield the returns promised. Bear in mind, the sentence before that he said tax cuts pay for themselves.

  • Somebody needs to shut up Joe! Yes, he knows what he's talking about but he doesn't need to keep proving this by endless oratory!

  • The Dem. Managers offer an education on the democratic republic we cherish. An education teaches us which leaders to follow.

  • Oh yes he all for cutting Medicare and Medicaid. Soon all middle class and poor people will have Trump care. That is no ins at all!!

  • Carol Gallagher says:

    In other words, he does absolutely nothing and never has. Jeez, why are talking heads still going on and on like he's a real President.

  • Take it seriously..hegoing to repeal the affordable care act after he is reelected. He sad this…to you moron trumpeters, this is your insurance and medicare and Medicaid and all public affordable insurance..not to mention preexisting medical conditions.

  • Maudie Icrochet says:

    The money from those tax cuts to the rich have to come from somewhere. Don't let this man have another term. In fact, don't let him be a lame duck so he pulls out of NATO.

  • Hey Cheetos Hitler Trump….instead of WASTING $400 BILLION on your IDIOTIC Space Force, why not spend the money on SAVING THIS PLANET!!! It's now basically on FIRE, with a MASS EXTINCTION happening within the next DECADE…But Trumpie and his Space Morons think they need to pump money into fighting the Martians and the Deep Space Commies!!!!

  • Democrats are digging themselves deeper, it seems they are helping Trump by design, are we watching a Hollywood movie called "The destruction of the democratic party " ? It seems that way.

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