Is Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Better Than Chick-fil-A?

Is Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Better Than Chick-fil-A?

what’s all the fuss about huh what’s all the fuss about yeah the hater misses
nothing I got two of them right here I get a spicy in a classic let’s talk
about this tonight good evening this is the star report aka the gun show hang on
let me get a thumbnail bang bang bang bang bang bang bang hey how you feeling
good evening good evening welcome to the show that never ends it’s Friday night
so much to talk about and well rested very productive day here in Atlanta GA
today all Popeyes was crazy I kid you not 31 cars and the drive-through I
counted if you go to my IG page you’ll see the video of me you’re picking up my
two popeyes chicken sandwiches huh you know I’m up to speed on the dump ship
I’m gonna test it off put me sample this tonight right in front of you huh and we
have to talk about the chick-fil-a sandwiches do they still hold up to the
new pop is chicken sandwiches look at this huh
it looks scrumptious it smells great mmm salute to Ronnie balls chick Ronnie
Ronnie Ronnie sent me a picture via DM a text a text image and I don’t want to
say what it was but it was something to do with the chicken sandwiches in her
area in New Jersey and I just said well listen I’m gonna try it regardless so on
she may or may not call him tonight I think she will get to her shortly and
other things we’ll talk about tonight a an Arizona mom
supposedly forgot her infant five month infant to be exact in a hot car
now the infant is okay let me just say that first and foremost the mother Holle
I’m sorry Stacey Holly that’s her name 37 years of age you can see the video
is she an actress oh my god I forgot I’m so you know a little extra shit
well that extra carrying on now she was arrested thank you Jesus
and you can see video of her and her sister and there was a six year old I’ll
get to this story shortly I just pulled it up they’re walking around a store and
she’s playing one okay her six-year-old daughter mm you’re walking around a
target and she’s on the phone how did you forget your child in a hot-ass car
but you remember to carry your phone we’ll get to her I don’t know Rachel uh
spin to it just yet but I that’s what I’m going you know I’ve seen this before
you know fuck you know what one eight hundred blame my nigga that’s what I’m
going fix my cocktail hold on a second folks it’s Friday night turn up on the
dumb shit give me a second yeah if you’re new to the show folks Fridays are
a little sloppy you know I put it down throughout the week I like to have a
cocktail cheers on a Friday night that’s nice and just you know take the edge off
also I need to talk to body builders I don’t want to say all of the supplements
and enhancements that uh that I’m dabbling in but then I’m feeling extra
extra sexual right now now I take b12 injections I have been since 2008 when I
have my liver transplant but um I’m dabbling in something else right now and
I was at the gym today and maybe I took too much of a dosage Sunday because this
is my third week cycle and I just felt like smashing every trick that was in
the gym not gonna be careful you know saying that because you never know who
might be at that gym who knows me am i okay
well let’s open right now and also I’ll get to cache apps and super chats oh
that reminds me hang on a second let me put some respect on a cash app that came
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thank you so much for your cash yep I say again
Gemini 209 all day thank you for your cash yep and I’ll promote you guys again
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I always read my super chats and cash apps for those of you who don’t know
even if I don’t get to your phone call I appreciate your support
okay other things I’m going to talk about tonight that I mentioned royster
5/9 whoa going in on on my homie Lord Jamar featured box on Vlad TV now
at first I wasn’t going to talk about this because you know Lord you my lord
Jamar and I are very very cool but you know Vlad DJ Vlad Vlad who’s also
very good friends with Lord Jamar he’s had in his featured box all day Royce
two five nine react to Jamar saying the hood doesn’t listen to Eminem I wrote
down some notes let me just say that oyster 5/9 said I don’t want I’m sorry
you don’t have to respect me but just don’t disrespect me I don’t want to have
to fuck nobody up he said some other things as well so you know we’ll get to
that and I feel the stories as well hey good evening in the live chat my
beautiful troll babies how you guys doing huh did you see me up on the
ground doing all that extra shit earlier your folks I’m streaming now a little
bit more consistent on my IG page I’m just riding around listening to music
and today I found a a CD with regards to learning Japanese and I haven’t you know
practice my Japanese and maybe three years so I was a little rusty today but
you know I’m doing all that sort of crazy shit up on the ground alright and
thank you for the emails someone sent me jussie Smollett run Jesse run girl they
coming again what is this Hollywood Reporter a horse
shit and special prosecutor okay so this is official now because there was talks
of this a month or so ago they got a brand new
mayor let’s get her name who’s that to me okay give me okay hey Ronnie hang on
a second and uh Jesse’s smollett girl run Jess Jesse what do we used to call
him juicy I think we call them juicy you okay I’ll get to that shortly and some
of these other things as well okay anyway all right so um let’s just get to
the main topic is popeyes chicken sandwich better than shit fillet
according to my research Popeyes has just released this chicken
sandwich Ronnie’s gonna confirm the date because I was talking her earlier and
it’s people going crazy nationwide I thought they had a chicken sandwich who
knew and according to a hotnewhiphop calm great website Popeyes has gotten 23
million dollars worth of free advertisement from social media
you know just mentions and sharing also to jazz I saw some Negroes singing I
think that was the shade room but four or five guys just singing about the new
popeyes chicken sandwich all right so one of these I’m gonna try shortly just
give me a minute I’m gonna I got some hot sauce here hold on a second
I’m thinking about doing my own hot sauce line if anybody you know can help
me with that but I got some Louisiana Hot Sauce
tonight to go on the chicken sandwich I do not have a chick-fil-a sandwich with
me I just have two Popeyes sandwiches again one classic one spicy I was inside
Popeyes I didn’t go through the drive-thru because the drive-through was
just crazy I went inside it was about maybe 17 people in front of me and yeah
we got two of them so I’ll get to those early all right all right let me um get
some folks in the line here let’s go to area code nine five two first
good evening 9 5 2 are you there poking my popeyes chicken sandwich versus
chick-fil-a what say you how you doing it a star it’s your boy
Momo from Chicago hey what’s a minute so I just wanna I just want to get my bias
I’ll do and I work at chick-fil-a so imma give the unfiltered the pop I just
has a better sandwich I don’t know it is what it is – is are you trolling are you
are you being real because what I don’t want you to do is slander chick-fil-a
then I gotta take my video down where we going oh absolutely no no no chick-fil-a
has an amazing sandwich as well but this Papa you just caught me by surprise I
have to keep it real I brought it to work the other day I’m just munch you
know have you tried it yet do you have it yeah
okay okay take do you have the spicy mayo on I got the spicy and the classic
I’m gonna try this spicy first because my homie slim to God said go to spicy so
I’ve got a little of the mayonnaise oh yeah yeah mustard in some hot sauce
come on yes yes yes yeah yeah yeah take a bite of the spicy all no and you just
don’t mean evaluate your life no man and it’s just it says it’s it’s it’s it’s
this is what it is inside have you noticed I don’t know if you see but I’m
on the revenue Popeyes is gone from this influx of Negroes I need to have you
noticed well here’s my question and let’s keep it real is it really checking how many goddamn chickens are now
readily available for this fucking wave this is a wave let’s not get it fucked
up a couple of Popeyes sold out of these these chicken sandwiches so is it real
do you know that oh the hot the hype is real the hype is real
I love the hype is real is the sandwich is it really chicken that’s my question
that’s a good question no one knows is the chicken is real imeem I mean it’s
just we have a bunch of fat chicken that horses and chickens for this right now
they put in the chickens to 24 hours work okay
they might even use some turkey okay well I appreciate the call maintain some
more alcohols and I’ll get to the bottom of this all right
thank you okay is it really chicken and if it’s not do you care do you care you
know chicken McNuggets we’ve all seen how that’s been made over the years or I
should say processed we don’t give a shit you know
Friday’s Saturday night and some ducks all put me on sweet and sour sauce honey
mustard do they still make honey mustard for their chicken McNuggets who gives a
fuck let’s go to area code six one zero
Cleveland six one zero there’s popeyes chicken sandwich better
than chick-fil-a good evening yo yay how are you sir no I’m not gonna
talk about the young boys to 5/9 economist and it’s all about lured you
more okay you saw the video did so was that you saw the video yeah so the video
I saw this video in its entirety come on um my thing is this right III kind of
agree with Laura mark and this lot say this I’ll ask you a real question where
you got Eminem in your top says also I’m busy is he even in you talk to Eminem
used to be my number one years ago number one is he in my top ten now no
because I truthfully I think that he I think he shot his load and I say that
respectfully um I I thought that kamikaze was you know him trying to you
know salvage some things and like you know he was using just a different
cadence I mean he’s one of the best don’t get it fucked up but he’s not in
my top ten right now but um that ain’t real questions none of my top ten right
now okay okay okay I guess my thing is this I think I think Eminem I think
Emma’s a phenomenal lyricist like when it comes to workplace and doin shit like
that he does this is sweet just because you’re a phenomenal Maris’s that doesn’t
make you with top tank waiters grab back on some real and this is kind of going
back to what Lord Gomorrah said for real for real the hood never really bumped em
like that the reason and got to the status that he got is purely based off
the demographics instead of multiple times on this show that
that young white fans are hip-hop school audience right that’s the reason Eminem
got to the status that he got so for me I’m like you know I see what voice is
saying he’s saying out of loyalty because he slides to em and all that
bullshit but on some real shit he’s right niggas don’t want em like that
so I just wanted to put that little that little piece on the table and then one
thing in that video the hang of the second stay with me on some monkey shit
it’s Friday night and Lord Jamar is a friend and he and I have each other’s
direct numbers now now Royster five nine said and you don’t
have to respect me but just don’t disrespect me because I don’t want to
have to fuck nobody up then then he said you’re not cool to me and you’re not
tough to me so he’s talking greasy yeah what’s the five done yeah I think it’s
looking aggrieved and he said he also said he also said you’re not the
measuring stick by deciding was cooler was not Thanks so I he’s fuckin crazy
but he’s got it so grease because the second that he doesn’t call greevey
Eminem’s just gonna cut his paycheck offer and and what when you say you
don’t let the welfare feed let’s not disrespect him because you know he has
put down his own fuckin Mac over the years and let’s not get it fucked up in
case you don’t know in case you don’t know when the wu-tang clan sucked my
homie Joe Budden in his eye pow and Mickey facts you know it was
sitting there doing yoga he don’t want no problems it was raised to five nine
and a couple of other niggas that step to wu-tang clan and say yo if we were
there that shit what happened so so let’s not act like you know Royce – five
nine is just hanging off for fucking Eminem’s you know nutsack oh go ahead
we’re right yeah I can agree with that but the one thing the one thing that he
said – and this is kind of going into the into the chick-fil-a topic one thing
he said because he was because he talked about a lot of shit in that video but he
kind of said we’re talking about jayima NFL and he said that
Nipsey Hussle should have been a billionaire because the black community
does generate an abstract conventions for that to hazard so kind
of going into the chick-fil-a shit they said chick-fil-a made what 28
million in less than a week just off the blacks whitter better think about this
shit like it’s about like every every every page that’s promoting this Popeye
shit is uh is a segment of black sweater like we made that buzz where the reason
that shit is popping all that shit could easily be revenue in the black community
book sir sir sir stop it with all that if we just pull our resources yadda
yadda yadda no the black spending power does not equal black wealth come on
let’s not do that you know right now Popeyes has got it on smash let’s just
leave it there you want to finish up on ways to 5/9 talking greasy to my homie
Lord Jamar it’s been a triple madman yeah yeah yeah i’ma finish that let me
just say that I agree with Lord Jamar a hundred percent let it never blunt em
like that and the phenomenal lyricist but in terms always even having a
conversation when I’m lip what a white cat the other day he said that the
reason that n is is his favor rap was all time is because he can relate to his
content and talked about I’m from the suburbs that’s why relate to Eminem
motocross hockey and you know rock n roll
yes Eminem was my guy for latias but thank you man thank you let’s get him
out of here Friday night Friday night let me just mention these guys again
they sent in a cash up yesterday and I forgot to get to them
Gemini 209 all day again thank you so much for your support right let’s get
Ronnie on the line guys and I’m gonna take a bite out of one of these
sandwiches either the classic of the spicy and I’ll let you know which one I
think is the better of the two then I’ll compare it to the chick-fil-a
chicken sandwich hey Ronnie is that you Bostic Ronnie hey boy how are you how
you doing I’m anxious to see the verdict on this chicken for once
yeah so I posted a little video up on my IG page and I told you I have not taken
a bite yet I’m gonna get to this shortly I just want to get nice and done you
know I’m gonna get my head right and get the show rolling but then you’ve had
chick-fil-a yes Sam chicken sandwiches yes yes I don’t think there’s another
chain that out does the chick-fil-a chicken sandwich but to be fair you have
not tried the popeyes chicken sandwich yet no I have not and actually you know
this this debuted on August 12th is when they started serving it so the attention
has just been building and building and building I’m a little bit late I guess
but I want to correct something that the previous callers said it wasn’t that
they made 23 million in a week it’s that it’s an estimation that they see
marketing money because everybody was mentioning it total if that’s what I
referenced on a hip on certain hip-hop calm 23 million dollars of free
advertisement right right add value uh-huh so I mean I guess if so many
people are talking about it and the resister sounding comment isn’t that
it’s bad I guess it’s good but I don’t think you can beat chick-fil-a it’s
chicken sandwich I just took a bite Ronnie hold on a second hold on crunchy
I have to say I like the texture of the bun
and I have had chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches okay I just took a bite out
of the spicy I like that I’m gonna put some some mustard and some barbecue
sauce on it and I’ll come back that you were saying money no I was saying I’m
gonna make the comparison and and check it out but the video you guys are just
talking about with the five nine yeah no charge yeah he was pretty charged up
he he took a lot of shots he even took a shot of you out in the way it was he was
pretty fired up but you know it was a measured video so even though he was you
know taking shots at him and he called him a clown and he said you know I don’t
know what lyric you’ve ever said in your life you know there were points where he
said you know you’re entitled to your opinion but he feels at it you know Lord
Jamar’s opinion is just to tear people down yeah
was he calling Lord Jamar broke he was talking I sitting up on the black couch
broke it well claiming to be objective at a time I mean he said a whole lot of
other stuff and again you know Lord Jamar is a homie mine so I’m not trying
to like in any way shape or form you know clown him but Jim suit the vlad
vlad put it in the beach the bouncers been there all day
okay yeah he said specifically and he said every person that sits there broke
ass on V lads couch isn’t qualified to speak and he made it a point to continue
questioning more Jamar’s credibility he said many times like who said you have
none he said you have no bars you know that I know yeah yeah he said please
tell me one line you ever said in your career so you know there’s no love loss
on both sides but I can see both sides of it Lawrence is going to defend his
friend although you know he didn’t say anything when Joe Budden was taking
shots at Eminem and more Jamar is entitled to his opinion but he comes to
me he comes off as a little bit bitter well hang on a second Ronnie because you
know um raise two five nine and joke but they’re also friends so it’s it’s not
it’s a little different you know Royce two five nine is not friends with Lord
Jamar he did get at Joe Budden yes he did but look at the guy’s name in d12
who was clapping at Joe Budden talked him out and drug use and somebody what’s
a guy bizarre yeah so I think the I think was the guard yes so there’s
tension there I’m just I’m just pointing this out it’s
a feature box and Vlad TV all day okay Ronnie can you hold a second when you
get a couple of people here on the line let’s go to area code seven separate
good evening Popeyes Chicken sandwich or the
chick-fil-a what say you and like articulate triggers far less commies
probably time is two pissed because they’re Pro Christian and they’re not uh
you know cater to the LGBT fed community so I will just watch the f-bomb slow
down I don’t mind you calling in but do not try and disrupt the YouTube
algorithm so we are calling in from first and foremost Chicago okay okay so
have you tried both of these sandwiches are no you know I haven’t tried either
of them but if I were to try some I go to chick-fil-a Popeye trying to
cater to the urban community with a little snarky tweets yeah good knowing
yourself I’m super late for sure but you’re taking my car stay there don’t
rush so if you’ve called before I remember your voice okay so you wouldn’t
support the popeyes chicken sandwich because it has too much of a urban slant
that fair to say yeah they’re pandering they’re doing a panda they’re trying to
they know they’re doing the trying to do the little trying to be snarky cute with
their little sweets and stuff yeah you know what you know I’m talking about
yeah now you’re a white guy from Chicago I forget your name but now did you see
the singing black guys on the shade room they were singing like some real it was
Conan’s cooing did you see that or no not it today I just want to call it talk
about the sequel they stuff you wouldn’t even fly the poppity super late we were
trying I know what it just I just support Chipotle definitely over them I
don’t like the way they’re conducting ourselves on tortoises
stand during the China they’re looking for cheap cheap points and she
fallacious porn what their business they’re not trying to do north trickery
bashing people on twitter is trying to be cute on Twitter there’s advertising
they’re chicken they’re closed on Sunday they’re doing the right thing by just
trying to be sneaky gotcha thanks little called me thank you
okay he’s called him before he goes a little extra hard to paint forget his
name though let me go to a Rick Vader 777 good evening sir he says Rana has
Bruno Mars over prints on her top 10 rmb list hey what’s that
hashtag true story hey Ronnie why do you want to respond to Rick Vader you’ve got
Bruno Mars over Prince no I don’t have Bruno Mars over print yeah is this guy
trolling what is this about you just told me I guess it’s just like some
fallout from the list fiasco okay okay okay stay right here it’s got a
legendary proof good evening sends in a super chat they should have created a
watermelon iced tea with that sandwich it’s the crack of 2019 niggas is getting
smoked over this sandwich not me sammich thank you for your super jet Bubba Kwan
good evening sir sends in a super jet they set niggas up to get mass shot up
at Popeyes with all the fuck shit going on enjoy this shit though might be your
last meal hashtag worth dying for I mentioned earlier I don’t mean to put
you out there you sent me a image and let’s not mention the actual Popeyes
location but was that real the picture you sent me or would that somebody’s
trying to shit on the popeyes chicken sandwich no that was real that film a
location very close to me my friend took that picture and actually uploaded it on
social media and I’ve seen several pictures like that I mean you can go
right to their page and see it you see their foods they filmed it I mean but
that’s the thing with these kinds of places you
never no really I mean you can’t see what’s being prepared you don’t see the
condition you don’t you know that’s a chance you take when you need out so now
do you think that that’s some type of counter chick-fil-a attack because the
picture you sent me the picture you sent me what was that you’re looking yeah
something was wrong with the chick-fil-a I’m sorry with the ax Popeyes sandwich
and I’m gonna gross people out do you think that that was like some type of
counter attack from the chick-fil-a company to to make people not want to
buy the popeyes chicken sandwich mmm no I think it’s just poor dietary practices
and it’s not it’s just not it’s unsanitary conditions and it’s just a
host of things and you know if the people who are working behind the
counter don’t care and the management doesn’t care you know I saw a place that
was I don’t know if you remember this was a few months ago there was a place
down and I believe it was Maryland it’s a soul food place but I was owned by a
Chinese couple and there was just you know standing water flies just all sorts
of things but a man was there he made a video that went viral because he was
angry that he waited so long for his food but everybody it was viral because there’s someone else in there yeah are
you saying the reason that it went viral is because everyone’s like you you care
about the weight but the place is disgusting so the health department got
a hold of the video and came and shut it down like within 24 hours but a lot of
the people who eat there say they don’t care they wanted to reopen so some
people say like especially with the like chicken and waffle
since the dirtier it is the better the food yeah I was gonna say you know a lot
of people you know have seen things over the years with regards to Chinese
restaurants like you know frozen rats you know bringing in a dead carcasses
off of the highway and and you know probably I don’t know if the super but
you know probably chopping that shit up and putting it in the fucking we fried
rice people don’t give a shit feet long give a shit anyway go to area
code 301 leaving 301 you’re sent in a super chat is that Darren real one yeah
yes sir how are you good evening a couple days ago about court know that
say again about niggas what someone broken my car away right they stole you
should and you thought about streets gotta eat yes I remember
good evening sir how are you yeah yeah anyway I gotta say that chick-fil-a
feather well I think you Filiz but I think I think that for the Popeye thing
is like you I think shit up okay now would you go to Popeyes it and what stay
keep it real oh okay okay how long did you have to wait in line to be able to
get your popeyes chicken sounds keep it real bullshit I had to go to two Popeyes
and then on the third and they will be both more sold out so on the third one I
had to win a whole hour in Lyon just to get a subpar chicken sandwich crazy
Ronnie do you believe this guy I don’t know it doesn’t sound like he’s really
you know telling the truth Frankie wait it out I didn’t wait an hour today I
weighed it maybe maybe 40 minutes I’m in Atlanta
Ronnie why would you even wait an hour I mean is this the hi I thought I
thought it something wrong I am NOT going to do so I figured you know why
not and and and ultimately it was it was trashing with what or I got the spicy
chicken it wasn’t anything special I’ve had better chicken sandwiches at
chick-fil-a at Shake Shack all these places I didn’t think it was anything
special let’s take it slow sir now you’re still a little Aggie because some
niggas broke into your vehicle stole your shit why didn’t you have anything
to do today it’s Friday why did you have an hour to kill on Popeyes type of life
you live in I don’t know everything it’s been a couple days they took
anything for my car man they took my wallet with my money has been all over
the place how did you leave your wallet in the vehicle what did you go inside
that you left your wallet in the vehicle sure sure sure I don’t believe you let’s
come on can we can we not play the games I’m taking the time to pump the brakes
you didn’t go to your girl’s house and leave you’re walking a car you look if
you gotta see a girl you take your wallet with you now if you go to see a
tranny then you leave your wallet in the car
I would assume yeah things don’t one would pay attention okay whatever you
you left your wallet in the vehicle somehow somebody assumed you were a lame
a Veck a victim of you know circumstances they robbed your shit now
you’re talking telling us you stood in line for a
fucking hour you got that the banging fucking sandwich that everybody’s
talking about you saying his trash that’s nice to believe yes yes that’s
what happened Ronnie I’ll let you finish up with him Ronnie I’m gonna take a bite
of my sandwich yeah we’re done with him I’m done I that doesn’t make any sense
to me I wouldn’t wait an hour at the finest dining establishment in the
country an hour you waited an hour for a three dollar
sandwich yeah niggas way to our papa does in juicy crab not Popeyes man but
thank you thank you for the call man thank you
he’s getting out of here come on let’s stop the games tonight folks
so to every Co for four three good evening a little silly tonight the
popeyes chicken sandwich or chick-fil-a this is the new wave in the country I
have to speed Hey yes I’m uh I’m good sandwich mmm I have to disagree with
Ronnie yeah better dental exams now you’re
gonna get a lot more out of the chick-fil-a establishment we’re not
talking about right there nothing we’re not talking about there I
think you get more from chick I’m sorry all the time I’m running I think you’re
saying in terms of size you get more from chick-fil-a no no no no no in terms
of you know hospitality customer service things like that from chick-fil-a but I
think the hybrid is around the I think the hype around the actual Popeyes
sandwich people eat with their eyes before anything and but to be honest
with you right now right now I’m in South Carolina I’m not
gonna say where they’ve been selling their sandwich for a few years now
what sandwich the sandwich from Popeyes cuz Ronnie correct do you say that they
just recently brought this they just rolled this out what the beginning of
the market well yeah South in South Carolina in certain
areas they’ve been already serving that that was the only difference is it
didn’t have that particular bread okay okay yeah so the rest of the nation is
just now catching up to what South Carolina has been doing exactly it let
anybody call from any of your following hopefully from the South I mean you’re
in Atlanta right now but it’s it’s it’s it’s basically Popeyes Chicken
no bone in pickles hot meal sauce and some bread
you know I’m enjoying it it has a very robust flavor to it
very robust because it’s so much antibiotics in that damn chicken
when is the last time you hopeful a last time I had filet I probably say a month
ago okay I was just wondering how far back no no
I rarely go to fast food establishments but for the most part I’ve doubled and
dad with both establishments but also hey I can fit that sandwich has already
been out the Hyper’s around aesthetic at the end of the day so you eat at home
more so you have food prepared for you at home yeah yeah I made my girlfriend
or both culinaire graduates we do it up whenever we decide to night but thanks
but that collar but that collar that just got off the phone
I’m glad Ronnie said yeah we done with him cuz he say he’s from Maryland I’m
from where I used to I used to live at BMO so what part of Meryl Eva because if
he’s least if he believed in his is Wiley in his car I mean if he’s fucking
with a tranny and not who cares but I mean come on America I Marilyn let me
ask you are you familiar with Waldorf Wharf yeah Maryland yeah yeah oh because
I actually sorry I sent you a link to that article about the restaurant that
got shut down after the viral video that’s a pop out that you were
practically no it wasn’t that wasn’t a Popeye’s there was a soul food
restaurant but it was run by an angel oh the aging couple yes with the filthy
restaurant did you see the video I didn’t see the video but my friends are
definitely talking about it now that’s an everyday thing though I
mean every Chinese food chain chicken spot
they cater into the urban community what else you expect no it’s a chicken get
the fuck about it I said I’m gonna let you off thank you for calling it’s Liu
thank you all right hang on a second Ronny somebody sent me an email that
says take money can you see on this screen did I spell everything right
chicken sandwich Popeyes chick fillet you know I’m a bad speller oh maybe
they’re talking about my um my Instagram hashtag I’ll check my ID a little bit
later no thank you Jeffie I got your it looks good to me
okay he’s probably talking about my Instagram post all right full of hate
good evening sir or ma’am sending in a cash yet assalamualaikum something for
the machine homie thank you very much you I appreciate it
– that came in Ronnie you sent me the the Popeyes information that I also have
here about the 23 million dollars a free advertisement thank you so much yeah
yeah yeah you sent me to two emails oh I got two
homie app all checking the poll I gotta talk to you about this stuff that I’m
that I’m on man because I’m feeling like really crazy you know I mean it crazy –
go away I don’t wanna be like you know crazy crazy but just you know talk about
that hey Laura Laura sends in a cash app she says store I tried both the
chick-fil-a and Popeyes I’m on five six – okay let me get Laura on the line
ronnie has not tried the wish yet I don’t see your call Laurel happened did
you drop out when he has not tried Popeyes hey Laura are you there five six
– all right yeah hey didn’t hear me good
evening how are you I’m good I’m good so I did try both and they were tried on
both days apart I mean I’m in California now I haven’t been to Popeyes and
probably I don’t eat out much but having been to Popeyes and probably maybe six
seven years and but I do go to chick-fil-a on occasion that if I eat
out for chicken that’s my go-to spot so but I do I I do like Popeye I think they
have a really good taste in their chicken I’ve never had their chicken
sandwich so after this whole thing came about I said let me go try the sandwich
and you know and see how it is so honestly I have to say that I was not
impressed I wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t
bad but it wasn’t like I don’t know without I guess I was expecting this
amazing sandwich experience and I just didn’t get it I feel like the chicken
that I got the difference in the chicken to me because I’m very particular when
it comes to chicken now when I buy my own chicken and make it for myself I buy
organic so but on occasion like I said I do eat out and you know and I felt like
the chicken that I had in that sandwich and that’s just my scent which had
Popeyes it just did not put it in so I put quality chicken okay so hang on a
second Laura why are we all and I mean this is a huge trending topic on social
media anybody who’s not in the loop you know tonight will be in the loop I
assure you before the weekend is out why are we all sucked into this I mean here
I am the hater the objective hater and it was moving so yeah moving so fast on
social media I said oh I gotta go get a fucking sandwich to at least be able to
talk about it tonight oh why are we now as a you know as a nation falling for
this or you know feeding feeding into I’ll say what you haven’t been to Papa well I was actually embarrassed that I
actually fell into this wormhole it’s even know why I even got off for this
but because when Lenny anytime people pray something then you figured oh there
must be something good about him if all these people are saying it’s good okay
then you’re curious and so I was curious I should have known better and you know
it wasn’t and when I went to the pot the Popeyes I went to it wasn’t I mean it
was there about there was a line but it was but I would say about six people
outside the door but it wasn’t it wasn’t too bad of a way let me jump in and say
I’m not going to say exactly where but the Popeyes I went to early this evening
it was they had so much shit over the floor I saw a big-ass chicken wing on
the floor it was dirty I said you know I’m gonna have to look past all this to
get the fucking sandwich so I can get up on the goddamn show tonight and say you
know hey here it is I got one Ronnie any question to Laura no I what
did you put on the sandwich because starting you put mustard on it did you
did you add anything extra on it I got mustard I got a little barbecue sauce
here and I got some hot sauce I’m just going very easy I don’t like a whole lot
of like you know it’s all so much chicken no I don’t like to add anything
because I like to taste the the flavoring and see how they season that
the meat and you know there’s a factor all that in and you know it was a season
to you know pretty pretty decent you know the Popeye sandwich but I just feel
like chick-fil-a is still the top reigning champ
it’s Popeyes it is not bad isn’t it I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s not amazing
I just didn’t get that bad feeling out of it okay Laura thank you for checking
and have a good one you too take care now
all right hang on a second Lonnie so who is this that sent me an email
Jeffrey what are you talking about are you talking about on my the screen right
here are you talking about the e on my Instagram page on my Instagram page
looks okay to me it’s fine to me are you hi what’s going on man specify
and send another email or cash check or something thank you anyway alright let
me go to cash app hold on a second Ronnie we have Fabian Fabian says uh
seven six zero boss nigga pick it up okay let’s get you on the line see if
you wanna talk about this folks this is the biggest story right now I kid you
not the new popeyes chicken sandwich hey is that baby and good evening yes I’ll
call from Tijuana mango Thor hey what’s up man how you look around I’m pretty
good you know yesterday’s talk you know had this chick that a 22 year old I’m 36
myself so I kind of was on the same page as you
yeah I gotta stop fuckin with these young girls man she wanted to meet at
the sugar at the chick-fil-a to go set that shit out right now you know I got
there whatever and then she was fuckin giving me a call that she was gonna be
late with plugins stupid giggling like fuckin like that bitch from I got no
problem with the giggling in the silly shit but you know if you’re talking
about the chick that I gave the goddamn ring pop to she just couldn’t take the
jump she couldn’t take a joke so I just said moved on anyway so have you tried
the yeah here yeah have you tried the popeyes chicken salad it in yeah I tried
that sitting again it’s like nothing special you know people it’s more like
the hive like other listen it was saying that people eat with their eyes before
these and try you know so it’s much more that you buy now I mean gentlemen do you
wanna eat fucking real food here I mean so fuckin taco so okay I’m about when I
hang on a second because we gave a report earlier this week about a judge
I forget which part of Mexico allowing two people to use cocaine for
recreational purposes is that a big story in a certain parks in parts of
Mexico and not a big deal now we urgently wanna work too worried
about fuckin a hundred people fucking getting Merc every month man
but by way of the drug cartel III work it I work in San Diego and I live by the
beach over you’re living like a fucking King but over here by my by my studio
view by the beach we just caught some awesome dude he got fucking blasted in
his dome and people just cover the fucking head up with some pizza boxes
nice regular shit hang on a second so now but have you heard about this a
judge allowing two people in Mexico to use cocaine for recreational purposes
you heard about that I heard about it I heard about it from you man but over
here I tell you the truth when I pick up a newspaper over here all I see is just
fucking murder I like to use fucking the bullshit that day your boy Trump is
doing and nobody’s really talking about that shit had to do with people in
Mexico killing each other and then do a drum no no no I’m talking about the
trade or the China and all that bullshit because that affects the the fuckin the
cropping here when it comes to it to the import and export it okay but now listen
if you can just next time you call in or keep me up to speed via email this is uh
this is groundbreaking man and this might you know it might set precedents
in other parts of Mexico and it might slow down the fuckin cartels and he
thoughts another note I would say that the other day in in you know they’re
gonna find some other fuckin way to fuss and make money off of some legal shit
you know I mean so who fucking knows if that’s even the answers man but I mean
people should be able to do whatever the fuck they want
I mean if you want to be on that road they want to be on that fucking raw okay
any comments on royster five nine clapping at the homie Lord Jamar you see
the video no yo voice two five nine is a motherfucking truth and you know I like
Jamar man but sometimes he does come off a little bitter you know but I mean I’m
cool with it boy tomorrow with Eminem with boys they all got their opinions I
respect all three of a man’s though you know I mean good to talk to you man
thank you thank you alright that okay he’s in Mexico you
know he don’t know what’s going on with ya they trying to you know stop those
cartels him doing like goddamn killing let me go to cash yep yeah hold on a
second run Ronnie pardon me sike l grieving sir chick-fil-a
supported by white supremists allegedly okay I don’t know that to be
true I think I heard some like that but thank you for your cash app also hold on
a second Ronnie let me go to uh Darryl Darryl says my fat ass started a
plant-based diet thank you sir for your cash at Darryl good luck to you man me
there’s no such thing as well but good luck to you the beautiful how do you say
his name darling H a BES H a ok ok star rejected me but rather eat GMO chicken
burger yeah Thank You Donna thank you for your cash yet say that this it’s a good burger chicken
burger while raw while Ross and Jenny cash up I start him on a four for three
Oh give me a second let me find you may be called for 43 hey is that uh wallrock
I’m saying your name right why Ron not with me against our just car
recently uh not war raw Oh bingo but no just real quickly I just pulled up that
article that you just spoke up from the news in San Francisco so basically you
are allowed to use in that cell cocaine that Mexico to my Mexico no clowns
Mexico yeah Mexico yep yeah yeah they’re not allowing you to use cocaine in San
Franciscan who was that no no no no I was in saying that the individual that
you were speaking to when you guys are bringing up their topic and I was and
then when you said I was I’ve never even heard of it
I just pulled it up on the article was from seeing in and yeah you’re allowed
to use it but not to be sold um but hold on hold on I just want to
cut I just want to call back on the chick-fil-a situation that um really
so another could you say that you uh when you went in to purchase your
sandwich you didn’t want to go enough in the hard drive through and it was like
17 people in front you correct inside the pop
restaurant 17 people in front of me and there was about over 30 cars in the
drivers crazy right now like I already stated
I’m currently I’m some I’m from Long Beach California but right now I’m in
South Carolina so you have five pies you have Wendy’s you have chick-fil-a and
you also got Church’s Chicken everybody that is that doesn’t work for the
establishment of Popeyes is coming in for lunch you know that so
all like if you want an exactly sir I believe you I have no issue with what
you’re saying because truthfully I think that you know certain parts of the south
at the KFC’s they were already liking or serving the waffles with the fried
chicken for you know a number of years and they just released it nationwide you
know sometime laughing yeah I don’t doubt what you’re saying but I thank you
for your your the ketchup man thank you yeah you okay take care okay Ronnie are
you up to speed if not don’t worry about it little Aussie Burt I saw some video
he’s uh is he coning somebody just hollered at him as he was walking
through some mall or something and a guy’s hey Ozzie can you pay my college
tuition like $90,000 lose Ebert’s tops and so it’s asking the guy questions and
says you’ll hit me up on Instagram I can pay it yeah yeah you know I’m talking my
money you know yeah I saw like the headline and a
summer summary of it but I mean in reality if he’s going to do that you
want somebody contacting you through instagrams for $90,000 like you would
have them contact your accountant or you know so I think it was just for the look
well I think he may be doing something with regards to helping pay for college
tuition of people I don’t know for certain
I know Nicki Minaj does something along those lines so I just hope that he’s not
like no just coning and just you know paying some random
fucking guy who was in a hollow in him about 90 rocks when in reality you got a
whole bunch of you know let’s keep it real you know black kids in Philadelphia
where he’s from that could use that 90k you know I just hope that he’s not
calling like that but then baby bag wants to call in please do with regards
to lose Ebert it’s good area code phone 5 gleaming is that is that no man net
for one file what stop it’s starting oh man they caught out the bay hey what’s
him in how are you another day in paradise another day in paradise real
quick that woman that called in from five one out the day that was trying to
kick dirt on my name into the phone call from listen if she she wants to do the
video chat with me because you know she and she’s a married woman and I can I
can already hear she had a problem with me hooking up with a married woman but
we can all tell what was really going on in that phone call I mean she wants me
the next next in line she’s more than welcome to to give you her contact info
and you know I’m saying well sex I’m up for it cuz I know that she just wants to
she want to see what time it is I’d be more than happy to show through me
because if something happens you guys get into a fighter
shootout us a stabbing why am I gonna be attacked fighting with no marry woman
she sounds like she’s looking for a friend she sounds like she’s looking for
a friend okay I’m just saying hey B did you get my email about the the Andy
Rooney Joshua fight yeah and good time to read through it open hang on Nick let
me ask you um Dwight Howard yeah going back to the LA Lakers yes yes are you
sure I mean it seems like once all the paperwork is all done that yeah the
Lakers are gonna go ahead and sign them but you know it is what it is I’m not
really hang on I’m asking you because you’re a sports guy I got information
that Dwight Howard is going back to the to the Lakers he said he signed a
one-year deal but they came early they can release him if he starts doing a
whole lot of extra shit you know grabbing
people’s cocks yeah shit he’s been doing in the locker rooms that that’s what I
heard on ESPN are you up to speed on that if not to say no no no no no I’m
not big basketball fan like this and I’m more of a boxer I’m just more interested
in the fact that Anthony Joshua’s promoter
it’s suing Andi Ruiz just like I said this fight is not guaranteed
there’s too much bullshit behind it is what it is okay put some respect on my
name chat room the chat will need to put some effect on my name the viewers need
to put some respect on my name okay Nick I don’t hear about Angie Ruiz tonight
but but can I ask you have you tried the new drop eyes chicken Sam’s that’s what
we’re talking about tonight Popeyes versus chick alive it um I’m
scheduling to go on Saturday tomorrow I haven’t really had a chance to go by
there I went by the one downtown Oakland for a second but the line was super long
I didn’t really feel like waiting so yeah I have another chance to try it yet
okay good to talk to you Nick thank you man
salut got it okay no man Nick on the check-in sit tight Ronnie I’m coming
back to you all John blaze checking in from the bay he says story I got some
smoke for that lip gloss wearing Negro mo what the fuck is that about have they been going at it John blaze
and mo mo mo facts haven’t spoke to mo Mo’s he’s busy Mo’s an engineer he’s got
a family he does a podcast I think it’s Mondays Thank You John
blaze for your cash yep I’m not sure what’s going on man but if mo hollers at
me I maybe I can get you guys on line tonight you know Friday we’re with the
dumb shit okay let me go to UM superjet hang on a second Ronny full blast radio
good evening star check out the Royce the five nine interview on my YouTube
page also I hope everyone catches slugs in the last season of power especially
that little fuck Tyreke who is that am I saying that name right Ronny do you
watch power I actually just started watching it like a month and a half ago
and I’ve been too watched all the seasons I’m I’m so ready for it to start
okay something about Tyreke I don’t know how
I’ve never watched that’s a son okay I know what that’s good son on the show
I watched the first season of Empire and I couldn’t get through the second season
it was just too gay from for me so I just you know those types of shows I
know that popular I swap $0.50 and he was um he and Lala they were doing it
interview on I think was good morning Atlanta here and I just you know I just
I didn’t give a shit thank you full blast radio a jrx sends
in a super jet store I live in South Central LA bust out to Brentwood for
great ok bust out to Brentwood for grade school okay have four college degrees
listening to em Mike Jackson and Mozart at home bump 50 and jig and dakar j ji
ji and dakar was he mean Ronnie I’m confused jig end a car so thank you
I’m having a cocktail maybe I’m reading this shit wrong but thank you Luna
glider says peace star Fried Chicken is undefeated will you be endorsing the
chicken sandwich with a rotisserie style football helmet like Jerry Rice wasn’t
Jerry Rice into endorsing Popeye what do you know about that Ronnie he had on the
helmet and it had the the chicken leg spinning do you ever see that no I don’t
do that oh my god Ronnie can you put me up put the column you put me um you
google Jerry Rice Popeyes Chicken helmet I’ll bring you right back in alright you
guys see their pictures alcohol all right we put on a whole oh holy shit
Luna glider thank you for that uh cash yeah
we forgot about Jake rice didn’t the fucking chicken leg spin
that was crazy alright Jeffrey says the hashtag you
have above your YouTube live huh you sure sir okay thank you me okay I got
you thank you so much okay you talking about the hashtag Thank You Jeffrey
I got ya you’re right you’re right Thank You Man salute okay I was doing a whole
lot of extra caring on you know before I started the show
hang on guys let me just say salute to this person Casey he didn’t hear me say
that pow okay thank you so much sure Darrell sends in a cash app he says dude
Dwight said Braun looking like a Popeyes sandwich can I get a a basketball
aficionado to : tonight I could have swore I heard Dwight Howard’s contract
with the was my notes with the LA Lakers hold on a non guaranteed deal don’t let
the fucking the rock and roll hockey motocross a guy educate you guys about a
fucking basketball Dwight Howard he’s supposed to return to the Lakers it’s a
done deal he got out of his other deal whatever team that was with but he’s got
a non guaranteed deal because they don’t trust him he’s been doing a whole lot of
you know extra shit you know grabbing people’s tools and they today we we
don’t want the function here we just want you to play ball I think he lost 20
pounds so his so he’s in shape okay let me bring an area code 708 hey good
evening 708 are you there we’re talking about the brand new popeyes chicken
sammich sammich how are you I’m all good yeah I’m not an online come on finish
the cargo and that that sound was came out about two months ago I thought it
runs like nationwide and stuff to do but up here in Chicago I remember
distinctively because I used to enjoy the shrimp po-boy they got rid of that hey what’s going on with the po-boy
instead of taking out the million we got a sandwich coming sure enough that’s the
sandwich they came out that there’s shaking up the whole world well Celinda
God who keeps me up to speed on all this shit not handy ATM he told me so he’s a
man he said I had the spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes about a month ago
he saw was up in that motherfucker three days in a row that’s what made me go
there today that night I got to UM you know yeah I see what is the truth I’m
not I’m not with the spicy one uh Struve no pizza for me okay yeah and if I can’t
say I’ve recently got up on chick-fil-a about couple months ago before I had the
chicken sandwich at Popeyes and I had that success it was pretty good you know
it’s pretty good I had in a couple of times in a row but once I got the proper
chicken sandwich you know if I’m not close by chick-fil-a I’m not tripping on
that plus it’s cheaper okay any comments on Royster 5/9 clapping at the homie
Lord Jamar or Dwight Howard trying to the Lakers hey Dwight he’s real good lyricist and
he does stand-up with him quite hard I heard with other colleges I don’t know
if he’s doing because I know he had to cycle he has awesome
it was thankful you know the person kind of put them on but um I kinda agree with
those your motto in there there’s a great rapper I enjoyed his first couple
first too but I don’t you know he doesn’t get no playing I mean shouldn’t
you you know I don’t I had to pass down in blocks in the neighborhoods and just
hers I’m having them just for now the somebody house or car it doesn’t happen
respectfully are you a man of color I don’t want to marginalize you you man of
color okay okay you have you date white girls from the
suburbs no no stop you know what I’m just not attracted so long they just
don’t do anything if you ever get you know just
a taste for some white girls you find yourself in the suburbs make sure you
have the mortar the Marshall Mathers LP you know in your CD uh you know
collection oh yeah okay guaranteed smashing material guaranteed okay that’s
good enviable come across for nomination the player thank you thank you okay
folks I’m doing a lot tonight just bear with me yeah whoo okay okay
Ronnie are you there did you see Jerry Rice with the Popeyes a football helmet
with the chicken yes the chicken mouth guard you know the only thing that was
missing from that commercial was like a side of watermelon and like some great
drink the country house are you saying I don’t know what do you think is worth
that or married obliges that commercial she did he prefer jerky Oh Ronnie
pulling out the knives on Queen Mary were you going Ronnie no I I love Mary
but even she didn’t love that commercial that’s why
at Polk okay Ronnie taking shots at the Queen okay hang on a second one in stay
with me stay with me let me make sure I’m not missing any super Chad’s
mrs. Parr : hey Darla thank you so much for your support I start it’s your
hashtag that is hashtag chicken sandwich misspelled okay thank you
screw that chicken I just became vegan two weeks ago it’s crack in that chicken
darling you probably right you know there’s all sorts of antibiotics I’m
sorry go and anabolics after you how do you say that running anabolics anabolic
and a bollocks and and all sorts of things that make you crave you know
today’s poultry you know you’re right just look to you if you’ve gone um did
you say vegan or vegetarian she says vegan if you weren’t vegan two weeks ago
you’ve got to be going through a really serious transition because I’ve never
known anybody to just go from being a meat-eater to a vegan don’t you have to
isn’t there something some some in-between first because what you’re
taking out of your diet and running correct me if I’m wrong you’re taking
out certain fats you’re taking out certain irony do you know anything about
this money or am I just rambling well even more important than that it’s it’s
going to be a shock to your body and most people there you’re gonna have a
harder time making the adjustment just going cold turkey yeah so it and it’s
it’s a mental thing as well shit I wish it the best mrs. Parr : if you’re
a woman of a certain age in my life might want to be careful you might have
a mild stroke check the fuck out mrs. Tiffany good evening she sends in a
super chat fuck cancer-causing chicken fried in gutter oil mmm facts yeah
thanks are you up to speed on the the gutter
oil term Ronnie bunny chance cutter oil yeah gutter oil is Islam is literally
oil that is resold to distributors from you know fast-food restaurants and and
they reprocess it and in certain places in China they literally take it out of
the gutter and then reprocess it and then sell it back to um you know um
restaurants establishments so so we’re eating gutter oil if you have a good
time just go Google that it’ll fuck you up mentally you’d be like holy shit it’s
a big business gonna oil thank you well okay you know there’s a lot of things
and the foods that are very scary so I mean just look at the way look look at
you know there’s a very big difference in terms of bodies now versus when you
know when I was growing up when you were growing up and it’s the food yeah yeah
and a lot of it also has to do with the the gutter oil as she just pointed out
mrs. Tiffany because we we’ve met we’ve now got people that are beyond obese well they have look the most people are
happy and they have reality shows if you ever seen it my 600-pound life they’re
happy none of them are single they have a you
know they’re usually married okay okay hang on a second Ronnie coke thoughts at
3 a.m. sends in a super chat star do you remember when chick-fil-a stood tall
against the scum the butt pirates and carpet munchers they had an increase in
sales when it hit the news no I don’t remember that do you know I think about
that Ronnie chick-fil-a standing tall against the scum the butt pirates Yanni
I know nothing about that okay hold on a sec let me bring some more calls an area
code five six one cleaning five six one we’re talking about the the new popeyes
chicken sandwich versus the chick-fil-a sandwich
five six one either yes no maybe he’ll kiss get you out of there moving too
slow let’s go to area code four seven eight
good evening four seven eight are you there
four seven eight hello hello hello foursome me pick it up pick it up it up
no you chatted there it’s go to area code 602 good evening 602 we’re talking
about the brand-new popeyes chicken sandwich gone off hey how are you sir
oh good how are you Friday night I just find it really funny
um nothing I call in I’m 11 and I’m out here in Phoenix been watching I see you
got that little post up there in the background the Arizona woman leaves a
car and uh you know he’s the kid in the car yeah she’s on crack she’s been uh
you know out here fucking with them pills and that white shit that they all
hang on a second sir unless you know her and unless I can find you for a fucking
some type of court you know procedure this is all alleged her name is Holly
something Stacey Holly 37 years of age she forgot her fucking five month old in
in a goddamn sweltering hot car fuck what I like you you know it sounds like
to me she was and would be respectful she may
have had some type of ulterior motive and maybe she was gonna blame a nigger would say Ronnie jump in no no you did
you say you’re from there you know her yeah I’m just I’m out here in Phoenix
Arizona okay I just know what the big problem is out here that’s what it is
but you don’t really know her you don’t know if she does drugs but you just yes
no yes is yeah I’m alleged you see the video of
her and her sister walking in target playing with their phones and her
six-year-old daughter is there and she forgot her five fucking yeah
it’s kind of it’s just ridiculous it’s just that’s absurd you would think that
or is no you would think it can get out a child right six month old you meaning
you just had the child you’re going to be on top of your children you’re on top
of the child before you the child’s even born
so for a child to be here in the world physically after that point for you to
come up with excuses is hang on a second you’re from Arizona do you think that
you know just hypothetically speaking do you think that she may have owed
somebody some some money for some drugs and she said hey take the kid the kids
in the car I’m gonna go shopping and that’ll square up the other day well I
just see that true leave me being it out here anything is constant this is like
how we do some crazy shit sir some crazy shit yeah yeah it’s an everyday
occurrence but either way at the end of the day it leads to drugs that you take
the kid not blame a nigga whole thing we’ll call it even chick-fil-a I’m so Ronnie would you say
Ronnie no I said you remember Susan Smith yeah I saw you were saying
something about lame Popeyes what do you want to go come on I’m just I’m
flabbergasted at the point that everybody is still blind at the fact
that they’re there’s a lot of distractions that are happening right
now you have Popeyes Chicken we have the jay-z we have Trump of course which is
still constantly going in so we say you’re
what’s gonna happen with Indian office which I could care less than now but at
the same time the Amazon is burning and nobody is speaking about that they’re
forcing the aborigine people on that land out governments and powers that be
are burning the Amazon and getting those people out of it and nobody sex
trafficking Jana sir sir we are hang on a second Ronnie hang
on sir so we are America our culture is guns
violence and money that’s a we are yeah so we’re talking about the trending
fuckin topic the brand-new Popeye’s Chicken sander all that other shit you
can go to CNN Fox and whose but the masses want the dumb shit come on come
on we’re not Japan with thousands of years of culture who we’re not you know
we’re not Scotland we’re not England we’re America land of bukhari all right
and that’s what that’s what’s crazy thing is because of the fact that
there’s been such an up war with the information that’s been brought to us
with this new age of Internet and the different things in the government laws
being passed where they’re having to actually give us you know different
documents and things of that nature you know pretty much giving us information
about our past what would you care to enlighten us and
talking about talk about some WikiLeaks or something that you know you think is
important I’ll give you a minute please are you asking is there anything
important that I have found yeah yeah I’m here to talk about the trending
topic tonight popeyes chicken sandwich versus chick-fil-a but if you want to
talk about you know importing and exporting in China
feel free to I’ll give you a minute go ahead oh no no no III have nothing and
that in that nature can discuss I mean like I said it’s just crazy how
we are in the age of information and we’re still stuck on the stupid shit
like you said we’re about the fuckery and like sex drugs in hip-hop though
we’re how that’s always right right and how you are how you guys were mentioning
not too long ago about how we’re all filtering bullshit oil or whatever was
it was just that you gutter oil gunwoo gutter oil gutter oil right and
then we also have documentaries of you know how they make the food in
McDonald’s and churches and this different thing but yet people are still
out here running around trying their time and we don’t care don’t make that
food and nobody cares nobody cares engine come on Lonnie jump in to make
food but you know how do your friends react when you talk with them about
these things do you feel like they’re not really they don’t really care and
they could care less about these things mmm at this point I think and choose who
I have conversations with when it comes to topics of this nature it might be
your approach because you come off sounding very jaded and very you know
pretentious that is you know I’m just telling you how you come off I don’t
disagree with anything that you said but you came on and you know you’re super
woke and why are we even talking about this and blah blah blah you know I’m
very sleep a minute talk about something you want to talk about and you went
blank how old you sir can I ask how old you I’m 32 years old
32 okay if I can say respectfully respectively it’s Friday night get
yourself some blueberry and Hindu Kush some xanax and a whore and enjoy and
enjoy America all right god bless you all right you guys have a go yeah now
thank you god bless you man America talking about popeyes chicken
tonight the new sandwich Ronnie what are you going to get the sandwich and try it
yourself come on Ronnie tomorrow I’m gonna do it tomorrow I’m gonna get the
popeyes chicken sandwich but I doubt it’s gonna be better than chick-fil-a
nobody people have called and said the woman in from California didn’t she say
she she said it nothing special tell me was it that she was a hater from other
west coast I’m loving it I’m still okay I mean it slow it did better let me go
on record and say the popeyes chicken sandwich I’m eating the spicy one right
now is better than chick-fil-a okay hold on a second money salutes a Gemini 209
all day thank you again matter of fact they’re sponsoring tonight’s show Gemini
209 all day yeah them in the chat room going apeshit yep turn up in that chat
room let’s get some death threats in there all sorts of crazy shit okay hang
on a second arm someone wants to talk about Dwight Howard will get bought out
by the Grizzlies no hold on a second is that why raw why raw oh no no it’s a
war there’s a war back we start okay you and I spoke a few minutes ago you
just sent in a cash app you’re saying that Dwight Howard is going back to the
Grizzlies I thought the Grizzlies just released him and hey no no no no that’s
no that’s the bio so the Lakers will be thought wonder why how will we be bought
out by the Grizzlies and fine with the Lakers yeah okay okay so no then I only
said that because in that moment when you’re speaking to with that dude’s name
Nomad Nikki please get this motherfucker off the phone and regardless
please start please I appreciate the clarification but listen it’s Friday
night I just said with my very limited
knowledge of basketball Dwight Howard is going to the Lakers I don’t know how
he’s going there Oh what he’s going there yes
no he’s going there yeah so basically this article that I that I have right
now in front of me from the Ranger did you read it yes yes okay I got you uh
it’s pretty lengthy so I don’t know if you want me to read the whole thing but
the matter I’m eating my chicken sandwich take your time come on okay so
so so so are how it will be how it will get brought out by the Grizzlies and
it’s on to the Lakers um this is just talking about his dad
the Lakers has not won the Lakers have not been to the to the playoffs since
the last time the White House has been laced up on the court how the white
Howard were poorly worked out with the Lakers on Friday morning alongside of
most Bates and Joakim Noah I have no clue why he was working a side of him
yeah and this article is just explained there’s there’s there’s there’s a deal
in the making but there’s nothing solidified but we know he will be going
to the Lakers because of uh what’s his name uh boogie cousins he’s injured he’s
out so they need a big man and who else in the league is qualified enough with
the white house and then like you already mentioned as long as I don’t
know as long as he’s not all know every shit happening blah blah blah I think it
I think it will work I mean it’s a non guaranteed deal that’s what is p.m. yeah thank you oh no no I got you I got you
thought and then which you I also send in the of some money as well in regards
to you said in between a vegan it’s a pescetarian so you can’t I mean I
mean I’ve done it I’ve cut I’ve cut meat out completely cold turkey
you spell that slowed down you said in between being a vegan and immediate
it’s what pescetarian smell that a pescetarian that’s a PE FCAT are i am i
believe yeah so basically you know you eat foods that Jesus and people
primarily pescetarian ISM yes okay let me bookmark that okay
so now you are a vegan right now and you went through this no no I’m a
pescetarian yeah so you’re not really we’re not really a committed person you
just like you’re in the fence um you know a person’s diet will fluctuate you
know depending on your day to day if I usually eat fucking popeyes chicken
sounds alright let’s let’s believe my is gonna be right back you know you know
getting that shit off you know get my shit off my system running you had
something to say Ronnie I’m sorry I’m good no I asked him if you still consume
dairy do I still consume dairy yes um not from
the grocery stores so basically if you want me to elaborate on that uh yeah
please do cuz I’m confused please do big no yes so first uh I
rather not get milk product that’s coming from a cattle from the grocery
store it’s so many enzymes and so many you know craziness inside of there I’m
like I said I explained I’m in the self right now so I’m closer to a lot of
rural areas where I could just get fresh milk or I’m making no point so so almond
milk do you order breast milk online already up with the shit okay so you
have people that order breast milk and I’m just just people that hold espresso
: there are women that sell their breast
milk online it’s a big business wine is just it actually was about to
make the economy but you just took the words out of my mouth how did you know
about that here inside – OH in Japan it’s big business women selling
their youth underwear right on the street it’s legal yeah they have it as
vendor machines now yeah yeah Wow yeah all right hey man I appreciate the call
in the base Caucasian Hey any cut you know anytime you need clarification I’ve
got you like I’m not I’m not going shot at anybody but I really preciate please
don’t throw shots and let’s not do that man we appreciate that yeah well I
respect everybody that has been a co-host on my show and and I don’t don’t
take well let me get baby let’s get him out of here you trying to talk reckless
no no I don’t talk reckless about former co-host I wish to everybody god bless
everybody hang on a second John blaze he said John blaze is that you 7:07 what’s
going on man yeah I’m not feeling low I actually reached out to mo acting on his
channel maybe said maybe just a comment okay can you fix your phone John blaze I
want to hear you because you and I have history can you fix your phone you’re in
the headset wouldíve oh yeah okay so you say you reached out to mo and what
happened not in you know three stops and turns a comment on the channel
okay and is it a lot of contradiction and I just wanted to bring to his
attention as a listener and a possible future supporter and it was just
disappointed especially with regards to with when he came on to the show about
his knowledge on science and I didn’t want to go into detail but it’s the
Kevlar belt is you know you learned in eighth grade so if you with the fact you
hyper hyper belts or paper about that see
pronounce it the Chrysler okay yeah the Kuiper belt
and and I always thought that listen to this me grow it was kind of interested
in how you know he’s always getting into it with female so hang on a second John
blaze stay right there it’s early I’m in no rush
Ronnie can I ask you to text mode to see if he wants to call in oh can you call
honey can you do that put us on mute contract mo and let him know that John
blaze is on the star report talkin reckless does you want to call it right
do it right now okay John blaze continued you saying like so you know as
somebody who’s supporting them in the beginning I started to see a lot of
contradiction so I just wanted to make him aware of that as an active listener
you know on the fan so it was not I want to come at him and disrespect him but I
want to go ahead and make them aware that there’s a lot of bit of not only
just the contradiction in terms with math and science is always when he ends
a sentence with um as if he’s reading cue cards now you know I I don’t I think
there’s some type of really intellectual fraud board oh okay so hang on a second
John blaze you and I have history you used to quarterback my twitch page so
I’m gonna I’m gonna give you the respect you deserve at the same time I don’t
want to you know just you know take shots at mo unless he can call in so
just stay with me I’m gonna keep you on the line let Ronnie see if she can
contact mo okay stay there and we’ll see if we can hash this out tonight I’ll be
right back sit tight okay all right Friday night Friday night what a great week I had and let me just
say I really need my beautiful troll babies to keep your eye on daddy I’m
down here in Atlanta doing a lot I’m working out I’m in the gym every day I
was in the gym today you know and you know I take b12 shots and I’m
taking something else I don’t want I’m not gonna put it on the screen and it’s
got me feeling really really sexual is that so is that stuff supposed to make
that happen to you I feel like blowing the bitches back out
for eight minutes well what the fuck is going on keep an
eye on me that’s all I want to say all right all right um
I’ve been eating my spicy popeyes chicken sandwich I’m gonna put this away
from now and I’m gonna try the classic try the classic so far the Popeyes spicy
chicken sandwich if you ask me is better than the chick-fil-a I’ve had
chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches over the years but now Popeyes is the most in out
I’m gonna try the classic a couple of bites hang on a sec who’s texting me most and I’m with the shit so hold on
okay John blaze sit tight Ronnie are you there yeah he’s 9 1 9
okay okay John blaze you still there did he hang out with John blaze at yeah okay
is that mo good evening mom mo facts from the mo facts podcast for Adam Curry
mo yeah how you doing how you doing how you doing John blaze or how you doing
running good evening mo and let me just say man I’m not ever trying to start
anything but you know John blaze used to quarterback my twitch page you’ve never
far away okay you guys didn’t talk I’m a fallback
ahead all right I got the floor right now just they get what you want and this
is a semi-coma be real which you know from listening to you from the you know
from beginning because I’m gonna active listener and a supporter to show for a
minute right so Liv
then sometimes your soliloquy and how do you go about your debate your title runs
in contradiction to the so-called fact that you kind of present and then on top
of that you’re always in conflict with a female you know the disrespect of some
of shoe girl you cut them off I remember I listened to all the show but what
topped it off for me bruh when the question was posed to you in terms of
math and science you know the Kevlar bill was discussed and your explanation
was um Kuiper belt justplease Kuiper belt well well the
reason watch the green wife the Kuiper belt always stuck to me is because I’ve
always learned that in college I mean we both went to college you know and
exactly what is that what is this earth the Kuiper belt is pretty much a little
I guess you could say small object that orbits the Sun that goes beyond Pluto so
to those into our solar system where you know as far as the in US and that’s what
the catalog will found an area that’s called that’s the belt so you learn that
and I remember it from college right so when the question was told to you with
regards to something as associated with math and science all I got from you was
um maybe you brought up NASA and uh you know some of the stuff you ran in
contradiction to what you present on the table bruh and I’m not here to
disrespect you but I think one thing you should learn from the other sister that
who comes on the show and I and I’m not sure you know who she is
cuz you always in conflict with her and and a lot of things that she brings to
the table people are listening and then you are not even active listener to even
listen to the fact that you present so when here’s the one laughing okay so
then hang on a second Just Blaze I’m sorry John blaze John blaze let me slow
down John blaze okay now I’d let you speak and Moe has a
sistered me I don’t want to create tension is this something you guys tried
to discuss on most channel wise why is this here now this this discussion a
possible support you know I support a lot of channels you know monetarily you
know I’ve seen them a couple cats happen and not enough support or my support
whatever this is I’m just a supporter I’m not like somebody okay John blaze
hang on a second let mo respond you’ve said a lot so let no respond please John
blaze oh okay first of all he’s fell a lot but you really need saying much
because I’m trying to figure out specifically what is your issue with me
your issue with you know yeah how do you say I say a lot but what one thing that
I say I thought my view on I think you have an issue with it whether I think
the earth is round or flat response don’t provide data it doesn’t provide an
intellectual background it doesn’t in terms of math and sorry what’s our copy
on the Kevlar bill or the Kevlar yeah I never smoke on the Kevlar bill sir well
I mean no energy all right well the reason why I say it was the
contradiction is the fact that you brought into this narrative of a
biblical narrative about it now there okay America does not run parallel with
science you see I think you might as you are
questions I think the cage on blaze you have to let mo respond or I have to put
your muted respond please I think Star asked me he said what
happens with nowhere earth ends do we just fly off into space or I think
paraphrasing and I said that I believe from yes and what I must say that the
earth is flat and we’re enclosed by what they call experiment I believe stronger
in that now I believe in NASA which has been proven wrong which has all said
that they went to the moon but they can’t go back into 2020 cut they lost it
ecology hurt we have more technology in the phone I’m using right now that NASA
had all together and when they went supposedly went to the moon the first
time brought flaws in that story absolutely more weight on my face then I
do a bunch of minutes a day through a gym can to the moon’s hurt but I mean
gosh I think it is what specifically beside I never sold on the Kevlar bill
or whatever our Louie bill there’s not nurses or anything so what did the issue
do you have with me sir I’m go ahead right all right the issue for me with
you that now you have presented yourself with some facts but now we want to see
more facts in terms of science and math based facts now so your response was
when the question was asked about science you couldn’t answer
so being equality but I’m not finished I’m not finished right so it had me go
ahead and look back at the other tape with regards to when the question was
asked well how many of your own representatives I believe in Virginia
and give me a number you couldn’t answer that so there was a lot of aspiration
there’s a lot of contradiction on creation you all kind of by now you’re
intellectually falsifying narratives that don’t really cannot be applied to
yourself so well for what I like to appreciate the time though
and I appreciate you know Sargon to the titles I’ll let you know because I am an
active listener to the show not sure I can catch you because I work so much
right what okay I’m trying to tell you okay so now hey listen guys if I can
just jump in because we have gotten way off track of the trending topic here the
new popeyes chicken sandwich versus the chick-fil-a chicken sandwich that’s the
topic tonight now hang on a second hang on hang on if I if I can just throw
something out here mo believes that the earth is flat I feel different but I
don’t feel the need to try and prove him wrong I have my belief he
has his believe what is your belief John blaze with regards to the earth is it
round flat is it a sphere was it you believe sir
well you look at well I believe in math return and I don’t believe in this
narrative that you know for what was written in some book to have me believe
that the same individuals who did the math on the circumference of the earth
okay you gotta remember those who slow up the circumference of the earth okay
um please I just asked you a question do you think that the earth is flat or
round because that’s I think that was your issue with mo yes based off the
math when you do the math the math proves that circumference of the earth
so you have to going to look up even algorithm can give you the circumference
of the earth it has been a part of mathematics of the era and in the Middle
East okay okay stop right there stop right
there mo do you want to respond to what John blaze is saying about the earth mo
please Oh wonderful we have Lynn and that NASA to say they
had this thing with NASA they said they’d been to the moon but
they can’t go back in till 2020 because they lost the technology which we have
far more technology ever did when they allegedly went to the moon the first
time so that makes them do this because credits NASA as an organization for me
no mo hang on a second that does not discredit whether the earth is a sphere
or flatten so let’s not let’s not say oh well NASA said this it proved to
Jumblies that the earth is flat just prove to him that it’s flat well
basically I’m basing off of what I believed in there Ali the Bible the
Quran same description it says it scripts description it says that in
saying that we live on a plane and that we’re saying we’re all separated and
sent by firmament so when you look at Operation fishbowl
and things like that other military flash based operations
they kind of support what if and there is the firmament over the earth but them
just my personal belief and I even sit on this show I’m not trying to push that
to anybody but my thing is the man brought up to you said that you believe
and you know I appreciate that I respect that even though I feel different
okay so John blaze right mo said based upon the Bible and other things not
necessarily a physicist source he believes the earth is flat can you
give us a source John blaze to prove you have to do what is the circumference
formula and that’s the write down the formula for the finding of the
circumference of the circle use and I mean you’re dying and you can actually
actually start actually sir there won’t be a circle of your sphere well actually
can the high school dropout jump in here yeah the earth is a sphere in my opinion
and if I hang on hang on hang on hang up because we’re getting away from the
popeyes chicken sandwich slow down right now based upon what I remember in junior
high school junior high school the convection zone convection zone proves
that the earth is a sphere no you know about the convection zone you’re a
engineer yes yeah and do you know about the process of convection within the Sun
the nuclear explosions and the liquid that takes a million years to reach the
surface you familiar with that yes and they say what takes like a certain
amount of used to light to reach the Sun to earth like what 14 years of a million
years from the explosions inside the Sun to reach the surface that’s called the
right that’s called the process of convection but the convection zone
proves that the earth is a sphere John blaze let’s finish up with you man so we
can get back to the chicken topic you not familiar with the convection zone
I’ll convert to a familiar with the convection zone and I’m also camillia
with the two formulas to be circumference of a circle let me finish
breath let me stop interrupting me breath okay now let me finish all right
and I’m an Indian man on this right here the probe which you wrong bro all right
now how do you define circumference which is a sphere okay
can I just bring it to your business kitchen is the circumference of a circle
can be found by multiplying by by 3.14 by the diameter of the circle if people
can actually navigate the earth so we have to improve it the earth is a circle
or sphere you have to use like Amelia Earhart a white woman Tallulah goddamn
plane and your ass bent on a biblical narrative written by your former player
brother you believe have you so trigger though give me kind of the last were you
Oh first of all why do I say something he’s mom why would I say something is my
belief I’ve never stated the earth is a fat if it’s flat as a fact I said that’s
my belief I’ve made that clear I may be saying I
made that clear one second off second of all third if you said you replies them
on one of my videos on my channel I would pop every comment I read every
comment so we couldn’t handle that there and also also replies to all my DM on
either Twitter or Instagram what I think is you try to come here with a math
problem and grand fans you have no sister if and I’m not good to you
call them out let’s go mo the way I made my way I made my balls on this channel
is by bringing facts sources to the table your families might be saying just
give it to me bestowed to me you come up here with one little map you come up
here along with a masked woman try the grandson that stand on me I don’t
appreciate it second of all I’ve never been rude to any female on this channel
even something much so went out to the point I were gonna be rude while rude to
one I would have move myself from the situation right and say Dan is the diner
will you at dinner the diner all right thank you for having me on
see these are all facts sir like I say I think you got a hair across your ass
with me you’re saying you could take your little funky support for my channel
and kick rocks because I mean I need you because she’s doing a lot on me but a
simple fact is that you could have reached out to me off or a 1040 I’ll let
you tell them anything sorry unless you’re talking to let me
talk how much you could have reached out to me on three or four different
channels but you chose not to you caught up here you’re saying what a bunch of
baloney saying I’m giving several women which I’m not sir
I’ve never been this respect for anyone not here and the reason why I had to go
back there for with limit on this channel cuz most of the cohort co-hosts
are female but I give it to me and when they’re all equally like I’m giving it
to you right now sir so you’re saying you want them you want your smoke you
got the small you got a whole pack of Newports you go for the fact I ain’t
will watch the show you hanging up like a female
Jackson’s hung up know what I did was no more I got you got you got female
tendencies that’s why you always arguing with a female you’re never John blaze
we’re going someplace else now I wanted you to you know to bring your you know
issue to Momo has responded please let’s not take personal attacks I don’t want
to do that okay so right yeah all right wait I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna say
thank you man I appreciate your support and I’m will
gonna finish up mode I want him to promote his channel member thank you so
much all right okay hey mo man listen I appreciate you
I don’t like to have people just you know
clapping other people and not at least invite them all yeah you always you
always get to be Allah give people the chance to respond yeah people always say
lemon reach out these parts of ours thank you yeah yeah like I stated
whenever I come to this channel I’ll try to bring fast because that’s you know
that’s my angle thank you it’s a brain track you saying to bring well little
more narrative now can I speak on this chicken for a minute media arguing about you know actually ensemble people you
know I wouldn’t do social media but follow people like are you seriously
sitting here arguing over friggin chicken sandwich I mean this is why
people don’t take us seriously and say you talking about jay-z in the NFL you
not go from there right to the chicken salad mo can I just jump in for a second
and say Popeyes was a lit I there’s a Popeye’s about six miles away from where
I live that shit was packed I’m talking about
dying bitches was up in there it was a lot of working yeah working-class people
I’m not talking about no stragglers and bums people who just getting off work
getting these motherfucking chicken sandwiches but the head you were saying
that it’s like a mind control sigh oh yeah the thing is I don’t watch a lot of
TV lately because football season I watch a preseason you thinking my
fantasy shit right yeah we don’t say am i I haven’t seen a single
popeyes chicken sandwich commercial rated B star song I mean you got an
action filthy I’m not even asked my daughter and sent you my dad if I crate
all over understand social media I was like where did this come from
it was like they’d into a ball not being like that Satan he don’t look this way
don’t look that way if you want my opinion a lot of for is
just my opinion and Ronnie correct me if I’m wrong if you want my
opinion you know black Twitter has played a big part in
this this chicken sandwich from Popeyes and and you know just I think that it
started picking up traction very fast and people like to have fun everybody
doesn’t want to always hear about some political shit you know a horror story
every time you wake up in the morning you see four fucking school sports
stories about shootings I saw I’m a psycho I can find the guys who did a
video and give them their fucking credit I saw some guys on YouTube and they were
talking about this chicken Popeyes Chicken are better than chick-fil-a and
I say you know I want to check into this so that’s my opinion
Ronnie you want to say something funny yeah Moe you don’t have to be wolf 24/7
you can try the chicken sandwich not going to make you know you’re saying
because like one called lecarter insanity and they took a stance against
you know where the our CEO was asked a question about our gay marriage and he
took a stand you’re saying he wasn’t even worth
everything you access opinion and he’s worth it and yes he did you’re saying
white actually got more popular after that also they let people off on Sunday
so if I want to buy that food if I’m going to get fast food when I’m out I
love the daughter chick-fil-a is fantasize anybody down on Burger King
and that crap they’re saying so I’m like look I like kicking cab on stage studios
that’s why I got up on all this chick-fil-a and popeyes chicken sandwich
again keV on stage Studios on YouTube I’m sorry Moe you saying I saw people
actually beefing like going back and forth right well I understand it’s if we
could get two niggas thing or chicken salad using dancera movies although the
president al assembly baby show you like what is going on here yeah understand
all this funny adults don’t take it serious people yeah we don’t want no
chicken and beef under my shadow no chicken salad well not listen I
appreciate you chiming in you want to promote your channel and have you
uploaded a new episode with regards to the mo packs podcast what’s going on yes
I upload one this past Monday I’ve been the same with three episodes in um
before from coming this Monday that’s most sex and eat fhctv you kicked me on
Twitter YouTube and Instagram like I say and I’m doing more live now so yeah I’m
staying active you’re not just a star I’ll always be appreciative you forgive
me a platform is one more thing before you go engineer you mo did you think I’m a
quality engineer for I’m quality engineer for sending our computer
semiconductor company a very law actually largest in the United States
okay I’ll do quality quality engineers I respect everyone’s belief system of
living yah-yah-yah-yah I don’t feel the need to try and act like I know it all
but but with regards to the earth and and the the solar system a book that I
became aware of in the late 70s early 80s you may or may not have heard of it
a Principia by Sir Isaac Newton came out in 1687 breaks down the circumference
and other things of the planets Principia so Isaac Newton 1687 you may
want to check into it right because my mosaics don’t mean I won’t have opinions
on things and I always let people know if it’s an opinion or belief or if it’s
a fact what I’m stating so I mean I hope people understand hold on a second mo
Danny with the data you shot me a text you got a minute mo hold on oh shit hold
on a second we sure ship out to get little Dan are you calling in Popeyes
Chicken okay she says popeyes chicken sandwich sold out on South Orange Avenue
in Newark okay I’m not one commercial I haven’t seen it
come on anybody to see the commercial please call me breathe solid single
commercial Papa’s ain’t gotta spend a dime it shit is these YouTube streets
are lit hold a second mo let me see if I can get to some of these cash apps well
that you go Dana Mike : hold on guys cash app comes in from the east side
Frank good evening sir support to the Machine Boss Hogg thank
you sir you appreciate it okay Alan says you are right about
Dwight Howard okay yeah he grabs niggas tools and he had hemorrhoids in his butt
last okay that’s a little too crazy Elvis this Shep Rosenberg good evening
sir give me a second I’ll get to you okay okay I spoke to that guy hold on
who else is that okay I spoke to him hold on slags 101 says talk sports pick
up 86 oh I got this okay okay let me see if I can get Elvis to chef Rosenberg on
the line that man spends scrilla hold on everybody don’t move Elvis is
chef Rosenberg is that you sir good evening Rosenberg I’m here
how are you sir thank you for your support as always as always I sent you
an email with the receipt from the popeyes chicken that I purchased a
couple of days ago I was a rock away come on break it down please where we
going all right I’m sitting in the car I’m watching rich rebuilds write an
episode wife he goes out with the kids to go get regular Popeye I didn’t know
anything about a chicken okay so the show was 20 minutes and she got in the
car at the 19th minute and I kind of lied to her and I was like damn girls
the hell up in the car 30 minutes but it really was about it was 19 minutes it
took hard to get it and and when she got to the cars you say oh look they got the
chicken Stein was out for one let’s try yes so I tried it and I thought it was
try the chicken chicken sign was first of all the
receipt there are saying you said spicy chicken it didn’t taste like spicy I
think they might have slipped me irregular so that the regular was the
regular was trash and it came with the mail and two pickles it’s so pickles I
love it come on I can’t I need more than two
pickles and some mails you gotta hit me with at least mail on the bottom of the
bread not just the top come on the one one little swipe on the top and two
pickles that’s not good enough and I’d say there’s about Moe mold
different dishes business this is not a side effect of you being a public figure
this is the direct effect so what you went through just now just to prepare
for that because you know I think you have yourself well but can I just say
this respectfully leave the flat earth conversation out of it people can’t
handle it makes them go crazy they better like science you even if you
believe in Flat Earth there’s nobody really business I would say you know I
know it’s your belief but let’s like slowly back out of that because it’s
just people can’t handle it they can’t handle it like what amok you say in the
matrix they will fight to the death of their reality okay yeah people will go
Elvis thank you for checking the man slough thank you so much okay
Oh mr. chef Rosenberg hold on a second guys Oh Danny what the data said oh I
want something that’s hold on a second where’s Dana Dana you guys been at the
data yeah Dana okay hi guys I would say I was watching the show under on the
show and I’ll see you eating that damn chicken see Ellie if they’re sold out I know but i don’t even be a mess anyway
i think there’s real chicken but i don’t know but i am going to try to pop our
chicken it looks good you like it i i’ve enjoyed it yeah so far i have the
the spicy and and the classic and you know i was in line for like over 35
minutes I went inside Popeyes and then I you know I am I’m gonna eat this other
one Tamar I can’t you two of them tonight but then yeah just I had to know
what was going on because I saw in social media shit was just lit you know
or earlier this afternoon for me but I prefer chick-fil-a over pop art as far
as the sandwich but the the chicken pie itself the direction of pop our chicken
to piece who the biscuit I like the lake no three piece the lakes autonomy with a
biscuit and that’s that’s yeah that’s my favorite but as far as the sandwich
chick-fil-a and I like chick-fil-a brah guys you okay with Dana thank you for
calling Amy Ronnie gonna get back to the show Moe thank you so much for being
available and we’ll talk to you guys soon all right that’s what question Josh is it the
chicken sandwich or the brioche bun clock you might never have Rios blood
and they D lid off the bun I mean come on ya know yeah it has to be a brioche bun
that’s the best there’s no fan so cheers laters don’t come out with a sandwich on
brioche go on and smash everybody thank you guys thank you okay Ronnie hold on a
second stay there with God all right signing off moe Thank You Dana as well
I’m gonna stick with Mia who get back to the grind here okay Ronnie you hang on a
second let me get some of these cash apps and super chats going up your head
back when you okay hold on gem star good evening gem star says via super chat
turned into a fuck-shit Friday and an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy
brought out star let those two nerds slapbox on their own time and this I
appreciate both of those guys John blaze really helped me with my twitch page
and Moses good guy they wanted to talk I’m just a high school dropout I’m not
to act like I know you know I know it all you know this I respect most
position I was just interjected in the conversation Thank You gemstar ezd for15
says Oh talk taking shots at nomads calling them also sick MF a–‘s P word
don’t know what he’s talking about Joshua had a rematch clause so Ruiz has
to fight I told that nigga to change his area code to Frisco fuck ass nigga Wow
okay Ozzie Ozzie says yo star please let me
jump in this is DC representative I’m on – okay hang on a sec guys I got your
hold on let me get him on the line hold on
as y’all sit tight I got you sit tight I’ll be right back gosh oh gosh let me
get to something super Jess here Mike from Michigan good evening sir he
said salute boss nigga not sure you heard okay Ronnie Ronnie’s got a hater
chat room okay thank you thank you man Mike from Michigan thank you sir okay
appreciate it transcendent music let’s do a deep dive on Ronnie’s love life oh
she seems like the kind of chick that loves simps and beta males that like to
be pegged I’ll bring Ronnie and shortly let me
just read through some more of these and let her respond if she wants to da man
thank you da man since Popeyes got a new biscuit coming coming out it’s a bad
mother effer watch your mouth wouldn’t you bite into
it this is watch yo yo mouth when you bite into it shoots glitter hashtag fat
bitch really shoot glitter okay hand cannon good evening sir it’s okay did
you do coke with any of the hardcore bands in New York and 80s yeah yeah I
don’t get to snitchin because you know a lot of those guys are
older now but I mean I was in CBGB’s in the early 80s early to mid eighties you
know yeah man I have a very very good friend who was in one of the premier
bands weren’t one of those hardcore bands the ban was called front line you
may have heard of them and there were other guys that I knew cro-mags and of
course Bad Brains you know Thank You Man for your cash at
full blast radio says okay I read that one full blast radius said something
about Roy step five nine interview on your page full blast radio on YouTube
thank you I read that okay Ronnie are you there someone was sending in a super
channel if you want a response to that or not but uh yeah I mean it’s a it’s a
simply defined as a man without a backbone then I would say no I am NOT
into that okay okay Ozzie Ozzie on the line eyes the eyes
area code 202 are we talking about that pop chicken sandwich big nigga what’s
going on with you man man popeyes chicken sandwich in his train right yeah
look I had the chick-fil-a joint I had the proper eyes drink okay they both
cooler but I gotta go with the eyes cuz it’s questions like I love Popeyes I may
be new be fine okay but the Popeyes Chicken is the courts with it and it
tastes like Ida fried chicken taste on I’m going more with the Popeyes man but
I wanted to say I wanted to say look here you know I’m a DC but Marlon like
right out the house like two minutes wait you want to get Rob Rob Ford a
chicken sandwich – if I get robbed a with a cell phone
chicken sandwich that’s the whole what the fuck is going on man over this
thing with you comparable with a sandwich dust it was crazy
hang on a second Ozzy Ozzy did they get shot or did they give it up give it up
now that gave it up look they had the police around the Popeyes like so what
so one of my colleagues it was at the profiles they asking why the police
outside somebody just got robbed 42nd respective shooter run the sandwich or
your dumb ass will get clapped running Sam don’t test my gangster I’ll clap you
dumbass it’s nothing clap you dumb ass from the older generation you and I know
that right don’t argue don’t don’t resist yeah Lord your interview by one
six five nine four actually two five nine look they just gotta put some
respect Oh motherfucking Lord Jamar named man
you know I’m saying like put some respect on this nigga’s name man Brian
Nubian come on man borrows and they always he kept it real
yes I respect I was I was I respect boys the fire by taking the fourth leg but
for him to come out and say what songs you know what you might want to fire now
keep it real what what do we know other than you
with us wit they were fire without aiming them like so I don’t know c59 bar
I don’t know a song for were surprised right you don’t sound like in she can’t
go into my Kevin will in a little me and I’m in the hood DC crash Southie it goes
down don’t I removed up elevating myself you know how I don’t but still going
down believe me and then I will be perfect we gonna put em in here nah hang
on a second Ozzie oz I’m gonna throw a throw a rhyme quotable at you see if you
know who said this hang on smack your with a hose full of sand now
take back to the crack man who said that take that to the crumpled smack you with
a hose full of sand take that to the crack man come on let me down those guys
when you caught me that you called me lacking right I’ll give you a head Brand
Nubian I’m looking a live chat they know what song I don’t know what to look
something I would nothing slow down catch back up Oh slow down yeah yeah no
no no that was my that was my do you know who said it who said it I’m open my
eyes come on are you sure right can I can I put your whole I don’t
want to get off the line and you know you you then figured out go ahead and
google it go ahead Google come right back here come right back to you all
right come right back to you it was about tomorrow hell of a line no hang on
Ronnie sit tight hold on hold on Garrett thank you sir for your cash store I want
to see you on hot boxing with Mike Tyson to do what man you know
salute to Mike Tyson I’m sure he still got you know power and all that sort of
shit but you know I spoke to my tyson on the phone one
time Jimmy henchman called me at 3 o’clock in the morning and put Mike
Tyson on the phone made a good conversation
I got respectful Mike but I mean if he was just gonna if he’s just gonna sit
there and smoke weed I don’t know want to talk to Mike Tyson you know but thank
you for your cash up sir who’s this Darryl says I want one of them Amazon
bitches hashtag stank puss okay who are you
going sir we as yawns are you there sir hold on a second guys guys come on who
said that man smack you with a hose full of sale I’ll take back to the crack man
I am looking at that because I Ronnie do you know Ronnie that’s before your time
I’m sure honey shots fired fired all right guys I’m
gonna let you go figure that one out and call back in the next show Thank You Man
okay let’s get him anyhow how do you not know that line who’s this 8600 let’s
talk sports big nigga hold on a second eight-six Oh whoo I gotta eat real slow
dead sandwich where is 86 oh don’t miss your your super chat your call fuck I
think I did pardon me uh paper planes I miss your call pardon me maybe I’ll look
again see if I can find you blackout good evening blackout says read
my stream Labs super chat Matthew sister when was the last time
you went to Sylvia’s in Harlem the restaurant a couple years ago I was
there with Mona Scott yeah Thank You Man for your super chair so much that straw please don’t put that
fake vegan fuck nigga back on the line holy shit I’m looking for h6l to talk
sports I don’t see eight six oh let me try seven one three hey gleaming sub 1 3
are you there good evening hey you see my nigga hey man what’s up
man well I happen to know this work shit let’s go big nigga and let’s go know
that kbreeze okay believe we stand up and talk about
our chickens families – I gotta get in on this bullshit we got white boys
running up in motherfucking schools and all sorts of extra shit and here we talk
about a popeyes chicken sandwich versus chick-fil-a on a Friday night yes sir
let’s go they brought enough Amazon and negatives
fighting over – I would like to apologize on behalf of Black Sea don’t
apologize niggas ease up on the shade room singing about chicken did you see
the poor guys up on other shade rooms singing about the other popeyes chicken
sandwich money let me tell you what I did see a meme with it’s like a trap
it’s a thought trap and it has a the popeyes chicken sandwich and $40 it’s
kind of like a trap man is some niggas I can like be in church it’s like it sound
like a church to look because this thing about your death is all about a chicken
sellers they’ve been on and off the menu for you
oh hang on a second usin have you ever tried the chick-fil-a chicken sandwich
yeah okay have you tried the popeyes chicken
sandwich yeah too spicy or the classic oh shit I take this bike because it
tastes like cuz it tastes like a regular chicken I can’t believe we say no which
is better than me I’m like I like the chick-fil-a chick-fil-a motherfuckers
was thinking in the reservoir to the white board I’m reading some Ronnie can
you talk to Houston I’ll be right back okay
Ronnie say again hey did you say there was some white
boys in our chick-fil-a thing and lean on me I don’t know I don’t know if stars
keeping a tally but it sounds like most people prefer chick-fil-a exactly
exactly because I don’t know what it is like this like oh boy say it baby uh you
haven’t noticed in the back of restaurants and shit like I used to work
at a fast food restaurant when I was like in my early 20s and they take your
drinks out there and that’s agree that they re Friday yes I know it’s a place
oh hang on say the name nice working McDonald’s in the early eighties I stole
everything that wasn’t nailed down bad coke habit
duh when they were making their Big Mac under patties in 40 projects I swear I used to say a big bag but I did not work I did hit the five nerves he’s done come
on you said we’re going here by going in he’s doing in here we’re going in
yeah well he’s almost there met death threatening uh Jamal like well he said
Royston 5/9 to Lord Jamar I don’t want to have to fuck nobody up to be said it
reminded me who would they do they got the shits left out over at the house
there go get that nigger ransom ransom from back in the days yeah that white
Wow i watch this in the morning for motivation therefore stopping at ovoid I
appreciate the call we gonna take some more calls maybe we gonna get to some of
these super chance all right hey Gabby Hey yes it man thank you sue
okay all right Ron you got a few more minutes Ronnie here okay sit tight be
right back okay whoo we’re doing a lot and I gotta make sure that I have
minister jabs new banner for the closing of the show hold on guys hold on
Shelby’s banner Skyler rised hold on a second I’m not shutting the show down
just yet make sure I have these banners cuz I forgot somebody’s banner yesterday
okay okay good there we go who just says never disrespectful I
wanted to praise Ronnie okay thank you sir for your cash at Duval seven seven
seven says me and John blaze about to swordfight / no pony he says mo and John
blaze okay I thought I read that wrong I’m doing too much okay Nomad Nick
clapping at mo via email thank you Nomad Nick okay okay who’s just taking shots
at mo Darryl good evening sir okay so we’re not gonna talk about Mo’s you know
in that type of disrespectful manner and Mo’s a married man okay but thank you
for your cash app sir okay hold on a second okay somebody’s sending in a
receipt light nightlight okay big Elvis the chef yeah he sent in
his receipt to prove that he did purchase a Popeyes sandwich today okay
and he says one more thing is he underlined six four six let me see if I
can find him Elvis the chef Rosenberg I got your
receipt you prove that you purchased your Popeyes sandwich yes yeah you know
you know you like to do everything respect
yeah you know my energy was different when I call because I want to dealing
with the real cool 5050 in the Gulf 50 sativa thousands of different Fela mama
when I first this folks first show started I wanted to throw some hate man
I was just like feeling like like this is just the worst thing it’s like I’m
riding with my kids and we drop them by three different postures and the line is
around the corner mind you I had the sandwich three days fire well two days
prior all I’m saying is that this reminds me of a term that I once heard
not so long ago and it’s called scrip zombie come on and I just feel like
there’s so many scripts on the activities happening too
so unamerican you know this country was never the country that lined up for
mediocrity the way we do and it’s like pisses me the eff off
star i am so like looking at this this is the stuff that they did in China when
China would come out with these little tiny dolls and these little tiny
mechanical toys and he’s fake dogs they would line up for three days for this
stuff this and we would look at it and make fun of it on the news
now America keeps rewarding mediocrity over and over again and these people
don’t realize that they’d just be stripped zombies falling into line so I
wanted to say where Ronnie said she didn’t go I was like Rudolph are like
yeah that’s you know like let’s go next week or two weeks from now we got a line
up like we just just script zombie idiots so that was my first feel oh hang
on a second so you spend money with me don’t rush Ronnie do you want to respond
to what Elvis the chef Rosenberg’s you said well I mean there’s a lot to be
said about that and I think model touched on that and then you know the
other color I forget his name touched on that but it goes back to programming and
you know trends and you know people and also curiosity like the lady from
California pointed out you hear about it the buzz buzz the buzz all the talk you
know all the posts online you’re curious you want to find out you want to be a
part of the discussion you want to be a part of the conversation so on a micro
level you know this is something that’s harmless this isn’t like the tide pod
challenge or you know the lip challenge when they were doing that you know
sucking their lips into the bottle and you know this isn’t something that’s
physically harmful so I don’t you know I don’t think this is like a situation
where the wolf community has to come out and condemn everybody but there is a lot
of truth and the points that he just made
as far as programming and predictive behavior okay greville said Oh obviously
chef Rosenberg you want to finish up on that or what I appreciate a real
conversation we’re having as of late Thank You Ronnie for that well thank you
sir I want to get back to the chicken sandwiches
which one is better Popeyes or chick-fil-a so you have a great night have a good night thank you all right
thank you I want to get back to monkey shit why do I keep forgetting this guy’s
name is it war raw war crazy spelling chick-fil-a just released new mac and
cheese whoo-hoo-hoo whoa chick-fil-a just released new mac and cheese are
they now trying to counter the new Popeyes onslaught of a press thank you
for your cash app sir okay hmm okay so my taking shots at no man Nick daven
Davin Davin says no no mad need to change his area code frisco all day okay
thank you thank you hold on a second okay somebody’s call me a psychopath
okay okay okay I read you your cash at Duval 777 I read that I got you I got
you obesity rates are higher among Latinos
47% um okay if you say so I don’t know I
don’t know the facts of that you know spicy food you know fried foods pork
sounds about right damn star you don’t read stream Labs in
well yes I do I most certainly do who is this a blackout yeah blackout did you
send in a stream lad let me go over there right now I read everything man
are you tranny chaser is that one of your other names super chat via stream
lads tranny chaser says when Boyce Watkins was exposed as an agent for
Charles woo remember what was behind the mail romper my point is there are
agendas black people are sold okay I’m not arguing with you I’m not arguing
with you dirt dog says of course Popeyes on South
Orange have sold out their proud prolly selling pigeons anyway
allegedly big nigger ki big nigga key store my name is pronounced key put some
fucking respect on my fucking name and if nigga’s being honest both chicken
sandwiches are fuckin trash okay Wesley Pipes good evening yo star Wesley Pipes
on the line 303 I got this chicken sammich debate pick up boss nigga let’s
argue ok holistic let me see if I can find 303 someone claiming to be Wesley
Pipes he said Wesley Pipes yeah I don’t see Wesley Pipes 303 pick
that up too slow or too fast I’ll give a minute because there’s a delay it’s not
like a porn a porn actor Wesley Pipes yeah yeah yeah yeah ok let me just do
one more sweep I do not see 303 I see 404 3 1 2 I do not see 303 I’ll come
back let’s go to area code 404 hey good evening 404 you there hello hey Howie
Popeyes Chicken Salman oh it would rest on a building an angel when the crows
will kick so no niggas one sandwiches yeah that’s where we are America yeah
well I’d be it’s not over the chick-fil-a that that now is wrapped
around again until we don’t cook fire me they had three people outside taking
orders to computers technology something now are you in Atlanta
every Co for for you hiding yes yeah I’m always in that I couldn’t cause last
night yeah yeah yeah now do you think it’s really chicken that’s the question
I mean you know all these goddamn people one chicken sandwich is now across the
nation do you think it’s really chicken might be cooking chicken there is a
problem what do you think it is and do you give a fuck I never seen all my life this crazy for something since click
clocks now that’s going really far back you know the way I take that bad
I do remember the last time is happening ok FCP they do think the grilled chicken
they drop that time and opal is giving out free giveaways remember that flags
and mood rings that’s when niggas went apeshit over
stuff like this LaBelle pie remember depailler Baelfire yeah but apparently
ok yeah that was a gimmick true shit nobody was lining up the Patti LaBelle
pie you say people lining up runner there’s
a lot of hype about it like she’s I it was I look for the figure but she’s so
like millions of dollars worth of those pies and like a matter of days yeah
because she’s got doing a holiday season when it was round with Thanksgiving and
Christmas because she cleaned up yeah she it’s goosed it oh you’re in the rush
we say sir I said the way how it is definitely a fish you want to make her
the gate them or our parcel deals don’t get a full contract I think they got to
it January said it’s big are lower to jail again way we said in the contract
guarantee so he’s official but the factory boy stuff going on all acres
well no no no no no right now he’s got a non-guaranteed deal and he’s got to keep
his hands so he’s gotta keep his hands to himself they don’t want the bullshit
in the locker room right now that’s my baby after Gary seven yesterday we’re 78
because guarantee what hang on now correct me if I’m wrong after January
seventh they have an option to pick him up again or am I wrong oh they got the
option to fulfill with the whole country okay okay so right now this partial
guarantee you to make it to this time period if you come after January 7 now
pay off for the rest of the year yeah don’t be fuckin around giving niggas
wedgies during practice you know overpay you know place yeah
keep your tranny friends in check well pay you done well pay you dumbass hey thank you for cold man flu thank you
yes okay pull aside guys I Ronnie just had two more calls I’m looking for
Wesley Pipes I do not see him area code 303 maybe he’s calling in from 3 three one to take an evening three one
two oh you’re there three one two well star paint cleaning this Brearley
dignity hey what’s up man yes but the who the White House face well hang on a
second so you follow that sounds like shit number one did you send in a cash
app or a super chance yes so ago before I got on the line okay
okay I’m just asking someone that creflo dollar’s shit you know same old star
okay so you want to talk about Dwight house what’s going on with him yeah you
know first of all Dwight is not fitted and stay that long his contract he
already still coming out this venture so he really ain’t gonna be affected LeBron
just picked him up the office don’t want that basically what it’s about well he
lost over 20 pounds and he might be in better shape than what he wasn’t he was
originally on the Lakers yeah well serve especially Kobe’s got
five rings so if Kobe’s trying to tell a nigga hey man get in line respect my
motherfucking gangster and watched his pistol smoke I’m riding with Kobe you
feel me and again Dwight how he was he was it
was heavier then not he’s 20 pounds lighter so he’s back on the Lakers
what if he does yeah he might be back but the part is too soft for his TV yeah
LeBron ain’t just like me everybody get better he goes time to do
this coby’s don’t get in your baby cake Hey
all the great teams I played those chump can you check it this way oh let’s be
able to say take the Bronco King attention lollygagging just try to be
four-prong beautiful focal point of the whole life
it’s just answer your phone sounds like shit but I thank you for the donation
thank you me phone sounds like shit okay thank you me yes all day all day okay I
don’t see this guy Wesley Pipes I tried to find him I see eggy
okay star what’s up with your girl Ronny giggling when she hears Wesley Pipes is
calling in she’s blushing so I think that I’m giggling says enough okay I’m
aware of who he is okay okay okay all right Ronny I’m gonna
finish up and just I get a couple more super chests I’m gonna close it down
thank you so much for helping out tonight you’ve been great anything more
to say in closing or chocolate later tomorrow yeah no I just was going to tell you I
sent you a link about the Patty’s pies Lamar had released a statement saying
they were selling one like every 72 seconds yeah yeah yeah I remember some
some gay black guy he was you know eating the eating the pie and I think he
kicked off some some frenzy or a campaign of the pie but it doesn’t
compare to what’s going on right now with people like you know lining up a
Popeye’s but thank you for the information okay so I’m gonna try the chicken
sandwich and I’ll let you know but have a great night all right take care buddy
okay Ronnie on the check-in all right hold on a second let me shut some of
this down now wasn’t me with you guys your show was very sloppy tonight’s
Friday you know I had a great day today business-wise for anybody who gives a
shit and some people just don’t give a shit
I can appreciate that Bradley good evening sir I got your cash
up thank you so much what is this somebody sent me some crazy
you should hear blackout good evening sir come on bro says I’m the blackout
Network check stream labs okay are you sending it to the right stream labs man
I mean I’m getting your cash app what name are you using let me look again
hold on a second let me look stream labs what name can you send me the name and
then I’ll make sure that I get it for the next show I see I see eggy Wesley
Pipes big nigga key dirt dog tranny chaser Gemstar easy d41 5 oz oz eos DC
mike from michigan transcendent music da minh hand cannon full blast radio a jrx
lunar glider mrs. Parker Lynn misses Tiffany coke thoughts at 3:00 a.m. on
Acre Woods Donald Hayes full-blast radio wait a
minute okay there you are there you are wait okay there you are okay I missed
this one pardon me The Blackout Network podcast
good evening star did you see that big nigga snow Billy with the bulletproof
vest on after Newark goons caught him lacking blackout got him okay no I
didn’t see that can you send me an email please
and I gotta put some respect on hold on a second guys hold on hold on there’s no
Billy’s one of the hottest niggas on YouTube right now huh info mines on
YouTube getting it in they got the ax there’s no
Billy documentary hold on a second I watched this the other night okay info
mine’s on YouTube guys there’s no Billy documentary part 1 episode 1 pardon me
339 thousand views right now yeah let me see what else they got new on the UH the
network here ok they put in that work info minds
ok ok inside the mind of a killer the Brian glaze Gibbs story ok I’ll check
that out tomorrow anyway thank you the blackout Network
podcast I miss your um super Jack from earlier you know sitting here sipping a
cocktail mention shit guy got out of control and I think that’s it for super
chat let me close this down hang on a second guys let me acknowledge the
beautiful troll babies in the live chat before I call it a night all right the
last one last super dokie Ronnie sent me a patty pies ok I got them and Thank You
Ronnie thank you so much all right ok all right
hey um thank you to you guys in the live chat
hey guys doing in there I have my contacts on star holding it down for
snow Billy I don’t know snow Billy I just I like the boss too
he’s talking you know he’s bossing up on niggas yeah
real recognize real you know I don’t wanna get in the middle of who he’s you
know clapping that be for witness under my fucking business you know they hate a
missus nothing I’m watching all these niggers man you know entertaining
yeah but make sure you guys go to info mines on YouTube okay who else isn’t
that live – exactly that’s the homie right that he says turnt up yeah solute
Viper 900 J savage good evening okay I see the blackout network podcast in a
live chat good evening tea funk okay Sam Brown Gemini 12 nine all day hey thank
you Gemini tool not all day I acknowledge you guys earlier in case you
missed it okay alright alright um also let me just say this before I close this
down ladies on my IG page I’ve said this before and I’m saying this you know
respectfully I’m only looking to smash females on my IG page via DM please
don’t send me stories about shit that I already get through RSS feed through my
email address if you holler at me via Instagram GM it should be for smash out
sessions only okay keep it real with you alright alright I’ll see you guys
tomorrow at some point let me get Shelby’s banner up on the
screen first Shelby GT from Toronto take care guys be safe good night you


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  • 14:47 Mickey Factz was sitting there doing yoga ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™‚๏ธ…. He didnโ€™t want no problems ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Star scary ass ALWAYS trying to avoid the impossible lol "I do t want my name in any stabbings or shootouts" ๐Ÿ˜‚talking about dude and married woman๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Those sandwiches are full- o- LEGAL ADDICTIVE DRUGS allegedly. POPPED EYES! You're FEINDING! you go to sleep and start DREAMING! Eminem has never been in my top AT ALL.. …& this ain't on no hating ish,…….I'm just NOT into Savage AzZ rappin S*tanists…… nor plagerists.
    My Popeyes sandwich had a green tomato slice on it. I didn't order that. How do y'all know you're not getting crack head, opioid and meth head breast milk? Lol
    I KNOW he's gotta be wrong about Nasa saying that they've lost The technology to go to the moon. They're dumbing people down but I don't believe they think we're THAT dumb. Perspective down here proves that the earth is a sphere. Watching a shadow travel around or over a ball will prove it. Duh.

  • I love how sophisticated the subject matter of the chicken sandwiches sounds with Star's voice and cadence ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Star is on week 3 of his cycle and eating fast food?? I'm confused. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” #LetsGetYouDaFckOuttaHere

  • Twistedhickory Juice says:

    Why canโ€™t DANA JUST GET HIT BY A CAR ALREADY ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • I only had chic-oil-a once and was wondering what all of the hype about, because I didn't like the sandwich or the french fries…I've had popeyes chicken many times, but never had the popeye's sandwich. I just assumed it wouldn't be good…Might try it now though.

  • Star, do you ever think about the IQ level of your viewers who are concerned about chicken sandwiches? This eagerness for views has gone to another level.

  • The hood does not listen to Eminem. Eminem is pop! No one ask or cares for his music. His music stayed in early 2000's. I bet your Itunes playlist of Em is not the most played tracks. He is a good artist but it does not make him top 15. Hood did not and still doesnt listen to Em. He does not belong in top 10 ever.

  • arabion knights says:

    It's not only blacks.
    But when ever black people do anything in large numbers It gets criticized.. Give blacks a fing break.

  • Booty princess says:

    He wrong though, black spending power does equal wealth, it's just usually for nonblack people, he should know becuz i have no doubt a lot of his fans are black, this star reporter guy.

  • U niggaz talking about fried chicken… Nigga is good for spending making muthafuckas rich meanwhile fried done killed so many niggaz already ya grandpa on the slab having open heart surgery obesity and poverty go hand n hand

  • Original Man 718 says:

    ๐Ÿ—ฃโ€LOUISIANA โšœ๏ธ FAST ๐Ÿฝโ€ผ๏ธLOVE THAT CHICKEN ๐Ÿ” FROM POPEYEโ€™S ๐Ÿฌโ€ผ๏ธโ€๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—

  • London Miliani says:

    Popeye's Chicken aint shit at least the one I visit over weekend In Atlanta -Lavista road. Lady told me ran and got to unfreeze some. I waited an hour and after eating I must tell you I,m keep rocking with Chick-fil-A?

  • It's sad to see this chicken sandwich shit with all this shit going about race and equality and we being mocked with this sandwich shit cause you know all black people love chicken

  • At least em writes his own lyrics unlike most these rappers out now, hands down Jadakiss is the best rapper and Lyricist of all time

  • only been to chik fil a 3x i think. been to popeyes 100x at least. had the chik sandwich years ago and it was good. had popeyes today….pretty damn good

  • futebolista fรฃ da Amรฉrica says:

    That dude John Blaze is wrong about that circumference equation. It should be the equation for a sphere. He can't even say diameter properly.

  • BabyDoll inRealLife says:

    Watch the documentary Dominion (2018) & you'll NEVER wanna eat a "chicken" sandwich EVER AGAIN!!!๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ

  • The guy who went to his Transformers house got his car broken into by his ex boyfriend. Now slow it down. I jus dissed you. #LetsGetYouDaFckOuttaHere

  • Czarr All Rights Reserved says:

    Hater somethin ain't right about those sandwiches. I dunno if eating those is safe. Making people react oddly. That JAWN seems to be poison

  • Star acting like he donโ€™t know who Wesley pipes is ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ pay attention ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Saturnine Saturnyne says:

    we all night!! It's not stabile

    01:29:29 KUIPER BELT, Where Planets are born and Formed! The Ring of the Sun

    The Kuiper belt (/หˆkaษชpษ™r/),[1] occasionally called the Edgeworthโ€“Kuiper belt, is a circumstellar disc in the outer Solar System, extending from the orbit of Neptune (at 30 AU) to approximately 50 AU from the Sun.[2] It is similar to the asteroid belt, but is far largerโ€”20 times as wide and 20 to 200 times as massive.[3][4] Like the asteroid belt, it consists mainly of small bodies or remnants from when the Solar System formed. While many asteroids are composed primarily of rock and metal, most Kuiper belt objects are composed largely of frozen volatiles (termed "ices"), such as methane, ammonia and water. The Kuiper belt is home to three officially recognized dwarf planets: Pluto, Haumea and Makemake. Some of the Solar System's moons, such as Neptune's Triton and Saturn's Phoebe, may have originated in the region.[5][6]

    The Kuiper belt was named after Dutch-American astronomer Gerard Kuiper, though he did not predict its existence. In 1992, Albion was discovered, the first Kuiper belt object (KBO) since Pluto and Charon.[7] Since its discovery, the number of known KBOs has increased to thousands, and more than 100,000 KBOs over 100 km (62 mi) in diameter are thought to exist.[8] The Kuiper belt was initially thought to be the main repository for periodic comets, those with orbits lasting less than 200 years. Studies since the mid-1990s have shown that the belt is dynamically stable and that comets' true place of origin is the scattered disc, a dynamically active zone created by the outward motion of Neptune 4.5 billion years ago;[9] scattered disc objects such as Eris have extremely eccentric orbits that take them as far as 100 AU from the Sun.[nb 1]

    The Kuiper belt is distinct from the theoretical Oort cloud, which is a thousand times more distant and is mostly spherical. The objects within the Kuiper belt, together with the members of the scattered disc and any potential Hills cloud or Oort cloud objects, are collectively referred to as trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs).[12] Pluto is the largest and most massive member of the Kuiper belt, and the largest and the second-most-massive known TNO, surpassed only by Eris in the scattered disc.[nb 1] Originally considered a planet, Pluto's status as part of the Kuiper belt caused it to be reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006. It is compositionally similar to many other objects of the Kuiper belt and its orbital period is characteristic of a class of KBOs, known as "plutinos", that share the same 2:3 resonance with Neptune.

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