21 thoughts on “Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?”

  • Home Business University says:

    “The No. 1 reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors.”-Napoleon Hill

  • Sonpreet Singh says:

    Hi darin kidd…
    It was a great video on NM industry …
    But it would be great if you will tell the difference between binary system and pyramid scheme in diagramatically form

  • Jonathan Puga says:

    If you sell a product and service and you have customers and distributors that is called a business and a smart one at that

  • Flora Confidence says:

    Is the products that is produced by that particular MLM recognise. They come up with different products but are they recognised by the medical body in the world. wil not cause harm to the concumers or supporters.

  • Mikhail Yosef says:

    You use personal development and brainwashing techniques to make it look like MLM is the real thing. If you are in an organisation which relies on recruitment to get to the top and be maintained there, that's a fucking Pyramid Scheme.

  • Mikhail Yosef says:

    MLM is a scam period. It's a last sucker's club. Affiliate programs is the better off than those shitty schemes. How can you "leverage" your efforts just by recruiting? Which therefore means that if there's no recruiting, then there's no business. What a pyramid scheme. John Oliver was right.
    I hate to say it but they just use books and seminars to make it sound like the whole stuff is legit.

  • Candis Hidalgo says:

    Hi Darin! I recently found your videos and really appreciate your education. Can you address the specific point about there only being 14 cycles of recruiting before you reach the entire world population? From Wikipedia: "Assuming the blue individual recruits five, and those five recruit their own five, and so on, the maximum theoretical cycles of recruits possible in the "downline" of the blue individual is 14 cycles (514 = 6.1 billion people), after which point the total human population is exceeded." John Oliver popularized this concept in an MLM skeptical video and I keep hearing people use this as an objection and an arguing point as to why the business model is not sustainable. I work in a Network Marketing company I absolutely love, but I must admit that the intellectual side of my brain battles with this as well. Appreciate any help or insight – thanks!

  • Honestly you didn't explain why it wasn't a pyramid scheme, you showed other successful people saying why is good vs my neighbor, I think it could have been a way better explanation.

  • Hi darin, can u make a video on how to prospect cold lead vs warm lead?

    Ive notice that cold lead might get easily turn off, is there a likely method to have a smooth conversation, relationship, closing and so on..


  • WiiinatorMods says:

    But here i have a quote from a man from has more than 3.5 trillion cells in his entire body and over 60 thousand hairs on his head.
    "Network marketing is gay"

    There you have it guys, undeniable proof that network marketing is in fact homosexual. Myth busted

  • Anthony Eddington says:

    Phenomenal video Darin If You Could Do One On Recruiting For Example People think it’s a Scam because you Gotta Recruit If You Can bust that myth that Would Be Awesome Thanks Darin

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