45 thoughts on “Is Google always listening: Live Test”

  • Watch the follow-up video here for various reasons that explain this outcome:

    The single biggest flaw in this video is that I am live streaming directly to YouTube which is of course recording and processing the microphone's audio the entire time. More generally I agree with many of you that this was a poorly done experiment and I contaminated the results rather quickly by clicking on that first ad. Whether it was Google, Cortana, malicious adware, or something else is entirely debatable and I of course make no conclusive statements about the veracity of my results.

    For a much more rigorous and scientific test watch this guy's video:

  • James Burnell says:

    That there is some scary shit. Why can't we just be left alone instead of being listened in on? Fucking America. And I do live in America, but still.

  • Mean Bean Productions says:

    People are always talking about how their ads can even read their minds, and I've about had enough of it. Mine don't know me at all. BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE! RIP. Documentary on my channel.

  • Robert Bennett says:

    Tried this with Facebook. Just repeated the experiment on my iPhone. I had to pick a random obscure subject that I don’t speak out loud about to ensure validity.


    Sure enough I’m getting all my crude friends toilet humor posts and ads about toilet stuff.

  • Robert Bennett says:

    It doesn’t even have to be Facebook or google listening though- other apps that the microphone is authorized to use could be the source too. Especially the smaller apps that want to generate ad revenue. And we have soooo many apps these days it only takes one that you download on the fly (or forget to shut the microphone off on) for them to get usable information.


    I went to an amusement yesterday as a school tour. The night before I was with my friends and we were talking about the certain amusement park. I then went on Instagram and straight away there was an ad with special offers for that amusement park.

  • rauno thomas moss says:

    My phone activates in my Samsung android even when my phone hears talk in tv movies.
    I like to watch action and horror movies… hope the computer makes the difference….

  • Daiki Kaminari says:

    1) when Google is closed there isn't any process running that could possibly use your microphone
    2) when there is no APP using your connection you can easily see that when you speak your upload stay at 0 Kbits/s (if not you can check which app is using your upload with some softwares) whereas sending sound takes more than nothing …

  • Equitable Men says:

    Yes Google is always listening. And on 2018/19 phones, even when you are offline, airplane-mode or with no SIM card. Just need to have the thing on really. The eavesdropping is insane.

  • Even if you contaminated results by clicking an ad you had already had other pages loaded.. first page you sourced links from had a dog ad and so did others. I'm creeped out regardless.. I don't like the idea of being listened to at any point. Wonder why Alexa etc is so heavily pushed 🤔


    I was taking an online quiz for this book named The Outsiders the other day when I decided to pull out my phone and google what happened in a certain chapter, I spelled the word What and it immediately gave the question about the exact book and chapter on the freaking search bar, is this a coincidence or is something more sinister at work like Google spying on me

  • is it just me or does mitchollow look like the guy from this video ( at the time 5: 34????????????

  • So be careful of other things you talk about when it comes to things you don't want to go to jail for as well. My mom used to call me about conspiracy theories all the time and I told her to stop talking over technology to me about it.

  • I did the vaccuming today……VACCUMING…. and later this evening got commercials on youtube for a new vacuum!!!!..first time….EVER

  • Yeetus Delete This says:

    Yeah! I was at school today… And I got into a conversation about ticks which went into Lyme disease and I had my phone with me at that moment! I got home and pulled up YouTube and, lo and behold, there's an add about Lyme disease…. That is fucking creepy!

  • ItsRiivan •v• says:

    What if this video was on your YouTube recommendations because you talked about the possibility of Google always hearing.

    I mean, I did and this happened.

  • Of course they do. I was searching for furniture and then got tons of those stupid ads on Facebook. Hate that shit.

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  • This is [email protected] up but what is really sad is that theres nothing what we can do about it… and also if we can they do something that we dont notice so they can just keep doing it… nor even worse

  • This is definitely a real thing even with YouTube ,my wife and I have had conversations about some things and next thing you know without searching the topic will be in our suggested for you column. Freaking creapy.I've been debating getting rid of the smart phone and going old school flip phone for only calls and text.we are being listened to and watched know that.

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