Is Dongguan really China’s sex capital? #BBC Trending – BBC News

Is Dongguan really China’s sex capital? #BBC Trending – BBC News

Welcome to Dongguan … “A city with idyllic
charm and blooming with opportunities. A city that you think you might know, but which holds
many surprises.” In Dongguan, you’ll find: Widespread prostitution
in China’s sex capital. A cultural hub for opera and basketball Air pollution and factory buildings. The world’s
top digital manufacturers Illegal drugs and gambling. Landmarks including
an opium incinerator Donggaun’s negative image became all too real
after state media exposed rampant prostitution there. Internet users have since been at pains
to defend the city’s reputation. Initially people were angry that Dongguan
was ‘picked on’. Within days Weibo and WeChat users began a campaign highlight ‘the other
side of Dongguan’. People have also been sharing a blog apparently by a migrant worker who
describes daily life in Dongguan. It seems to be miles apart from the world of sex workers
and their clients It’s difficult to pinpoint who started the
trend. The city’s information board says: “Where there is contradiction, there is also
beauty”. So is it fair to call Dongguan China’s sex
capital? Or are social media users right to point out the positive? Conflicting views
about the city’s image remain.


7 thoughts on “Is Dongguan really China’s sex capital? #BBC Trending – BBC News”

  • 1. State media never pictured Dongguan as a sex capital, social media did.
    2. Dongguan had always been known as the sex capital for many years.
    3. People who support prostitution protested the crack down on social media.

  • " what  happens  in  dongguan  stays  in  dongguan ".  or  how  about " do  it  donggy  style ".  and   the  list  goes  on  and  on,  so  promote  it  and  they  will  come.    " paz ".

  • I intend go to Dongguan to find some girls. But I very disappoint because of the prostitution crackdown. Anyone in Dongguan could tell me How the situation is after the crackdown ? Can I still find some girls there ? How and where ? Thanks

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