Is Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania? | The Daily Show

Is Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania? | The Daily Show

While her husband has struggled to get his approval rating
over 40%, Melania has
consistently remained the country’s
most popular Trump. And personally, I love her, too, because we have so much
in common. We’re both immigrants. Neither of us would be here
if it weren’t for Donald Trump. And I’m just gonna
put it out there. We’re both style icons.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s right, Melania.
This bish stole your look. (laughter, applause) Now… Now the reason
I’ve been thinking about Melania lately
is because, in the wake of Trump’s
recent immigration crackdown, I’ve started
to notice something that’s got me really concerned. I think Donald Trump is trying
to deport… Melania. (laughter) No. And you might be asking, “Why would he want
to deport his wife?” I don’t know. I don’t know. But things haven’t exactly
been perfect between them. First of all,
it’s no secret that Melania barely spends
any time at the White House. Secondly, when he tried
to hold her hand in public, she tried to slap it away like a Slovenian
Dikembe Mutombo. You remember that.
And who knows. It may have even created
some tension between them when Trump allegedly
banged a porn star and paid her to be quiet, and then, the whole country
found out about it. Anyway, you know,
normal relationship issues. And I know it sounds crazy. Donald Trump wants
to deport his wife? But… but if you look at all of Trump’s
immigration policies, right, a lot of people think
that he just hate immigrants, but when you put them
all together, you start to notice a pattern. All of his policies seem
to be aimed at his wife. (laughter) For example,
one of the immigration issues Trump complains about most
is people who come to the United States
the wrong way and work in the country
illegally. And everyone always assumes
that because he’s racist, he’s talking about Mexicans. But I don’t think
it’s a coincidence that that same complaint could
apply to his very own wife. WOMAN: New questions
about Melania Trump’s immigration status when
she first came to the U.S. The Associated Press reporting she didn’t have the proper visa
for her modeling work. I came here on visa. I flew to Slovenia
every few months to stamp it and came back. WOMAN: Trump insists she got her
visa stamped every few months. If that’s accurate, it would
mean she had a type of visa, possibly a tourist visa, that needs
to be updated periodically. But that type of visa
does not allow working in the United States. MAN: When this controversy
first bubbled up, the Trump campaign promised that Melania would have a press
conference to clear it all up. WOMAN: That press conference
never happened. That’s right.
Melania’s staff promised that she would hold
a press conference to clear up her questionable
immigration history, and then it never happened. Now, to be fair,
it’s only been three years since that promise
was made, okay? And you guys
don’t even know how hard it is to throw together a press
conference in three years. Like, you-you have
to get a podium, and-and, like,
that’s pretty much it. -But still… but still…
-(laughter) it seems a little convenient… that Trump would bring up
the whole “legal work” thing when he knows his own wife has
a shady visa history. And clearly, when that failed, Donald tried
to switch things up, because then he started
complaining about how, (like Trump): lots of foreigners
are taking advantage of America’s
immigration system… (normal voice): by claiming
that they were special when in fact they were not. Now, again,
people assume Trump was talking about Indian computer
programmers in Silicon Valley, but if you follow the clues, you’ll realize this guy
was actually slamming his wife. The Washington Post reports
that questions linger about how Melania Trump scored
the so-called “Einstein visa” to enter the United States
when she was a model. In 2001, she was granted
a green card in the elite EB1 program. It’s designed
for academic researchers or people in other fields
such as Olympic athletes and Oscar-winning actors. NEWSWOMAN: …granted
to people who demonstrate sustained national
and international acclaim, and it’s usually
in the fields of arts, business
or in academic research. Now, only 3,376 EB1 green cards were issued that year. Five went to people
from Slovenia. Yeah, that’s right.
Melania got a green card through
the Einstein Visa Program, which seems strange– although
I guess if you spend enough time standing next to Donald, anyone
starts to look like Einstein. Well, almost anyone. -And you know…
-(laughter) you know, guys… the more you look at it,
the more it seems like Donald Trump is trying
to deport his wife. Because who can forget one of his biggest
anti-immigration crusades– (like Trump):
chain migration. NEWSMAN: The president wants to
reform the visa lottery system and end so-called
chain migration. Then you have chain migration. -(jeering)
-Chain migration. Chain migration–
you come in, and you bring
your whole damn family… A guy comes in,
and then you have to bring… his aunt, his uncle,
his father, his grandfather, his grandparents. A single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives. Yes, one of the things
Donald Trump hates most about America’s
immigration policy is that immigrants’ families can
come live with them in the U.S. Now, even though
Donald Trump says that, I want my family
back home watching the show to know that
this is not true, okay? You cannot bring unlimited
relatives to America. -(whooping, applause)
-Do you guys hear me? (speaks foreign language) In fact… the law even says that you guys
can’t crash on my couch, and I’m actually
not even in town that weekend. That’s what the law says…
Uncle Mongmong. Now, it was
really slick for Trump to make it seem like
this thing was about… (like Trump):
uncles and aunts and cousins, (normal voice):
but clearly, there was someone that he was actually aiming at
all along. NEWSWOMAN:
President Trump’s in-laws slipping in and out
of a Manhattan federal building where they took the oath
of U.S. citizenship. Sources tell ABC News
that First Lady Melania Trump sponsored
her Slovenian-born parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, taking advantage
of the same policy President Trump has denigrated
as “chain migration” and vowed to end. That’s right.
Melania Trump helped her parents chain-migrate to the U.S. So that’s what Donald Trump
was trying to stop. He was trying to… trying to
turn his in-laws into outlaws. -(laughter)
-Yeah. Which is super hard-core. And as if this
wasn’t enough evidence that Donald Trump is trying
to deport his wife, then how do you explain
the new policy his administration announced
this week? Huh? They came out saying
that immigrants who receive assistance
from the government may not be allowed to stay
in the United States. Well, guess who lives
in a free house provided by the United States? -(laughter)
-Melania mother-(bleep) Trump! -(cheering)
-Donald… I see what you’re doing, Donald. I see what you’re doing,
and I’m not gonna let it happen. In fact, we’re not gonna let
this thing happen. (cheering) Daily Show fans, join me now. Help me get the word out
by tweeting #dontdeportmelania. Because if this great immigrant
is forced to leave this country, then the United States
can never truly be best.


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  • This video is exactly my point .. if ICE is so bent on doing their job, then aren't they raiding the First Family crib?

  • This bullshit news is so amusing to hear.
    "He does not like immigrants."
    Correction: He doesn't like ILLEGAL immigrants. The media just loves to twist the facts due to their own opinions on Trump. This is a free country, and it's open. If you're going to live in the US, you have to obey the law by becoming legal.

  • You have Gone off the Deep End!!! Let's just Get Real, ""Would you like it , if People Constantly Smeared You, Your Reputation; Inaccurately, Biasedly, And just down right Dastardly??? You're a Pathetic Person, to o come up with this Narrative … Get your So called Ass off TV, and Get A Honest to Goodness Job; One where You Learn and Practice Morals, Compassion, and Empathy for Other People, and their lives… And Grow Up !!! JMO

  • Patricia Magana says:

    Malania stays for the money y'all. Trumps got a face like a possum eatinging shit. Could you stand to look at that face everyday?

  • Tai Sao tao khong thay Michael Jackson # 2 Con ngua Nancy no dung thuoc tay de Tay Cai da cua no, no den nhu con moi va mat cua no giong nhu mu Whoppi Gold Berg, con ngua gia Nancy no lam Cai mat cua no giong nhu German, da cua no khong co trang, nghe Chua tui bay.

  • warframe player says:

    *looks for people saying this guy sucks or Trump is the best"

    What?….everyone's friendly in this chat?..we're all clear?…


  • Only the uneducated and ignorant listen to or watch your show. They are too weak to become freethinkers or educate themselves.

  • this guy is an idiot…and to be clear, im referring ignorant to trevor noah. …"donald trump hates immigrants???" what a fool.

  • It's always been about making it legal for only white people. As long as brown people do it then it's not allowed. Fucking racist pos trump

  • Alexander Bemar says:

    You like to make fun of Trump's private life, does he ever care or even thought about yours? Don't you ever think about it? Do you realize that the BS you are doing? How much you hated Trump and especially his wife Melania? The man (Trump) has so much thinking and worrying of how to find solutions to America's troubles, and ways defending himself against all these lies and allegations against him. You and all these liars are no different. You all tried to find every possible ways of degrading the man in the high office instead of helping him with solutions of a better ways to better America. You are one of the American enemies. You have voice on radio, tv and everywhere accessible, but don't deliver solutions, but hatredness and discriminations. All fake news, so, so, very sad!!!

  • send Melania back. she adds nothing, has no skills of any measure, does not even have a single original thought that has not been placed there by those around her, and is a drain on the nation. she can't even be bothered to appologze in person when she f** 's up. it is always a member of her "staff" that offers the explanations and excuses.
    it's not her fault. she's a golddigging trophy wife who cares about nothing more complicated than her nails, and she never wanted to be First Lady, or gave any thought to what that would mean for her. maybe at one point in our nation's history it was alright for the first lady to be an ornament and decoration of her husband without a single thought in her empty little head, told to stand in the corner and look pretty. But after the powerhouse that was Michelle Obama – who Melania's staff respected so much that they PLAGERIZED her SPEECH – a woman who can't think of just what the optics of wearing a jacket to the plane that liteally said "I really don't care" on the way to visit KIDS kept in CAGES might be (assuming that you believe her staff about why she wore it, though if you do then you also believe that she doesn't pick her own CLOTHES which is her one form of expression we have since she never opens her mouth) just does not cut it.

  • Chapawee Zonta says:

    Soon after the attack, police said the gunman was Connor Stephen Betts, a 24-year-old born in Bellbrook, Ohio. According to Newsweek, he was registered in Greene County, Ohio, as a Democrat voter. According to police, he had minor traffic offenses on his criminal record.

    Betts had posted tweets that opposed Donald Trump and supported Elizabeth Warren. He made favorable references about Satan and described himself as a "leftist". Although many of his tweets were mundane and non-political, he had retweeted posts that supported the antifa movement and opposed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and police officers. In the hours before he opened fire in Dayton, he "liked" a post in favor of gun control, and several concerning the 2019 El Paso shooting, including a tweet that called the El Paso shooter a "terrorist" and a "white supremacist." On August 10, ABC News cited anonymous officials who said he held extreme misogynist views.

    Two former high school classmates said Betts was suspended from Bellbrook High School after he made lists of other students he wanted to kill and rape. The "hit list" was discovered in early 2012 and resulted in a police investigation. He was previously bullied and had planned to shoot up the school, a classmate said. Over his last year, he sang for a pornogrind band called Menstrual Munchies. His high school girlfriend said he complained of visual and auditory hallucinations and psychosis, and was afraid of developing schizophrenia.

  • Dewayne Miguel says:

    That would be better than a divorce, I wish my ex would have been a imigrant it would have saved me a ton of money

  • TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate says:

    At first it was strange now it’s Great Times it’s abstract too what governments expected because of how it’s been

  • Gisela Wuschek says:

    Educated SECULAR JEWS could never vote for a Fascist Dictator like Trump—whose mindset is no different than that of Hitler & Mussolini, Trump's role models—although Trump has been sucking up to controversial Netanyahu, in an effort to win Jewish votes. But, embracing the Charlottesville NAZI CROWD as "very fine people"—while they were chanting "Jews will not replace us"—and trying to capture the Jewish vote with an essentially "White Nationalist" political agenda is simply being viewed as hypocritically opportunistic. Criminal moron Trump will be removed from the WH very soon, and hopefully serve a lenghty prison term–until that 300 lbs hunk of shit is going to croak, with a black dick up his ass—shortly thereafter

  • Janvier Tchouteu says:

    A Quote about "A Mover of the Movers"
    Excerpt of Disciples of Fortune

    …The world gets blessed every now and then with unique souls who though burdened by their invisible crosses, still have the extraordinary strength to forge ahead in life and give others a helping hand at the same time. Despite their tribulations, most people think they are fine. Even when the weight of their crosses become unbearable, even when they proceed in a breathless manner, we still have a hard time understanding that they are drowning. In fact, we even condemn them for failing to sacrifice more…”

  • The USA is really just a joke in the world! You should imprison this deranged and megalomaniac Donald Trump, who suffers from delusions and is a notorious liar!

  • Trump is trying by all means to come up with solutions to his country and you beazy making jokes about him, while you’re shiht whole country is experiencing the worst and no one is coming up with solutions for it, is liberalism cult so powerful over there, you pathetic Noah

  • Send her back! Send her back! And her deadbeat husband!

    There should be a picture of Chump and Oprah side by side saying

    "One of these two is a successful billionaire, the other a heavily in debt, government assisted, parent of children by different partners."


  • Saher Abdulhadi says:

    I try listening every now and then. I'm not a fan at all of Trevor.
    Any person or show that makes it their agenda throw negativity at our president all the time just shows their mind is not that open.
    At that point i only see asb extremist.
    If the majority of the people voted Trump in oh, you're basically saying you don't accept the majority of the people in this country and what they decide is best for this country. Especially celebrities. The majority of them truly believe they have to think the same or they'll be out of a job. Hollywood has proved that one

  • Charles Carter says:

    I love this guy, Trevor. He comes here from a country ravaged by crime, where carjackings, burglaries, kidnappings are daily occurrences. He is treated as a celebrity in this shallow culture and spends his time on air ripping our duly elected President. Apparently as many of his leftist brethren, the country is not to his liking. My question is not about deporting Melania, but why aren't we deporting Trevor? I am sick of these eunuchs like Trevor, Kimmel, If you don't like it here move. I, for one, will not miss you.

  • Stop silly gossip about great First lady Melania… she is a strong a smart woman and a great partner to president trump… this comedian from South Africa should go to his home country and fix their president…he probably would not live very long if he tried to do it in South Africa as he is doing with US President…

  • So talk about his experience in bringing underage Visa children for him and others to rape… his marriage is the definition of him and Epsteins plans…
    We suprised she doesn't like the creep???

  • Johnnie English says:

    Trevor, will you marry me? We think alike! On a serious are so right, awesome and all that stuff. I will let you know once I buy the wedding cake! LOL

  • I'm your daddy!!! says:

    If Melania gets deported are they going to separate the family and put trump sons in a detention center, make them sleep on the floor, and feed them once a day, keep them there for months without seeing their parents????????? ?

  • American's go through history u will know how America becomes America now, it was immigrants who came here lived years ago did business started working providing jobs and there are so many Americans those ancestors were illegally immigrants settled in usa and don't forget Donald Trump was also immigrants himself ?? and i am sure while voting trump everyone brain was damaged

  • Trevor, you forgot his policy on anchor babies. He's trying to have Melania and his anchor son Baron trump deported ????

  • Unfortunately he can’t cause if they got married in the United States . then she is an American citizen if I’m not mistaken and back then it’s illegal and he can’t change that law

  • I think you answered your own question with the first part of the video? Why would President Trump want to deport Melania? Because she's considered the best Trump, and he can't handle that. Only he can be number one. heh

  • Melania is smarter than everyone else here. You are probably only jealous because you will work hard all your life and have nothing because you think the whole world is turning around you. Melania never thought she would be the first lady. She doesn't even want to be involved in this chaos and she's right. However, because you are considered the best, you got the best. rather than write these racist comments, visit Slovenia, because it is a beautiful country. When you write about its ancestors and other Slovenes, surely half of you have roots in Europe. Basically, you are the biggest migrants in history idiots!

  • go back to south Africa you worthless freak trouble maker, this is some of the most stupid crap i have heard all week, this is a freak making attempt to be a funny guy by making fun of something he knows nothing about like he has for the last 2 years

  • And this TV presenter, he's certainly an original American. His ancestors had chain migration, as well as a safety cage just in case.

  • Mermaid Flying says:

    It took my sis’ now husband who’s from Slovenia, an UNBELIEVABLE amount of time to obtain his green card. They met in Europe! She’s a flight crew member & he’s an international tour guide! He speaks 5 languages, has a Masters degree, and is the son of a college professor and a stay at home mother. He grew up in a lovely home environment and is the kindest, most interesting, loyal friend ever! They dated 4 years. We’re engaged 2! Had a huge wedding in Slovenia for his family & a Huge wedding in New Orleans for ours! It still took over 3 1/2 years to get his green card !!!! He’d have to go back after a certain length of time, and they had to delay getting pregnant until that stress was gone which delayed fertility for them , forever!?

  • corinna stiebing says:

    Why does everyone like her,if she was nice she could have left this idiot or acted on his idiotic behaviour. All she wants is having a good life for herself and wear nice clothes…

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