23 thoughts on “Is China's fishing fleet taking all of West Africa's fish? – BBC News”

  • Din bedre hjernehalvdel says:

    In year 2050 there will be no fish left in the sea, due to overfishing and pollution. – FN report

  • Jack pine Savage says:

    When you think about your own problems, remember that guy working for $100.00 a month on that fishing boat off the West coast of Africa. Be thankful for what you have.

  • reality check says:

    Chinese people are locusts. They destroy everything without thinking about the consequences to the local environment.. China hates you if you aren't Chinese.

  • bbc please mine you business we all black african very happy to well come china turkey and Korea african is safe to day viva turkey china and korea let them do what ever they want in our african continent

  • China once again prove they dont care who they steal from and when you say anything they cry that they are the victims.What else do you expect from communists.The European union is their ally.

  • The Chinese have also been caught fishing off the UK coast. They'll literally fish anywhere that isn't their own waters for the sole reason that they've polluted them so heavily fish can't live there.

  • Mamerto .Dimaloko says:

    Whether those African countries leaders were corrupted by China or not, China will just keep on stealing foreign countries natural resources! Anywhere in the world Chinese fishermen were caught red-handed by countries from ILLEGAL fishing! Ever since China became rich and self-sustainable they always bully small nations and stealing their islands and resources.It doesn't make sense to me when a big rich powerful country like China keep on bullying and stealing the livelihood of other countries.If China wants to look like RESPECTABLE to the whole world it shouldn't do what a CORRUPT COUNTRY will do.Another ugly character of China is they don't care for the environment, they damaged and desecrate a lot of coral reefs in the SCS just so they can steal and take home the marine life( giant clams ) of that sea regardless if the reefs will be damaged !Coral reefs will take a hundred years before they will replenish and come back to life. With China's greed and power there will come a time when no more fish stock is left to the whole world for the coming generations! Chinese evil leaders should think about this problem to come..

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