Iraq War protesters disrupt Easter Mass at Holy Name-Chicago

Iraq War protesters disrupt Easter Mass at Holy Name-Chicago

dear brothers and sisters in the risen Lord often we hear we even say that love is blind someone might look there are friends seven Cardinal George with Georgia hey stop that one even the Pope calls for peace concert peace even a hog calls for peace in the fall concert peace please take on anyone and so should we all call for peace [Applause] pieces of course the sanitation that the risen Lord brings to those whom he has called the witness to him peace I give you because they were afraid and therefore they need to be difficult peace they were afraid to pray to all the family because they didn't recognize him at first and then afraid also as we all are of our own sinfulness and those enormous difficulties that are incumbent upon working for peace in the world the different ways in which people see the need to work for peace in that witness I think we can be grateful to those who have interrupted this homily come on over this way if somebody should have their jacket you should all be ashamed for yourselves for making that she walked into church it's been spilt fake blood in Sardis campaign you try you try America hit over denison Iraqis and it's an again their daily lives Easter's about as around we're dying at the hands of the American government and meet with the America Oh I'll shout that killer I'll go together or to separate the wallet down come over here rioter Sun has risen from the death may we rise with him to eternal glory through the same Christ our Lord going on all of a sudden they started throwing some something that looked like blood so it's just in my first reaction is that's going to happen yeah and well I just couldn't believe it was happening especially on that day like today there were certainly there were children in there there were fam there was a little a little girl in front of us I was surprised she was really crowned anyway you must forget we are the second eyes there's no words to explain what happened you know if they're gonna do something like that not in a church especially during Mass it's a very special moment why do it in a an environment like that how did this affect your Easter Sunday definitely well I have to go home probably change clothes and probably just stay home for a while relax for a while how did it affect your Easter Sunday I have faith I bring really bad so but the faith sometimes people


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  • I think for Christians, a stance for peace is something all of us need to fight for. Our churches are places of worship, and If we use the pulpit to encourage war, then we as the congregants should speak out against such behaviour, even if it is in the presece of Jesus.

    Jesus fought for peace and truth, his crucifixion and glorious ressurection is proof of it. I think to arrest them was not the christian thing to do, what happened to forgiveness?let us pray for the Bishop and people like him

  • Cool. Anyone wants to disrupt a church service I'm happy with that! Religion is a scam, and if the Pope calls for peace, he's a big fat liar. The entire religion of Christianity is at war, with itself and other religions, as well as reality and nature.

  • Steven Richards says:

    It wasn't right for them to protest in that way. You have every right to protest what you want but not when you vandalise a place. This is why I dislike radicals on any side of an issue. They always fling themselves into their ideas without hinking things through.

  • Some assholes are shocked with fake blood!!!! Imagine if I threw a dying 5 year old Iraqi child in their hands? Whould they try to save him or wash their clothes first so that they won't be stained. WHat hypocricy

  • "So?" That was the word that flew out of Cheney's mouth when an ABC news reporter pointed out, that with regard to the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq, "two-thirds of Americans say it's not worth fighting for." "So," as if not even Cheney himself had any words left to let us know that he cares nothing about what the people think or say of the Bush Regime's blatant war crimes.

    In the face of this immorality, it is high holy work to wake up and speak up.

  • Catholic Doctrine of Just War:
    "Force may be used only to correct a grave, public evil, i.e., aggression or massive violation of the basic human rights of whole populations."
    The Iraq War was a preemptive strike and cannot be considered at all a just war. And the torture our army has used is further atrocity. Given the Pope's stance, they were completely justified in doing what they did, where they did, given Catholic Doctrine.

  • I am glad that we are talking about it. Something as to be done,we can't continue on this path. We all need to do more to make peace come about. The church should be the lead in the peace process they should be help accountable. At some time we must choose love in-stead of hate, peace in-stead of violence, understanding in-stead of arrogance.

    Your brother,

  • These kids were courageous! Give your money to the church and you support mass murder and wars based on lies. The church backs the most vile illegal administration this country has ever seen and scorns kids who tell the truth. Their god surely is not the GOD of the BIBLE. They worship Satan and are wolves in sheeps clothing. Think about this before you put money in the basket.

  • Well a church for war is a fallen church and
    The pastor is a heretic.
    These churches are run by businessmen
    Bigots and hypocrites

  • Any Christian (or anyone else) who can't recognize that these kids are following in Jesus' footsteps is completely blind. Take it from this atheist.

  • almost makes me want to go back to church. These people understand the words of Jesus much better than the Cardinal and some of theseparishioners!

  • gee, some guy got a stain on his clothes, that's too bad. can you believe some programmed idiot was telling the protesters that the FAKE blood was going too far??
    1,000,000 Iraqis have been murdered, shedding rivers of their REAL BLOOD!!!
    and it's done in the name of every American citizen. ALL Americans should be screaming in their churches, schools, workplaces, homes and streets for the end of this war! even calling it a war is ridiculous. War is when TWO sides are fighting. this is genocide.

  • Karma Tenzing Wangchuk says:

    Bush's self-proclaimed "crusade" against "Radical Islam" (read: any state in the Middle East that opposes American imperialism) makes it imperative for U. S. churches to repudiate White House policies by the strongest nonviolent means at their disposal. Instead, most churches remain neutral at best, and most churchgoers remain far too passive even when they oppose U. S. policy. The sacrifice of these few on the altar of religion was done for the sake of peace in Iraq. Amen to that.

  • RainDagger Productions says:

    Thank you for being so courageous. Too bad a few Americans were "inconvenienced." If they did their jobs as Americans then activists wouldn't need to go to these extremes. The more people turn a blind eye to what their government is doing in their name, the more things like this are going to happen. It will only get worse. Too bad it was during mass. Practice what you preach!!!! Thou shall not kill.

  • So worshipers of one of the worst criminal institutions in world history were bothered for 10 seconds of their day while they sit allowing their government to invade and murder civilians in another country. Sorry, if that's offensive to anyone or anyone really thinks this was a serious violation of their religious freedom. Their intentions were never to block their RIGHT to worship. What about the rights of Iraqis in which we are responsible for violating?

  • Scott Douglas Laxier says:

    As Americans it is a common observation that we are too comfortable, too complacent with what is at our doorstep. This is not to diminish the abhorent realities of a growing number of our citizenry.

    Really though?! A bit of fake blood to remind us of the REAL BLOOD shed by Iraqis and other world citizens as a result of the Bush Regime War of Lies. The most dangerous terrorists are in the White House…Imagine if corporate media showed us the TRUE cost of war, not some sterilized version…

  • I don't know if this protest suddenly turned the churchgoers into pro-war, but considering the Vatican has been against the Iraq War from day one, this protest was certainly misguided and just a cheap attention grab.

  • Those kids are just publicity whores. There was nothing honorable or laudable about their actions this Easter Sunday. Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to disrupt the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or any other form of worship. These kids obviously did not wish to enter into a serious, intellectual debate.

    Disruptions like these only serve as a detriment to any message that they might be trying to get across.

  • Ha-the cardinal's reaction is funny. He just babbled on about peace while trying to keep his cool. "but then afraid also as we all are, of our own sinfulness & of the difficulties that are incumbent upon working for peace in the world in different ways in which people see the need to work for peace. in that witness i think we can be grateful for those who have interrupted this homily." HUH!

  • "We should all work for peace," George said, "but not by interrupting the worship of God."

    Oh Well. Did you really expect better from a "Church" that was complicit with the Nazis?

  • jordanwilliam23 says:

    you have just lost hundred people for every one you persuade…can you not see that? There were children in there being splattered by fake blood thrown around by infantile narcissists. It makes me sick to see this and to see you actually condone this…this is not american youth…nice try

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