Iranian media claims ALIENS helped Hitler – Spacing Out! Ep. 66

Iranian media claims ALIENS helped Hitler – Spacing Out! Ep. 66

Greetings everyone, and welcome to Spacing
Out! I’m Jason McClellan. And I’m Maureen Elsberry. Thanks for joining
us. We took a few weeks off because of the holidays
and because we’re wildly busy preparing for the 2014 International
UFO Congress. But we’re happy to be back so we can get you caught up on some of the
space and UFO stories that have made headlines recently. According to a new study, researchers believe
that Earth-sized planets can support life at least ten times farther
away from their host stars than previously thought. Researchers from the University of Aberdeen
and the University of St Andrews recently published a paper asserting
that cold rocky planets previously considered inhospitable to life as we know
it may actually be habitable beneath the surface. explains that the team of
researchers “created a computer model that estimates the temperature below the surface
of a planet of a given size, at a given distance from its star.” The abstract for the paper explains that the
team looked at life on Earth, pointing out that Earth has a deep biosphere.
So why not include subsurface environments on other worlds when considering
habitability? Subsurface liquid water maintained by internal planetary heat could
potentially support life well outside conventional habitable zones. So the team introduced a new term: subsurface-habitability
zone, which denotes the range of distances from a star
in which “rocky planets are habitable at any depth below their surfaces up to a stipulated
maximum, and show how [subsurface- habitability zones] can be estimated from
a model relating temperature, depth and orbital distance.” PhD student Sean McMahon, one of the team’s
members, explains that “The deepest known life on Earth is 5.3 km
below the surface, but there may well be life even 10 km deep in places on Earth that
haven’t yet been drilled.” He continues, “Using our computer model we discovered that
the habitable zone for an Earth-like planet orbiting a sun-like star is about three
times bigger if we include the top five kilometres below the planet surface . . . If
we go deeper, and consider the top 10 km below the Earth’s surface, then the habitable
zone for an Earth-like planet is 14 times wider.” According to, our solar system’s
current habitable zone extends out as far as Mars, but taking subsurface habitability
into account, “this re-drawn habitable zone would see the zone extend out farther
than Jupiter and Saturn.” The team’s recent paper was published in the
journal Planetary and Space Science. A crop circle recently appeared in Salinas
Valley, near Monterey, California. The BBC reported that two friends
discovered the crop circle just before sunrise on Monday, December 30th. They claimed
they noticed strange bursts of green lights while driving south of Salinas. So
they pulled over, started recording video, and
ventured into the field. The formation had a large ring on the perimeter,
with three circles of various sizes on it. Inside the circle was a square
shaped object with other strange shapes. The next day, stories emerged about braille experts
reporting that the formation repeated the numbers 192 over and over in braille. Other
people noticed that circles on the perimeter of the ring were at the 1, 9, and 2 positions
on a clock. A local resident told NBC affiliate KSBW,
“I’m a skeptic, but this could be aliens, I don’t know. I’m always willing to
believe something, so I mean, and if there’s proof, you can’t deny proof, but right now
it looks like aliens to me.” But crop circle researcher Nancy Talbott immediately suspected
the design was man-made. She told the Monterrey Herald, “It looks very mechanical
. . . It doesn’t look the way most of the genuine circles I’ve worked on look. That
doesn’t mean I’m right.” British crop circle expert Colin Andrews was also skeptical. He
said he thought it might be a publicity stunt. It turns out that both Talbott and Andrews
were correct. On January 5th, the Nvidia Corporation wrote a blog explaining
how they hired crop circle makers to create the formation. They wrote, “We simply couldn’t
think of any other way to explain that our new Tegra K1 processor, with 192 graphics
cores, can do things no other technology – on this planet, at least – could.” The blog also says the company was surprised
by how much press their crop circle got. They stated, “While we were
hoping to get the word . . . we didn’t realize how big this thing would get. The story quickly
went global, with websites and television stations as far away as Mongolia
and Hungary reporting the story.” Nvidia also posted a video explaining how
and why they created the circle, along with a healthy amount of promotion for
their new processor. That video can be seen on our website at Travel was recently disrupted at Bremen airport
in northwestern Germany when a UFO appeared multiple times on radar. According to German news site The Local, the
UFO showed up on the radar at Bremen Airport several times between 6:30
p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Monday, January 6th. But the unidentified object was also
reportedly seen by air traffic controllers in the
airport’s tower, as well as by police officers. The object was estimated to be flying at a
height of approximately 1,000 feet. Once police had been alerted to the UFO’s
presence, they attempted to intercept and identify the craft. A police
helicopter searched the area where the aerial object had been reported, but the UFO could
not be located. Because of the UFO’s presence in Bremen airspace,
The Local reports that “a flight from Frankfurt had to be canceled and
a second flight from Munich was diverted to Hannover,” while “another plane coming
from Paris had to stay airborne for a while before it could land.” Although no physical description accompanied
the original reports, media outlets later amended stories to include witness
descriptions stating that the object “looked like a plane but was a lot louder.”
And, according to The Local, a spokesperson from German Air Traffic Control described,
“It had normal lights, red and green, and an
approach light on both sides.” Authorities in Bremen have been unsuccessful
in identifying the unauthorized intruder at Bremen Airport. An Iranian news agency alleges that documents
provided by former National Security Agency contractor Edward
Snowden prove that “an alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda
is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least
1945.” The Fars News Agency asserts that the shadow
alien government running the United States is based in Nevada, and
these aliens previously ran Nazi Germany. The Washington Post reports, “As proof that
aliens were secretly behind the Nazis, the report explains that Germany built hundreds
of submarines toward the end of the war, far more than would have been possible with
mere human technology.” But the Post continues, “It does not explain why aliens
with access to interstellar travel built subs that were so grossly incapable against the
British navy, or why all-powerful extraterrestrials were unable to help the
Nazis resist an invasion by Allied forces that
are mere cavemen relative to their own technology. So far, these are pretty
unimpressive aliens.” It was apparently after losing the war that
these aliens established themselves as the secret controllers of the United States government. Fars News claims that Snowden provided documents
proving these allegations to Russia’s Federal Security Service
(FSB). And Fars News further asserts that the claims were recently confirmed by
Canada’s former minister of defence Paul Hellyer. The news agency alleges that Hellyer was given
access to all of Snowden’s documents by FSB and he confirmed their accuracy.
It was reportedly shortly after this that he appeared on Russia Today’s program
SophieCo where he announced that aliens have visited Earth for thousands of
years, and that several are working with the U.S. Air Force in Nevada. But Hellyer’s statements on SophieCo are hardly
confirmation of recently seen documents acquired by FSB from Edward
Snowden. Hellyer has been outspoken about his extraterrestrial beliefs for years.
He even spoke about these same issues at the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at
the National Press Club in Washington, DC. According to Fars News, Russian authorities
are most concerned about the “confirmation” that extraterrestrials controlling
the U.S., known as the “Tall Whites,” are the same extraterrestrial race behind Nazi
Germany’s rise to power during the 1930s. As the Washington Post points out, “Iran’s
semi-official news outlets have something of a reputation for taking conspiracy
theorism to the next level.” The only source Fars News Agency cites to support these
incredible claims is conspiracy website and I think this is kind of a ridiculous story
because I don’t think that the government has anything to fear about the US being controlled
by the tall whites personally yeah and these aren’t new allegations or stories
these theories have been around and it doesn’t need Edward Snowden documents to bring these
up again but it’s surprising how much press this is getting because it came from a semi-official
news source in Iran but you know I don’t think it has anything to do with Paul Hellyer’s
statements on the news because he’s said those over and over and over every chance he gets.
so kind of a ridiculous story in my opinion but a lot of people are taking it seriously even jumped on the bandwagon with
reporting this news which i found interesting when the Washington Post writes about it a
lot of people are going to write about it so really every mainstream outlet is going
to write about this story and it’s going to make the rounds but it I wouldn’t take it
too seriously no conspiracy a story that I thought which was pretty interesting
was the report of the Bremen airport in Germany where this UFO was seen on radar, I love the
radar reports where they actually get the object on radar and more importantly we have
these stories where we hear from people in the towers and from local police because and
we talked about this on Open Minds radio with Alejandro, in the US specifically it in a
lot of these cases we don’t hear much from the people at the airport when UFO sightings
happen at the airport is kind of brushed under the rug because they want to continue this
illusion that oh there is no way anything that unknown could be in our airspace everybody
is save, everything is cool right and I was really intrigued by this story
as well and this came right after the UK airport story where a pilot had ducked seeing some
sort of unidentified object. I will say that the descriptions that are now coming forward
from witnesses are a little disappointing in the fact that it sounds more like a conventional
aircraft. but we still don’t know where this aircraft came from or what it is at this point yeah they still have no identification who
knows, and that’s the case with a lot of these foreign stories, we hear them or hear about
them initially and then don’t really say much about them later, hopefully we’ll hear more
because they were investigating it. but another interesting nugget with this story was the
fact that when it was initially reported by German media there was no description of the
craft, absolutely no description from the statements from air traffic controllers or
the police. then later that day those stories were amended to include comments with descriptions Jason are you alleging conspiracy on this
story. This story has conspiracy written all over
it. now there are people who are wondering about that because I found that fascinating,
they were speaking directly to these people who had observed the object not only on radar
but would their eyes yet there was no physical description given I found that odd as well and then later all of a sudden we have a complete
description of what it looked like, the color of lights it louder than a plane but looked exactly
like a plane ride and is interesting because like you pointing out are they going to continue
to investigate this because like one of the most famous UFO sighting that is still a mystery
to everyone is the Chicago O’Hare 2006 sighting which we still know don’t know what that object
was and was cited by air traffic controllers and Thats a prime example where you know those
people saw it and can’t we can hear from them because it gets hushed up. but you mentioned
the London incident and I got to give props to the Airprox board there it’s official government
body there who is tasked with investigating near misses and they do full on investigations
of these cases and I think that’s great I hope other governments around the world take
note and follow up with that because they’re really one of the only groups in an official
capacity taking that stuff seriously and really come on this is happening a lot where airplanes
in the sky are almost crashing into things and they don’t know what those things are,
so you would think people would want to find out, look into that and see what’s going on.
exactly. so good job Airprox board well that’s all for this episode of Spacing
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Elsberry. And I’m Jason McClellan. We will see you in
the future.


37 thoughts on “Iranian media claims ALIENS helped Hitler – Spacing Out! Ep. 66”

  • mrfaithandphysics says:

    You make the same mistake that Darin Crappo on his show makes.  I understand nervous energy on stage.  I also understand editing.  If you mess up, take it out.  You make FUN, with laughs and giggles, at the "conspiracy theorists"?!  Well, I'm happy that you consider UFOlogy such a closed case while all others are still a joke.  I'm not sure the mainstream public would agree.  

    It really grinds my gears when anchor persons opin with laughing at other people's concerns.  For many years the suffering undergone by witnesses who disclose, from other people's considering them crazy.  It breaks my heart.  And yet here you and Darin are, smirking at, as yet, unresolved Concerns, that are not in your conceptual vocabulary as "serious".  

    This hypocritical behavior is being pointed out to BOTH of  you, and I beg you to self-monitor, edit if you must, this open disdain for "weird" ideas after we ourselves have had to suffer among a crowd of laughing-at-us sceptics for decades.  Have we learned nothing?  It's been compared, appropriately I think, to gays coming out.  Why would anyone knowingly make their lives a living hell on purpose without good reason (like, "It's who I am!").  Mocking and smirking is hurtful to "others" and casts them into the pit of tin foil hat wearers.  But God knows that's not US!  We know what is real and what's not.  Don't we?

  • The story about the tall whites controlling the goverment is silly. Its the reptiles(kidding). In all seriousness the tall white story was an interesting read. The guy that came forward on tv. Salinas was too crude, you could literally see the marks. This goldilocks change was more scientific, but how long till it changes again? Thank you openminds. 😉

  • Great show. I find the germany ufo sighting at the airport very interesting.
    Although the report did say it had landing lights..still unidentified.

  • 1munseedelaware says:

    I caught a UFO going around a plane and following a plane and I have seen many videos of them following planes , they are out there everywhere

  • Hmm… somehow I really don't like that mainstream style of presenting.

    I have no idea why and when I subbed but I will cancel it now, sorry.

    btw I haven't watched the clip more than a minute but from what 'mrfaithandphysics' wrote it does not live up to Your name!

  • Consider this eye witness (and friends) to give credence to this story you posted about Nevada and ET.   We have engaged and mingled with non-teretials in Nevada on several occasions, when passing through for work and racing events.  The method in which they interact with humans is not so different as humans and can be easily overlooked, but, they are real, they do train to be as human as possible, they do have a complete military town set up with baseball fields and everything, multiple locations, that move every other year of so, AND NOT in Rachel.  Rachel is a great deception to keep people looking there.  I can't tell you about all the Hitler speculation, that stuff is not my eye witness, but, I can tell you about how interesting engaging a non-teristial is.   Also, please stop calling them aliens.  Any non-earth form that looks like us, two arms, two legs, head, mouth, ears; is part of our DNA, we are from the same tree, and just do not live on earth.  Proper nomenclature would be to call them ETz or visitors or non-earthlings.  You have to consider in 100 years, when humans are born on the moon or mars, we will have to call them by a different name than earthlings, and it will not be aliens.  DUH.

  • the artist formerly known as ozzy5254 says:

    dude we need to totaly boycot nvidia products.this was not funny or cool at all. sooo many people thought this was real, some people still do and refuse to see the fact's.this "crap circle" (I'm coining the phrase) has caused damage to the cause. good vid this week!. 

  • "all powerful aliens"

    This is a very good point. These alien invasion theories are absurd.

    IF an alien actually wanted to invade the Earth, they wouldn't need to mess with governments, they could win any war and vaporize every human in a nano second if  they wanted.

  • Spirituality1980 says:

    Thanks and well done! A few years ago I saw a documentary that presented alleged alien craft photos taken in Germany, WW2 era. I think it's entirely possible that aliens made contact with the powers that be of that time.

  • 1). Snowden (much like McKinnon) did uncover docs. about "extraterrestrials".
    [If you look at Greenwald closely, you can see he's been altered by this. He even went as far as to comment on his sanity in regards to having possession of these files/docs.]

    2). That's why all the docs. haven't been released. [Only about 1% of somewhere arounds 50,000 to a reported (possible) 1mil. have been released.] At the rate of release, (if there are only 50k) it'll take 42yrs. to have them all disclosed.

    3). TPTB arranged the partnership between Greenwald & Omidyar. Only "after" convincing Greenwald that "the situation is under control".

    4). Nordics don't exist.

    5). What Greenwald doesn't know is:
    a). The TPTB can't control them.
     b). These things aren't "extraterrestrials", they're what we would traditionally consider demons.

  • thevancouverguy says:

    Once again, Hellyer cant confirm shit, because he doesnt know. The legitimacy of the information may or may not be, but people should stop putting Hellyer up on a pedestal like he knows. He knows nothing more than any other ufo researcher; and significantly less then most of the top researchers with decades more experience and knowledge than him.. None of his knowledge came from being minister of defense in the sixties. In fact he has only been learning about ufos for maybe the last 10 years.He is entitled to speculate like others, but cant CONFIRM any information beyond what would be hearsay.

  • Thx. Good reporting pointing out considerations. Like if it were top secret or extraterrestrial it would not have aviation lights. If it wanted to be seen as extraterrestrial. Unless it wants to be mistaken for regular earth craft. If they exist and want to be known, they would do so. They haven't, so if exist, under orders to not be seen. Lending doubt to any such siting.

  • Canadian Ex Deffence Leader on RT News:
    Dr Stephen Greer On RT News
    Police on the " This Morning Show" admitting Radar evidence of 75 minute dogfights and having enough evidence to go in any court and prove ET visitation!
    Media "Given free publishing rights on UFOs" now press are not pressured, neither are pilots and military anymore!
    Iran saying this is all part of a big event that is on its way very soon!

  • MissTechnotravel says:

    A time traveler, from the future went back in time the year1938. He couldn't get back because of the lack of technology. He came to America and helped here. There were two other occurrences which I know about 1954 and 1947. Both crashed due to miscalculations in altitude and time. If the time traveler is around, please contact me.

  • Thank this 'reporting' group for their non-scientific and indoctrinated viewpoints and smug little smirks.  How is this different from any other media outlet? 

  • Too much time spent on debunking stories .Too much skepticism . very opinionated ! thought this was "Open Minds" ? hmmmmm?

  • Casimir Alexander says:

    These commentators with their smug attitudes as delivering the news. "conspiracy theory"-is a term the CIA pushed news outlets to use regarding anyone who questioned the Warren Report. Theses two twats should read up. Dr.Mack-Harvard. This story is factual.

  • If there are E.T.s controlling the U.S. Gov they would have done it in such a way that those in power wouldn't know it had happened. In other words; Since it has been established that in order to construct a craft capable of the actions we have seen, it must be concluded that these beings would be of a superior intelligence. With that established one would have to conclude that altering or taking control of the meager minds of human beings with out their knowing would not be out side the realm of possibilities. Given the large number of U.F.O. abductions and scenarios where people have reported the inability to move or speak, one would also have to conclude that these beings have the ability to alter and/or control thoughts and actions in human beings. This, combined with the story that the U.S. Gov may have had meetings with these beings leads one to the possibility that such control could have been achieved during such a meeting. And that the people involved have no knowledge of what was done. I do not doubt the stories of the tall whites. And, to assume that there is on one race of "Aliens" is just dumb. To assume that all of them are interested in our well being is down right ignorant. Considering what we have already done to this planet it might just behoove our E.T. "Friends" to manipulate us into a position where we won't be such a threat to life anymore. Scoff all you want.

  • Bullshit Detector says:

    Aliens are real and they were in fact behind the WWII and the shadow government, and Iranians have always been right about everything they've ever claimed and you idiots shall stick your nose to were it doese not belong

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