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  • andy watters says: Just watch as a starting point and then if not convinced, do some more research. It's all out there. Microwave wireless radiation is a huge killer of insects – 5G and IOT will finish the job with utmost efficiency. Ask the question – Why has this report not even given one tiny, miniscule mention of man made radiation in it's three years of study at a cost of millions? Smells of fish to me.

  • andy watters says:

    I have to admit I was extremely disappointed at the non-inclusion of WIRELESS RADIATION in your 'official' list of five major contributors in the threat to Biodiversity. There are many studies that have proved the real threat to insects and birds by the ever increasing levels of wireless radiation, which will only increase exponentially, with the introduction of 5G and its cousin The Internet of Things.(IOT). Did the panel not realise that there is much data that proves the threat of this invisible man made radiation to our global insect population? You were discussing the decline of insects in the open discussion but not one person mentioned the role of man made radiation in this respect. I can only imagine two possible scenarios to this fact. You have failed to produce a comprehensive study due to not having achieved 'comprehensive' in your compiling of data or you have been ordered or advised NOT to include wireless radiation in your study by certain 'others' due to the trillions of dollars already invested in 5G/IOT. In any case, you have comprehensively failed to produce a comprehensive report, for reasons I cannot yet fathom. I would like your explanation as to why this is the case?

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