IOT#11 Arduino Mega - TalkBack Application - Control LED - ThinkSpeak Server | APDaga | DumpBox

IOT#11 Arduino Mega – TalkBack Application – Control LED – ThinkSpeak Server | APDaga | DumpBox

hence welcome to a pataga sandbox channel I am back with one more experiment using Arduino mega board so today I will show you demonstration of topic talkback application from things big server so basically I will show you how you can control well LED using talkback application from things big server so our Arduino mega board will try to connect to things big server and using one API and based on the command line means whatever command we have decided there or LED will be controlled controlling LED is just an example you but we can do many more things in the same way so this is the program you can see and here we'll be controlling LED using talkback application and to connect to internet we will be using ESP 0 and Wi-Fi model and these are the physical connections we are going to make the LED is going to connect we will connect led to pin number 13 and this is pin diagram for ESP 0-1 model these are the connections for a special module and these are the states we are going to follow forces for this demonstration okay and what will be the outcome of the program so our LED will blink with specific interval and whatever back-end a command will be happening at the same time we will see that using serial monitor okay so first of all we need to create an account on things like things big server and where to these follow these three steps then we have to make all the connection we have to connect Arduino mega board to the to our laptop using USB cable and we need to make these changes we need to make these values in this program and once that is done then this program is ready to burn ok so I will show you first of all these are the connections you can see this is ESP zero and model this is led we are connecting this led through one to register and these are the connections all the connections I have written over there you can find it and this program will be available to download in the description of this video so basically first of all we'll go to things bill server I have already logged in you had to sign up first time for very first and then you can log in and you can use it so go to apps then go to talkback then create new topic I have already created two but I will show you create no talk back q any name so I'll give peyote you don't have to change anything here then add no come on value 1 then LED on position to LED off whatever command you will provide here you have to make these changes in the code also so I am giving LED on an LED off you can check wherever I have written LED on an LED off in the program if you do some others name you have to change that name in the program also ok sorry LED on ok then you have to click on shooter back once that is done you can see two commands are given two commands led on an LED off these are two command IDs for that right now once that is done you have to make these three these changes letter check that you have one talkback ID you have an API key and niha do is to command IDs so here to copy all these four things and paste it in the program and out of all these aps post gate put and all those things we will be using this gate API ok so you can see here in this API to zero for one this is dr. Heidi whatever this common ID dot JSON is written over here at this place we will put this idea or this ad and we will not write dot jason will write only ID so that we will get one value if we read notation the output will be in the form of jason and we don't want that right now and after this API key equal to whatever this is it is this API key okay so copy these four things one two three and four and paste it there so first of all I will write copy this API key then you can see here to replace these things this is the format here talkback ID then commander ID and then here API key and other than that we had to change SSID and password SSID means Wi-Fi name so in this code I have written all the comments here you can it will be easy to understand I will explain it one more time so see here two zero nine four one is talkback ID this is come on daddy this one is my API key I am NOT going to change it I just shown you how you can create I can show you that see here due to 0 9 4 1 this is my pocket talkback ID this is my PA key and these two are my command IDs okay so one this is API key this is my talkback ID and this is my commander D so you have to make these changes and similarly in this code you have to make this changes here you have to put your Wi-Fi name and your Wi-Fi password ok yes so disk or what I hadn't that first of all I have made written the program for getting led on command from the cloud so this is the code it is very similar to our previous code once we receive see here we are receiving data from the cloud and whatever response we get that response will be printed or sillier serial monitor here and we'll check in that response whether led on is available or not if you have written some other command name here whatever the command M are here you have to put it you have to put it here ok LED on if LED on is present inside that received response or message then our LED should will return will be on and exactly same code I have copied have just copied and pasted here just made one change that whatever commander is here this is for LED of that means this command ready and you have to search for LED off here ok everything is same and then once we find LED of ingratiated message that means at the time we will turn off our LED so that's it i'm connecting my USB port okay you have to set this 9 6 double 0 and both a nonlinear option okay i'm going to upload this it's uploading right now you can observe yes uploading is done these are connections you can see it is connected to Wi-Fi then we have seen Derek st. 1 to twist see we'll got the response we got three lines in the response they receive 67 bytes then st. okay and then that final last line it surged weather led on is available there it was there that's why our LED was on now in second response we got led off so it is off now wait for one some more time see we got LED on response there so LEDs on this is just a demo using one led but we can write many more commands and we can control many more things many more iOS using same by the same way ok so that's it from mine in my next video I will show I will demonstrate you the same application using node MCU so I think you understood this ok so thank you guys for watching this video and just just like I told you this program will be available for you to download and it will be given in the description and if you liked this video please click on like button if you don't then click on this like button if any you handed out or something you can port it in the comment box and if you like if you want to watch some of these videos some more videos like this subscribe this channel thank you very much this is actually signing off


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  • hey i am currently working on a project to control led via apps using wifi and arduino modules can you pleasse help me out with codes?

  • Dear sir
    I am a lecturer, and will to do a project similar to your example, and I need to read data from thingspeak cloud, how can I download your sample arduino code, thank you.


    Dear respected sir, Hope you are in good health with peace and happiness.
    I am really happy for your awesome tutorials.

    I seen your LED control tutorials into YouTube.
    Now, I am doing a simple project where I need to display 24 switches state into If the switches is ON then in thinkspeak, it will show ON and if switch is OFF then it will show OFF.

    But I am not getting how to get 24 input into Arduino as there are only 15 analog pin in Mega board.

    Please sir, I need your help.
    I will be really grateful for your support.

    Best regards,
    Your obedient student
    Md Mubarak Hossain

  • Hi, I was trying to implement this to Uno model, since there is no Serial1 in Uno but only in Mega. When I change all Serial1 to Serial I had problems, somethings didn't communicate each others. Could you help maybe?


    I am working on a project based on gprs based temperature monitoring system, the first part of the project is completed as to upload the data on thinkspeak I need help in the second part which is the control part where one can put ON a fan or alert alarm after certain threshold level of temp using webserver or thinkspeak app

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