Introducing the new Media Production Studio!

Introducing the new Media Production Studio!

>>Hello and welcome to Curtin News, the
show brought to you for the first time in the new state-of-the-art Curtin
studio facilities. My name is Brett Rechichi,>>and I’m Lachlan Byrne and we are
both Curtin student standing Screen Arts and Journalism. We will be two of the
lucky first students to not only use the high-tech control room facility, but also
to be in front of these HD studio cameras.>>And don’t they make us look good.
So let’s have a look at our previous control room. This control room was built
in, well, long before my time. Having open windows and sunlight coming through it
was certainly functional but not soundproof.>>Construction began on this
project during the semester break and took 15 weeks to complete. The control
room was completely gutted, rooms were ripped out and walls demolished leaving
just a shell. What was once a small vertical control room, doubled in size in
a horizontal workspace with two access doors was created.>>Look at it now, Curtin
media students like us now have access to equipment that is flexible and can be
used in a single operational mode as well as a full multi-crew way. So
what equipment do we have? I am so glad you asked, we have a new tech TriCaster
complete with graphics and digital service, a Yamaha digital audio mixer, we
have a new audio cue and talkback system as well as three Panasonic HD and 4k
compatible cameras.>>So now we have the best broadcast equipment, we’ll be able to continue to produce our flagship program Noongar Dandjoo, which is filmed
right here in the studio and broadcast on national indigenous TV. Well that’s
all from us,>>we’ll leave you with a taste of Noongar Dandjoo series eight and a
dance by the Moorditj Mob, enjoy.


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