37 thoughts on “Introducing the new Google News”

  • Why is Google giving collusion desinformer Fox News the second line in search position? how much are they paying you?

  • Why is Fox News in second line search after google? do they pay you for this? is this after trump complained about fake news? Id this how you manage neutrality? Fox is an explosive media controlled by extremists… is this how you want the internet to be global?

  • Luis Luislui says:

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  • Luis Luislui says:

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  • Luis Luislui says:

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  • Suzanne NearTheRiver says:

    It's absolutely awful. AWFUL.
    And now they've gone and used the same terrible UI for News Search.
    No article previews, no time stamps… useless.
    Whoever approved this needs to be fired.

  • Mahmood Hasan says:

    Google: Please add a new section called, "Google Video News" which will be Video-Based-News-Content only. Its very different than "google video". I think there's a hunger for that kind of content (at least it is for me). Text based news has its own place, but Video-Based-News will have its own demand (probably a greater one). Just like what you have in google News, this new section will scour the net for any video based news content that's already been uploaded by reputable news organizations. If there isn't any by a reputable news source, its their loss on their promotion and publicity. Google doesn't have to create it own video news content. Its all out there. Think about it. Not everyone is text savvy or has the patience and time to read the written text (do you?). Video is more convenient and convenience always sells more over the existing norm. Thanks.

  • Yeah but can it get my location right for the weather? NOPE. Can it let me select the zip code or work with my phone's GPS to narrow it down more than 5 states away? NOPE!

    Bring back the old News & Weather

  • Why has no one made an alternative site that works somewhat like Google News except that it actually works?? Like news sites go away and stay away when you tell them too.. Google is broken and it has been for a long long time. Tell it to hide news from you and it might or it might not. Nobody cares?

  • Blake Babcock says:

    Second place in the App Store, higher then Fox, BBC, CNN, NCBC, Buzzfeed, New York Times, and Wall Street journal
    Only one left is Twitter, which is more social media then News

  • It's garbage. It kills the local news section, and It's too busy and cluttered. It was simple and concise before. I've noticed that it feeds me the same stories over and over again. Before, multiple articles pertaining to the same story were in a sort of drop down menu. The repetitive stories really is the 2nd most annoying thing. I read the news to get new information. The 1st annoying thing is the lack of local news.

  • kevindamerrTV says:

    Another one!
    When you click the news it will mark as Referral what i mean is they will track what news you're reading and then f***ing showing you the ads.

  • It will be greater if news content itself is hosted in the app as instant read-only interactive news instead of in the website to load the articles a lot faster, something similar to what Facebook did with Instant Articles

  • Incredibly bad design flaw – I can't hide a section that wastes time and space. I REQUIRE this function, which was previously available. Now I have to use the legacy RSS news feed…

  • Hydrocarbon Primate says:

    Lol @ "a range of perspectives". The internet was so much better before google. I miss those days.

  • B.S. with Google news ! Check out a story and discover there are zero comments provided. This corruption and all likelihood, fake news. Journalism from a toilet bowl. The human race will be extinct within a hundred years anyway. We won't need Google, just like we don't need Google now !!!

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