Introducing Subscribe with Google

Introducing Subscribe with Google

SPEAKER: Here’s a
familiar situation. You’re reading an article
from a news source you trust when you’re
prompted to subscribe to continue reading. You really want to
finish that article, so even though signing
up for a new account can be a bit cumbersome,
you subscribe. But even then, you still
have to sign in again on all your devices. We think this could be easier. Introducing Subscribe
with Google, a simple way to subscribe to
your favorite news sources and access them anywhere. It uses your Google
account info to streamline the entire process. So the next time you hit
a paywall, just tap, tap, and you’re done. No more lengthy
registration process. No more entering credit
card and billing info. Plus, as long as you’re logged
into your Google account, you can access your
subscriptions anywhere, even from your search results. And you’re supporting
great journalism, too. We’ve got dozens of news
publishers on board now, and we’ll be adding more soon. Subscribe with Google. Spend more time reading
the news you love, and less time dealing
with the things you don’t.


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