Interstellar Movie Review – Beyond The Trailer

Interstellar Movie Review – Beyond The Trailer

I didn’t know you can drive a Lincoln into
space?! You’re watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of Interstellar… Potentially inhabitable worlds, right within our reach. It could save us from extinction. Here we go… You can’t just think about your family now you have to think bigger than that. I am thinking about my family, and millions of other families. Maybe we’ve spent too long trying to figure all this out with theory. Love is the one thing that transcends time and space. In addition to the fate of humanity, there
are a number of Hollywood careers riding on Interstellar. In front of the camera, we have
Matthew McConaughey. Last year, Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective were a one-two punch
that resulted in an Oscar knock-out! But can the McConaissance continue, or has it already
become ripe for parody? A strong case was made for the latter when Jim Carrey hosted
SNL just two weeks ago and basically slashed McConaughey’s tires in a brutally on target
sketch. And while McConaughey’s Lincoln ads survived a similar gag by Ellen, the Carrey
spoof has so far been viewed almost seven million times on YouTube – the actual commercials
which Lincoln has ALSO aired on YouTube can’t even match that number combined! And with
this joke fresh in people’s minds, will it effect how seriously they take Interstellar?
Although, if Interstellar does get torpedoed, it will be sweet justice leveled against McConaughey’s
co-star Anne Hathaway, who lampooned Claire Danes when she hosted SNL – Homeland never
recovered… Now behind the camera we have, of course, Christopher Nolan, one of the few
newly minted superstar directors of our day thanks to his Batman trilogy. A status confirmed
by his payday for Interstellar, rumored to be twenty million up front and twenty percent
of the gross. But outside of the Batman trilogy, Nolan wasn’t very successful, with each
picture struggling to reach just a hundred million at the box office. Even The Prestige
couldn’t get a boost from Batman Returns, despite Nolan reteaming with Christian Bale.
But then came The Dark Knight, a film that wow’d on every possible level. Nolan was
able to leverage that film’s stunning success with Warner Brothers – getting the studio
to agree to make Inception in exchange for Nolan agreeing to make a third and final Batman
movie – but also with audiences, as they flocked to see his follow-up to The Dark Knight. The
results were…impressive. Yet still, for Nolan, the Oscar has remained elusive. Interstellar
is his own bid for the gold, but he might just have to worry about maintaining his box
office reputation. The Dark Knight Rises didn’t impress audiences nearly as much as The Dark
Knight, and Man of Steel – which Nolan produced – might have also worn down not just the DC
brand but potentially Nolan’s. Plus when Inception debuted in July 2010, it has no
blockbuster competition for the remainder of the summer, while Inception will have to
contend with Mockingjay Part 1, The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies, and perhaps even
Exodus Gods and Kings. And finally, last year’s incredibly well-received epic space drama
Gravity might keep Interstellar from seeming as original as Nolan and company would hope.
So will Interstellar help McConaughey and Nolan chart new trajectories for their careers?
Or evidence that it will be hard enough to maintain their current paths?


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  • Lew Archer 1949 says:

    Nolan has always had problems with his endings, so this would be par for the course. His ambitions constantly overreach, resulting in muddled, unsatisfying conclusions.

  • I am seeing it on Friday this was my most anticipated movie of the year and I can't wait I am a big fan of Nolan and i am seeing it again with my friend the day after can't wait

  • BatmanFANizationReborn says:

    chris nolan is my favorite director and he should have gotten an oscar by now. all his movies are incredible, critically successful and regardless of criticism people have for TDKR his filmography is impeccable. he is that good and one the best directors at the moment, he can do anything and in the future he will be in the company of spielberg and scorsese. his movies send a message about society and problems we face as people. his movies are genius like he is and in my memory he will always be tied with batman, what he did for and with that character is incredible, he used his symbol and transcended genres with him, i am gonna miss him behind the helm of the greatest character ever created. i cant wait to see this movie because of nolan, special effects and the amazing cast nolan put together and i heard interstellar is getting good reviews but not great, still its nolan and 3 hours in cinema i will remember forever! to all the people that complain about the movie dont understand nolan's vision because he is visionary and a genius
    he is the godfather of batman and IN NOLAN WE BELIEVE!

  • Best space movie you've ever seen? Really?? What about 2001 Space Odyssey, a film that Nolan is trying so hard to be that it is almost sad. And that's what this move is, sad. The writing is borderline awful and Anne Hathaway's performance is somewhere between bad and shit. The movie is pretty to look at but once you actually start to think about the plot then the whole thing falls apart. But of course Nolan fan boys won't let this stop them from having a Nolan circle jerk like they do with all his movies.

  • After watching the non-spoiler review for Interstellar, I know I'm going to love this film. Christopher Nolan is a class act all way and I'm sure this film delivers the goods. Thanks Grace.

  • Grace I would like to know your opinion on McCounaghey's and Hathaway's performances! Please I really would like to know what did U think of them?

  • I'm not going to lie, I wanted Interstellar to not be good. I know it's completely wrong and arrogant beyond rationality, but I just have that urge of seeing someone like Nolan who got his fan base from Batman and being hyped as the best directer today and this movie being the best of year, I just wanted this movie to be flawed so people can calm down about him. I think it's great people recognize great quality of art and perhaps I've heard the same argument of why Nolan for president or another deserved compliment or complete bias opinion about him far too many times. Like I never got excited for this movie and I am jumping out of my seat to see Big Hero 6. I don't know if Spielberg got the same attention when he did Jaws or Raiders of Lost Ark but he can the do one of best movies of any year in quiet it seems like now. Example being Lincoln. Now while I am against hipsters and everything they stand for, just so over them – lol, I know I have been unfair and perhaps it is the medium Nolan movies are for and that there loud, but I really do hope he has a great career and goes for something incredible every time. 

  • Nolan has consistently directed amazing movies time and time again
    Producing one movie (man of steel) that wasn't even that bad wouldn't ruin his career

  • I've loved ALL of Nolan's films but I have to say that I just hated this movie on almost every level. The scructure and pacing of this movie was almost non-existent. There was constant repitition, and the story didn't flow and wasn't organic. I'm extremely dissapointed. 

  • Jeffie Jeff's Art says:

    Please review the movie instead of talking about other movies and actors being other movies and getting academy awards.

  • Great review Grace!! I was very curious to see what your reaction would be, and I'll admit, I was worried you'd react to this movie the same way you reacted to Gravity. However, I'm so excited to see the movie now. My friend and I plan to see it in IMAX this weekend.

  • I always assumed Inception was Nolan's #2 best film, now you suggest that Interstellar is. Grace you sold me I gotta see this film.

  • Grace you need to stfu about box office and movie industry bullshit when it comes to reviewing a film, its irrelevant. like why the fuck should i care if jim carey spoofed true detective for this review smh

  • With $20 million in advance and 20% of gross revenues, Nolan doesn't have to care about his career. I think he's pretty well set for life.

  • Join us next week when we ask the question : Could Matthew McConaughey replace the Woody Harrelson character in the movie "Kingpin" or might Woody have been a better choice for "Interstellar"  ?   Holy Nolan Batman (Begins is still an Excellent flick)

  • Grace, love you. I've been watching you a long time. But I have to agree with Themadbomber187. Why do critics have to judge a movie based on another movie? Why can't we judge a movie based on itself. Judge a movie based on what it is saying. Interstellar and The Dark Knight and two completely different movies. Saying one is better than the other is like saying The Wizard of Oz is better than Psycho. Let the movie stand alone on its own feet. Period. AND AND AND movies that are a success at the box office and win awards are only the good ones? I hope your not implying that because the award ceremonies with who wins and who looses are a bunch of politics. I might agree with an award but there are millions of movies and performances that have been overlooked and we all know that. Box office success? please… that's a joke in of itself. Let the movie stand on its own two feet. No movie should be in any other movies shadow

  • Good to see you went to Space Camp. Non spoiler question, what percentage of the movie is space scenes? I ask otherwise it will bug me.

  • The first 4 minutes of this so called "review" were NOTHING about the fucking movie.  It was just a bunch of blah blah blah by Grace.  Jesus christ woman.  TALK ABOUT THE FUCKING MOVIE, not about hollywood bullshit and Nolan's past movies.

  • OpinionatedLove says:

    Omg is this a review of the cast instead of the actual movie? Also that's not how you pronounce McConaughey you fat bish.

  • I just heard a guy that recently watched it and he said that he cried when he left the theater because he said it's the best film he's ever seen. I was like Ok you have to watch more films pal. I did liked it a lot, not Nolan's best but I admired it's scope and what it tried to achieve.

  • Saw it in a dome IMAX. The big screen is the way to go! I completely agree with everything you've said here, Grace. Great review. 🙂

  • I interstellar on a XD screening closes thing to an imax that's in my area and wow it was amazing and even though this film is flaw'd I still didn't won't it to end

  • I'm always amazed how freely you throw around spoilers Grace. You're opening sentence for your review portion of the movie completely spoils any sense of mystery I could have had regarding the bookshelf in the movie. The biggest question in this whole movie was ruined for me in the first 2 minutes. Thanks

  • Grace, I like you; I appreciate your opinion and you are very good in your career….I am not a film buff or a Nolanite HOWEVER…. Whenever you say a movie was bad because it didn't do large numbers at the box office, it drives me f***ing insane!!! You seriously believe Transformers 4 is a better movie than Memento or A Clockwork Orange? I'm fine that you like The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger, but Memento is the movie that put Nolan on the map; it's the movie that got him a meeting with Warner Bros to direct Batman Begins!!!

  • Such a dumb reviewers all over internet.. none are truly a sci-fi fan and comparing that to a comic adaptation is so funny.. 2/3 is only good? One of the best scene and ways to communicate is at the end shown beautifully.. and all they say is not emotional enough towards the end? go watch titanic again for emotions..

  • Voice of the Fat Mantis says:

    I realize now that your  Spoiler review is literally the sequel to this one. And one needs to see this one to get any enjoy out of the other =)

  • The first few minutes of this video seem to be white noise "background" based on weirdly distorted facts. When you review a movie, please just review it.

  • to all the people who are saying this movie is shit then you can go to hell, understandably this is the internet and everyone has opinions but this movie is truly meant for people who have an open mind….when i watched this by the end of the movie i had chills running throughout my body…….the only thing i truly stumbled on was the very last 5 minutes but i still had a good understanding……i would say this movie is very much like inception…….there will be little people who will find this movie understandable due to the lack of imagination and possibilities (thats when they start attacking the "script" convincing themselves it was just the crap writing and directing) since im fascinated with science and hope to become an astrophysicist i fell in awe to this movie…….

  • Matt Damon was doing impressions of McConaughey long before these others were, nothing new there. He is not some new fad actor. He is at where he is today because he is a brilliant actor, as Nolan is a brilliant director. Nice try Grace to create some drama where there is none. Lame!

  • 4 minutes in and I'm still wondering when the review of the movie will begin? Characters, plot, special effects, the science behind it…? This isn't a review.

  • Why would people parodying Matthew have anything to do with how he is in a movie? If he can act then he can act. People make fun of Bale's Batman voice and yet he still is a great actor.

  • Gravity is so overrated like it is tense but its just eye candy, its a shame people will compare it to Interstellar knowing its a masterpiece more than a sci-fi flick.

  • I waited to watch this review until today, after I watched the movie, because even if it's a non-spoiler review I don't like the hints about what's going to happen. Particularly this movie since it hid the plot details in the trailer so well.
    Also, I saw this on a smaller screen and definitely wished I could've seen it on as big a screen as possible. Nolan was right about watching it on the largest screens.

  • BornYesterday0126 says:

    I thought it was a good movie but the third act dragged on way too long! My only other complaint is I felt like I needed a PhD in sciences and physics to understand what was going on sometimes.

  • I'm glad to hear a positive review of this. I keep hearing mixed feelings over this from other reviewers. I plan to go see Interstellar this weekend and then I'll check out your spoilers review. 🙂

  • This movie was not made for you, it was made for students and physicists. You quite don't understand the plot and or  astro-physics but that's okay your a movie critic. being said that it was made to inspire my generation and the generations before mine. Oh wait their are no FLAW'S its was pretty spot on. To a physics stand point. HE DID NOT GO BACK IN TIME! GOD he went in a place between time and space. As in relativity and mass or matter. Oh and because you lack the knowledge to understand, why review it? That make everything you say bias

  • Mário Savagliani says:

    Best Nolan movie and one of my favorite movies of all time. The third act of the film is brilliant, the tesseract cube, but I am afraid not everybody has the capacity to understand and they will blame Nolan for their own dumbness. Incredible to have a director doing this kind of film in mainstream Hollywood… Nolan believes in people's intelligence more than any other director. But many critics and public are not prepared for this and will blame the film for going over their heads. The acting also is wonderful… Masterpiece!  

  • Nolan is fucking dumb with what he did to himself. It was actually a great movie. the problem is that he was practically asking for comparisons with Kubrick's 2001 a space odyssey.  I mean that spaceship design (circular) might as well be the one used in the blue danube sequence in 2001.  Why ask for those comparisons.  I loved interstellar. But my advice to Nolan. If you think nolan's got a lot of rabid fanboys. Wait till you meet the kubrick fanboys, there twice the amount and they are about four times more crazy and vicious.   Although funny, enough a good portion of kubrick fans are nolan fans. but anyways, thats my take… it asks too much of a comparison to 2001.

  • Luiz Fernando Cavalcanti dos Santos says:

    She spent 3 minutes of her review talking about Christopher Nolan success or not as a director, can we review the movie please?
    Then she complains a hair was in the projector, why the hell didn't she warned the cinema staff? And what that have to do with the movie itself?
    She states that on the third act she was not invested… OK, you don't know theories about Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and multidimensional universes, String Theory and so on… is that a movie fault or in your education?

  • So wait, grace looks like that after a long night at home on a cam? Damn she has a lucky husband LoL I honestly thing the Dark Knight Rises was ruined by Heath Ledger's death. Nolan's films in general are always pretty good and make you think. I rather enjoyed both Insomnia and Memento, not to mention Inception. Also I adore Batman, so the Dark Knight is one of my all time favorites, Rises suffered, but I believe it was due to Heath Ledger's death, some of the earlier rumors of possible storylines fit much better, and in fact I think the real 3rd film would have been much closer to "The Dark Knight Returns" than what was done. I look forward to Interstellar it seems different than most movies which is something Nolan often does well provocative and complex movies.

  • You know it's gonna be a … meh… review when it takes 3:30 for the reviewer to mention anything having to do with the movie.

  • It's great that different people do have different opinions. The funny thing is, for me, where the movie went from good to great WAS the third act. 

  • I finally saw the movie and it was fantastic. If you keep in mind the fact that this is a science-FICTION movie everything makes sense and is explained pretty well… if you pay attention.
    I wached the spoiler revew as well and it seems Grace wasn't paying attention. You don't need to know any technical stuff to get the third act, just to know the 4 dimensions because TARS explains that "they" created that device inside the black hole and converted their 5 dimensions to 3 dimensions so that Cooper could interact with it.
    Who are "they" is debatable and that's the beauty of it. Cooper mentions a theory which is plausible but raises some questions.
    Great movie, will definitely see it again, hopefully this weekend.

  • TheMonkeydluffy455 says:

    ''My comprehension levels were set at 65%'' lmao!! I just came back from the movie-amazing stuff-, so I got that immediately, great joke xD

  • It feels extremely sad to hear anyone saying they don't have affinity for math or science. How can one really go through life without math and science? They literally explain how the world works. 

  • I hate u critics that are like "this movie has flaws and the special effects were great n I highly recommend it" it was a good movie better than that shitty movie Gravity, Interstellar has a story and if it gets nominated for an Oscar it deserves it

  • U faggots better stfu bout the dark knight cuz all you guys like it cuz of the Joker basically u guys are saying The Dark Knight sucks well if it didn't existed u guys wouldn't comparing shit I love the Dark Knight Trilogy but u wanna be fanboys don't care bout the other two k n Interstellar is a masterpiece for me k so fuck off

  • why are you judging everything on box office? Judging the quality of The Prestige on Box office is the most ridiculous thing ever!! It earned more than what its kind of movies earn. Even comparing Memento, The Dark Knight, Inception, Prestige, Interstellar is wrong! It's chalk and cheese. Compare it with the movies in their respective genres.

  • You said that this movie wasn't on par with gravity visually and that gravity was the best space movie ever after watching the first trailer for interstellar but now after seeing interstellar you have flipped flopped on both lol never doubt Nolan

  • Rama Krishna Bodavula says:

    You are considering box office collections way too much. And comparing with other movies based on box office collections is not a good idea. Consider art as art and just review the movie.

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