Internet Privacy Prank

Internet Privacy Prank

so first up could I get your full name will Steven well Steven he hasn't been in asking about Jared Leto's hair what do you think about Jared Leto's hair you know about wait why do you ask that because we're looking at your Facebook in this van right here are you gonna go let's do it ask my privacy question so we're asking people about is how public they are on social media and what they think about just online privacy general do you consider yourself like a private person yeah so she's an actress like if you get like a part on like Riz Anatomy Grey's Anatomy or something would you share that how did you know I don't you know I don't want to see them like what they ate you eat grits figure out be eating grits would you post about that on your Facebook's I put a picture of grits up once yes yeah she went to NYU so you moved out here from NYU I got from New York do you three genetic diversity so what do you say like genetic diversity yes that's actually exactly what I said interesting she broke her index finger so you're into music right well you're in a bunch of bands is a guitarist in planeswalker like when planeswalker play shows you want to bring out your other friends to see this part of your life wait a second what her dad is Mike and I'm on with Gabriella okay so like you don't want Mike and Gabriella watching your Instagram exactly how do you know that it's very easy to find out where people live and like just from their social media like the fact that you in like no that's creepy though he's kind of creepy isn't it yes so your brother Christian you mostly look at his Facebook right what what about your boy like auntie he post too much okay so you don't you want to like connect with your friends like look using Facebook what you know like going back to Alexandria Virginia what the no this is really weird this is weird this is weird you guys are weird amazing it's totally crazy say hello to everybody that's terrifying thank you you knew that is that


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  • I played an online game, a person from the other team was hacking. I went to his profile and found his full name. a quick google search later I got his phone number, his facebook AND his home adress. any ideas how to prank him? nothing wild just something mildly irritating

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  • Haiianna plays ROBLOX says:

    follow me on instagram my user is xxILOVEKAROLINExx for tumbler it's pointlessblog1011 plzzzzzzz follow

  • Awesomely, awesome, awesomeness! Please Do a 1/2 hour program on this every week, … PLEEEEEASE,… this is GREAT!!!!

  • Lady of Darkness says:

    All my fb stuff is for friends only, I don't post anything personal on twitter or instagram, I said a lot of personal stuff in youtube comments, but 1) they're all scattered in like 300 different videos and 2) nobody knows who I really am so even with all the clues there is only so much someone could know about me, definitely won't be able to know who I am exactly (of course if someone hacks my account yes, but I meant only reading what I say about stuff)

  • I would pay good money for a service that deletes my e-presence. Cut through all the red tape and just expunge everything that has my e-finger prints on it. And i know i'm not the only one.

  • Who's the greys anatomy person?
    I just started watching the show (2nd season so…)
    Can someone please tell me? Lol

  • Sir Amic Varze says:

    I genuinely am private so it'd be funny trying to have these guys look stuff up about me and not find anything.

  • Sidhesh Gaonkar says:

    I'm definitely  checking my privacy now!!
    and will make sure that m a secret to the people whom i don't know!!

  • 95% privat. I dont have any of that facbook twitter shit. People have to talk to me if they want something from me.

  • emily de boer says:

    If they would search me, they would find nothing, because there are a ton of people with the same name out there. And if they did find me, all they'd find is cupcakes…

  • I pretty much use Facebook all the time, and I allow people to see what I'm doing because to be honest, I got nothing to hide. However, I only post certain things on there like photos, Facebook statuses and so forth, but when I have actual conversations with people, I try and just talk to them about general things without being too personal about my life. That takes time, you know?

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