Internet Nice Guys and the True Nature of Boogie2988 (Preview)

Internet Nice Guys and the True Nature of Boogie2988 (Preview)

so TJ if I heard the term nice guy and no never heard about you Paul I have heard the term yeah so what do you think it is do you know what it is I think it's like one of these guys that thinks that they're gonna score a chick by telling chicks how nice they are all the time and how many flowers they buy for women and how many yeah you know how many dates that they pay for and how they open the doors for women and how they take care of women and care and they're sensitive and they cry and they watch chick flicks and stuff basically the opposite of what women want from a man you know I mean and then get angry when women don't respond positively to them being the biggest pussy on the planet all right cool is a pejorative term referring to social status social stereotype commonly associated with adult males who view themselves as caring and pathetic gentlemen in courtship to increase their potentials towards women got it uh thank you for adjusting my mic TJ you piece of shit not to be confused with males who are nice and gentle of course not there's not saying any guy who's just nice no of course not trying to lump it all nice guys nice guys do finish last let's be honest nice guys have been criticized a night by both males and females like for being hypocrites or even misogynist for potentially being driven by ulterior motives and that potentially they definitely are maybe the anticipation of sex there are broadly about three schools of thought of nice guys another one is that they are victims of women's rationality or cruelty and that women say they want nice guys but in fact prefer to have relationships with jerks yeah that's true so this is like the insel or alpha males this is the insel shit basically right they're just like I don't want to sleep with these jerks and these assholes just because they're more attractive and better than me everything I've got big dick except don't got a big dick what gives yeah so basically it's just a bunch of want and they're all probably super picky too like they just like they expect some fucking hot supermodel to fall on their dick or something and when they don't you know and when it doesn't happen it's like society's fault I don't know this dude's kind of studly right here why doesn't he have a hot supermodel jumping on his little thing his chance let's go through the three things first uh no the number two is that they're they're using a failed seduction strategy I need to learn or be taught to be alpha seducer so like this kind of like goes in the vein of like pick up okay I don't know if I know that I believe in the whole alpha so or whatever but even if but if it is a real thing I'm pretty sure you can't learn to be it you like nice guys exist it's for me this whole internet and ice guy thing is wrapped up in trying desperately to project that yeah but you can be a nice dude and still get a check I'm living proof of that I'm not a total douche but you know what I mean like I said total nice strategy of doing things for someone so unless you have sex with me because women should should do that or should reward niceness with sex yeah I mean I feel like that's probably how I perceive these dudes it's like these guys like oh I'm gonna buy can you fix my toilet cuz they were the guys fuckin you know handyman he fixed the toilet it's like thanks you know we're buddies and it's like toilet you ain't gonna suck my dick or nothing it's just a weird like misunderstanding of the sexual transaction isn't it like a total miss reading of it like what's that can we take a look at some of these guys so here's this guy we've been looking at him for a minute he's been staring into our souls with his doughy fucking eyes so these are questions you answer on here's an extra for this profile tired of hearing all these girls talk about how all the guys are assholes because it's definitely not true I'm one of the nice ones also also you write an amazing yes run-on sentence he's a punctuation and no capitalization professor of English at Oxford University of which best represents your opinion of same-sex relationships girl-on-girl is okay but guy-on-guy is wrong okay you didn't say that right girl-on-girl I'm surprised that someone who writes like him had the wherewithal to put hyphens or you know in maybe that's just a standard answer that he's selected because it has a function it's properly right do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved yes do you believe that men should be the heads of their households yes okay not yeah he's so nice what a nice guy if I was a woman I would think this is like my ideal nice dude yeah dude that's gonna keep you in the kitchen with your legs shaved you know all right so myself summary please read this guy you could tell he's smooth he's hardly dressed trying to project an image of work II fuckin character in that 80's movie that always gets the girl in the end you know what I mean well it seems to me that in this day and age women out there toy about with a guy's mind and heart for their own amusement that's always a great way to open your fucking dating site profile please women are a bunch of cunts in my yeah women just are just playing with men emotional manipulation and kind of douchebaggery and kind of representing yourself as something you're not here's to our friend here boogie2988 well what scotty he's the nicest guy on the internet well I always I will say that was always my understand I will say this guy's gonna give a little brief bio but I want the audience decide there's the evidence it's a lot of it's book from Bogey's own words and his own actions and you can judge based on that he looks like he's got a boogie hang in here so Jason Williams more on July 24th 1974 good month to be born by the way boogie also known as the only latest boogie2988 or just boogie boy yeah is a youtube personality best known for his video rants about video games in agriculture and as a character named Francis okay oh man dude he was just shooting this fucking video right up his nose as of right now presented in nostril cam yeah I believe five million subscribers somewhere in that neighborhood and a lot of you guys have probably already heard about boogie boogie tonight 88 coming at you live once again to the power of the internet you may roll on my last 90 date you may know me as my character Francis who gets really angry all the time and break stuff but but that's okay I'm just glad you know me at all a lot of people have asked me to draw my life story it's called positive effort I'd like to do that for you immediately I have a sad life the music is very dramatic so they just wanna make that observation immediate well of course everybody wanted this to be like a heart-wrenching tale you know and I mean everybody thinks they've got a gut-wrenching life so I mean most people do you do this draw your life bullshit TJ no okay thank goodness no when I saw that trend I was like fool why wouldn't you just pull out a whiteboard and draw a big fat dick on it or something so I was born sucking dick then I suck dick for the last 50 years you should bring it back dude bring back the draw my life I grew up in the southwestern part of Virginia in a small town called st. Paul and only had about a thousand people in it and it was part of the coal mining Belt here in America and of course my dad mined coal it was a very hard job which made him very sad and my mother was a teacher but she was always very sad and not only she's sad but she was on that mom stick figure that really brought home yeah so he was mine and coal and he was sad and she was the schoolteacher she was sad my town was staying about me everything was sad and the sadness became sadder than the sad sad saturday sad sad sad yeah right guys a medium-sized family I was the youngest and the smallest and excuse me come on TJ all right he was pretty cool come on my sister Carla she was kind of crazy actually and eventually she ran away and my brother went off to college which which made me grow a mustache crazy turned into Super Mario and the next sad thing that happened I'm a was I end up my toes work and that left me alone with my mother who was always sad all the time and sometimes she'd get really angry and she'd scream at me and it happened almost every day and sometimes she'd hit me oh well why'd you say sometimes then it's very inconsistent econ tricks himself constantly sometimes you hit me every day sometimes every fucking day but enough about that enough about that yeah we won't hear any more about that I'm sure he was kind of fun but by the time I came around all dad liked to do was drink and he liked to drink time around and he drank like twenty or thirty I could use some of that and that's why if you ever meet me you don't get to buy me a beer you buy me a mountain Dew instead as a kid I was always pretty much sick either was my love how there's no possibility of you buying something for anybody oh my god man this is just like a litany of fucking horrible shit the middle the middle does he ever start drawing himself as a big fat thing okay I was I'm just glad he stopped trying to pass himself off as a stick figure I got a condition called lymphedema oh my god very mean yeah everybody in his life is just horrible doctors mean as teachers as mean parents that was okay because I had some good friends and we go out to eat all the time yeah I guess you did he's fat yeah being fatter made me sadder but that was just the beginning of health problems for my family because my dad passed cancer cancer my mom really okay so what else is there like any happy parts of this there's no he didn't have a single happy memory from childhood that he could have woven into this so one day I'm sitting around and I'm doing the different character voices that I do and I decide that my character Francis would have to get hacked in World of Warcraft and he'd get really mad about it and smash a keyboard in his face and this cool guy by the name of raywilliamjohnson saw the video and he said cool cool cool and he showed it to the world and that changed my life Johnson but then after Ray J mentioned it everybody was watching my channel and I was really excited because I was making a little bit of money from YouTube and I could support myself and and it started mic up up up I got further okay and this made me sadder than I had ever ever been then she hits you everyday and and more tears more tears see this just I do he didn't do it cuz of you you're the only thing keeping me going you guys if I lose this channel I'll kill myself most people look everyone look life sucks dick everyone knows that but like wow but most of the people ended doing YouTube my life changed there's all the amazing experience we're like I mean I didn't watch these this is the first one I've ever seen cuz I knew it was just a lame fuck trend but like did other people at least like weave in some like good stuff too because I'm like I've said about five or six of these and this is the strangest one I've seen I mean I'm a massive sadness of this one is they're not all unremitting sorrow and sadness and joylessness right like there's like then I went to college and you know I've struggled through them Sam but I met this girl yeah you know I passed my classes just barely squeaked by and blah blah just happy moments in life for fuck's sake no not boogies life boogie has just had a tragic life TJ from start to finish as soon as he came out the doctor slapped him in the face instead of the ass TJ and that made him sadder than he'd ever been in his mother's womb which by the way he was sad a lot in the amniotic sac TJ because his mother ain't permeating sadness permeated that womb and he remembers just weeping inside of that womb TJ and when he was a sperm yeah in his dad's balls yeah constant attacks others his drinking lowering the sperm count he just barely made it and he was the the little sperm that could you know TJ brutal what a brutal life yeah that sucks man even when his parents hadn't conceived him yet and he hadn't been formed in his father's balls as a sperm they thought about him and slapped him in their thoughts they're always this much repetition there is and boogie is always a victim there's always somebody coming after bogey there's always someone attacking boogie boogie is a victim of circumstance he's a victim of something is a victim of some force somewhere if it's anonymous people a lot of times it's like Kemah these anonymous people on the internet are saying bad things about him and it's just it's wearing him down he's getting really upset and then he's gonna make comments that P suicidal mmm-hmm so here you go so I ended up D personalizing and I'm like dude listen to me I can't do this tonight I just got out of 72-hour fucking 72-hour suicide watch my best friend has been watching my back ever since I landed he knows I'm fuckin suicide having suicidal thoughts he knows I'm thinking the worst things he just left me alone for a little while I can't fight with you right now I can't deal with this shit could you please not and I'm like I'm going to block you so I don't have to see that shit please don't take it personal but I can't do this shit right now I can't do this shit right now so please fuck off and I'm like do you know how to turn a computer off do you know how to turn a cell phone offer yeah I mean vacations off like I just really have a hard time buying anybody and I understand dude I've been the victim of no I don't really consider a victim but I've been on the receiving end of a hate campaign or whatever the fuck oh yeah oh my lo was crazy I mean but I've had several you know over the time where it's just like my whole fucking shit is filled with negativity but at the end of the day it's on me if I read it you know what I mean like yeah my life isn't out there on Twitter so it's like if I'm getting a bunch of shit and I'm getting salty just sitting there reading all these negative comments I just turn it off look he acts like he's a captive to these people oh why are you explaining that to a troll yeah like they care like why are you feeding that little nugget of info to a troll who is obviously getting his rocks off watching you react to this shit turn off the fucking computer dummy once your sympathy and he wants your money and because if he's a lot of these people that are leaving positive so you basically are you basically Scotty let me just clarify where you're saying are you basically saying that in your opinion from what you've seen that boogy he wants uses this poor me kind of story okay it's gender sympathy and financial support and to make people feel sorry for them so they stick around so they feel like some sort of personal connection so personal responsibility comments and eventually well-being if you were a lot of the positive comments it's like when bogie shares something like this it's like you know what buddy I at a time where I was suicidal too and you talking about it it's such a positive area genuine real life you know trauma and yeah like the people like that they really did in that way help and he just like yeah see I'll do all this good I'm such a good person so he feels good about that was really just exploiting that because I mean it's like he's talking about these issues but it's not like he's talking about I think from a perspective of like I really want to help people and make her raise awareness about suicide bogie is hardly the worst attention internet personality to engage in that emotional feedback loop where it's like if I pour me on the internet and I've got a fan base they're gonna come and go like oh we love you bro blah blah blah he just letting like everybody has done that like TJ you've probably fuckin posted some shit where you weren't feeling all that great sure I mean like know when people fucking send you nice things oh I love you TJ this that and the other thing makes you feel good right sure well a guy like boogie needs that all the time so it's basically just everyday he needs it's a way of life for him right he needs that constant and he gets it because he's got this fan base of his trained to anytime somebody attacks him if he makes a centrist statement that you know makes no sense or that some you know left or right wing personality picks up on and picks apart it he needs that immediate defense he needs to hear that despite the arguments being made which he won't touch he's right still and his fan base is trained like a bunch of little fucking guarded already insular too anytime anybody says anything negative about boogie so you so basically there's no listen what he's doing here right he's not just telling a story about somebody harassing him he's putting out into his fan base that when people say mean things about me I get suicidal yes I'm gonna hang myself because people are saying mean shit to me and I can't do it anymore guys what is that telling his mostly teenage fanbase to do take my defense go out there and fight for me to inundate me with positivity yeah you're picking on me basically like I'm too weak to defend myself and he's a grown-ass man he's older than me yeah he's 44 44 or 45 years old and I could I can't fucking believe this shit and so here I am I I just had a girl over I had a girl just coming over and and is this someone I know in her life nope I just interacted with the wrong person on Twitter and so he did a welfare check and and I appreciate that you know suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem remember that buddy right and as I tried to explain that person Wow somebody need three dollars to spit that old fucking anecdote at him if I haven't harmed myself yet I'm not going to what maybe it's generally worried how does that logic hold up everyone before they harm themselves hasn't harmed themselves right unless they've previously well no but there's always a first time right sure yes oh I mean that doesn't make that is a whole logical sense I've never done it so I've never done it so I'll never do it if that was true then no one would ever do it so it was wrong it's obviously what I'm reading here is that I had no intention of doing it I just wanted sympathy on the Internet so then some asshole actually took me at my word and the police showed up yeah how dare you I want you guys to show concern for me but not enough concern to inconvenience me with police visiting me and making sure I'm not gonna offer much what he's saying here like look I'm not gonna do it enough so I might bitch about it but let's not send the police to it bother me cuz actually I have no intention of ever hurt myself okay the last thing you should do is send a cop to someone who suicide us front door do you know what no that's absolutely that's 100% what you should do and see this is him scolding this person for being concerned no no here's the thing think about it TJ got you thinking about bogie threatens suicide yeah does he want cops coming over no what does he want don't do it boogie we love you boogie you have too much to live for boogie remember suicide is a temporary or whatever temporary see there you go he doesn't want to actually deal with any of the consequences because in my estimation he never had any fucking intention of hurting himself in the first place he's using it as a tool of manipulation and somebody in his fan base took it upon themselves to get worried enough to call in a wellness check or a welfare check on him and did so and he's scolding now the entirety of his fan base to let everybody else know hey I want the positive comments but I don't want the cops and if you can prove to me if you can prove to me the reason I blocked you called me no names this summer if you can prove to me you showed me no names the summer I will literally take Tamsin I will literally take him to the pound and find him a new home I'm saying I will find him a new home I will find him hold on look at that Chet you have deep emotional issues boogie yes hold on and if you try to grasp this you can prove to me you called me no names this summer if you can prove to me you showed me no names this summer I will literally sounds to me like boogie doesn't want his dog anymore and he's trying to look for an excuse so wait he's talking to block somebody he said I don't know who he's talking to he's talking to who gives a fuck Ryan accusing that person of calling him names that person saying all Junie names and he said if you can prove to me you haven't called me any names this summer give my dog I will heavily take my little fucking dog who I proclaim to love more than anything in the world and have made multiple tearful fucking Twitter posts about how he saved you from suicide and shit I'm gonna take that little dog to the pound if you can prove to me that you didn't insult me on the internet this summer if a woman doesn't come and submit to all of my you know needs and wants then I might just put a gun in my mouth if that happens though and I promise it won't so don't you love that too if I ever sub come to my depression and anxiety which I won't so don't call the police or anything which I absolutely promise I won't but if I do but if I do it was the mental illness within me that I just couldn't overcome Tesla Tesla yeah I can't heard about this I don't really know what it's all about but I've heard something about him it's an ever evolving store buying a Tesla or Dennis he didn't buy a Tesla he did buy a Tesla he's trying to be big for a Tesla I don't really know what the fuck this here it says I legit just bought a Tesla this is my first new car in my lifetime I'm shaking bake so excited so sitting here realizing I bought a car I can barely afford you would think my anxiety would be going nuts it isn't if you scroll down a little bit you bought what this is roommate yeah roommate you bought a what me Tesla where is it their ability at the moment be here in a few weeks what so then go up ok so then there's this over here so someone's asking I thought you already bought I thought you had already bought a Tesla and then he says nope hope that goes to show you how bad this game of telephone the internet plays really is I test drove one put down a deposit might still get it might not will decide after VidCon so this is after I mean there's literally three tweets here where he said there's no telephone being played here unless this is all just fake tweets that didn't actually happen these are legitimate waits so then this person says I think the confusion is people assume putting down a deposit means you've know the confusion is he explicitly stated he bought a car yeah he bought the test and then he says it's not confusion it's people being purposely obtuse to fit their narrative get a recap of the apocrypha r it goes up he said he bought a Tesla and could easily afford it it would arrive in a few weeks and he destroy his old car in Francis sketch then the narrative shifts he said he could barely afford it and want to stream begging for donations after getting called out then he could that he said he could easily afford it again he was being sarcastic when he begged for donation so I wasn't serious he didn't really want the money I I got this figured out already I know exactly what happened with this okay boogy having the affer mentioned ego that we've discovered that he clearly has right yeah wanted to brag because he bought a fucking Tesla but then he realized holy shit if all these teenagers and young adults that are scraping by know that I'm buying a Tesla off of them they're probably gonna stop sending me money so I better make it out like I did something Kian crazy and bought a car I can just barely squeak by Anna for and then than I ever bought the car never even bought it don't even know what Tesla I didn't heard of that I never heard of what what is what is a Tesla and then he playing telephone people are being obtuse he blames people okay oh say so it must be this one right yep so this one he says explained it in a short explained in the video long story short I put down a $2,500 downpayment for them to build one to my specs that's that's buying it yeah if you're if you've paid them to start building a car you bought the car I plan to pay half in cash and finance the rest this is a hundred thousand dollar car by the way so bookies really hurting for cash the internet lost its mind I realize I could I couldn't put it in videos what decided to wait a year two years so now it's their fault GJ oh so he lost his Tesla because of them she's not gonna get anymore okay he didn't lose it he engaged with the company to start building one and then probably cancel this order okay so then someone saying weren't you saying how much you don't get paid but might buy a Tesla or is it just to drive it and then dip Lowell I don't know what that means I don't know YouTube ad pays very little my sponsors pay a lot I can easily afford this vehicle something something my sponsors on the channel and then then so less than one day later so sitting here this is the basically that yeah part where he says you can't afford it I can easily afford it I can't afford it yeah I think you're right Paul oh I know I'm right this is a total like I wanted to brag about the big flashy car that I bought but my monetization model is largely based on fucking stream donations and shit we did one last stop stop by mom's final resting place to say goodbye amazing to let it all go now so this is right here so what is this this is boogie at a muscle at his mother's mausoleum sitting in a chair in front of her grave with somebody filming a multi angle shot of him vocalizing his final goodbyes to his mother for the internet and look where he's actually looking at the camera waiting for him oh okay yeah he wants to know that it's rolling before he starts talking into the corpse of his dead mother further than that I mean I'm so that he can release it on the internet was this chair just in the mausoleum or don't drag this into it no they probably put something in there so people can sit Roger graves and shit so he goes in there to the mausoleum and in France having some kind of heartfelt personal moment it's got to be of course just on Twitter and announced and then a video is shot of it so that he can release it to his fans and so they can see how emotionally torn he is okay rock on let's see


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  • AwkwardRenegade says:

    One sad day Boogie bought an ice cream to his girl crush and she rejected him right there, so he became sad and ate the ice cream in the rain (it also started raining), that's when he became fat and sadder in that sad raining day.

  • HillMeister's HQ says:

    What all nice guys have in common is self loathing and being a fucking victim which is pretty much the most unattractive trait ever. They are just sitting there and are secretly enjoying basking in their own fucking misery. Miss me with that shit

  • The "all guys are dogshit" women are the mirror image of the "all women are goldiggers and only fuck Fabio" men. Neither considers their own taste in the opposite sex is garbage.

  • Lmao TJ has absolutely no room to talk after all the stupid, embarrassing things he's done and said.
    It's truly funny seeing him having an opinion on Steven.

  • RecklessFire29 says:

    I find it kind of ironic that TJ, a man that has to scream at the top of his lungs about the stupidest smallest shit to get his wankcrew to donate to him, is crying about Boogie possibly doing shit to keep monetization rolling in. That's a pot calling the kettle black.

  • I don't know if it's because I'm half deaf, but I can't hear a lot of this. Also, the points I heard seem valid, but the entire time all I can think is:
    "Internet Alphas and the True Nature of this episode – We want to sell Patreon subscriptions."
    Can you hear the episode you have to pay for?

  • It’s Timy I have small Willy says:

    Boogy is a fag but don’t call the cops on some one with depression or suicide forts it doesn’t help

  • ftjslhfklhfrglfjht says:

    5:08 "Sharply-dressed", 5:19 "Well-dressed"
    I laughed anyway, but I honestly couldn't tell whether or not you were joking. I sure hope you were, for your sake.

  • Admittedly, I watched the patreon stream as an adamant boogie defender. "Why pick on him, he's a nice a guy just trying to entertain people." Maybe the first two or three videos I still felt this way. However when you guys got to the passive aggressive threats to kill himself, threats which by the way are very recent, I just got so turned off by his behavior. Like damn man he needs real professional help becuase telling his audience that he needs help, but then scolding them when they try to help you is seriously not okay.

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