Internet From Space X In 2020? Only If Elon Musk Wins Again

Internet From Space X In 2020? Only If Elon Musk Wins Again

as early as 2020 you may be able to get internet from SpaceX but how will it actually work hi I'm Benson's a host of Tesla na mcc's and today we're gonna take a look at SpaceX delivering worldwide high speed internet from space yep that's right from space back in November of 2016 SpaceX announced their plan to launch over 4,000 satellites into low-earth orbit built with the purpose of providing high-speed Internet to the US and other countries the problem they believe they will solve is bringing reliable high-speed Internet to hard to reach customers such as those in rural areas in May of 2017 patricia cooper the head of this program for spacex testified in front of the Committee on Commerce science and technology for the United States and laid out their goals in her statement she said according to the FCC 34 million Americans lack access to 25 megabits per second broadband service and 47% of the nation's students lack the connectivity to meet the FCC's short-term goal of 100 megabits per 1,000 students and staff as the FCC has noted there continues to be a significant disparity of access to advanced telecommunications capability across America with more than 39 percent of Americans living in rural areas lacking access to advanced telecommunications capability as compared to 4 percent of Americans living in urban areas and approximately 41% of Americans living on tribal lands lacking access to advanced telecommunications capability while more than 23 million Americans living in rural areas account for the majority of those who lack access nearly 10 million Americans living in non rural areas also lacked basic access to high-speed Internet service SpaceX is at a real advantage here since they have more practice launching rockets and then landing them back on earth significantly reducing the cost of putting these satellites in space the idea is that these satellites will orbit around 1,200 kilometres above Earth's surface and down here all you'll need as a satellite dish to receive high-speed Internet to give you a point of reference huge satellite internet fleet which is the current largest provider of satellite internet service orbits around 35,000 kilometers so by designing their satellites better and placing them closer to earth spacex hopes to provide high-speed internet that is compelling to everyone the initial plans from SpaceX appear to be focused on the United States however they'll obviously be able to expand to other countries as they grow their satellite constellation in my mind that is where the biggest opportunity really lies for them pricing for the service known as StarLink hasn't been announced yet but if we take a look at huge satellite for a point of reference we find that they offer several plans based on how much data you use their most popular plan gives you around 20 gigabytes worth of data per month for just under $70 they report to offer speeds of 25 megabits per second download and 3 megabits per second upload which aren't really that bad that's pretty good now that is about what I get on my cell phone provider living here in San Diego a relatively urban City however if you want to compare that to what I get from my local ISP it doesn't even come close if you live in an urban area with cable or fiber internet it's not likely that this new service from SpaceX is gonna give you faster speeds if however you live in an area where only DSL is available or you only have satellite internet available then this could be a really compelling offer and give you a major performance boost so with the details we have now it doesn't appear that this program will really compete for yours or my internet service so the question becomes why do it well in short there's a lot of money on the table while internet access has improved dramatically over the years from around 10 million people back in 1993 when the internet was very nascent it was very fledgling back then to over 3.4 billion people as recent as 2016 you might be surprised to learn that the majority of people in the world still do not have access to the Internet this is known as the digital divide and as the next three billion people come online throughout the world companies are jockeying for position to meet their needs so regardless if you are I are considering signing up it really doesn't matter because there are billions of people who this will really appeal to and SpaceX isn't the only one looking to do this google has a project called Project loon which will put up weather balloons that float around for an extended period of time providing Internet sort to these areas where you really just can't install this centralized infrastructure there's not enough money there for it to make sense also Facebook has a program where they're flying these solar-powered drones well up not low-earth orbit but really high over areas for extended period of time to provide Internet as well so they're not the only ones really trying to do this but SpaceX does have an advantage here by being able to put them into low-earth orbit and having the ability to reduce the cost of launching them because of their technology where they can reuse the Rockets in their most recent statements about the program SpaceX has said that they plan to launch two prototype satellites in the coming months they also stated their plan is to launch the over 4,000 satellites in their constellation across the next five years starting in 2019 once they're able to get around 800 satellites into low-earth orbit they said they'll be able to start offering service if everything goes to plan they could start offering this service in limited areas as early as 2020 to 2021 which is really just right around the corner so I'm wondering what you guys think is this something you'd consider do you live in a rural area where Internet is hard to come by surprisingly enough the majority of the United States has a really poor internet even in urban areas so depending on what speed they're able to offer this may be compelling to a lot more people than just those that are quote-unquote hard to reach and if you like this video please give it a big thumbs up if you're new here consider subscribing each week we take a look at the data behind Tesla to try to get a better understanding of how this company is impacting our world we also have an email list at Tesla know Mexico you can get on and everything will be sent direct your inbox you don't have to worry about youtube or wherever else we're posting stuff and lastly remember when you free the data your mod will follow thanks for watching and I'll see you back here next time


38 thoughts on “Internet From Space X In 2020? Only If Elon Musk Wins Again”

  • With that plan buying a AAA GAME and shipping it to the end of the world would be less expensive that the actual game. Data transfer limits are ridiculous. Oh you want that cod downloaded? Better pay 250$ boy.

  • I hope service is bandwidth limited instead of data transfer. I really hate cellular networks in this aspect, yeah you can have 4g with 100mbs for a whole lot of 30 minutes a month. Yeah good service. This is a communications company scam really.

  • Now that Starlink is a fact, it would be great to update your facts with another video – It is said that Starlink speed is around 1TB/s, yes, it is not a type; nothing on earth can beat it.

  • DCUO Geoforcee100 says:

    I bet virgin internet is jumping on this to make sure they lead thier own internet via the satellite,a ??

  • This will greatly benefit all of us especially here in the Philippines where teleco companies advertise their network as fast as 15mbps(which is not even that fast) where in reality its whopping 0.15kbps ?? LOL

  • M41k Develops says:

    I'm from Egypt and this would be a real game changer for people here who need internet in their daily lives such as myself ( since i'm a web developer ). The internet here is horrible in speed ( avg of around 4 Mbps ) and it's being limited with a monthly quota ( called "fair-usage of the internet" lol ) where you can only download 100 GB/month in full speed and when you exceed your quota it becomes 100 KB/s.

    For me, and many of the Egyptians, it's a huge dream to have internet access slightly-close to decent and it feels like SpaceX is our best bet right now.

  • As a person who lives in Middle East thats would help me so much but what about our governments its about money dude

  • George Burdine says:

    Sounds like sci-fi to me. The ISS fake station would have to even more cgi from the studio to continue to make you believe that mofo is real. I suspect Elon musk is living on borrowed time.

  • I'm lucky, I'm from the UK, from London ( the capital of the UK) our internet is pretty good too, we do have our fair of internet issues as well, but nowhere near as bad as USA, I hope the Uk will get better infrastructure as more investments are being pumped into it at this moment in time.

  • Whoa the internet is really overflowing in Africa slowly, while in the west well we're well connected, russia is connected anyway, asia super well connected, mid-east yup really well connected, the whole world is getting internet properly soon.

  • Jeffrey Hampton says:

    Wow, Starlink is on schedule. Elon has jumped into the #1 spot over Bezos and Branson. I suppose Google is partnered up with Elon to some extent; Yes? No? —- Is there any way Bezos could buy his way ahead of Starlink/SpaceX? No, right? Oh, wait, Blue Origin. BO will crush SpaceX. Crap. Haa; NOT EFFING LIKELY. —- This Starlink lead could represent new collateral with the bankers and ease some of Elon's supposed (more BS propaganda from Big Oil's campaign to crush Elon and Tesla???) over-leveraged life. Yes? No?

  • The map is wrong, i live in iraqi kurdistan and i have 1000 mbps for about 46$ a month, on the map iraq doesn't have internet lol.

  • David Sierowski says:

    i think that spacex should specialize in internet connections for each area eg fast ping for games, high bandwidth for downloads and average for in between users.

  • firo mohammed says:

    Now SpaceX is launching around 60 satellites tomorrow
    Today is may 15 2019 in India and launch is tomorrow at 8am

  • Imagine if a company in China, Russia or Iran, for instance, announced plans to put thousands of satellites into LEO to better serve tribal and rural people. I'd totally buy that story, right?

  • Tunahan Bulut says:

    I have been waiting space internet for a long time. I really wonder that system, price and speed and so on.

  • Are we really gona fall for another phased array scam. If this could be done iridium would not have gone under. And we would not have unused internet satellites falling out if the sky today. Myself i consider the phased array a pipe dream and when you see it in advertising its clearly a scam just to raise money

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