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  • Firewall is a term much older than the internet, originally, albeit uncommonly used to describe walls constructed to stop the spread of furnace fires through a building, then through a ship, then out of the engine compartment of your car

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  • genericusername1 says:

    Um didn't Murphy Brown host a news show called FYI….and wasn't Murphy Brown a tv character from before there was internet?

    My parents taught me a lot of these supposed internet abreviations when I was young to help me take notes in class

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    We loved this video so much we featured it in on our blog.
    Thanks for keeping us entertained and informed with your excellent whiteboard animations!

  • i agree in a half and half. there's a lot of grammar freaks now in youtube so…no one types so…dumb anymore. But if someone spells grammer, instead of grammar, and you make a big fuss, then your over-reacting. I mean it's youtube not school, and it's only one character off.

  • maybe we don't say how are you because you don't have to ask. If a person is moaning or crying, wouldn't it be stupid to ask happily "Hello, how are you?" but the two last lines have nothing to do in my words. I only say "err" because I have a losss for words.

  • The video is about changing the language by introducing NEW words. Firewall is not a new word, and the sense in which it is used re the internet clearly relates to its real-world usage: a barrier to prevent passage. Many words have different shades of meaning depending on context. The button of a mouse is different than a sewing button, but to say that "button" is therefore a new word when referring to a mouse, is nonsensical. The word is borrowed from another context, but is not new to English.

  • I agree with you, but there's worse- the infinite number of videos on you tube that start with the words 'Hey guys, what's up' – that has to be the most overused and IMHO- ill-placed Americanism. What happened to "Hello, how are you?", it's a shame to reduce everything to the dumbest level, you don't need to be Shakespeare to create a sentence that doesn't y'know- whatever- like- er- y'know- I'm like- kind of- never read a book…

  • BenderPictures says:

    I'd rather people still know how to spell. In my high school, which has won all sorts of awards for excellence in education, I have the pleasure of peer editing rough drafts that appear to have been written by people who are nearly illiterate.

    I don't know about you, but I'd enjoy a future where people didn't type like "O hay, wutz up? Du u wnt 2 go 2 th muv-E's w me? Bcuz if u dnt wnt 2 ill b vry sd :(( if u cnt tll, im acshualy vry smart. i jst appr rther dum thx 2 th intrnt. Kthxbi:)"

  • @techwiz81 Since Old People. The joke about the mother who thought it meant lots of love, so she sent the text "grandma just died LOL".

  • "Firewalls" have been in documented existence since at least the Second World War, when they were used in both England and Germany to limit fire damage from bombing

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