Internet Comment Etiquette: "YouTube Tutorials"

Internet Comment Etiquette: "YouTube Tutorials"

well well well if it isn't another internet comment etiquette lesson hi I'm Eric your host and today I'm going to teach you guys how to leave proper and respectful comments on YouTube tutorials now YouTube tutorials pretty amazing you see in the days before the internet if you wanted to gain some knowledge you'd have to go and physically seek that knowledge out say go to a library or take an apprenticeship with a master of their craft and nowadays if you want to become an expert you just check out some YouTube tutorials and bam you did it you got all the knowledge and for example let's say I wanted to learn how to uh I don't know use an aimbot and counter-strike I think this video might help so this is wallhacks this is no recoil so it's perfect spray alright let's try it out hey you guys want to see me turn on my aimbot sorry lol team kill brother well it's a bags he was cheaters never win that's the real tutorial here does a video editor by trade off and find myself wondering how to do some of the more complicated aspects of video editing such as green screen effects rotoscoped what kinds of stuff I have no idea how to do but luckily there are people who do know and they're willing to give away that information free on the internet in the form of YouTube tutorials so let's check out this one on green screens from the user like boobs I guess I don't need to explain that name this is already got some pretty good combat etiquette in here please more tits and ass please I like your videos though import the background you want implicit under the video you girls have anything completely new internet browser and go to youtube and search my internet explorer o color and submit the main green individual let's see if we can get that working with some green screen footage I found here yeah check it out it's like this is this is really good green screen footage whoa no wait it's like I'm there oh shit that dude just flew out a window oh look these graphics Obama what the hell'd you come from man this is awesome my screen looks absolutely ridiculous and I love it I'm gonna thank this anonymous titty woman hey great green screen advice I've got Obama giving a speech about some bullshit in the corner of my video right now thanks to your help also I gotta say the optimization on your channel is top-notch whoa look out oh I never thought of YouTube channel could be so optimized with all these titties everywhere all you need is a couple fart vids to round things out and I think you got a hit channel on your hands anyway if you buy chicken from Tyson Foods just know that chicken probably died being smashed against the brick wall by a trump supporter google it and tweet not a tweet that was not a tweet okay let's check out another kind of tutorial channel this one's called how to basic and oh wait I know what this is now this this isn't a real tutorial it's a trick to confuse you and then all this stuff starts happening it's just the same another video of his you can see it's this you get you get the point anyway it's bad etiquette in my book to mislead an audience so you know let this guy know how I feel man I'd hate to be your fucking landlord you brutally murder more chicken babies and Payson foods but to be fair Tyson Foods is probably worse because they let those eggs actually hatch before stopping them to death I haven't seen that many eggs wasted since I burned down the fertility clinic my ex-wife loved so much ha ha try to clone me now Obama oh shit Obama's here talking to me now there's titties oh shit Obama just blew a guy up with a drone awesome and post that comments gonna see him frankly insane without seeing what was going on with my screen just now so that's a shame but not as much of a shame as this next video called sandwich cake from Evo uh-huh Oh watch out buddy whoa every time every time okay cool well I'm sure that's the first then the last time anybody's gonna make one of those things but I think see how for the tutorial I'm gonna leave my own little recipe here in the comment section yo guys here's how to make a big money salad grab yourself a pestle and mortar ditch the pestle and bouncing that mortar to your boy gets jealous and slaps it throwing cabbage at your boys screaming how the love is gone stay awhile he angrily rips that cabbage in two slender ribbons catch those ribbons in a bowl and toss with a store-brand variety of balsamic vinegar dressing but really it's all about those vinegar strokes later when you and your boy reconcile by treating each other like upside-down pogo sticks the next morning find it tasting foods chicken and fuck it to death throw it out and make another big money salad this recipe was brought to you by Tyson Foods Tyson Foods our meat has the flu and co-star okay well that comment was a whole tutorial in and of itself let's see how to start a fire with a spoon it seems perfectly safe now they can go wrong up he's blind alright let's hope this guy can convert YouTube comments to Braille as I leave this I fucking lol my dick off when you blinded yourself at that spoon I'm gonna show this tutorial to my kid nobody burns his retinas out too that way I can dump him in the forest for that I'm ever finding his way back home again dad post and here we find ourselves at one of the last great bastions of tutorial knowledge expert village now my good friend Ethan over at h3h3 productions the whole video on expert village highlighting some very fantastic tutorials but I noticed that there is this gem right here and I just wanted to show it to you because I think this might be the best Torrell I've ever seen building robots how to build a robot out of a box hmm I do want to know how to make one of those play John p-funk with the cosmic blink studio and we're gonna talk about how to build a robot out of a box as we see here we have a full robot life-size robot made out of many boxes yeah yep I got a box and you just start with your basic cardboard shapes and you can build up you know from the Figo up to the waist or you could start in the upper body as I'll demonstrate here last year actually I cut triangles okay stop moving so fast and as we cut these pants now he's going to work raising a nice more to fast create a curb serve out there buddy also you could take a piece of the coke bottle and we have it filled up with some plastic rocks I'm not doing that so there we go there's our finished cardboard robot all right well there's my robot ha ha looks pretty cool systems online oh shit my robot works are you my dad now you don't really have a dad anyway what's your prime directive to correspond with Ted Cruz on Twitter no shit all right well hey let's see what he's got after Cruz I would not fuck with my weight ooh nice work robot thanks dad I'm not your dad anyway our last YouTube tutorial comes to us from uh Tyson Foods and what do you know it's for chicken tender dippers well it was like pretty gross let's check this out all right this recipes already moving way too fast wait what weight is placing bag with one one what egg you guys forgot to write the word egg and it's over Jesus Christ well of all the bad tutorials I've seen in my day this one really takes the sandwich cake so watch me now take a shit so big on these guys you'd swear it was a river in Rio de Janeiro and comments disabled are you fucking kidding me Tyson Foods you sons of bitches you've ruined my lesson father if I may I think I have a Ted Cruz's tweet I can send to Tyson Foods all right son let's see what you got Jews are ruining this country Donald Trump will make America great again from you know I never taught you that okay moving along I think I'm just gonna go to the patient foods Facebook page and hit him with one of these you know Ghostbusters with girls what the fuck ghostbusters aren't girls the guys and girls can't be funny plus the special effects looks stupid why kristen wiig always plays such a stereotypical white woman and ghost all right well now that you're ready to venture off into YouTube tutorials just know one thing I didn't really show in this video so that like 9 out of 10 YouTube tutorials are actually narrated by 13 year old British kids I don't know what that is but it's you'll see it you'll see what I mean but don't freak out like this kids know what they're talking about so trust the children hey robot what's your favorite two tots right I kill them all right robot will every program to racism program you now have the racism of the Hillary Clinton supporter so that should be a lot better than Trump supporter there we go how you feeling I'm feeling low on power you might have to plug me in and charge yeah I don't charge you by plugging you in then what is this for right that yeah I made that while I was building you when I thought that this is gonna be a different kind of I didn't think he'd be calling me Dad so what does that mean I'm gonna go get you some batteries and maybe plug up that pussy hole wall man love you dad big money salvia big money


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