24 thoughts on “Internet Citizens: Defend Net Neutrality”

  • You're completely overlooking the influence of content providers. Net neutrality is a scam by content providers that inhibits the growth of internet simply because google, facebook, youtube, pornhub, ect. want you to foot the bill instead of them. This also prevents smaller ISPs from competing against larger ISPs such as when MetroPCS was hocked for offering a plan that had limited internet access, but charged far less to get more people to buy in and thus build their company.
    Yes, there have been issues with ISPs deliberately throttling traffic for questionable reasons but there are antitrust courts for a reason that can handle these issues.

    You wouldn't believe you're going to get a free iPad just because some website said you're the 5000000th visitor, so don't believe it when big websites say you're going to lose your internet if you don't act on their behalf.

  • You know what? I'm going to build my own small pipe and get all the data i want without some idiot asking me to pay rent for it.

  • Only relevant for areas with a single provider.
    Otherwise, monopoly power does not exist and competition provides Net Neutrality without regulations.
    Time without Net Neutrality regs will prove it so.

  • Ever since Net Neutrality was canned, the Ad-pocolypse has happened. More and more ads are needed to buy access to the basic speed of the internet, while some websites are seriously lagging. I hear this won't stop…

  • PavarottiAardvark says:

    The big, nay BIGGEST fucking deal in this is that whoever controls the pipe can control citizens' access to news and information. Imagine if all the news networks apart from [the one you really don't like] slowed to a crawl….

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