International World News Headlines – 2 November 2019

International World News Headlines – 2 November 2019

South Africa have won
the Rugby World Cup. The Springboks defeated England 32 12 in the final in Yokohama, Japan. South Africa took an early lead
in the first half with Handré Pollard kicking four penalties. However the English side
made it tight with their own penalty kicks for a South African 12 6 halftime lead. The Springboks then took control
in the second half to win by 32 points to 12. A silent but powerful protest. Chile’s women demanding justice
for the 120 people who have been killed
in the last two weeks and the more than 1 300 others who’ve been injured. The silent march started off another day of demonstrations on
this long weekend in Chile. Demonstrations that quickly escalated as tens of thousands answered social media calls to take
to the streets. Clashes soon broke out after security forces
tried to disperse protesters with tear gas
and water cannon. The central plaza Italia Square has been the epicentre
of the protest movement. A place to gather for people who are angry about low salaries
and pensions, poor public health care
and education and a wide gap between
the rich and the rest. It’s the dawn of a new era in China. 5G is now commercially available
for the first time. The commercial process of 5G is speeding up with more than
130,000 5G base stations expected to be open nationwide by the end of the year. 5G is a hundred times faster than 4G. Ten million users have already pre-registered for the service, and that number
is expected to explode to a 170 million
within the coming months. Customers in major Chinese cities will be able to seamlessly stream feature-length movies on the go, meaning potential big wins for the video gaming
and streaming markets. Now to Mali were at least 63 soldiers and one civilian have been killed in an attack on a military base in the northeast of the country. it was carried out on an outpost
in the Menaka region. So far no groups claimed responsibility. Now this is just the latest in a series of attacks in the Sahel region. On September the 30th two Malian
military bases were targeted by fighters linked
to Al-Qaeda. The government said
38 soldiers were killed but it’s feared that
actually more than that died. The violence isn’t limited to Mali,
recent attacks have taken place in neighboring Burkina Faso
and in Niger. Groups claiming allegiance to ISIL
and Al-Qaeda, as well as Boko Haram, have all
contributed to instability across the region. The violence has escalated despite international intervention
with the backing of France. Five countries have created a
5,000 strong G5 Sahel force to tackle the armed groups. Iran spends nearly
a billion dollars a year supporting what the US describes
as terrorist groups. That’s according to an annual report on terrorism by the US State Department. It says Iran uses its proxies to expand
its influence around the world. On the Gulf region the report
paints a mixed picture. It says that despite serious efforts
by governments, some individuals and groups
are still financing attacks. In particular it says the UAE government
works well with the US intelligence agencies but hasn’t done enough
to prevent terrorist organizations from exploiting
financial loopholes. Certainly UAE did not succeed entirely in its pledges, did not succeed in its efforts to eradicate terrorism certainly it had most of its success in preventing attacks in UAE Now over in Korea.
Rescue workers found three bodies believed to be among the seven missing people
aboard a chopper that crashed near the Tokyo islets in the East Sea on Thursday. In the early morning hours
the Coast Guard deployed an unmanned undersea vehicle from a Navy submarine salvage ship to search the interior of the sunken chopper. Two bodies were found outside of the chopper and one inside. Some 50 divers have begun operations
to recover the bodies and search the waters. A total of 18 ships, including
five Navy and five Coast Guard vessels, were dispatched the scene
to search the area. Authorities are now planning more specific measures to search for others
who remain missing and to raise the chopper
to the surface. The Thai cave where
a soccer team was trapped and dramatically rescued last year is now a hot new tourist destination. Thousands queuing for their chance to step inside the now-famous cavern as it officially reopened to the public. Thousands streamed into the cave from which the young soccer team was desperate to escape in 2018. It is the first time the Thai cave
has been open to the public since the world-famous entrapment. “How many of you, 13?” “Briliant.” The twelve boys and their coach
seemed doomed in June last year when the ten kilometer long
and deep cave network flooded, blocking their only exit. “We’re coming, it’s okay.” “Many people are coming.” But thanks to a gripping two-week international effort, also involving Australian divers Richard Harris
and Craig Chalen, all were saved. Well today I’m announcing that the government is putting a moratorium on any further shale gas exploration and for the foreseeable future. And the reason for that is
because we have advice from the oil and gas authority who are one of the world’s best regulators
for onshore and offshore oil and gas that tells us that we can no longer be certain of the safety of shale gas exploration and we don’t want to,
we always want to be led by the science and therefore we’ve decided that we
cannot take this further at the time being. We begin in Quebec where wind gusts are blowing up to 100 km/h
and a wind warning is in effect for the southern
parts of the province. In Montreal it’s been a challenge
for many to stay upright. Hydro-Quebec says more than
980 000 customers are without power across the province. Last night’s storm brought heavy rain. It has uprooted trees,
damaged properties and swollen rivers to flood stage. It’s really causing some problems
here in Cowansville. I want to show you the Yamaska River. This is the river that flows
straight through town. Now normally this river would flow, would stay behind this
concrete barrier here. But you can see that the river
has breached and gone on to land. And the problem with that is,
not only is the current really strong but it’s caused some flooding. Okay breaking news is coming in as a scuffle that has broken out
between lawyers and police outside the Tis Hazari court in Delhi. and the police vehicles have been set ablaze
that’s the latest coming in. If we could cut live to those visuals that are coming in from Delhi, okay. Those are the visuals that are flashing across your screens there is a scuffle, you can see that police vehicle which has being set ablaze as well. This is taking taking place in Delhi’s
Tis Hazari court. We don’t know the cause
of this scuffle as yet, but we do have that particular video that shows you the scuffle
that is breaking out. This is happening between
lawyers and police.


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