Instant Advertising by Brad Sugars

Instant Advertising by Brad Sugars

you're gonna run an ad you better know you better do these two things right these two words down measure and test what are the two words all marketing geniuses understand that marketing is math if it gets the right numbers it's a good marketing campaign if it doesn't get the right numbers bad marketing campaign I had a client in Wellington New Zealand many years ago and he ran a little bakery now in his little bakery he ran an ad every single week and that was the same three hundred bucks per week that he spent on that advertis not see is this guy in the bakery running his ad surrounded week I said listen give me an estimate how many new customers do you think you get a week from the ad do you get like 500 a week from it do you get you know but I know that that was being facetious with him because he only had about 200 customers a week that he saw so I asked him a simple thing how many do you do you get from he said I probably 10 now I know he was over estimating but let's pretend he did get 10 customers from it what's it cost him to buy each customer 30 here's the problem in his bakery the average person that came in to buy from him spent 450 he lost 25 50 / new customer so here he was and I said look what we're gonna do is we're gonna change your advertisement because I understand acquisition cost I'm not in the business of selling bakery items I'm in the business of buying customers cheap and be able to sell a lot to them long term does that make sense so we turned his head around I worked up nice Edwin listen what we're gonna do is gonna run on you advertis but it's gonna say free chocolate eclair just cut out bringing this coupon I said I couldn't possibly I said one on how much that cost you to make it clear so I'll about thirty cents in hard costs I said great so we're gonna run this head super bro I couldn't possibly do that so what do you mean so do you realize how many hundreds of people in this town would come in for a free Eclair no I don't how many you reckon he said I reckon there be hundreds i said how many said at least 300 his guess was 300 people even at his guests it meant he was playing a dollar 30 to get people in a dollar for the ad and thirty cents for the eclair does that make sense to everybody okay first week he ran at 587 people came and brought him down to below eighty cents apiece advertising right now is is one of the big things that have built major companies because you can buy it so cheap even if you keep your ad budget exactly the same and just go and renegotiate you will get at least double the amount of advertising you used to get for the same amount


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