Instagram Ads Tutorial For Beginners - Instagram Advertising Tutorial for New Campaigns


23 thoughts on “Instagram Ads Tutorial For Beginners – Instagram Advertising Tutorial for New Campaigns”

  • Pandur Andrei says:

    can anyone please help me figuring out how to use the same post ID for instagram ads? it works for facebook but anytime i create a new campaign or adset using the same ad, it creates a new one, thus i'm not being able to stack social proof.

  • Sean Hackett says:

    Do you see Instagram as a play for the audiences that don't use Facebook but Use Instagram …. or do you see it as an alternative to find better conversions in a specific type campaign of because of the visual appeal Instagram has > Facebook?

  • Pinch Skin Care says:

    Yeah like I'm going to take advice from a 19 year old. How dumb re these people? I immediately skip these ads. LOL

  • donatellag635 says:

    I failed in using BManager because it keeps asking to include every store to the page..and I only have one, already included..:-{

  • you talk extremmmlyyyy tooo fast slowww down good stuff but slowwwww downnn wow its anoyying and cant focus on what your saying because you blalablbalblablalbalbla and where like wait slow downn

  • MarketExpert says:

    Good info, maybe a little too complicated but good. I watched it all the way through so this is a huge compliment for you. πŸ™‚

  • James Edward Clark says:

    I am understanding this right? You basically pay facebook/instagram to put your ad on peoples feeds until someone clicks on your the ad and THEN facebook/instagram follows the user onto the page and sees if that person clicks on the thing you want them to click on, and you give them a dollar and your guaranteed that one person will not only go on your ad, but click on the thing you want them to click on? Would that work if the link to a Paypal account?

  • Christine Abraham says:

    How does facebook know everybody's income? Would you be missing out on traffic whose income has not been recorded?

  • Honestly this video is terrible. First, he's only spent maximum a few hundred dollars, so what does he know about instagram ads? I'd rather learn from someone who's spent 10s of thousands of dollars. Second, this tuturial may as well be about facebook ads, except he chose "instagram" as the placement. Boo-urns.

  • If you want to achieve things in life, you've just got to do them, and if you're talented and smart try (I G R O C K E T D O T C O M) you'll succeed.

  • Cool video, I have a stupid question, once I hit confirm , where do I need to enroll my card or how do I pay .. Im confused .. thanks

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