100 thoughts on “Instacart Delivery Workers Plan To Strike For Coronavirus Protections | NBC Nightly News”

  • when a company chose Greed over the safety of employee and the people. the U.S.A will never slow down the virus like this. Third world country can slow down the virus better than the U.S.A.

  • I still don't get the glove thing. Won't the virus still attach to the glove? If you then rub your face, you are putting yourself at risk. There isn't any evidence that the virus can break the skin barrier, so what is the purpose of wearing gloves?

  • I think everyone has it by now. The only thing is how will your body react. 1. NonSymptomatic or 2 mild symptoms or 3 moderate symptoms or 4 sever symptoms. or 5 ???

  • Shame you Americans need to be taken by the hand and told and shown what to do, no sense of logic at all, wake up America. Think for your selves also, take responsibility for your own hygiene and safety.

  • So many companies are going the extra mile to try to protect their employees. I work for one company that can't even keep on hand for employees hand sanitizer gloves or masks. And I I am a cashier also.

  • shellyrocks211 says:

    No one talks about the dental team!! I'm still out there taking care of patients… And we are working right in the mouth!! Talk about RISK!!

  • Uh… no temperature measuring or anything like that in the entrance of supermarkets and stores? ? no one does those precautionary measures? Everyone walks in and everyone walks out??? So many people are not wearing gloves or masks in the video… ?

  • Same applies with uber and lyft like jobs. I’m running low on disinfect and the grocery stores get it for themselves but we don’t get any help.

  • Kelly Hardesty says:

    Keep complaining about your job and they will find a robot to replace you.. Be happy you have a job.. There are so many people right now that have no clue what they are going to do.. Here this lady is complaining.. Shame shame.. We are a proud nation and can do better than this.. Stay strong and resist taking advantage of the situation.

  • Christian Taylor says:

    People are still going out and around like there’s no problem. Walmart’s parking lot is full. People are out buying curtains and useless items. We are not prepared to give up our everyday lives. Unfortunately it might end a lot of our lives. Oh yeah and don’t buy made in China products!!!

  • KING77 SOLOMON says:

    Everyone has this idea that testing is thee only answer. My say is stay away from people. Not knowing you have it is better. Self isolate and wash your hands. If you have to work at grocery stores, the company should pay for gloves, mask and hand lotion.

  • This isn't even a big deal. Worst case scenario = 200k dead. Out of 330 million! This isn't worth causing a depression and ruining everyone's lives for the next decade!

  • Pilot In Cmnd 1 says:

    Fire em! This is a global emergency! To much “I want”, self importance and greed at work here! These people are under no contract to have to stay! This isn’t about employers this is about the greed of the employees, it’s not even about safety it’s about greed! There are millions of unemployed people who would be more than glad to replace these people who have a far greater want and desire to help there fellow human beings through this time of need.

  • James and Cheray Lucas says:

    PLEASE, keep these WORKS IN PRAYER!?? I use enstacart because I don't Drive, a lot of people are going to be hurting, if they stop delivering! ?

  • I spoke with an elderly Grocery Cashier today at King Soopers in Boulder County Colorado. She told me that there Management staff won't allow them to wear a mask. Would want to upset the public…
    Are you freaking kidding me?
    iIf they contract the virus and start spreading it to their customers before falling I'll then they are doing more harm to the public than simply upsetting snow flakes who can't bear to see workers in masks!

    I have been wearing n95/p100 filter masks for the past 6 weeks to keep my pregnant wife safer when I go out to get food for Us. Also it's just common courtesy at this point. If I did get infected at least the mask will reduce the spread from viral shedding during the asymptomatic phase of the virus.

    Cover you mouth and nose if you venture outside the house folks. Slow/reduce droplet transmission.

  • My delivery driver says they're making over $200 per day just in tips. I have sanitizer and gloves on my porch for them also.

  • Isn't this an airborne virus? If so social distancing won't help. The mask won't help as well. View it Like cigarette smoke. If you can smell it, it's already on you and in your nose. You can be 20 feet away from a smoker and still smell it. So let's hope it's not airborne. If it is we all may be infected already, and just don't know it. Not everyone have symptoms.

  • Gloves? Well when do you take them off? Before or after you dig into your pocket to get your car or house keys. Are you wearing the same gloves every day? Or do you throw them away soon as you leave the store. But now your bag is contaminated. Everything you touch with those gloves are now possibly contaminated. Including your Door handle, house keys, clothes, car, grocery bags, etc. If it's in your area, you're probably already infected. Bummer.

  • Kimberly George says:

    look people stop crying about everything . just stay at home no point to use instacart…. everyone has gotten everything

  • Known_Terrestrial says:

    My husband goes to work managing a major chain restaurant every day. While that is NO comparison to what our healthcare workers do, he is still the greatest, and only risk/link to the outside for my family (myself + 2 kids). It is scary. He can’t appropriately social distance from his employees. They also still allow carry out in our state, so constant contact with the public. I can’t even complain though because I am so grateful we both still have our full time jobs.

  • Wonders of A Black Woman says:

    They should be in ppe, paying a couple more dollars is good for their pockets but not their health. They should have BEEN wearing PPE. That is why the infection is still spreading in these "essential" businesses.

  • BUT MORONS DO NOT DO MOST IMPORTANT AND THIS IS MASK! Albert Einstein say " two things no limits universe and human stupidity"! Put mask morons!

  • I'm for public shaming so here goes: "Yes, you want to be safe, paid better and appreciated during these tough times. Go. Go. You heroes!" How's that? Did I shame them enough?

  • Ncrypt Solutions says:

    HAHA Who cares? We'll just go to Amazon, Postmates, Uber Eats, or Seamless, or Google Express, or FreshDirect. Protect yourself or join the unemployment line with the rest of the 3.3 million people. Many people are desperate for jobs. #Replaceable

  • Instacart's founder and CEO is worth more than $400 million. The company is currently valued at $7.6 billion. I'm all for entrepreneurship and successful businesses, but Instacart can certainly afford to give its workers much better protection from COVID-19. And the bonuses shouldn't be half-assed.

  • I'm glad they decided to do this and I hope there will be others that decide to strike especially since the bailout gave billions to corporations and nothing to the working class. #rentstrike #generalstrike

  • yeah I support you and your strike. seriously, $16 dollars an hour is 1998 pay wages.
    You want 2020 money.
    If instacart or any other grocery store wants it so bad have their executives come down to the front lines. And put sorry Amazon on notice as well slave driving scum. Yeah I've seen the pbs documentary on your slave business practices

  • PointingOutObvious says:

    A crowded grocery store nowadays is the number one way for new coronavirus infections to take place.
    Number two way is people handling money.
    Number three is eating food from fast food places and restaurants, and yes it isn't safe even eating takeouts and drive thru.

  • Omg people if we all strike our economy will fall how many of us can afford to not work for months and then there no unemployed office and striking don’t pay. My sorrows go out to all of us but let’s live smart and have good hygiene all of us.

  • Capitalism doesn’t care about you, you got to die to keep the economy going and keep the rich greed and get richer

  • Everyone that is still working should get atleast 5 dollars more an hour! Businesses dragging there feet to save some money for the big CEO's!

  • Wait so you do have to wipe your packages down? I’ve been doing that anyway but I’ve heard were you didn’t have to do that babe that’s the case that’s also the reason why I haven’t bought any fresh fruit or vegetables

  • Thanks anyway. Wear gloves and a mask. You'll be fine. I'll get my own groceries and ask my neighbors if they need anything. Bye bye.

  • Melanated Bliss says:

    They're not paying enough! On the app here in Cali I've seen $12 for 40 item batches going over 2 miles. $25 for 58 item batches going 4 miles! I quit hunny lol


    2:00 Are you sick? Then why do you need a test? That’s right because of the hype. DOCTORS know who needs to be tested. Turn off the tv and QUIT talking to OverDramatized Reporters. They are making WAAAAYYY more than you so they can profit off of you freaking out.

  • Everyone needs to be wearing masks. EVERYONE. That includes makeshift masks like scarfs and bandanas. It will drastically reduce the amount of aerosols from sneezing, coughing, talking, and breathing.

  • Capitalism at its finest rich people hold up in their mansions…while the poor and working class are forced to make the decision of risk death or risk going hungry….Its or own fault for all the years of voting for politicians who put corporations wants about the people’s needs

  • Petey Wheatstraw says:

    do these employees get medical benefits? if not, its not a wise financial decision to stay on the job. a few extra k made versus the huge medical bill is a no brainer. just quit. the employers need you more than you need them.

  • Economy is horrible they will all be replaced. Instacart are Independent contractors, I assume, even if they get hazardous pay it won't help you when COVERT 19 comes knocking at your door. As an Independent contractor you assume that risk, it's up to you to take protective measures, I was doing multiple Independent contractor jobs and I temporarily stopped as a result of COVERT 19. My hourly job is deemed essential but we are still receiving regular pay when we should receive hazardous pay because it's mandatory we still show up and we're union. I think we need to have a little conversation with the union ? come to think of it.

  • You could ask for ppe, but demanding and threatening to go on strike during a pandemic… seems ungrateful. there's alot of folk looking for work atm, may want to reconsider that strike. I know if I was an employer anyone striking would be on a permanent no hire list. Ask for the ppe, go find some ppe. most ppe are being used in hospitals and are outrageously priced or impossible to get in large amounts. Ask the state for help, there's a FEMA coordinator in every state and large city now, per the president. Why create more chaos when there are solutions? Unless..this is just a political hit piece? Cause why doesn't the journalist offer these solutions? go talk to FEMA for them.. something constructive instead of this?

  • Lorne Dulworth says:

    I’m a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. I can say this, I was already thinking about quitting because the people who don’t tip me during this time where my job risks my health and even life. I say a BIG thank you to the people who tip though! I don’t get paid if I don’t get tipped and nobody comes to work for free.

  • YouTube video you all must watch
    If taking the president out will save billions of lives all over the globe, please for the love of life, LOCK, HIM, UP!!!

  • Gods upset. 1200 dollar check equals minimum wage.across the board. Dont criticized your workers for wanting more. Where is your profit margin?

  • If these employees feel threatened and don’t want to be around the virus they should be able to stay at home and receive unemployment like anyone else that had gotten laid off due to the virus. These companies may be helping there employees buy saying stay home and they will hold there job with no pay . Until it’s over let’s see if they keep there word as there bills are piling up

  • Well, hopefully a good thing will come out of this flu season / covid-19 in. Maybe people will start being cleaner. Just in general. Don't touch all the fruit in the supermarket, open doors without your hands if possible at fast food places excetera excetera. Bmore alert during the flu season if nothing else. But obviously many people aren't that bright or educated or capable. No offense. Look at our government, well at least half the government that just wants to impeach impeach, hate push and Bully make us more political of course. Be smarter people.

  • Pam's Pretty Plants says:

    I’ve wanted to use Instacart but I can’t feel good about sending some kid or mom or dad out to endanger themselves for pennies. I feel awful. But I also know they need work. So glad they’re doing this and I hope it works.

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