Inside the World of Outlander | Episode 4 | Season 5

Inside the World of Outlander | Episode 4 | Season 5

Episode four is called
“The Company We Keep”. It’s just such
an interesting episode because obviously
Jamie and Claire are talking about what
to do with the baby that they’ve taken
from the Beardsleys. Do ye want wee Bonnie? And it opens up
an interesting conversation because Jamie and Claire have
never raised a child together. -Right.
-You know, um, Brianna was not
raised by Jamie and that’s a big
regret of his and here’s a chance
to raise a baby together. It’s not ours,
but doesn’t matter. -Yeah.
-We’ll love it,
it will be ours. If you think about
“Outlander,” you know, Claire was raised
by someone not her parents, Roger, you know, Fergus. -That’s our theme.
-It’s uh, really is the theme
of the books. So what does it matter, and when Jamie says,
“Maybe we can do this.” It just goes right along
with why not, you know? But I think it surprises
Claire also. -Yeah.
-It’s, you know, it’s a
great sacrifice that Jamie says I want to do this for you, one would think she might say,
“Of course” and, “We have
to take this baby in.” But in many ways,
Claire thinks, “You know what, “we have a good life
right now.” I love our life. And we don’t need to add
something to that which I think is a really
unique perspective. One of the things we wanted
to do with this season is keep Bonnet alive. It was tough because he- they don’t interact. But we wanted to keep
the cloud of Bonnet alive in their thoughts,
so we used a device of pumping in scenes where we kinda show
what Bonnet’s doing and what he’s up to. And- but it also ties in nicely with what Bree is- now her struggle-
now that she knows that Bonnet is alive. Even though she’s safe
at Fraser’s Ridge, [distant yell] you know,
she’s hundreds of miles from Wilmington
or really, population because, you know,
it’s out in the middle of- it certainly was out
in the middle of nowhere, back in the day. Um, but the haunting
won’t go away. That’s not 100 miles away. That’s right there
in her head. Her arc in this season
is trying to figure out how to survive. You know, we didn’t
wanna just have that trauma go away
after the first, after last season, you know, but it’s a constant
reminder, as you said, and, you know, every time
she looks at her husband, every time she looks
at her child, -Mm-hmm.
-um, it’s a constant reminder and to feel that he’s
possibly alive at this point now is terrorizing for her. I canna help ye if I dinna
ken what ye’re thinkin’. The reason she chooses
not to share it with anyone is she really feels like, “I should be strong enough
to deal with this.” It’s nothing. And not ask for help, and she’s struggling with
the best way to move forward. [sighs] Wee bit of a misunderstanding
on our arrival. And ye cleared it up
with our whisky. When in Rome,
do as the Romans do. This is a perfect example
in this episode of, you know- you can read
all you want about history, but when you’re actually
faced with a situation maybe you’ve read about or a similar situation,
how you deal with it is completely different. Jamie sends him out
to do something and he doesn’t do it according
to how Jamie would do it.: Let’s face it,
who’s gonna live up to the Jamie Fraser standard? He is the King of Men. So everybody else,
at best, is the Prince of Men. -Yes.
-You know, he’s never
gonna live up to that. He’s never gonna be that guy. I think Roger knows that. And he’s just trying
to struggle with I’m gonna be who I am and then hopefully one day, your father will respect
the fact that I love you more than anything. Yes, I may have, you know- you know,
I was slightly tardy in arriving to River Run but you know,
things happen. We look past the fact
that Roger made it from you know, New York
back to River Run on his own. So he had to be
a capable enough man to make it in those times back to River Run. Jamie makes a comment to Tryon
in Episode 1: Sings like a bird,
but not one for shootin’ them. It kinda sums up
how Jamie feels about Roger. [laughs]


11 thoughts on “Inside the World of Outlander | Episode 4 | Season 5”

  • I like that you post these vids because in Canada I watch Outlander on W Network and they don't show these tidbits after the episode.

  • Roger it seems is nowhere nearer towards earning Jamie's respect. I don't think Claire's comment to him about Jamie entrusting Claire's safety to Roger helped him one bit. I sure hope in the next episode or two Roger is able to do something to make Jamie think better of him.

  • Inukshuk Sixtyfour says:

    Oh my, 'Our King of Men' has turned into a Grumpy one at that!!! Poor Roger… and not to forget being beaten up within an inch of his life due to mistaken identity by that same Papa-in-law! I hope they have Roger getting rid of Bonnett for Brianna so that Jamie will stop judging him and move on.

  • Ropsana Khanom says:

    They don't even mention Isaiah and Laura's relationship here which shows how unnecessary it was even though it took up a large part of the episode. How about instead of using random characters to explore the same concept of love we've already seen between Jamie and Claire, how about revealing another element of Jamie and Claire's relationship or have more character moments like the one Brianna and Marsali share. I would have preferred anything over that Isaiah and Laura nonsense.

  • Carolyn Rabbani says:

    I love the television show, but if they don't do right by Roger, I will stop watching. I love Richard as Roger, but they need to give him the same arc as he had in the books, because, in many ways, he did become as good a man as Jamie, against greater odds.

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