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  • this reads as the process of creating covid … before you open the video, so I was checking on how to make it, since showing people how to manufacture covid is not such a bright idea.

  • William Carter says:

    Pretty soon we will run out of vaccines and the Viruses will be so aggressive they are Unstoppable. COVID-19 is just a warm up for the Future Super Viruses. You've been warned.

  • is it true that the lady who volunteered to take the human trial and took the interview is an actress?were she pretendin to take the vaccine and all of this is established to save the stock market so the politicians can sell off there stock?

  • La-lena Metasites says:

    Jesus prophecies-were this exact situation and in Math 24:08 he said that it was "The beginning of Sorrows". Just starting, and its not the virus that will get us; is going to be global economic, panic leading to wars. This will take a couple years but it gives people time to prepare.

  • The so-called Coronavirus has the same symptoms as the new GMO non-browning potato has, and it went on the market in December also!!! ?



  • Brent Greening says:

    Get it , it takes time to test but this Vaccine is not going to be tested long enough. They will have a year or 2 to test it. But at this time NO ONE HAS THE CURE

  • Beatriz Martinez says:

    ??I'm not trusting g any man. Because just with the flu shot many people and kids die???I'm 71 I never take the flu shot and I NEVER get sick??
    My best friend she take the flu shot every year and every year she get sick at least 4 times.
    Go vaccine yourself.

  • Born Creativity says:

    It is time to diagnose, treat and prevent global VDD. People need to know their vitamin D blood level, so they know the risks of disease and all-cause mortality [2008 PMID: 18574092]. The current "normal" Vitamin D blood test range is 30-100 ng/ml, but 50-80 ng/ml may be best. Over-the-counter (OTC) Vitamin D3 is very safe, simple and effective VDD treatment. A year's supply of OTC D3 and a good multi-vitamin with minerals costs $20-40 per person, per year. Taken together daily, they promote health, boost immune systems, and may even help prevent death from COVID-19.

  • Born Creativity says:

    ACTION: Ask your doctor if you can take 4,000 to 8,000 IUs of OTC Vitamin D3 daily or 50,000 IUs D3 weekly (not D2), as soon as possible. Get above 30 ng/ml and then target 50 to 80 ng/ml. Ask your doctor for a nutrient blood test to find major deficiencies that can harm the immune system, including Vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, and minerals Iron, Copper, Selenium and Zinc. Nutrient deficiency treatment is vital to health, even more so until a COVID-19 vaccine or therapy is discovered and the CDC checks COVID-19 victims for nutrient deficiency patterns–like vitamin D.

  • Well that’s what happens when you support garbage food from a garbage place. Idiots over pay for undercooked food ?

  • The Israelis worked on a vaccine for years. They prepare ahead for everything including possible type of warfare like this. go gilead!. From an American of Israeli background

  • office comment says:

    Most Deadly Enemy: Our War on Killer Germs “Most of what this book is about is pertinent to our current VOC-19 crisis.” Leave or like so that everyone has access to the truth.

  • August Ryckman says:

    I have never seen the media so aggressively oppose a president throughout his entire term. When he says "black", they say "WHITE!" When he says down, they say "UP!" When he said the CORONA virus is nothing to worry about, they said, "OH MY GOD!!! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE AND IT WILL BE TRUMP'S FAULT!!!". CNN, NBC, ABC and others are responsible for the economic crisis. They make a binary political issue out of everything simply because their favorite candidate didn't win an election.

  • Shut up stupid, we look worse than a 3rd world shithole we never have invented any cures hiv, ebola, ecoli this stupid pricing did u hear retroviral these are for hiv and it's not a total CURE only for the rich Jordan whatever his name is he can get retro vitals regular people will die the government have their vaccine ready, NO THIS IS A 4TH WORLD COUNTRY WHEN IT comes to SCIENCE, SO SHUT UP THIS GUY IS FROM INDIA DOES INDIA HAS A CURE???

  • Where is the guy that helped with the vaccine for the Ebola outbreak some years ago? If I am not mistaken he was a Doctor Without Borders and developed a vaccine within a few weeks? How come no one is talking with him?

  • I have a vaccine I can administer to the public in less than few hours. No need to wait 12-18 months. It's called high doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. Your welcome.

  • We can make our own immunity but we must survive it first! I truly believe I done had it two years ago if not his strain another one cause I had the exact same symptoms and ended up with double pneumonia so I really believe I have an immunity but I’m still staying home just cause I can. Hang in their brothers and sisters we will make it yet I promise!

  • Malachi Alcantar says:

    How is there not a vaccine yet when it’s a man made virus your suppose to have a vaccine before you make the virus

  • In July and August last year, the U.S. Army ’s Biochemical Weapons

    Research Laboratory (Maryland)

    leaked twice, and then in September, the U.S. began a superflu outbreak, which killed

    nearly 30,000 people. Many people now suspect that a lot of that flu is New Coronary


    There are already many other clues on the



    Here are the clues to the US military who were suspected of contracting new crown

    pneumonia at the Wuhan World Military Games in mid-October last year to go to a local

    hospital for medical treatment.

    Regarding the Wuhan Military Games held in mid-October last year, five US soldiers went to

    Wuhan Jin yin tan Hospital for treatment.

    On February 21, Japanese media reports suspected that the flu in the United States last

    fall could be new crown pneumonia.

    On February 23, the reporter interviewed the dean of Jin yin tan hospital. He recalled

    that at that time, the doctor thought it was malaria, so he was treated with a malaria

    treatment program (mainly using tannin).

    On March 16, Tu Yan, a malaria expert (Nobel Prize winner in medicine), published an

    article in the authoritative medical journal "The Lancet Home": The early symptoms of

    malaria are very similar to those of patients with new coronary pneumonia. Tannin has a

    certain inhibitory effect on the new crown pneumonia virus. It is hoped that Africa will

    not misjudge the epidemic situation and cause spread.

    On March 18, US officials said that tannins have an effect on new coronary pneumonia and

    may be a drug of hope.

    Summary: It is very likely that 5 American soldiers were suffering from neotuberculosis

    pneumonia, but because it is a new disease and new virus without any recognition, it was

    misdiagnosed by doctors as malaria based on symptoms, but tannins that happened to treat

    malaria inhibited the new crown virus Effect, symptoms improved, doctors mistakenly

    thought cure. The new crown virus spread in Wuhan. In fact, there are very few cases of

    malaria in Wuhan, and it is almost impossible to appear in autumn.


  • ……..PLEASE READ THIS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE……This is what China wanted they want America to fail……they are the most evil….they want war and violence….they wanted American to panic….here is what American can do…..mandate face masks, hand gloves and sunglasses….use hand sanitizer wash your hands all the time do not go outside unless absolutely necessary…if you need to go to work take all necessary measures… protect yourself and the people around you….remember this is very contagious…do not touch stuff like doorknobs, gas nozzles in gas station with bare hands….use a tissue or gloves….then throw it in trash….do not touch anything bare hands when you come home…first wash hands very well with soap for a minute or two then rinse it…if needed take shower…put you clothes in laundry…make sure you do not touch your mouth faces noses with infection hands when your are in public facilities….this is the only way you can contain the virus…Vitamins C, D and antioxidant supplements or fruits and vehi tables test contain it…drink lots of water…do light cardio exercises…this will give you better chances to fight the virus….please take this seriously…

  • We do hope this message will reach the right people.

    Discussions are conducted with governments about a

    the value a new Dutch/German health device, that

    can be used preventive against some the negative

    consequences of a coronavirus infection based on the

    function of Nitric oxide what increases the immune system.

    Nitric oxide (NO) was previously used against SARS and MERS.

    It is possible that this is not yet known to certain

    governments, or by people who want to know more about it.

    Various medical reports underlie to this function.

    Link to press release:

  • Vaccines to introduce more virus to later get sick too. Healthy lifestyle is the key not putting more chemicals in the body

  • This is not a vaccine. By definition a vaccine is an injection of a form of the antigen to create antibodies. This is science unhinged and unregulated. They are working on an injection that reprograms cells and RNA replication. This would not be allowed under normal circumstances but due to the epidemic this is being called a vaccine. It is not a vaccine.

  • thaddeus buttmunch says:

    The first live "vaccine" was Dr. Jenner's Cowpox vaccine against smallpox-in the 18th century. The Chinese had actually been doing that for thousands of years. But-what if we didn't NEED an attenuated vaccine? What if you put a small amount of liquid containing Virulent COVID-19 up the rectum?? Then-it would incubate there and in the surrounding lymph nodes, and you'd have immunity. If later, you got some in your lungs, your immune system could fight it, I would think

  • Romiyah Vasquez says:

    Basically even if a cure/vaccine is made the virus has to run its course so stay home as much as you can, wash ur hands, take vitamin C. Hopefully this will calm down by the end of spring.

  • Who should get it? Everyone. How much should it cost? Not a penny except China. China needs to pay for the vaccine and all the damage they caused around the world.

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