Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

It’s Friday on the streets of
Kashmir’s largest city. It’s the day Muslims
normally gather to pray. But in recent weeks, it’s also become
a day of protest. Indian authorities
are working hard to keep a lid on
displays like this. But they can’t change
how people feel. As protests break out
across Kashmir, Indian officials
repeat what has become a well-worn soundbite. “There have been no major law
and order situations reported from across the Valley. Life is slowly
returning to normal.” “And the situation is returning
back slowly to the normal.” But things here
don’t seem normal. Kashmir has been a
conflict zone for decades. But when India moved to strip
the region of its autonomy on Aug. 5, the
situation came to this: thousands more troops and a curfew bringing
daily life to a standstill. Phone lines and internet access
were shut down, cutting off around eight million Kashmiris from
the outside world. So, we came to see what’s
actually happening here. We visit a neighborhood
known for frequent clashes between protesters and
Indian security forces. People, here,
are in mourning. Fahmida Shagoo was at
home with her children and her in-laws on Aug. 9. Police started firing tear gas
at protesters outside. Fahmida’s husband, Rafiq,
helped rush her to the hospital. But doctors could not revive her. A sudden death and no one
to hold accountable. In addition to tear gas, for years, Indian forces
have used pellet guns to quell unrest in Kashmir. These shotguns fire cartridges
full of lead pellets that lodge themselves
in the flesh. They are supposedly
non-lethal, but can cause life-changing disabilities. Parvez Sofi says
he was at home when he heard
a commotion outside. When he opened the door
to see what was happening, he became a target. In the name of maintaining
law and order, Indian forces have
license to shoot with near impunity
in Kashmir. There is no official
number for the injured. But in just one
hospital here, sources told us over
60 people had been admitted with pellet wounds
since the lockdown began. Still, this doesn’t
stop some people. And lives here have been upended
in other ways, too. This woman’s
22-year-old son, Mehraj Ud-Din,
was arrested. She doesn’t know
why he was taken. Since then, authorities have
been giving her conflicting information. This is not
an isolated case. Since early August,
thousands have been arrested
without being charged. And there’s no indication
when or if they’ll be released. Although some landlines
have been reconnected, Kashmir is still
largely cut off from the rest
of the world. That helps authorities keep
stories like these quiet. But as the days pass, they’re getting louder.


100 thoughts on “Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch”

  • Many of these are fake videos or videos from Pok… Internet is suspended, its total curfew and still these media houses are selling such news and btw all these are terrorists who was remain silent when Hindu kashmiri .. muslim kashmiri soldiers and people was killed… They send 5-10 years kids to throw stone so they are not worth to listen and who want gun solution must get the bullete In each body

  • To the people who think this is India they are wrong the video which these protests are happening is in Pakistan and those who were hurt were throwing stones at the soldiers who work hard for us what do these stone pellters deserve? Heaven of course they will be shoot down .!!! Jai hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳. Don't spread haterate among people show whats happening NYT?

  • Cannot negate the principles on which humanity is based and the history of human kind. This is how countries/nations self-destruct themselves. India's self-destruction starts with this move!

  • New York Times didn't say anything when US entered Iraq, killing millions of innocent people. Why should New York Times care about Indian land…

  • Kashmir was always a part of India and was temporarily meant to have autonomy so that they can form their legislature and officially become a part of India. Their leaders decided to go against the temporary order, form the legislature and dissolve the constituent assembly, exploiting the loophole despite the Raja's wishes to merge the state with India. Therefore, Pakistan has absolutely no claim towards Kashmir. With this being clear, let's look at how Kashmir's situation deteriorated with time and why so much army is now needed. With Pakistan's intelligence agency (ISI) continuously trying to smuggle terrorists across the border, many Kashmiris have been found to provide safe haven to these terrorists. Moreover, a faction of rebellious Kashmiris receive funding from Pakistan to incite violence and encourage stone pelting in the region. This leads to a police response in which sometimes, innocent Kashmiris die too. However, this force is necessary to eradicate these terrorists and establish a growing economy and peace in Kashmir.

  • Islam the big threat of modern World
    India facing it now
    Another day world will going to face the same in much bigger way

    Now the shown videos not new to Kashmir
    But India acting with so much of patience for the last 70 years

    Need to eleminate other nationals and anti nationals who settled in Kashmir

    That bring the way closer to solution inthis regard

  • Only the kashmiri muslims are doing this, not the other muslims in india, they are being brainwashed by the pakistan terrorists hiding in india

  • Jammu & Kashmir was one of these princely states which remained a Indian princely state even after 15th August 1947. … The Indian state of J&K that used to exist before independence, also exists after independence. Pakistan was a new country that got created as a result of the partition of India.

  • Aare Pakistan bhi ko attack karrhe hai Kashmir main ye nazar Nhi aaraha india ki Muslim ko marrhe hai stop India aur Pakistan agar Jung karna hai karo ek accha kam karo India aao modi ko marte chale jao Aur aur bar bar attack q karte Ho india main isliye Aisa ho raha hai

  • Adhitya Hamal Thakiri says:

    How many times these morons want freedom India got its independent on 1947 if these traitors want freedom sent them to Pakistan or indian government give me machine gun and ammo and sent me there I'll give them freedom Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • India must know they can't keep people of Jammu & Kashmir oppressed for ever. Time has come to liberate the occupied J&K from the terror machinery of India.

  • Mohammed Sohail says:

    kashmir is for Kashmiri's not Indians. Give independent referendum to decide what Kashmir people wants. They shall tell whose are they? Are they Indian nor Pakistani nor Kashmiri. Who are you why you tell the Kashmir is Indian? Who has give you the right to tell them Indian?

  • Rehan Gaming Zone says:

    ohhhhhhhh man what r u talking about. Kashmir does not mean a piece of land. Kashmir means the Kashmiris living there. 100% of Kashmiris want freedom from India. India only wants a piece of land. So call democratic country India has nothing to do with the wishes and aspirations of people Kashmiris. As you can see very clearly what is happening to minorities in India.

    Please clear your mind. Raja hari sing was a ruler who was appointed by Britishers in the state. Raja was never elected by people of Kashmiris. If a soo called ruler of India like hari sing gives India to some other country will you accept it ????????????????????????????

  • prakash gaurav says:

    If everything in on lockdown even the local media as told in the video itself, how this dispatch was allowed and even that by a foreigner….😂😂😂…either is it older video or is of the pok side…my friends are there in Kashmir, only the 144 is there and the rest is fine….cartoon YouTube channel is this without i.q. , I think

  • Bloody stone pelters of Srinagar who have sold their souls to Pakistani terrorists for some money that they get for pelting stones. It's easy money than to do some hard work to earn bread. These non working morons are a shame for Kashmir India and the world.

  • New York times has time to talk to stone pelters and support stone pelting on forces but they done have time to cover forced disappearences mass graves in Balochistan-. Wait , they won't ever cover concentration camps for kids and adults males and religious perfection of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. Wait are they even bothered to cover religious persecution of minorities in Pakistan , abduction of Pakistani women to Chinese brothels, wait ..they definitely won't cover torture on peaceful Budhist monk in Tibet by Chinese army…

  • Lol the protestors are literally promoting gun violance and pelting rocks while screaming Allah akhbar and NY times is supporting em. Smh such a one sided news report


    Thik hua bosrike or Karo protest Sala 370 hata to itna problem kyu Kashmir India ka tha or hamesa rahega..!
    Tumha agar nahi manjur to India Chor do

  • Look at the page name…New York times…From brainless americans..
    Why you won't show what they did with kashmiri pandits…why they want to help pakistan? Firstly religion is the main problem here…Where islam goes problem goes with him.

  • New york times dont givr sympathy to this muslim traitor otherwise when they will blow up new york u will never know

  • nice job done. you guys never come up with solutions. i have never seen new york times coming up with a documentary which details the genesis of this conflict. you guys only add salt to the fire by showing only one side of the story, as is done by ISIS.

  • It's simple , if you behave well then curfew will be lifted , this applies to any part of India, the day there will be no trouble on the street, curfew will be lifted else stay in curfew , choice is with the residents .

  • Buddhists from ladakh, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs from jammu don’t have issue, then how come these Muslims alone. If this drama seeking ppl continue their behavior then this is their true color, the Kashmir Muslims will utilize India govt. infrastructure, also will settle in diff. places and study in the govt. scholarship and also bully pundits threatening to leave their wife and kids, after all this they will protest for independence. Fake ppl, not sure how their god will bless them after all these killings and dramas, if so that is not god.


    Everyone is trying to play innocent, as if police came and shot them with pellet gun while they were enjoying supper while watching t.v or something.
    Seems like everyone left and right got shot except those who were throwing stones at police.
    Its hippocracy of American media to crying about stone pelters, while American police WILL SHOOT YOU (absolutely 0 doubt) even if you hold a rock and mearly threaten to throw at them; so get your people justice first and then talk.
    India has much much more higher moral ground.

  • New York times fabricated news again .🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
    They already apologize India for showing racism against India .
    Truth Truimph .
    Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Kashmir is Muslim State.Its join with India for Article 370.If u give democracy to Kashmir people they vote for join with Pakistani. That fact. Modi killing Human being for cow. That fact.India is evil.

  • Marshmellow Fan 101 says:

    Toiletless country india… where the cows are safer than women.. kashmiris ko civilized banayengain? What a joke!

  • I can understand the sorrow, my beloved wife has been died too. In case U cannot cry nor laugh just quiet. Emotions will be die.

  • Sandeep Dhindle says:

    I would like you to cover a story on Kashmiri Pandits as well. What happened to them. And then and only then I will believe you're a true reporter who's really care about TRUTH.

  • All this is bluff! Most of the stuff shown here are from the days before the state was bifurcated.

    How did this reporter get in? Therefore , it's all bluff. Just western propaganda to weaken India.

    I ask the narrator what he thinks of the Red Indians of his so called home ….

  • Jobs 12 solutions work revolution world cup resolution. History is kept in numbers 24 of the republics of Islam and the states of the nomads of the faith. G chai wala shalla Marcicas, No like serve tea and coffee to you anymore. G lipton team and coffee packs lipton an G folgers and Maxwell tea for tea coffee maker. G even tell you make Cuban tea like Cuban bustello. Hot abraham steam milk and tea train. Slumdog G say colt 45 trump jih lockiatar. G pharo janoo Shankara

  • Pallav Raj Patra says:

    Great job NYT.
    Really an Eye-opener. I've always been a big fan of yours.
    Now that it is my country, I know now to never trust you anymore. Who knows what one-sided spiel you guys have been peddling about other countries through your cherry-picked stories?

    Now I know this isn't journalism. This is called painting a picture. The American viewpoint. Or what it would have the world believe.
    Where was your focus on the individual kin of martyrs of Phulwama or other terrorist attacks?

    Why must Hasan Minaj chalk these one sided unprovoked terrorist attacks up to "squabbles" while covering Indian general elections but do have Kashmir on his mind for a longer duration on Indian Independence day?

    Are these protesters idiots? Do they think curfew is a joke?

    Pellets in muscles. Inhumane, yes. But what made the country to go to this length? Where have you set the context? You just told your own version through the mouths of these separatists.

    And let's talk about these separatists. Who are they kidding?

    They can never exist as an independent nation sandwiched between two big warring nations without an functioning economy or army. Propagandists who fuel such dreams among disillusioned youth are just misguiding their passion for their own benefit. To keep the region unstable and line their pockets with government largesse.

    With 1% population J&K receives 10% central fund allocation. Uttar Pradesh the more populous state gets ₹4000 per capita allocation. For Kashmir it is a whopping ₹90000 per capita. But it is still backward. The math doesn't compute. Special status or Tax payers money black hole?

    India cannot give up its natural Himalayan borders to its belligerent neighbours. A destabilised Kashmir not under direct Central government is constant sovereign threat.

    And let's talk about Article 370 and 35A.

    These were never meant to be permanent. Only dynastic undemocratic parties voted against the abrogation. Parties ruling the country for 40-60 years and didn't do nada voted against the abrogation. While the situation in Kashmir has claimed the lives of 41,000 security personnel. The Muftis & the Obdullahs in the state and the Congress at the Centre, all long time dynasts, none could be bothered to affect the situation during all this time.

    In the Parliament the ayes had it almost 7 to 1. A nation this big and it's leaders aren't idiots. There was dissidence among even Opposition leaders who wanted to support the bill but couldn't go against party line.

    With the abrogation 106 central laws , laws that ban triple talaq and empower women, laws that give a child the right to education and ban child labour, law that bans child marriage, that empowers minorities. All this will be valid for the first time in the newly minted Union territories for the first time. It can now evolve along with the rest of the country.

    Because outsiders cannot own land, no industry has moved in. Setting up premier Institutes is fraught with security concerns. Land value hasn't appreciated. Agreeing to status quo is agreeing to stopping development.

    Ask those people braving pellets if they are mere stooges/pawns who are hoodwinked in the name of religion and if they have actually understood the consequences of their choices. If they really know what a "separate" state entails.

    Let's talk about Pakistan.

    PM Imran Khan had the gall to claim that more incidents (so terror attacks are incidents these days) like Phulwama are bound to happen. A PM making a veiled terrorist threat in the frigging Parliament??!! Does it have terrorists on hot-dial?
    That was 6th August. A day after India made Kashmir into Union territory.

    In July he had admitted that there were 30000-40000 extremists active in Pakistan.

    Also in August, Pakistan was downgraded by FATF after failing to comply at 10 out of 11 parameters to curb terror and was put on Enhanced Expedited Follow Up List.

    That's what India has to deal with. Greedy, unpatriotic elements within and terror and army led governments without. That's why sometimes you need to take the hard decisions. That's why after bleeding for 70 years you cancel human rights to free speech and free movement. Precisely because you have been abusing those rights and helping anti-national rogue elements. Because short term pain has to come before long term gain.

    Anything that rattles your envious neighbours can never be a bad thing. China herself a dominant when it comes to territorial issues was the only nation that supported Pakistan in UN. No surprises there. A destabilised India is less competition for the Dragon.

    Let's talk about Ladakh. The other Union territory. Consecutive state governments have done zilch for the region because they deemed themselves untouchable under Article 370. Why aren't your reporters taking that into account?

    NYT, yours is a typical shortsighted western view-point that explains the situation as is convenient to you guys. Because a strong and rising Asia undermines your gun-cocked greatness does it? Huh? Uh-meh-rickah?

    I implore my Muslim as well all Kashmiri friends to not be swayed by religion. Stand as one nation. I'm not saying this as an Hindu. I stay 2000 km away from Kashmir. I have no personal vendetta with you. Although all those Kashmiri Pandits that were kicked out do have a reason to party.

    Hey NYT, google 'Kashmiri Pandit', will ya?

    I urge the all my countrymen to separate fact from fantasy. To judge the situation on its own merit. And educate everyone on such portals about the real history.

    Jai Hind.
    (An Indian, I dont care about religion)

  • Hehdhdh Bshdhdhd says:

    pok and china occupied kashmir is acceptable tho. lets just slowly take over a countries area and then justify it as humane but its wrong for that country to fight back 70 years later. good job ny times

  • come all of u with Pakistan for fighting with us… our rule is simple if u love us we love with all but if u hate us we u hurt u 7 times more.

  • Shailesh Godiyal says:

    As they are chanting Allah huakbar, well USA and other foreign country can relate to it very well……. Lol. These worms who are trying to protest are the ones who are residing in Kashmir valley illegally and the rest of the footage is of #tilmilata Pakistan and on top of that this foreign channel which we didn't even new existed is trying to put fuel in the fire #betruejournalist

  • Dhruv Halwasiya says:

    umm, I, seemed to have missed something there.
    Did the lockdown begin because of the protests and the protests because of the integration?
    Or did the protests begin because of the lockdown?

  • Kashmir is in curfew…..? People are locked down….youth are in jailed….women are children are suffering. …no food …medical …goods….daily needs…..earning……jobs….are…..stopped…..some worng there. ..

  • Abdulaziz al-baloushi says:

    With this unjust Indian government, there is no understanding or dialogue and I forget that human rights or the United Nations or other Muslim countries will stand with Pakistan in this situation for Kashmir against India. There is no solution other than the use of force.
    We Pakistani people are ready to fight and war any time everything comes with red-eye now the time for love and respect is over Kashmir will be for Pakistan and India will be for Pakistan inshallah 🇵🇰💪🇵🇰💪🇵🇰💪🇵🇰

  • Dewadatta Avasare says:

    It's really amazing how these media outlets talk about j&k
    But completely leave Jammu and Ladhakh out while concentrating on kashmir valley which was a small part of the former state of j&k
    Could it be that, celebrations in jammu and ladhakh don't fit their narrative?

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