Inside Buttigieg’s 2020 Battleground Bus Tour | NBC News Now


12 thoughts on “Inside Buttigieg’s 2020 Battleground Bus Tour | NBC News Now”

  • Michael Sweeney says:

    Buttigieg is a “gift” to America. He is a brilliant, thoughtful, decent, empathetic visionary, patriotic, and an authentically Christian candidate His views are subtle and thoughtful; his approach is rational and clear-headed; he doesn’t make fantastical promises and doesn't offer instant nostrums; he is a consensus builder rather than a pandering ideologue. He is the perfect antidote to the current, bigotry, intolerance, divisiveness and hatred undermining our nation. Finally, unlike the draft-dodger in the White House, he is a person of courage and integrity who risked his life and limb serving the nation in an active battle zone.

    PS: His command of the issues is riveting and his use of the English language is masterful.

  • Pete Buttigieg, is still polling at 0% among people of color. No Democrat can win without the support of people of color. Something to consider when mainstream media is giving Buttigieg so much attention.

  • How about mayor Alfred pEte Newman…  Can't run his little hometown but thinks he can run the world…. Pete booty e gig will give his booty to anyone.  This disgusting perverted liddle buggger should be in a mental institution.  Trump nickname for him "Pete booty (insert dramatic pause) bootyigig"

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