Inside an advertising agency

Inside an advertising agency

do you want to know about the kind of skill sets which will help you and carving out a successful career in the field of advertising titus the National creative director then so India joins us with top five skill sets which will help you cover the successful career for yourself in the advertising industry so imagination is right on top the skill set that you need every day also would be writing if you want to be a copywriter our Direction skills definitely the third the fourth is basically I think which most jobs I think are it's a requirement but more so in this business is passion last but not the least I think patience imagination right on top of that list of skill sets and perhaps rightly so for someone who wants to work in an advertising agency now another team which plays a very important and crucial role in the scheme of things is a current management team and to discuss the role played by a current management team I am joined by mr. Haddad Singh mrs. Singh if I were to ask you where exactly does the account management team come into the picture account management as the word suggests it's about managing the account from end to end so the business you are working in is your account and you're the string that has to string all the pearls that come in to create the beautiful necklace that the client actually wants account management comes in first understanding what the client wants we need to be very very clear and at times you need to pin into the clients understanding also to be sure that what you need to do is completely crystal and then you take it down into the agency and you need to be completely well versed with everything that mediums you can do all the functions of an agency and then that's the only way you can then garner all the resources together and Shepherd them in the right area make them look for solutions in the right area so that you get the best possible result or the least possible effort and of course any challenges that come up on the way that's your job because the account management team is the link between client and the other teams inside the agency so the balancing act that me a little bit about it so the end of the day you've got to find how to deliver there will always be a setup that says this is the right way to do things and then we are a creative setup and you want to find new ways of doing it how do you break and what is the right way how much to push where to go so it's a judgment business and that is where that judgment is the balance that you bring onto the account it becomes very difficult sometimes because the creative team might be very convinced the campaign that we have developed for a particular product is the best one but when you go to the client the client says well we're not entirely happy with what you have you go back make these changes etc so how do you sort of you know again go back so one of the simplest thing that you do is you nurture problem-solving skills right if you are a problem solver you will understand the problem that the client is trying to solve and then the Creator can be as out of whack as required your only judgement is will it solve the problem or not once you have that bedrock to hold your decisions and your judgment in you will normally find that balance easy so having an attitude for problem solving is I think the biggest thing that I can't find my needs to have and that's how they take it forward so it is it's a skill it's not a it's not a science it's an art as much as any other and managing people managing opinions managing decisions and taking gut calls at times of where where you should be working with your partners it's all part of a company and since you were talking about skill and skill sets which brings me down to the next question and that is what kind of skills in your opinion somebody wants to work in the account management team of an advertising agency should have problem solving is probably the biggest skill that you need to have and I think at the end of the day this is a business with no machinery there's nothing but people people and their minds is what we work with a little bit of computer so that's about it so you need to be able to work with people if you cannot honest opinions and create something larger and help push it in a direction that it creates something larger from it I think that's the skill that is like that's important to be a good account management person people in problems following passion for problem-solving passion for working with people and of course enjoy communication because I don't think the core of the business is great communication right so if you're interesting and you create interesting communication yourself you will always have a passion for interesting and you will stay away from the mundane that's always a good thing to have to somebody who is good but people somebody who can solve problems a couple of skill sets which somebody working in the account management team should have within the industry often called the voice of the consumer and the brand members of the planning team to discuss the role of the planning team in an advertising agency I'm not joined by mr. Nara and they were nothing missing they were nothing do tell us where exactly does a planning team come in and what is the role played by the planet II I don't think there is a specific precise answer to that right and that's that's also because of the very nature of the word planning no because I think we are most often the Joker in the pack and we're able to fit ourselves wherever the need is right if that seems convenient to say that we are flexible that's a better word right agile and flexible yeah yeah yeah but but I think the point is that advertising is not a linear process the creative process is not a linear process all the time and because of that the role of the planner which is to provide the insight and the understanding of the person who you want to engage with them like what are you talking about the consumers in this case I am yes but I always believe the consumer is only a tiny part of the person that we want to engage with and more often than not you are no longer talking about the consumer of a product or a brand as a physical entity right but the relationship between the brand and the person right it's almost like how you and I are interacting yeah for four years now we've been talking about brands having personalities and tone of voice and certain qualities which each brand wants to represent adding right line and if you're going to be like that through your almost stop thinking of the brand as a person yes then you need to be interacting with the brand as a person not just be transactional and I think in bringing that understanding to the table it could come at the very beginning of the creative process which is right after we get a brief from the client to say this is our marketing challenge or a business challenge our communications challenge and therefore we embark on understanding this person so what kind of a person do you think will fit well in the planning team inside an advertising agency so I never look for skills to begin with okay because there is virus this would be green planning maybe there is nothing Mike offers a degree in planning maybe but I'm not particular about that I look for slightly different qualities passion and love are number one and two usually in that order actually those are true for entering into this profession because I always say that we are a bunch of ego driven people in this profession and we have very precious about our ideas and if you don't come in with action and love yes we will chew you and throw you by the wayside and we won't care about you right but if you come in with a passion and we see that you are like us and then we will all work together you should not only have a great idea I should only believe in that idea as well and it should be able to communicate believe correct that why you believe in that product and that campaign so much there are other reason you need passion in love is we don't pay very well so that's also there but there are four other qualities that that I believe are essential in in a planner right the again not in any particular order one is tolerance right for points of view other than yours which don't always agree with you so if you're not able to see multiple points of view and you're not going to be able to step into that consumer shoe so that's one the second is an openness to actually learn with a burning curiosity especially about things that don't really matter to you you have to be interested in all kinds of things because you never know what will be handy and what dots you will connect like that's number two the third is what I call a bonhomie which is to be open enough to recognize the spirit and merit of your fellow being right in whatever endeavor small or large because if you're okay believe that you're a solo player here please seal the work yeah and the last actually is a quiet pride that I look for in the work that you do because the truth of the matter is the planner is never going to be in the limelight okay so the account person will win the business and get the plaudits for that the creatives question is the superstar in the limelight you have to be comfortable in the shadows okay and you take pride in that but it's a very important org in the week then I believe so I've been doing it for a while so I like to believe it is right right alright thanks for talking to us and thank you so much now right thank you on that note we will slip into a quick break on the other side I'm joined by executive chairman dents of India mr. 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