Insane Foods Even Ellen Thinks Are Expensive

Insane Foods Even Ellen Thinks Are Expensive

Last week on the show, I
talked about how I hurt my neck and I want to thank everyone
for their nice comments online wishing me well. I appreciate all the love. And the good news is my neck
is feeling a lot better. So– [APPLAUSE] shout
out to my pain killers. [LAUGHTER] There’s not a
lot that– you can’t do much when your neck is stuck. You can’t really–
I couldn’t exercise. I couldn’t do anything. I ended up reading a lot
of news and I found a story that I want to talk about. I don’t know if you
saw this or not. There’s a coffee
shop in California that sold cups of
coffee for $75. Did you see this? It was a cover story
on this month’s, what are some ways I
can waste money digest. [LAUGHTER] Apparently,
there was a big auction in some rare coffee beans from
Panama sold for $803 a bag. This coffee shop was the only
one in the US to buy some, so they charged $75
a cup and sold out. People weren’t thinking
clearly before the caffeine and they’re like, how
much did I pay for that? [LAUGHTER] But this
got me thinking, I wonder what other items
out there, like food items, that are expensive. So I started looking and
there’s a grocery store in Hong Kong that sells
a strawberry for $22. I know what you’re thinking. $22 for a strawberry,
are they nuts? No they’re strawberries. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Are they nuts? No they’re strawberries. [LAUGHTER] Sometimes when you
repeat it, it turns funny. Same grocery store sells
these expensive apples, here they are. A lot of people in
Hong Kong give them as gifts during
the Lunar New Year. Each one costs,
you ready for this? Because I don’t
think you’re ready. $522, for an apple. That means it’ll cost you
$1,500 if you want to juggle. [LAUGHTER] I’m trying new ways to deliver
jokes that aren’t that strong. I just– [LAUGHTER] This
last one tops the list. This is a pudding that they
serve in a hotel in England. It’s made from high-end
Belgium chocolate, gold caviar, and a two carat diamond. I didn’t know you could
eat half of those things, I really didn’t. It looks delicious, doesn’t it? It costs $35,000. $35,000. Would you like to see the
dessert menu and a loan officer? [LAUGHTER] The best
part of my show is it’s totally free so you can just
sit back, relax, or just dance along with tWitch right here.


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