InNovaTher Tv – S01E02 – Breaking News

InNovaTher Tv – S01E02 – Breaking News

You are on InNovaTher Tv The first innovative channel And I’m James PASTOURET Helpout the new software of Google, which help you everyday for everything. A black list appear on the web about psychopath
job’s. Then we will talk about Santa Claus’s reindeer which suffer in the cold and are fed up to deliver
presents. New adventure of our favorite french, who buy a raspberry pi The company InNovaTher Games has released a
new software which is very very fun The company InNovaTher Books has released a
new book Da Vinci Nova. A new trailer in HDD of The Amazing Spiderman 9 : the come back of
pepito Dr John will give to you advice about your eyes And to conclude a new day a new abbreviation Let’s start with the new project of Google on
november 2013 Google launched HelpOut The goal of this software is to help us to learn a
lot of things. More details from our correspondent in California,
Chris Bell. You need to sleep, so you have just to search on
Google Helpout to know how to sleep This is a bed, if you don’t have a bed, buy one on
Apple with the Ibed. Next step go in the bed Like that and close your eyes. Okay, it works Then, we have a black list about ten job in which
there are more psychopaths This list is based on the book of Tea Wisdom
of Psychopaths, Kevin Dutton. this is really impressive. really That why we make a game “Find Job” we will start with the top ten jobs psychopath. and this is Tom and Jerry that will have to find the
job Tom, you start A terrorist ! Bad answer Jerry a Gangster Bad Answer, so we have bad players So, on the top of the podium we have
business owner lawyer media character like me seller surgeon journalist policeman clergy chef and civil servant And now the lower 10 jobs psychopath we have Home help nurse craftsman Stylist Used in a NGO teacher artist doctor and accounting Then Jeremy PASTOURET, our favorite french buy an Raspberry pi and show us how does it work This is a Raspberry Pi it’s a revolution. In this little box we have a computer with two usb port, one HDMI port, one SD card slot one audio out, one composite Video RCA and one ethernet port. Then let’s see how it works ! Now you turn on the TV and see the first boot. You can choose and install an operating system. Here I installed Raspbian. It is a Linux distribution. if I run startx start x like that you will see the desktop of Raspbian You might ask yourself why I buy it ? It because I want to develop small games and make home automation with voice control. Now let’s talk about Santa Claus’s reindeer which suffer in the cold and are fed up to deliver
presents with Santa Claus on the back. More details from our correspondent in the
headquarters of Santa Claus, Paul cobb strike notice Santa Claus’s reindeer. dasher, dancer, fury, Viven, commet, cupid,
donder, Butzen and Rudolph have asked to Santa Claus some drones to
replace them because they are fed up every year since 1921 and 1939 for the last comer Rudolph They travel ninety-one thousand seven hundred
seventy-four million kilometers to distribute seven hundred seven million gifts There are ready to move into their retirement. but Santa refused because he needs more resources. Dear viewers help Santa Claus’s reindeer Watch, like, comment and share this video. Together, we will save Christmas. Now if you like jokes,
InNovaTher Games has developed an application which looks like a virus but it’s just a display More details from our correspondent in
Avignon, Charles Antoine. I’m in Avignon In the premises of InNovaTher Games. If you want to try “NovAlympe”, you can download it on the website Then, you install and launch it, When you launch this application, the screen of your computer will freeze and you have thirty seconds to put
correctly the mouse. After the first seconds, If you move the mouse, the virus will start
by showing error windows everywhere. Then, AVG ask you to delete this virus. If you do nothing during forty seconds, all windows will disappear And the formatting of the computer will start. Then, the background will be replaced by a skull. And to conclude, you have a message which inform you that is it an exercise. InNovaTher Books has published a new book,
Da Vinci Nova. It’s a book that will allow you
to learn the secret of computer. The book contains a billion pages, available
also in ebook format. Oliver, you’ve read the whole book,
can you say a few word about this book. This is a good book that contains a billion pages
beautifully written. You learn how the computer works, how to create a computer, how to make cell phones, how to live, how to sleep, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. …. This is Da Vinci Nova Thanks to you Oliver. After that, we have Dr John, who will give
to you advice about your eyes. Dr John, it’s now your turn. You are a developer or you are a long time in front of a computer screen and your eyes are burning. you have headache and you feel dizzy here is some advice. The first advice is to wear glasses Second advice, close your eyes Third advice, massage the forehead Last advice, put drops in your eyes Thanks to you Dr John. And now on InNovaTher Tv, the trailer of the new Amazing Spiderman nine the comeback of Pepito. After the death of Pepito’s brother (Palmito) Pepito found something else Pepito found the Pepito Music And finally, Pepito found the killer You !!!!!! Coming soon, very soon in 2040 To conclude this breaking news. We will see the abbreviation of the day. And tonight, the abbreviation of the day is ASAP, that means As soon as possible. This is the end of this breaking news. I hope you have enjoy this video.
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