Ingraham: Day 10 of the national coronavirus shutdown


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  • I keep looking for someone in the media to tell us what the poison pills in the new virus bill that the President signed. So far no one on the right or the left is talking. I was hoping that Ms. Ingram would spill the beans but so far all we have heard is crickets.

  • Jara Chen Yuan says:

    – keep distance from each other
    – wash your hand when touch things outside
    – keep public area and worker virus free

    screening, testing, keep virus away from old people
    sooner we get our act together sooner we get virus under control

  • "Laura"…la musa ispiratrice del sommo poeta Francesco Petrarca (1300)…ma questa Laura della Fox News tanto bella fuori… quanto sporca dentro

  • I'm ready for my 10 day vacation shut down steaks in the refrigerator little food in the pantry yes 10 day vacation day of relaxation no Panic at my house I still have leftover toilet paper the key is if you are always wasting toilet paper you always buying it! If people had to make their own electricity and Hall there own water people would not be so wasteful and I still remember when people used to count your amperage usage so they won't blow a fuse what a wasteful generation we have.

  • There are a hugh difference between REPORTS on cases and non-test or non-repors.
    USA has made al lot o tests, the more tests, the more cases.

  • 2012, 112th session of Congress passed H.R.5736 for MANDATED PROPAGANDA in ALL MEDIA including Movies, T.V. entertainment, ALL News outlets and commentary… WAKE UP, IT'S ALL LIES. To what the degree no one can know…

  • This reporter looks like shes suffering a stroke….i know there is more stuff going on in the world right now but i feel the NEED to say that.

  • Soooo… we've made no positive progress? And it's worse and going to be much worse?? Got it. Thanks for confirming that for 100th time.

  • I'll tell you when common sense will reign supreme again, Laura… when this clown show known as the Trump Administration is gone.

  • Trish Regan leaves Fox news to have a second attempt at getting her GED. Sadly, she struggled with science throughout High School – which explains why she was unaware of the definition of the words 'virus', 'pandemic', and quarantine, and failed to understand 'shelter-in-place'. Trish was perceptive enough to know that something unusual was happening because she has had difficulty making hair and nails appointments. A big loss to Fox because she was one of the best informed of the TV hosts. Good luck Trish. If Ingrained is unable to get her hair and nail done, she too will be leaving Fox for a job as a host on a cruise ship.

  • Why the news saying it’s a shutdown !? It’s not a shutdown when everyone is set free to still do what they want . It’s like normal life . Only different is people bought everything at the store . We are not on a shut down .

  • Numbers mean nothing now, the more you test the more you find. It is all depending on how much effort you put in to stop the spread and the effectiveness of the prevention. Go ahead, pack your churches on Easter, USA is going to regret for long, long time. I am just telling you in advance. See if the virus is smarter or “The Chosen One”, you will find out one week after Easter.

  • How can we trust “Experts” on covid-19 pandemic???????????????

    How can we trust “Trump” on Covid-19 pandemic – FOX
    Btw I dont trust him from the Apprentice.

  • Are the leading world illuminati globalists trying to collapse the world economic system? What better way to take control of all resources. Just saying.

  • I can't believe Laura Ingram just said, "When will commonsence reign supreme again" As if most of her talking points are of any! Yes all of these politicians are F.O.S! Along with the brainwashed media!!!

  • Laura has an agenda.
    Are you willing to bet your life she's being honest? She wouldn't lie?
    Will you forgive her if she is lying? And a week from now tries again to spin that she was wrong….like she has been since this all began when it was contained….what 15 days ago!!!
    Americans are DYING while this network keeps LYING!!!

  • Where is Melania trump? We need to see her wear the jacket the one that says I really don't care do u? After all the president says it's no offensive

  • China is busy selling fake test kits with false positives to various countries so that at the end of the day their false numbers will be the lowest globally and they will claim they handled the crisis better than every other nation……they're trying had to win a trophy from a crisis they created and fanned….what a wicked nation/ccp

  • Just remember how important the government thinks you are ….

    1. Instant trillions to Wall Street. Unlimited federal reserve support
    2. Eternal tax cut to corporations. Yours will expire, if you got one
    3. Fire pandemic team 2 years ago, defunded CDC.. would you like if your local town didn't pay cops or firefighters!? Didn't supply them with equipment? Then pretended when your town burned you should go back to work in a burning building!?
    4.Tied your support to corporate support so they could add loopholes for corporations?…
    5. One time payment to citizens with strings attached.

    Your government thinks you are an animal to serve them and corporations.

  • Don’t worry Americans!! There are only 13 cases, the virus will go away and it will go away very quickly( TRUMP) but yet cases keep rising?????? let just blame Obama ???????????

  • So called experts… but you are? So if people say we need ventilators you just fall back on what you kinda think? People don't have the ability to magically pop out 30k vents in a few days. Some preparedness is necessary.

  • Religionis Ascam says:

    These are people who are dying…..PEOPLE! Living breathing mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncle’s and grandparents.
    If you love god instead of living in the past, which we can do nothing about, use your influence over trump and get him to be more proactive instead of reactive. You have smart people at Fox. Come up with a plan to save as many people as you can and spoon feed it to the president. He watches you, listens to you. For the love of your country and fellow human beings come up with a plan.
    I begging you. I need hope in this time of loss. I need direction. His own experts contradict what he says so what do you believe?
    I’m BEGGING you!

  • Why is Biden still even an option for president after clearly touching kids and women in the wrong way? Why would the government just look past that? What cards does Biden have? Also was there a bill passed that paid hush money to several individuals for several officials? Does anyone know what that was called?

  • Robert Garland says:

    What have the cities like New York and Los Angeles Seattle what have they done with their homeless New York is completely empty did the homeless just go away?

  • everyone should listen to what government says ,, they are always honest lol and the medical system we all know it isnt about money they wanna help

  • anne-marie Andrews says:

    China or CH-Y-NAH as trump says it is sending thousands of medical masks to Canada, did trump decline masks from CH-Y-NA as he declined test kits from WHO?

  • Started at Fort Detrick Maryland, not China. Brought to China during the World Military Games where American soldiers were participating.

  • anne-marie Andrews says:

    Ingram is downplaying the need for ventilators as doctors are deciding by triage or war time considerations of who gets a ventilator and who does not.

  • anne-marie Andrews says:

    Ingraham is pushing "go back to work" trump's idea of keeping america sick, really? Ingraham is claiming to be an "expert" just as trump pretends to be an "expert"

  • A hard look at policies that forced rural dwellers into urban cities needs to happen. These highly dense, mostly liberal, havens need disbanded. They breed dependency and spread disease……… and I don’t just mean liberalism or socialism.

  • Future Forever says:

    1) Have You Understand How To Learn To Becoming The CIA Intelligence Under Cover, That What Took EYE Very Long Time To Learn To Be,

  • Future Forever says:

    3) And Those Criminal Had Did Crime They Will Sending To Different Countries To Live And Change Name, & Left Those Person Never Did Crime To Staying In America Country To Guard All Those Worth Asset And Collection Rent For Them Using A Whole Group

  • Future Forever says:

    4) And Using Anyone Have Education To Fighting For Them That They Are Good Person They Are Hard Working Person And They Are Paying Tax Person To Make Law-enforcement Think That They Are Good Person

  • If they’ve got this that wrong….. can we now put our hands up in the face of these climate change fanatics? Climate change, sjw’s, virtue signaling, and labeling of anyone who dare speak up for fear of being labeled a racist, xenophobe or anything else to shame, intimidate and ruin someone. It’s destroyed our ability to even function and even nations are now crippled in taking prudent and swift action to protect its citizens. Enough is enough.

  • If the CCP had dealt with the China/Wuhan virus in December, informed other nations and the Chinese people, allowed the CDC and WHO to go to Wuhan and investigate the bioweapon lab that released it and not covered it up. Then 95% of the cases would have been curtailed, therefore not spreading around the world.

  • Vasudev Karthik says:

    Love it, how they sidestepped the REAL facts like numbers of deaths + highest total cases in the world and instead focus on incorrect projections which have huge impact right now correct? HAHA


  • AHA,… I remember this women and all the other talking heads on Fox telling us how it was all a Democratic Hoax, you lost all credibility Ingraham,

  • anne-marie Andrews says:

    So, Ingraham is willing to be t she won't need a ventilator and her grandmother won't need one or maybe she does not care.

  • anne-marie Andrews says:

    because the ingraham angle is a trump backer, and pushing, this won't get bad, if you live in NY it's already there, go there ingraham, scared?

  • This from the same network that told us it was all a hoax by the democrats. ?‍♀️
    Ingraham and Hannity are just like their commander in chief: narcissist and clueless.

  • Estebahn Goldman says:

    NBA didn't want to lose 80 billion so don't scare the investors . Hong Kong wants there freedom not basketball .

  • I am a fifty-year Democrat that has been watching Fox news but that has just come to a stop. I will watch "No More" fox news until Trish Regan is rehired by Fox news.

  • It's like socialized medicine, they're going to decide who lives and dies? Good thing cash can still obtain private medical insurance and care.

  • Why does this woman spew such hatred al the time? She must have had a pretty rough childhood. I can't believe they can still find sponsors for her .

  • Walter Thompson says:

    And just 2 weeks ago the health commissioner of NY and the Mayor were telling people to go outside, mingle and use the subway, go to parades etc. They brought this on themselves and then blame everyone else. The people of NY should sue all of the officials.

  • Are you an idiot..!! Do you actually take a paycheck for this dribble. Do us all a favor and go hug a stranger , no problem here right..!! 🙂

  • Jerry Swagerty says:

    Laura. Comms are going out babe. I'm good. Love you. Whenever ever that baby daddy check git's here I be Beto. I pwomice. u so pwetty. Pwese marro me Ok bye-bye… Jerry

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